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Sweden Democrats vow not to cause problems

AFP/The Local · 20 Sep 2010, 00:09

Published: 20 Sep 2010 00:09 GMT+02:00

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"We won't cause problems," Åkesson told a crowd of exhalted supporters who chanted his nameas near final results handed him a score of 5.7 percent. "We will take responsibility. That is my promise to the Swedish people. I am overwhelmed and it is hard to collect my thoughts. Today, we have written political history."

At 31, Åkesson has led the party since 2005. He recalled a tough election, saying his party had been excluded from the public debate.

"We were exposed to censorship, we were exposed to a medieval boycott, they...excluded us. We were denied advertising in many newspapers, we were in

every possible way treated as something other than a political party," he

scolded, sending a wave of booing through the crowd.

Åkesson stressed the party, with its new position in parliament, had four year to affect Swedish politics.

Sweden's centre-right government came first in Sunday's election, near final results showed, but fell short of a majority, with the balance of power handed to Åkesson's Sweden Democrats.

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According to a tally of 98 percent of electoral districts, 173 seats in the 349-seat parliament would go to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's governing alliance, 156 would go to the left-wing opposition and 20 seats would go to the Sweden Democrats.

Both the centre-right alliance and the leftwing opposition have said they would not collaborate with the far-right in parliament.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

00:32 September 20, 2010 by Sam1
Why are you a problematic party ??
00:48 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
The media believes in censorship which does not respect freedom of speech. SD never not caused problems in the first place. Everything SD did so far did not violate Swedish laws.
01:48 September 20, 2010 by Biorealist
How sad that some commentators here reflect the hysterical knee jerk attempt to shut down debate. It is perfectly legitimate for a country to consider its demographci make up. Japan does, South Korea does, African countries do, Israel does, Latin american countries do - so why not Sweden?

Particularly, given Sweden now has the highest level of rape in Europe. Anyone concerned with women's rights should be seeking to amend immigration to reduce this shocking statistic.
02:15 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
I support the amendment of women's rights in Sweden. I believe it is an integral part of the society to encourage and educate women, especially immigrants about their rights to safety, respect, and equality in the society.

Often, immigrant women in Sweden are sharia-bound where they still believe that their husband, father, or some other superior male-figure in her household actually have full ownership over them.

I have no respect for any culture that treat women and even young girls as though they are just an object in the household. I have no respect for husbands that force their wife to hide her face behind a veil. I have no respect for parents who perform FGM unto their daughters. This is the kind of culture to not be tolerated in Sweden.
07:49 September 20, 2010 by rufus.t.firefly
When someone like Åkesson says "we won't cause problems", that means they are huddled as I write figuring out exactly how to cause problems. Toning down his violent revolutionary rhetoric and using the electoral process is mere tactic, revealing a new confidence. Electoral politics has never been more than a means to an undemocratic end for these people. Sweden beware!
08:12 September 20, 2010 by Rey Stockholm
I would welcome the commentators on these pages discussing the reasons why the far right did if fact get so many votes.

I suspect that many reasonable swedes voted for the far right and feel their culture is under attack.

All immigratns should look in the mirror this morning and build what they see into their comments on these pages

Onde everyone has an understadnign progress can be made
08:37 September 20, 2010 by jbat
PorkforSD said :

"Actually the way muslims act is enough to:

Hate muslims

hate Islam"

Then SD should declare their party officially a "Racist Party aim toward Islam".. not try to devied it.. I read somewhere that their leaders claimed thgey are not racist which is very a complete LIEEE!
09:47 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
Islam is not a race. Islam is a religion, culture, and political ideology that aims to control every area of an individual's life, social dynamics, an politics of a nation. There is no such thing as an Islamic race. There are white Muslims, black Muslims, Asian Muslims, not just Middle-Eastern Muslims. The problem in Sweden and many other western countries is not Islam as religion. The Islamic religion is good as I do believe that any religion encourages people to do good things. But Islam as a function to control women and every other individual within Islam, and Islam as the political ideology to play an active role to enforce sharia law unto the society--that is something that SD want to protect the society of Sweden from being penetrated of.

I believe that Muslims should keep the religion but drop other areas. But the problem is that Islam is installed with a package that is doctrinated where it is impossible to reform as every part of Islam is claimed to be from Allah. It is up to moderate Muslims in Europe to reform Islam but one can only hope. At this rate it only appears that Muslims are being more and more radicalized as they enter the western society. LIkely due to the oppressive nature they experience in their own countries, and is likely the response to their responsible as a good Muslim to get into the good cause of Islam through dawah and gaining as much influence as possible.

I have no problems with Muslims as individuals. But I do have a problem with some of their culture and the political ideology of it. I disagree with the inequality that brings much injustice to women. I disagree with cruel and unusual punishment to Muslims which usually Muslim children are the victim of Islam themselves.

I strongly believe is educating immigrant women and children about safety and their rights in Sweden. They rights to live in Sweden too. As they have rights to be in Sweden, I believe they should also live with other rights given in this country--rights to make their own decision, rights to marry whomever they want, rights to live for choosing their own friends, rights to their religion of choice or lack of, rights for girls to wear whatever clothes she wants, rights to wear makeup, and just rights to freedom of expression without facing the cruel and unusual punishment mandated for them.

There is not so much hate on Muslims here but the love for Muslims so that they may enjoy living in Sweden's tolerant and open society that comes with all the amazing rights and freedom installed with it.
11:55 September 20, 2010 by jhk
SD is not about making women's lives better, they are about rejecting a modern world where "cultures" co-exist and the best parts of all donate to progress and harmony. They do this because they are small minded, inadequate individuals who think blame always lies with others, just like 4 years olds.

That said no one should have to sacrifice there own culture to please someone else, and that goes both ways. Maybe if the larger political parties could debate in tolerance the issue of how much immigration affects Swedens own culture, the SD would have less room for maneuver. Life is about balance. Extremes either way is not healthy.

Swedes should be proud of their support for people who lives have often been shattered, and other countries should hang their heads in shame A multi cultural society is so much more interesting.

as for the rape claim above, jeese, come in planet earth. Idiot.
13:14 September 20, 2010 by calebian22


The above article by the Local is in reference to rape in Sweden. The reason for the high stats is debatable, (method, classification, law enforcement, whatever) but the statistics are still high for Sweden. Calling someone an idiot who has a valid point sets you up for embarrassment.
16:33 September 20, 2010 by jhk
calebain, thank you.

I think you want to refer to a different article about a study indicating more prosecutions achieved against immigrants for rape. Swedish authorities attitude to prosecuting rape is poor as judged by AI. I think that is true. T

he other study which I think you might be trying to link too is different (wish I could find the link), it showed high proportion of immigrants being found guilty of rape (maybe same study??)

I saw the original article,the study was full of holes, and statically a pile of crap. It was commented as such.

Using it to put forward the view that immigrants are more likely to rape is an idiotic statement. All it proves that in the sample they took immigrants were represented higher than expected. As you suggest it could easily be used to prove that swedish police/authorities are racists and let good white boys off with a telling off, but that again cant be proven. There is something happening in the system, what it is is not easy to state.

yes, I have no idea of ig certain populations are more inclined to certain behavior, I don't think anyone does. Until its proven it should not be used in political debate. And I would wholly support any work to reduce the numbers.

Linking that aim to immigration thou is IDIOTIC. It result in saying "you cant come here because you might rape someone", ie a person is judged and "convicted" for the actions of someone else, and then based on a flawed study/conclusion.

Spouting off on these boards about how immigrant rape needs to be met with calls of derision To quote. "Particularly, given Sweden now has the highest level of rape in Europe. Anyone concerned with women's rights should be seeking to amend immigration to reduce this shocking statistic"

Tying the immigration issue to rape is trying to use emotion and fear to gain political advantage, and is a well known technique of all political views which cant find valid arguments on which to base their racism.

I am more than happy to risk the embarrassment, I stand on the principle people should be judged as individuals and any profiling/conclusions should follow reasonable scientific standards. This is to ensure idiots cant use the studies for their own views and narrow minded raciest agenda.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

all the best :-D.

ps yes I appreciate insults should not be used here, but then again neither should extreme unproven statement promoting a racist agenda. apologies to anyone caught in the flak.
17:03 September 20, 2010 by calebian22
The article I linked you too was a report by Amnesty International. As far as I know they are not linked to the Sweden Democrats.
17:11 September 20, 2010 by LundenLad
Imagine the swedish electorate is one giant Sven Svensson, 5,7% of him voted SD, mostly as a protest vote on one issue, the poor handling of immigration and integration. Its not a disaster, it's a wake up call, the other parties have wrung their hands and done nothing, so its time to change policies.

Idealistically they may think that all cultures are equal, but they are here to serve th swedish electorate, not some socialist international working party from the 1960's.

Immigration of useful people who respect the swedish way of doing things is what was needed, not importing the unemployable and socially incompatible. The failure was not telling immigrants what was expected of them , not training them to fit in, and lettings them fester in ghettos.

If the major parties fail to do what the swedish people want, then the SD vote will just go up and up..
17:13 September 20, 2010 by Andersson
Sweden Democrats achievement is the result of waging HATE slogan towards the belief which is adhered by 1.5 billion on planet earth. The presence of such party at international level esures islolation, distance and shame for Sweden. Sweden has to pay for this blunder.
19:19 September 20, 2010 by izbz
Believe in him is like believing that a pig can climb tree
21:22 September 20, 2010 by mieoux
It's true that right now Swedish culture is "mixed-up" or confused.

See Sweden tries to be America, but a party like Sverigedemokratena could never get elected in America, that's the part that they are missing. America actually believes in equal opportunity for everyone regardless of race, age, religion, sexuality. In Sweden employment is based on age and race. In the US immigrants mean business, Swedes don't get this. You have to beg Swedes to start businesses - starta eget (snälla), everywhere else in the world, every working person's fantasy is to start their own business. Swedes don't understand that immigrants can mean not only growth of an entrepreneurial culture (if you don't have oil, entrepreneurship is your strongest growth ending), but also new businesses, new business ideas and greater tax revenue. It's as though Swedes never went to school because they haven't a clue about macroeconomics. It's as though Swedish people are not used to the desire to make money, or maybe they just feel they have to act like they don't have that desire, your retirement funds could only be helped if you brought in more money-hungry immigrants. Go Capitalism, turn Sweden into America, but get rid of Sverigedemokratena or it won't work. You'll be stuck with meek non-enterprising Swedes who are happy to make average to below average wages - low tax revenue, and given that population increases overtime even without immigration then result - less secure retirement. If you freeze Sweden into a capsule of blonde white people with your typical Swedish characteristics, you will all be poor in no time. Norway is it has oil - you don't, you can't afford to be racist. As for insider trading - that's what financial regulation is therefore, that's why some Wall Street people go to jail - set up checks and balances - that's how you do business. Get into the global economy or shrivel and die, but you can't get into the global economy if the global economy knows you have Sverigedemokratena, investors don't invest in unfriendly places and since there is more money outside of Sweden than there is in Sweden, you want that foreign investment. Jeez what do they teach kids in school in this country?
02:06 September 21, 2010 by Falköga
mieoux.. we don't want to be american.. talk about delusional. Typical american arrogance.

Most of us hate the US with a passion, and with good reason.

Bear in mind, us hating the US government doesn't mean that we hate americans even though the stereotypes about americans are obviously true.

Your companies funded Hitler, you're an arrogant, obnoxious and stupid bunch, you always complain about french people being snotty, but at least they've got a functional society not built on insane greed.

Being arrogant and stupid at the same time is the worst combination ever.

You constantly vote for people destroying your constitution, you've got guns, which is good.. but you can't even handle it. Just compare statistics with the swiss, who you by the way always mix up with Sweden because almost all of you got your head up your ass.

You've got creationists in power positions, christian fundamentalist with their fingers on the button.. a president that talked to God.. really? You voted for him?

Then you fell for the whole Obama scam.. you constantly attack and destroy other countries, mostly if the countries central bank isn't owned by the Rothschilds.

You go against the wishes of your founding fathers.. and again, creationists!?? Come on.. US is the most backwards country in the modern world. You're an international joke spreading the cancer of your culture worldwide.. Decadence and vulgarity.

What's next, are the american people gonna vote for Palin because of looks in the next election? Ignoring genuine candidates like Ron Paul.

Just the fact that you guys actually watch Fox News and take it seriously is messed up enough.

You're intelligence agencies are constantly pulling coups on third world countries to keep them divided and conquered. You keep on draining countries like China and India on intelligent people that will probably be dumbed down within a generation by the mass media mental manipulation.. and you're still not reaching that triple digit IQ according to IQ and the Wealth of Nations.

Yeah.. I don't think we would ever wanna become the worst country in modern history.. oh, and you didn't save anyone in WWII, without Europe fighting Hitler he would have steamrolled the US.. and again, let's not forget that Prescott Bush did business with the nazis.. which wouldn't be such a surprise since the US government has been extremely corrupt for decennia.

Wanna talk about project paperclip? How the US pardoned hundreds of nazi scientists that later started NASA.

What about Operation Northwoods? Wanna talk about that? How the US military was planning on killing it's own citizens as a false flag attack, and that's a fact. Your government would have your ass if they wanted to, they wouldn't hesitate a second to kill you, you're their property.
02:14 September 21, 2010 by Falköga
Your population is constantly poisoned, fluoridation of water, aspartame, need I go on?

And yeah... why is it that we have so many immigrants in Europe right now?

Of course that can be traced to the US as well..

if you wanna start false wars in the middle east you should take care of the resulting immigrants too.

And now you're country is swiftly becoming a third world country / police state and most of you are totally ignorant about the situation.

The US will fall.. and the world will rejoice.. simple karma.

And don't talk bad about our school system when the US school system is an absolute failure. Don't some of the states try to teach creationism in schools? Don't throw rocks in glass houses.. Sweden is a better country in almost all facets of society while the US is regressing on almost all levels..

If you wanna live good in the US you better be rich.

Problem is, the elite aristocracy is manipulating the economic system and reaping enormous benefits, and who will foot the bill if not the people? You guys are being herded in corners..

Greed is a vice and not a virtue!

Other than that.. the popular culture is great and the country is beautiful.

You don't really have to venture out of the states since almost all types of climates can be found within the borders.

The patriotism is inspiring if not a little bit disturbing at the same time..
04:10 September 21, 2010 by mieoux
Typos galore, what I meant to say is...

"...if you don't have oil, entrepreneurship is your strongest growth engine..."

"...As for insider trading - that's what financial regulation is there for..."

"...population increases with time even without immigration..."

Something else, not a typo: Sverigedemokratena are nazis.

(I posted this somewhere else, lost track of initial post, whatever get over it)
06:49 September 21, 2010 by Falköga
The swedish democrats WERE nazis. Wanna talk about nazis? Let's talk about the Social Democrats and their State Institute for Racial Biology that inspired Hitler... yeah, like they have no skeletons in their closets..

If the mainstream media is attacking a group or a subject you can pretty much guarantee that they're on the bad side of the fence. Swedish media is compromised, it isn't about truth it's about mudslinging.

The agenda is probably to first fill Europe with muslims, as a result parties like the EDL and SD will become popular.. they'll divide us racially first. Until we're teetering on the brink of racial conflict.

Then they'll have all the reason in the world to squash all dissent and bring down martial law to control the populations. People will beg for it.

This would also bring the western world down to a third world level making it easier for the aristocracy of the world to bring in a one world government.

That's one possibility.. I'm not sure that is the plan though.
14:21 September 21, 2010 by mieoux
Regarding the American education system - think, the little economics blurb I just made, I would not have had to do with Americans, they know it already because they learned it in school when they teenagers - just like I did. Yet the American education system is far far worse than many others in the world so what does that say about the Swedish education system? You don't teach your kids anything that's important in the global arena, and Sverigedemokratena are only going to make it worse. This is why China owns Volvo.

Is the Swedish education system better than the US one? Other than the Swedish one being free? Let's take an objective measure - how many academic Nobel prizes have been awarded to faculty at Swedish universities? Would that be zero? Sounds right. How many academic Nobel prizes have been awarded to faculty at American universities - would that be almost all of them? Yes, American education system sucks, but where does that put the Swedish education system?
23:39 September 21, 2010 by Falköga
You can't compare a country with 300 million people to a country with only 9 million inhabitants.

Let's look at it anyway:


Not zero, TWENTY NINE!

The US has 314, divided by a population of 310 million people that's 0,690322 nobel prize per million of people.

Divide 29 by 9 and you get: 3,222222 nobel prizes per million of people, thus Sweden is better than the US in that area too.

And even if the US had more nobel prizes than Sweden per capita it wouldn't mean squat since even Hitler was nominated, Kissinger got it for being responsible for the deaths of thousands, and Obama got it at the same time he strengthened the force in the middle east with 50 thousand more troops.

It's should be called the Nobel War is Peace Price. Classic Orwellian double talk.. *sigh*

What about education?

Look at this index:


Sweden beats the US there too. You should check your facts before you start spouting your fallacious arguments next time, try again!
16:17 September 24, 2010 by Gosser
I'm glad the SD party got voted in, I agree totally with their immigration policiy and so does the majority of Swedes by the looks of it. Horray!

I hope this sends a message to the NWO and the Bilderbugger group, more and more people world wide are waking up to these characters.
15:51 September 30, 2010 by Viva Melita
Well done SD.Keep up the good work.
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