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Election marks 'end of an era': Swedish press

AFP/The Local · 20 Sep 2010, 10:45

Published: 20 Sep 2010 10:45 GMT+02:00

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"The (centre-right) Alliance's victory marks the end of the Social Democrats' long dominance of Swedish politics. The election's unpleasant back side is the (far-right) Sweden Democrats' advance," leading daily Dagens Nyheter (DN) said in an editorial entitled "The end of an era".

The Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper meanwhile said it was time for Swedes to "draw up a new national image" on Monday morning as it hammered out the three central changes to Sweden's political landscape, "a centre-right government without a majority, a crashed social democracy and a kingmaker party with roots in the far-right".

The paper also noted that in the absence of a majority in parliament -- the exiting coalition obtained 172 seats in the 349 seat parliament -- "Fredrik Reinfeldt ... now has to invite in the Green Party to talks in order to build a government that is able to act".

It predicted a "shaky ride ahead for the election's winner".

Swedish media seemed just as concerned with the complicated parliament ahead as with the historical defeat of the Social Democrats, which have dominated politics here for most of the century.

Recalling that the Social Democrats had been in power "for 83 percent of the time since 1932", DN said "the time when one party was subscribed to power and could decide of everything is gladly over".

With Mona Sahlin as their leader, this election marked the Social Democrats' worse score since 1914 and "the party will never again feel like it owns Sweden", Göterborgs-Posten (GP) said.

"In other countries, it’s obviously not strange for a centre-right government to be re-elected, but this is Sweden, it's a never before seen phenomenon," said SvD.

The paper noted that with no party sharing the Sweden Democrats' anti-immigrant views, Sweden has also been an exception.

Tabloid Expressen meanwhile deplored that "obscure forces have taken Swedish politics hostage", calling on Reinfeldt to immediately find an agreement with the Greens, to whom the outgoing prime minister reached out late Sunday.

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Aftonbladet said "the nightmare scenario has happened".

"Fredrik Reinfeldt is thinking of staying with his government, and it will probably be under the influence of the far-right," it said.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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12:31 September 20, 2010 by planet.sweden
Bad day for Sweden

The re-election of the Reinfeldt government marks the end of the dream for Sweden. Henceforth its going to be global capitalist business as usual here in the former Folkhemmet.

As such stand by for yawning income divides, the emergence of a vulgar "loads of money" class ostentatiously parading their frequently illgotten gains (insider trading being a virulent disease in Stockholms financial district), trophy wives, brand snobs, class divisions, private schooling, and keeping up with the Svenssons. All that I thought I'd safely left behind when I quit Britain.

Worse than that Reinfeldt is a dry accountant with little feel for non economic matters. The rise of the Sverigedemokraterna is the direct consequence of Reinfeldt following like an enthusiastic sixth former purist economic theories which call for the free movement of "Labour" without pausing to consider any social or cultural factors.

Reinfeldt claimed credit for Sweden's economic health yet ironically this is largely due to Sweden's rejection of a policy which he himself actively camapigned for - namely the adoption of the Euro. Freedom from the burdens of southern Europe which members of the Euro have had to bail out along with independence from the European Central Bank has helped Sweden ernormously. As has the relative strength of Sweden's own banking system which was due to a set of regulations imposed on them after Sweden's own banking crisis in the 1990s, long before Moderaterna came to power in 2006.

So Moderaterna have been extremely lucky in their handling of the economy, rather than the miracle workers Reinfeldt likes to suggest.

Finally the rise of the Greens can also be attributed to Moderaterna's failure in this area. People who drive around in gas guzzling SUVs sporting traditional Moderaterna's slick back haircuts and Burberry jackets don't tend to give two car hoots about the environment, and Reinfeldt has conspicously failed to change the nations environmental habits during his time in office.

But I fear worse is to come. Moderaterna were slightly cautious in their first term in office but now they're back I suspect Sweden is going to be subject to their more wacky and dry economic theories. Many of them like to talk about Sweden becoming the "Switzerland of the North".

So it's not just a bad day for the Social Democrats, its a bad day all round. Bye bye sensible Sweden, hello free market madness, hello divided society, hello greed and fear.
12:57 September 20, 2010 by Eagle63
It seems Sweden is finally starting to wake up; better late than never...

Maybe they're still able to avoid a multicultural disaster like that in the Netherlands, where politics woke up to late to halt the onset of the decline of modern western values and now in the big cities more than 40 % is a non-western immigrant...

And by the way, if the winter will be like last year's, I wonder how many politicaly-correct Toyota Prius' will get stuck in the snow and need to get rescued by our strong and capable V-8 equiped 4x4 SUV....
13:05 September 20, 2010 by judoflares
it seems sweden is on the same slippery slope Britain found itself on after thatcher and into Blair. Capitalist government means all the cash will rise to the top and not the cream. If ya rich now best be sure your gonna get richer and if your poor go out and buy a hoody. time to start telling working class kids to join a gang, coz the government won't help you. Soon there will be top up fees on phones and universities and when thats done they make the hospitals unfunctional then sell them to friends from posh club to make a fortune out of. winner
13:08 September 20, 2010 by asee
strange to see, people are judging parties based on their view about immigrants.I doubt they have any clue, why immigrants were welcome in the first place...
13:10 September 20, 2010 by Brucelee@stockholm.sweden
@ planet.sweden

Very well literal writing I have to say, although may not be 100% agreed.
13:19 September 20, 2010 by flappinggums
Comment: Planet Sweden...hmmmm...damn. You said EVERYTHING I wanted to say. I couldn't agree with you more. There's an old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it' We Swedes thought it was broken but it was more fixed than, I thnk, we ever realised. I'm no prophet & have no precise vision of the future but my heart tells me we're in for a shock & my opinion is that yesterday was a day that many who voted for it will, in later years, reflect on as a day they made an ENORMOUS mistake in backing something they have not actually had to endure nor live under. This Govt. got it's carte blanche yesterday & woe betide those who it deems to be surplus to requirements. Still, time will tell. I truly do believe that your words, Planet Sweden, are a beautiful synopsis of the medium term future. Thanks for saying what you said.
13:26 September 20, 2010 by soultraveler3
But it was broke and the Swedish people finally woke up and admitted to themselves that "the system" that had been running the country since the 1930s wasn't working. They're not all in support of Swedish Democrats either just sick of the sh@t way the country has been run and want to try something different.


Cheers Sweden!
13:34 September 20, 2010 by here for the summer
@planet.. this is the natural consequence of the past 40 years. You have created the divided society. Sweden formerly mostly homogeneous is now disparate groups with their own cultural and genetic capabilities. Regardless of the economic system you will now have whole distinct groups who will all be cleaners and others who will all be professionals each with the education to match.
13:51 September 20, 2010 by flappinggums
Fair dues soultraveler3, I know what your saying. We went from an agricultural backwater 90 years ago to a high-tech, wealthy country through an affiliation of big business, the politicians, the unions & the people all working together for the betterment of our nation. I think we may be about to ditch the unions & the people & I just have no interest in supporting, either electorally or in the voicing of my opinion, or in moving from a relatively successful 'society' to an occasionally successful 'economy'. Like I say, I'm no prophet but I don't want to live under a system that mimicks some of the most societally unsuccesful nations in the world. Perhaps Mr. Reinfeld is different & actually does have a rounded vision for Sweden & if he & his coalition do, then time will tell & I will take my hat off to him & possibly even vote for them. For now though, I believe that we have had a moderate centrist government led by the (possibly) acceptable face of capitalist free market economics & now that, electorally, the 'people have spoken', those hawks who haven't pressed for the true 'reforms' their ideology demands will come to the fore. Like I say, time will tell, but I'm not sure we've made the right move as a people. I lived in Britain & Ireland & made far more money, but I wouldn't want to raise my kids there as their societies are so polarised & selfish that unless you're uber-wealthy, life is a constant battle to simply stand still. Both are also economically ruined for the majority now that the policies we may be about to adopt have been allowed to flourish for the last 20 years.
14:20 September 20, 2010 by Uncle
Planet Sweden

Whatever you write is embarrassingly incorrect. First, saying that the SD rise is a result of the policies of Moderater, is disregarding the history of when this party was established and in REACTION to WHICH policies it gained power. Immigration policy where Sweden accepts mostly uneducated and futureless immigrants was implemented long before Reinfeld became an accountant.

In regards to the Euro acceptance. Sorry, aren't PIGS oh, so gladly accepted Euro? Do you know what is the economic situation of PIGS this day? Did you see the drop in their GDP? In their banking system? The increase in their debt that will only deepen, because they basically have no money to start production going? What is it that you are talking about?

In regards to "sensible" and greedy definitions… The fact of life is that about 50% of the population of Sweden supports the greedy capitalists… These are young families. homeowners, small business owners, blue collars. This is the SPINE of Sweden. This is the industrial might of Sweden that carried on their backs all the "poor and weak" plus the strong and multiple immigrants.

These are the people that were "sensible" enough to bend over for every prick who would like to visit Australia and take a stress leave. For every lazy person who does not answer the phone and lets answering machine take it because it may be a head hunter. These are the ones who never said a word whenever entire villages were literally brought here from Africa without even a chance to implement their so called "skills" in the Swedish modern economy.

These 50% got TIRED of increasing taxes whenever they achieve a promotion with their teeth. These people got annoyed that the miniscule profits of their company cannot be invested into growth, because then they would have whether to work 24/7 or employ someone who will stop the company from growing further, due to crazy welfare payments. These people grew TIRED of 2 years lines waiting for an operation, while half of the population north of Sundsvall refuses to move to other places to look for a job because of their sentiments for family and friends and so they are sponsored for years.

"Greed" is refusal of giving free rides to that 100K people who came back to work. It is refusal to sponsor SFI studies for 5 years per person. It is refusal to sponsor Thailand trips to unemployed.

This is a GREAT day for Sweden. Everything is where it belongs. People have spoken.
14:35 September 20, 2010 by RobinHood
@Planet Sweden

Your sad lament for a lost dream drips with the bile and envy that the Swedish electorate rejected yesterday. "slick back haircuts, wacky, vulgar, ill-gotten gains, trophy wives, virulant disease, snobs, madness, divided society". Honestly! Take a powder and calm down.

Swedes have had more than enough information to make an informed decision about the society they want to live in, and they spoke quite clearly yesterday. Please try and show them more respect in future.

It is indeed "the end of a dream", The "dream" was unsustainable and unsuitable and does not represent modern Sweden. The majority of Swedes have moved on to a new dream. Some parties have moved with them, some have not.

Over the next few months the Social Democrats will ruthlessly eject the policies you lament in an attempt to make themselves electable once again. I feel sorry for you, Sweden moved on and left you behind. Bye.
15:30 September 20, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
The swedish press is so cute when they don't get thier way politically.

Curious to as which other leftist agencies come out in protest of the Sweden Democrats stunning (or not so stunning if you didn't believe the cheapshot media smears) successes. EU next? Riots in Rosengard? Months of Afton crying foul? Coup by the Mossad? Oh, that last bit wouldn't fit the storyline, would it?
15:45 September 20, 2010 by planet.sweden

One wonders with your Thatcherite greed and Gordon Greko like salivation at the prospect of lower taxes (at some less fortunates expense) why you ever thought to call yourself "RobinHood" or move to Sweden.

But when your skattefest and "gimme gimme" phase of youth is over you'll maybe have time to reflect on what you helped Sweden to lose.
16:00 September 20, 2010 by Syftfel
The election results are cause for celebration!. Uncork the Champagne and rejoice! Maybe now we can consider the Social Democrats' stranglehold over Swedish politics at an end. Hallelujah! Mona can ``analyze`` all she wants, but when all is said and done, Swedish voters have thrown her and her, tax-the-rich, marxist-leninist policies on the scrap heap of history. A new Swedish dawn is at hand. As for SD, although tempted to, I did not vote for them, but I do hope that their sensible and fair ideas about immigration will play a significant role in Sweden's future, and in the new government, Reinfeldt notwithstanding. We also hope that the stranglehold that the ``fackföreningsrörelsen``(the trade unions) has over the Swedish economy is at a permanent end. May these people finally start working and earning a living for a change. MP is but a pathetic residue of 60s leftists. Ignore them! And Ohly and V and K, well, what can one say? Let them stay in their hovels with pictures Che, Fidel and Hugo on their bedroom walls. They've become totally, and completely, insignificant, almost quaint, in the new, fair, Sweden. Let's move forward. There reason to be an optimist.
16:17 September 20, 2010 by RobinHood

Not once in my post did I express my own opinion about Thatcherism, greed, taxes, or benefits. Nor did I state my age, or land of residence. And yet you wonder at these things as if you knew them all. You do not.

Can it be the dawning realisation you are now yesterday's man/woman spouting yesterday's rejected dogma has unbalanced you, and you have become sad and spiteful? I suspect it has.
16:40 September 20, 2010 by Audrian
It is well said by PLANET SWEDEN AND JUDOFLARE who have predicted the shape of Swedish politics and the type of economic system that is in the making. The pro-corporation elite of Sweden have finally taken state power, marking the beginning of unstable Sweden. Income gap, which has been rising in the last ten years, will likely be worse hence forth. With the size of poverty on the rise this system may have to strengthen it propaganda machinery, e.g., Fox type news media that will "cook" new realities and misinform the public might be dominant; and probably increase lease of life of such unequal system. A larger number of policemen and prisons to police the army of unemployed and homeless people might also be needed. It might be added that the wealthy class might begin fortifying its houses and live a separate life. T

he slogan "greed is a good thing" will be made sound like music to the ear. This however is not the end of social development. Oppressive (greedy) elite groups "dig their own grave". Sweden might rise up to "heaven" for all.
17:09 September 20, 2010 by Uncle

Greed is when alcoholics do not get 50% of my income, but only 30%. It is when 25 kid family does not get to buy a 55 inch TV on my taxes. It is when unemployed do not get to fly to Greece on holiday to rest from their day to day lives on the back of the working people.

In order to prevent income gap, let's smack 50% taxes on every working person. Like this, he will be able to sustain another unemployed person. And everything is divided equally. Fair, no? Who needs to work? Work is for capitalist fascists who better shut up and support the people who are above such filthy matters as money.

Eeehh, some people here do not get that the oppressive and greedy are 50% of the country. These mostly ones who work their arses off to sustain this welfare state.

Then there are 10%-15% who are still kids of these greedy and oppressive.

About time to wake up and look the "compassionate and good hearted", but not working people into their eyes.
17:13 September 20, 2010 by JoeSwede
@ Syftfel - well said.

I'm a little shocked at the various papers fear and hatred of the SD. Flame thrower reactions...maybe the Swedish press isn't very free. Someone posted a list of who owned the 40 or so papers in Sweden and it turned out that three people/ or organizations owned them.

If you don't have a free press that enables all the people to express their views then you get a disconnected society.
17:48 September 20, 2010 by the_drew
The policies of the Social Democrats only work in a theoretical utopia. You simply can't have people being wrongly incentivised (through overly generous state handouts) NOT to go back to work whilst the hard working folk pay all the taxes to fund the aforementioned handouts.

Whilst the Moderaterna might not have the sexiest policies, they at least had sensible ones. Butlers on the Metro: What planet are the Social Democrats on?

This country has an unparalleled reputation for environmental conscientiousness. And its rightly befitting that the Greens play a central role in the next government.

Bravo Sweden!
17:49 September 20, 2010 by NickM
The Swedish welfare state has been under attack from both left and right for 40 years. This election is merely another victory for corporate rule in Sweden including the corporate mainstream media in Sweden which have made a big fuss about a bunch of racists like SD but completely ignored the destruction both Social Democrats and Moderates have done to Sweden's once proud welfare state and egalitarian society over the past 40 years. Like in every other Western country, democracy has been completely undermined by corporate power in Sweden. The political system and mainstream media are hopelessly corrupted by corporate influence. Sweden is at least 10 or 20 years "behind" countries such as the UK and USA in this respect but they are now rapidly catching up. Congratulations to all those with wealth and on the right in Sweden. Commiserations to everyone who is working or lower middle class:

18:00 September 20, 2010 by planet.sweden

Oh dear RobinHood I'm really sorry if I you took offence at my little quip about your favoured haircut and rather arcane choice of jacket, but there's really no excuse for becoming quite so and vitrolic quite so quickly. It really makes me wonder what sort of work colleague you must make. You seem to have an whole bespoke arsenal of insults ready to throw at anyone who disagrees with you. , . Do try and lighten up.

No you didn't mention Thatcher but then you didn't actually make any political comment at all, you simply threw barbs. That's not good enough I'm afraid. If you're backing the Moderates, you're a Tory, so have a good look in the mirror and get over it. Reality can hurt I know.

As for "yesterday's rejected dogma". Thinking about people less fortunate than yourself, bringing all society along together, and tackling climate change are not I'm afraid yesterday's dogma, they are the requirements of the day. It is your longing for an class ridden "them and us"society which has had its day.

As for 'sad and spiteful'. Alas no, I know it'll disappoint you but I'm actually extremely happy with my family, my comfortable home, and my career, both here in Sweden and abroad. Really sorry.

Anyway I'm now off out tonight leaving you, the alter ego of RobinHood, to shoot some more more arrows dipped in Tory poison.
18:01 September 20, 2010 by the_drew
@Uncle and @Robinhood said everything far more eloquently than I did in my post. Well done guys!
18:05 September 20, 2010 by glamelixir
@ planet.sweden

Spot on. Let time be on your side and don't even bother to reply.


You are full of crap... generalizations and prejuidices.

Hope you never get cancer and are unable to support your family by dealing with the moderaterna idea of a Nation...
18:11 September 20, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
@ the_drew

100% correct. I have said for the past 10 years (the duration of my affiliation with the country) that the welfare state only works in a sterile, non-globalized utopia. This is not the real world.

I look forward to visiting the REAL sweden after the country rights itself from the scourge of the Social Democrats and the failed welfare model. Let Sweden's self-assinged role of "world's diaper changer" is finally over.

Congratulations to the Sweden Democrats, and show the country that you are a LEGIT political party that brings real ideas to the table, and show the world that Sweden is not going to become an Islamafied sharia state.
18:18 September 20, 2010 by caradoc
@planet sweden. Bad day for Sweden the re-election of the Reinfeldt ......

well written and reasoned argument planet sweden. I may not always agree with what you write but i do enjoy reading your posts..
19:59 September 20, 2010 by superturbo
lol, poor socialist swedish media. :) Finally, socialism is about to fall here in Sweden as well. Hallelujah!!
20:19 September 20, 2010 by svenscum
FLAPPINGGUMS what an apt name

I have had the missfortune to live in Sweden and can say without doubt the people here are far more selfish and selfcentred than the people in Ireland or Britain
20:51 September 20, 2010 by Uncle

Even now, Sweden is the best country in the world to have cancer in.

Now, a country cannot be driven only by alcis, immigrants and sick people. There is a working spine of the nation that has to be reinforced. Workers, families and business owners are also little bit important, no? Perhaps we all will become sick and vote for the socialists, since the unemployed and the sick seem to have such a good life under them. Especially those 100 thousand that came back to work and all of a sudden became healthy as bulls.

Apparently YOU and planet sweden here assume that 50% of all people in Sweden are nazis. Good call there.
21:26 September 20, 2010 by mieoux
Typo: I meant to say "if you don't have oil, entrepreneurship is your strongest growth engine"
23:27 September 20, 2010 by Bork
It's a bit early to say social democracy, social capitalism is dead in Sweden. The Social Democrats have themselves to blame. The neoliberalization of the country happened under their watch. The seemingly open door, poorly controlled policy to immigrants and asylum seekers began under their government. The Olof Palme Social Democrats are nowhere to be found. The person that ran for Prime Minister was widely unpopular. Instead of running another candidate, they continued to run with her. The Left Party looked equally ridiculous this year. Only the Greens stood strong in the Red-Green coalition.

If the Social Democrats can take a good look at themselves and remember what it was they once fought for and what made them popular, and what exactly the effects of right-wing policies will be on Sweden's society, they have a chance to regain their losses next election. Not everyone who voted for the Alliance are short sighted selfish idiots.
23:31 September 20, 2010 by alecLoTh
Parties of this nature historically arise when times are bad and scapegoats are few. It is no surprise that this happened. The far-right exists everywhere and in a democracy who can cry foul? I portend only that this 'victory' will be used in self-serving ego gratification, mutal back-rubbing and heedless/needless alienation.
23:54 September 20, 2010 by Taxalien
"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from

those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

by (allegedly) Thomas Jefferson.

Pretty much sums it up.

Anyway, I doubt that this gov will sit for 4 years. SD agrees with SvMP on one matter.

Privatisations. They don't want any.

The present gov went to the ballot box offering 100 bn SEK in privatisations to cover up the fact that they have achieved hardly anything to solve the structural problem in the Swedish economy.

Decmocratic Socialists, communists and treehuggers now have to decide (at some point) when the Borgs come to privatise something, whether they should lay down their votes or vote NO and when they do SD will vote NO too because it is in their manifest to do so.

The Reinfeldt BORG party will then have to sit and either accept defeat (and therefore higher official national debt) or resign. And if they resign nobody else will be able to form a government again and therefore a new election will come to pass.

At the next General election, SD will have 30 to 60 million SEK in party aid to spend on a new election campaign and everyone will know that any vote cast on them is not going to be wasted. 15%? What do you think? No measure the present government is going to do, is going to lower unemployment amongst immigrants and therefore crime may (if it is true) continue to increase in immigrant populations living in the ghettos they are assigned to.

Swedens fture is bright is on a path to pure fascism.
00:26 September 21, 2010 by Kooritze
Welcome to a raw capitalist future........the gap between rich and poor WILL get wider. Just like in other countries there will be a normalization of homlessness in years to come. You,ll be joining NATO next I guess? (your more or less there in taking sides anyway).

Drop the socialism in you system at your, and your children,s peril. Just look at the anglo-saxon model.

I hope I,m wrong on all accounts, but coming from the UK, I have experience of such a raw system where the only thing that counts is money.
01:58 September 21, 2010 by flappinggums
Comment: lol...svenscum....interesting name you chose, guess you really do have an issue with Sweden. I don't doubt that your experience of Sweden could've been a difficult one if you were a foreingner here, we can be a cold fish society to those coming from abroad & yup, the vast majority of British & Irish people will invite you to their homes & buy you a pint but are not prepared to pay for nor do the things neccesary to have the country/society most of the ones I met, say they want. This isn't about whether or not the individuals from any given place are 'better' or 'more generous', it's about the ability of any given collection of people to recognise the need to PAY for the infrastructure of their city, region or nation. The Britain I encountered was a nation of dirty streets, failing school systems, underfunded universities, crime ridden inner cities, a growing BNP, a disenfranchised electorate & a middle class struggling under the burden of massive house prices, falling wages & an ever increasing tax burden placed upon them by a govt. that now, whilst gone, has been replaced by one that finds itself with a £163 BILLION budget deficit & is swinging an almighty axe & about to impose huge tax increases on them once more. Those feeling the brunt are generally not the 'poor' as that's a mine that's tapped out, but on a middle class that backed Thatcher to the hilt in her London/SE-centric view of Britain. Paradise eh? But yeah, you're right, as long as they say 'Hi' & buy you a pint, alls good with the world :o) Swedes are self centred, yes, the thing they tend to want, broadly, is that SWEDEN & SWEDES do well, as well as themselves. The Brits I met had a tendency to want themselves to do well but the actual COUNTRY could go to hell. The Irish, well, I don't know....it would seem on the surface when the going was good they said very little, when it's lumped in with Greece, Spain & Eastern Europe they tend be asking who to blame, although they, unlike Britain, had vritually a blank canvas upon which to write their nations future & elected, time & again, those who promised short term gain as opposed to long term planning. Ask them for a pint & you'll get it, ask them to pay the costs of their electoral decisions & you'll get riots in the streets. Anyway, if your time in Sweden was a misfortune, I'm sorry. My time in Britain & Ireland made me financially comfortable & ever more aware of the need to make sure that Sweden never completely follows the path they took. Maybe, it's on that road now but only time will tell, at least I know the first hand signs to watch for. All the best Svenscum, don't let the bastards tax the crap outta you for another Millenium Dome or M25, Trident that they can't use without permission or two wars that could've paid for your kids education....eagerly awaiting the bile, yours, flappinggums :o)
04:08 September 21, 2010 by mieoux
Typos galore, I guess I am traumatized that anyone even voted for SD. What I meant to say is...

"...if you don't have oil, entrepreneurship is your strongest growth engine..."

"...As for insider trading - that's what financial regulation is there for..."

"...population increases with time even without immigration..."
04:31 September 21, 2010 by JoeSwede
even after the election I'm slightly clueless what the antiSD want as immigration policy? open border in the year 2010 with 4 years of free apartment and living expenses?

Even if we went with that there are limits that would naturally be hit. So even if people are very antiSD there are natural limits.

Here we go Sweden population 30 million... budget deficit 300%... swedish krona worthless.
09:02 September 21, 2010 by rugla
Why is it that the minute anyone brings immigrations issues you are called a Nazi or racist? A great portion of the Sverige Democratic vote came from young voters, try to understand why?

When was the last time they got a free furnished apartment, and funds to live? Many kids are barely making it, and have a tough time finding jobs, economic crisis, etc, it is also too easy to live off welfare thanks to the Social Democrats.

There are single mothers living close to the poverty line here in Sweden, then they hear arguments like, we need the fork force, Swedes are not reproducing as much, well they don´t have time they have to go to work to fund for the migration population to come and live off welfare, it is a vicious circle, and there is resentment amongst them, I do not blame them, don't agree with them 100% but do not blame them!

We are non confrontational by nature and afraid of being labeled, but the vast majority of Swedes feel this way, we are just too chicken to express it!

Thus why you see this movement, Swedes are not against race, we are against abuse and dysfunction of the system, and let's face it is not working and something has to give, sad as it might seem to many of us, the movement will continue unless we take care of our own young first, then think about taking care of others, people our house is not in order.

We Swedes are losing our identity and it is going fast!, and that is what the small movement is about, and unless something is done and the more we label them as Nazis, fascist, racist, the bigger it will become, we need to understand the issue, and work with it, rather than fight a label.
10:05 September 21, 2010 by svenscum

Typical Swede, ever ready to criticise but can't take it when handed back

All I can say on Swedes is they are the least wonderful people on earth and you Flappinggums are a typical example
10:25 September 21, 2010 by Uncle
What is annoying is that both swedish media and the commies in general are discussing how awful it is that SD came to power.. Oh, how horrible… Why oh, why God, would you punish us with this awful curse? Why did you abandon us, oh Lord?

Nobody actually discussed WHY SD came to power. This was neither an accident, nor misunderstanding. People have actually got up in the morning and were caring enough to go to the polls and vote SD. Why? Is it racist to discuss why 6% of Sweden (especially from regions that have so graciously accepted large amounts of immigrants) decided that some policies should be changed?

Does it even interest anyone why they would like to change immigration policies? Just because them 6% are Nazis? Period? No relation to the immigrants whatsoever? No responsibility of immigrants? Everything is a nazi fault, while hard-working/ culture-rich /contributing immigrants have nothing to do with this decision of 6%? Interesting.
11:00 September 21, 2010 by rumcajs
- @ svenscum: so go home!

- Information: If there's something we DON'T have, it's info. Politicians give us a lot of crap full of numbers 90% of people don't understand. Only economists and not even all of them. We don't know how the game works even if you think so.

- Wake up: Many people say this idiotic sentence without any logic explanation. Sweden has been and it still is one of the best contries in the world for decades, so if it was sleeping, it can't be so bad. If it was so bad, maybe you wouldn't've come from your "awake" contries.

- SD: Yes, there's an integration problem, but it's not about race. It's about economic diferences. It exists in many places between the same race. The diference here is that SE didn't have those very poor people till they came from abroad. SD CAN'T fix it (even if they were the biggest party) cos there are some int. agreements that make SE and other contries provide asylum seekers with protection and SD can't just ignore them. This is just one of the things the global world system has created and we have to live with it if we wanna keep it (keep the system I mean).
11:16 September 21, 2010 by svenscum

Have been home for years
13:00 September 21, 2010 by flappinggums
Svenscum, what are you on about? I acknowledge that we can be difficult to get to know....criticism accepted....I empathise with you for the time you may have had here....so acceptance of criticism & empathy & all you can say is that I'm a typical Swede & call us all awful people lol Mate, you are the PRIME example of the type of person I met in Britain & Ireland...vitriolic & unable to see a bigger picture beyond the small & personal with an insult thrown in at the end. I don't know where you're from but I hope you're in the minority or it's a barren land where discussion is involved......as I said in the last post....eagerly awaiting the bile, lol.
13:20 September 21, 2010 by Taxalien
What is the worst thing that can happen in politics?

When emotions are running high.

Right now the redgreens are not analysing reality and are instead posturing, huffing and puffing.

Later on (if the minorty result stands) this is going to be their biggest problem.

But then it will be too late.
13:55 September 21, 2010 by Marc the Texan
Its morning in Sweden. Democracy in action.
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Sweden cuts 2016 refugee forecast by thousands
A Swedish migration authority office in Stockholm. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

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Swedish researchers plan new trucks for women drivers
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Could vehicles adapted for women attract more female truckers to the profession?

These stats show Swedish driving isn't so gender equal
File photo of a Swedish woman driving a car. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

A new survey shows that few Swedish women get behind the wheel when driving with their male partner.

Revealed: Game of Thrones could be coming to Sweden
Game of Thrones cast members at the Emmy Awards in September. Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP

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Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his Kurdish counterpart Nechervan Barzani. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

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Löfven: 'Sweden will double its number of troops in Iraq'
Stefan Löfven and Haider al-Abadi during the visit on Monday. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has promised to double his country's number of troops in Iraq following a meeting with Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi on Monday.

Will Swedes soon be looking for fairtrade porn?
Should Swedes think fairtrade with porn? Photo: Karin Malmhav/SvD/TT

A fairtrade attitude to pornography would be beneficial, Sweden's health minister told The Local.

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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
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