Green Party: No agreement with Reinfeldt

The Green Party confirmed in a press conference on Monday that no agreement has been reached over a coalition with a Fredrik Reinfeldt-led government, revealing that Alliance coalition leaders appeared "split" on the issue.

Green Party: No agreement with Reinfeldt

“There is no joint agreement with regards to any form of coalition with the Green Party,” said spokesperson Peter Eriksson to journalists.

Eriksson, who was joined by co-spokesperson Maria Wetterstrand at the conference, confirmed that the party had met with Fredrik Reinfeldt to discuss the parliamentary situation, but said that they had not “negotiated.”

Maria Wetterstrand observed that the Alliance party leaders appeared split on the issue over whether to invite the Green Party into a centre-right coalition.

“Reinfeldt wants to keep the Alliance coalition together at any price. There is thus no real opening to explore other, broader coalitions,” Wetterstrand said.

Wetterstrand continue to express confidence that a broader agreement could be reached on civil rights, integration and asylum policy.

“We are prepared to enter some form of agreement on asylum, refugee, integration and civil rights policy. This we see as the most important issue to prevent the Sweden Democrats from making use of their position.”

Wetterstrand underlined the importance of Sweden maintaining a humane asylum policy with equal rights for all regardless of origin.

“We see it as a core national interest for Sweden to be an open country and retain a voice in the world with regard to human rights,” Wetterstrand said.

The pair underlined that “as it stands now” the party supports the continued cooperation with the Social Democrats and the Left Party within the Red-Green coalition.

The Green Party spokespersons underlined that while there is no intention of acting as a “support party for the Alliance”, the Greens intend to work constructively within the next parliament to find common ground based on the party’s standpoints on individual issues.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt stated his intention in his election victory speech on Sunday evening that he intends to carry on leading the government despite missing out on a Riksdag majority by two seats.

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