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Murder suspect held after Gothenburg body find

TT/David Landes · 29 Sep 2010, 08:05

Published: 29 Sep 2010 08:05 GMT+02:00

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Västra Götaland police confirmed on Tuesday that the body discovered Monday evening near a tram station in Länsmansgården in Gothenburg was that of 27-year-old Elin Krantz.

Krantz and a friend were heading home on the number 5 tram line from the Valand nightclub in downtown Gothenburg around 4am Sunday morning, according to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

While Krantz’s friend got off the tram at the Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen stop, the 27-year-old continued in the direction of Gropegårdsgatan. But she never came home.

Police refuse to divulge any details about how Krantz was killed or whether she may have been killed in the place where her body was found.

They also won’t say where the suspect was arrested or how old he is.

Krantz was one of two young people who went missing over the weekend from the Hissingen area of Gothenburg.

In addition to Krantz, 19-year-old Rasmus Johansson disappeared early Saturday morning following a crayfish party he attended with colleagues from work.

Police divers spent much of Tuesday searching the waters of the Göta River, but failed to find any clues. Divers will likely be in the water again on Wednesday, according to Aftonbladet.

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The last anyone heard from Johansson was a telephone call he placed to his sister around 11.30pm on Friday night. According to his sister, Johansson felt threatened, but the cut off before she was able to learn where he was.

TT/David Landes (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:47 September 29, 2010 by Taxalien

quotes this to be another Somali case, along with the previous Somali gang rape in the same vicinity.
11:45 September 29, 2010 by Miss Kitten
This is actually my neighborhood.

I remember seeing on Monday a notice taped to the door of the supermarket that read: "Have you seen our sister, Elin?" Then when I walked to the tram stop yesterday morning it was like walking into an episode of CSI: Gothenburg. There were police everywhere, and blue and white crime scene tape cordoning off the whole area. It occurred to me that they only do that if a body has been found. She went missing early Sunday morning and was found around kl. 22 on Monday night. I try not to think about how she was probably lying there all that time, with people arriving and leaving on the tram, and no one knew there was a dead body there.

Also, not to be nit-picky but there's only one 's' in Hisingen.
12:41 September 29, 2010 by Taxalien
As it is your neighborhood, do you feel threatened by immigrant gangs there?

Is it a noticeable prevalent problem?

Take care of yourself!
12:50 September 29, 2010 by Roy E
Another victim of stupid government policies.
12:52 September 29, 2010 by Localer
Hisingen.....why why why.....and people still wonder SD gains popularity.
13:24 September 29, 2010 by Miss Kitten
Nope, despite this incredibly tragic incident, I've never felt threatened or afraid living here. This is actually a very quiet area, but it's fairly close to a pretty rough neighborhood: Norra Biskopsgården, so it's somewhat tainted by proximity.

And although there are plenty of immigrants living here (me included) as there are in most parts of Gothenburg, we tend not to form gangs and cause trouble.

There is the occasional incident of petty vandalism by a few pissed off teenagers, but occurrences of this most recent kind are extremely isolated and rare.
13:42 September 29, 2010 by G Kin
I have gone to the link in the first post by Taxalien.



If it is a Somalian boy just like the guy who killed a girl in Hjälbo, then we have a problem.

I am foreigner (african myself) but I must tell you,


Weather rightly or wrongly, these guys already have a bad reputation of being: lazy,

uneducated and not interested in going to school,

have many children and early in life, instead of persuing careers,

Wife beaters and supressors.

Then adding rape and murder is just terrible. All these will only play to the hands of the SD hard heads.
15:00 September 29, 2010 by BlackAfrican
Comment: Once again, racist "whites" som kan inte prata eller skriva på svenska .....on this board convict a whole group of people without evidence. Nevertheless, even if a Brown African person committed this crime that still would not negate the fact that more Swedes are murdered by fellow "ethnic" Swedes proportionally than by so called Arabs or Africans combined X 10 fold.

The truth of the matter is Sweden without immigrants Sweden is a dying country. The birth rate by native Swedes is below replacement level. The gap between the Western world, Africa i.e., melanated world in birth rates is clearly caused by BIOLOGICAL factors. Ever wonder why their are so many disabled children in Sweden given the small population? The truth is hidden by the bleach bottled "Skandinavia Nationer Regeringenar."

Biologically Swedes like all Europeanss across the globe have the most delterious genes in the world second only to Asians http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,331949,00.html I beleive racist Swedes and Europeans as a whole need to look within themsleves, only then will they see truly the problem.

Let go of the jealousy and the hate.
16:02 September 29, 2010 by Roy E

Who's the racist?

Thank you for the marvelous demonstration of hypocrisy. Despite your effort to turn this thread around to advance your own racist agenda, one fact still remains paramount - it is not SD, European racists, or any other straw men that you try create that are committing these murders and violence.

Swedes are indeed waking up to the real problem here. The common thread cannot be denied. Propaganda campaigns and political agendas can no longer mask it. The big lie is exposing itself for what it is.
16:05 September 29, 2010 by canuk
Its not a matter of jealousy and hate, its a fact that crimes are not punished dutifully based on the severity of the crime committed. swedes are a peaceful people who avoid conflict; however many of the people that have come here as refugees or from non western countries are not raised on the same societal values. For example, the rape rates have skyrocketed here if you look at historical statistics since immigration was enforced in force approximately 25 years ago. your genecit claims indicate your knowledge of the human species and how genetics works, i would take a course in biology.
16:29 September 29, 2010 by ww77ww
@BlackAfrican - quoting a Fox News story does not help your credibility. you obviously have no idea what you are posting about. you are representative of the mistakes made via Swedish immigration problem, you are a symptom of the disease.
16:30 September 29, 2010 by asian123
Blev Göteborgs tjejen Elin Krantz mördad av muslimsk neger ifrån Eritrea?
16:30 September 29, 2010 by RobinHood
You are all barking up the wrong tree. The really scary part is not the ethnicity of whoever did this terrible thing, but that he/she/they will serve only a few months in prison and be back on the same streets by next summer.
16:33 September 29, 2010 by asian123
where are all pisslam guys ??????????????????. who are supporting all the time pisslam.
16:41 September 29, 2010 by Uncle

Oh, the blessing of the saviour Somalians is upon Sweden! Finally the population stopped disappearing and stabilized due to the enormous Somalian families.

Let's praise these wonderful people for agreeing to do Swedes a favour and to solemnly accept the Swedish citizenship!

Of course, sometimes they also reduce some population through stabbing, but it is nothing compared to their contribution in the form of circumcised girls! One could clearly see that Sweden is on the way to success and if Swedes are smart, they will bring over the entire Mogadishu.

I dream of a day that the countries would level out in the sense of political stability, economy, crime levels and education, but it will never happen without at least a few millions of our Somalian brothers!

Especially beautiful is how effectively somalians manage to make Swedes to integrate into their society! Any Swedish kid in somalian dominated kindergarten in Hjällbo learns to speak their wonderful language, as well as to raise his own pain tolerance threshold. Somalians are also teaching the incompetent Swedes that SFI is a good working environment, if one fails the test every time for 5 years.

BTW, it is indeed correct that Swedes kill and rape more Swedes in absolute values. However, thanks GOD that there are thousands of famous Somalian scientists that taught the world statistics and percentage ratios! According to these ratios, the killing and raping stats do not look very good for some… who are not Swedes….
17:18 September 29, 2010 by peace voice
We should avoid labeling the whole community/ ethnic group for a crime commited by any individual. we should try to discourage criminal behaviour in the society, not to encourage crimes by spreading hatred against any specific group of people. Criminals are criminals, they don't represent any society, nationality, country or religion.
18:13 September 29, 2010 by BlackAfrican
Comment: @ww77ww said: "quoting a Fox News story does not help your credibility. you obviously have no idea what you are posting about. you are representative of the mistakes made via Swedish immigration problem, you are a symptom of the disease." Black African säger" Det är troligt att du inte förstår på engelska bra så jag ska skriva på svenska. Svenska manniskor är inte så smarta sedan de inte vet att de är inavlad mutant albinos." Sweden for the most part is okay, except for the cold weather and darkness that accompanies it for 6 months out of the year. Nevertheless, the real problem in Sweden is its institutional racism ("white" supremacy) that is always disregarded by Swedes and their defenders as a Swedish "quirk". I submit to you that if Sweden had not promoted itself as a just and noble society many people from Africa and so called Arabia would have never relocated here. Also, I have concluded that after Sweden's blatant cowardice in WW I and alignment with Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime during WWII Sweden collectively decided to project a benevolent tolerant society that would hopefully erase the memory of their past behavior to the world, hey it almost worked. However, with the election of a racist political party in the past election the true nature of Sweden and its population has once again reared its "ugly bottled bleached blond head". As I said before, and to all that dear know the truth. Check out the link to the FOX article I posted and then INVESTIGATE for your self. Jealousy is a sickness, especially that which is denied.
20:25 September 29, 2010 by planethero
I can repopulate the earth with my sperm in a couple of years. Increasing birthrates is easy, pay more child support. decreasing birthrates, is next to impossible unless you are chinese and very very organised.

pop 1930 2 billion, now 8 billion, soon 20 billion.

Having loads of kids, clever innit?
21:44 September 29, 2010 by Uncle

" I submit to you that if Sweden had not promoted itself as a just and noble society many people from Africa and so called Arabia would have never relocated here."

Oh, yeah. They relocate here because they are in a noble quest of searching just and noble society. Because there are so many alternatives! Anyone would gladly invite this immigration since it contributes so much to every aspect of country management from economy to education.... However the cunning swedes managed to pull this effective population to their country... Bastards.

Why wouldn't this population, that clearly was cheated into coming here not go back to the democratic and non-racist Africa/Arabias? There minorities are known to have exactly the same difficulties as they have in Sweden.

Perhaps the tolerant USA? Or the loving France that provides free cars for burning? How about the Russians that go into glaring stupor when seeing a black person on the street? Or China where blacks are pointed at with fingers?

Mmm. Perhaps Japan? There an african for sure stands a chance to get a good job... Maybe India, where a shade of skin decides on how people will answer to questions of this person? Argentina, where even other Latinos are looked upon from above? Anything is better than them cold albino Swedes eh? Do not let me hold ya'll here.
22:57 September 29, 2010 by silly t

you got a point!

whatever the point guys are making here,the bottom line is that barbarism must be condemned.

In my personal opinion, Somalians are a liability to the Swedish society.

As an african i would say the sweden gave somalians food in the plates to eat but they prefer to throw it on the floor and eat from there.

What have we seen`? A people who can not take advantage of intervening opportunities.

Does anyone wonder why these accusations are not levied on immigrants from Cameroon,Nigeria,Gambia etc?

Despite the tough laws in admitting these people into the Swedish society,they have remained the most productive.

take 10% of Cameroonians in Sweden, they got all the masters degrees that in 50 years somalians would never have.

So it is but normal and research has shown that only less educated people (somalians for example) indulge in rape,killings,arson etc.

an idle mind is the devil's workshop,

Sweden should change its policy on immigration.

Bring in more students from African and Asian....after their students give them the choice to get a work permit. this will help you rather then the wasteful spending on unproductive refugees.
23:36 September 29, 2010 by know
The government policies are responsible !

How and why could they collect immegrants in one place such as Stockholm, Gothenberg and malmo while the rest of the country is empty. Immigrants strengthen their old tradetions if they live together. in order to integrate immigrants better spread them across the country especially to empty municipalities thus immigrants learn Swedish tradetions and values instead.
23:59 September 29, 2010 by Uncle

how do you make people not to live with their cousins in a new country? How do you make them disperse in a democratic country if they insist that they would like to live in certain areas?
01:58 September 30, 2010 by Jarvilainennen
Whooly s**t! People get in to the racial biology allready...

There´s nothing wrong with anybodys´ gene pool. Some smaller communities might have been inbred but in modern world this will fix itself.

The problem is we´re being mixed like pigeons, and it´s done by force, like in Stalins times. He moved millions by snapping he´s fingers.
21:14 October 1, 2010 by Taxalien
Well, mafialady sure has her sources. You'll find a complete rundown on there now including the grounds for the arrest. All somalis can easy up. It was a bordering country apparently.

The grounds seem very solid to me. Now the question is who is the other man on the phone.

21:51 October 1, 2010 by Viva Melita
Take a look at the Department of Justice document on Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005. (Go to the linked document, then under Victims and Offenders, download the pdf for 2005.)

The message on interracial white/black and black/white rape is clear:

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black women were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.
21:34 March 29, 2011 by NowSwimBack
Another black on white crime, thanks entirely to the diversity nutcases who keep saying that Sweden is too 'Swedish.'

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