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Sweden Democrats slam unions over freeze out

TT/The Local · 29 Sep 2010, 15:41

Published: 29 Sep 2010 12:30 GMT+02:00
Updated: 29 Sep 2010 15:41 GMT+02:00

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"To be a nurse or a midwife is based on protecting people's rights and equal value. You have to reflect on the fact that perhaps not everyone fulfills those guidelines," Anna-Karin Eklund, chair of the Swedish Association of Health Professionals (Vårdförbundet) to the TT news agency.

According to a report in the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper, several labour groups are exploring various ways to shut Sweden Democrats out of their activities.

Eklund emphasizes that the ban only encompasses active Sweden Democrats who represented the party during the recent general elections.

"They can join a union, but not in the Swedish Association of Health Professionals. Not everyone can be a part of us," said Eklund.

An elected member of the IF Metall industrial union is set to have his membership in the union put under review after he ran as a Sweden Democrat and won a seat on a municipal council.

"The Sweden Democrats' ideas stand in conflict with everything we stand for, but you can't just throw them out automatically," said IF Metall's vice chair Anders Ferbe to DN.

The Swedish Transport Workers Union (TransPort), which is part of LO, Sweden's largest trade union confederation, has also given Sweden Democrats the cold shoulder.

"We exclude active Sweden Democrats from membership. Their ideas aren't compatible with our statutes and the fact that they've gotten some kind of legitimacy by getting elected to the Riksdag and local councils doesn't matter," said TransPort's third vice-chair Martin Viredius to DN.

SKTF, a union representing salaried employees in the public sector, has previously made it clear that active Sweden Democrats cannot hold elected leadership positions within the union.

Akademikerförbundet SSR, which represents university graduates with social science degrees, ruled out union membership for an active Sweden Democrat back in 2006. The labour group now investigates active Sweden Democrats if another union member requests it, with an ultimate ruling on continued membership being decided on a case-by-case basis.

Anne Ramberg, secretary general of the Swedish Bar Association (Advokatsamfundet), wasn't able to speak specifically about cases involving the health workers’ union and nurses, but said that excluding Sweden Democrats from being union members may violate Sweden's constitution.

"We sometimes get an analogous question. 'Can an attorney be a Nazi and a member of the Bar Association?' And yes, he can," Ramberg told TT. "It's the other side of democracy that people have freedom of religion, speech, and opinion."

She added that the association lacked "legal support" for excluding a member of the bar based on that person being a member of the Sweden Democrats, explaining that it could open the door for other forms of exclusion.

She made a comparison with a "distasteful" discussion in the United States, where Republicans argue that lawyers the US president wants to hire ought to be disqualified if they at one time represented prisoners held captive at the US military's base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

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Erik Almqvist, the Sweden Democrats' press secretary and newly elected parliamentarian, is critical of the unions' move.

"It lets down the employees represented by unions that they do not put their interests ahead of their own political interests," he said.

In response to a question as to why the unions have decided on this course of action Almqvist replied, "The leadership in many union have become somewhat corrupted by too many years of involvement with social democracy."

When asked why it was okay for the Sweden Democrats to exclude those who do not share their value system and not the unions, Almqvist replied, "But we are a political party. Our interest is to change society according to certain political ideas, while the purpose of unions is to safeguard the interests of workers in the labour market."

Those who are excluded from a union have the alternative of pursuing the matter through legal channels, often through an arbitration procedure.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:07 September 29, 2010 by Rebel
Sweden...the language of socialism the behavior of fascism.
09:14 September 29, 2010 by miss79
yep this is the change we are going through rebel..agreed!
09:14 September 29, 2010 by redcrown
sweden democracy is seeing many changes to freeze out people that were democratly elected .seems a great fear of swedes who do not like swedens changing face.
09:33 September 29, 2010 by Gletta
the fact that they've gotten some kind of legitimacy by getting elected to the Riksdag and local councils doesn't matter,"

So we apply that to anyone we don't agree with then?
09:45 September 29, 2010 by countrysidedrive
If you don't agree with someone thats democracy. But to punish someone for not believing in what you believe is the same logic as the SD.
09:52 September 29, 2010 by samwise
can the nationalists still keep their jobs if they are not union members? or maybe they are in a more vulnerable position in terms of job security? the communist union bosses are creating martyrs. Why don't they engage, dialogue, be inclusive and tolerant? they may find a lot in common with the nationalists, like evolution, socialism, welfare, government intervention... evolutionists don't get along, maybe they are practicing what they believe -- the fit survive.
10:00 September 29, 2010 by bocale1
Unions are not mandatory organizations. You can work without being a part of an Union (exactly like I do).

Unions have an ideological background you need to agree with to be part of them. If you are a racist why you should be part of an organization that promotes equality among people?

SD members should learn some coherence in their behavior. They can stand for what they think is right but they need to understand that they cannot stay in both sides.

If they have the right numbers, I guess they can create their own Unions and organizations that will reflect their beliefs. Clear, logic and simple! Little to argue about!
10:04 September 29, 2010 by joshr
While I abhor the SD platform, the idea that someone should be kicked out of a union because of a political stance is even more repugnant.

Democracy is the freedom to associate. Denying or withdrawing membership because someone is a member or stands for a valid, elected political party is the very thing that SD would do. We are better than that.
10:08 September 29, 2010 by Sam1

There are sometimes a abuses of democracy like how a racist hateful group using democracy got into the parliment under the name of saving the Swedish culture, but its full democracy and decency to notice that they are racist and murders and hateful and negative, and not let them in into healthcare because!!!!!

they might abuse the healthcare to either hurt other cultures or not give rights.

By the way the shame on Germanies history will never even vanish when they killed other cultures, they wanted to preserve their culture, they even killed fat people, and short, and brown hair, and any one looking different.
10:52 September 29, 2010 by seagull

How can you be proud of this stance? It is completely anti-democratic, and is bigotry by any other word.

It is quite possible that some SD members are unpleasant racists, but if you read the website, and their manifesto, there is nothing that I've seen that is completely abhorrent.

So now a union is going to ban members of an elected political party. What if they had said they were going to ban Jews, or Muslims, or Scientoligists? It is exactly the same thing...
11:13 September 29, 2010 by cowboykodp

With all due respect, I do not think that an organization who wants to be taken seriously would publish their hateful agenda. (unless you're Al Qaeda)

However, everyday there are instances which SD members let slip their true intentions and thoughts.

-Blacks are rapists

-Shoot all these immigrants

-Islam is a pedophilic cult

On and on.

There is nothing anti-democratic about kicking out people from unions, clubs, organizations, groups, etc..

No one is suggesting kicking them out of the government. That comes in 4 years.
11:49 September 29, 2010 by stenhuggaren
11:59 September 29, 2010 by cowboykodp

Exactly what I said. Thanks.
12:03 September 29, 2010 by Dr. Dillner
Somebody must think the SD are correct, they did get elected. Four years will define what they can do and not do. As for the bigoted Unions, they are relics that need disbanding.
12:17 September 29, 2010 by Audrian
@countrysidedrive and Joshr

Their anti foreign propaganda is a tip of the iceberg this fascist's program. They are white supremacist with strong link with other fascist groups in Europe and America. They are aspiring to bring fascism to power all over Europe office in a way it was not possible for Hitler in WWII. These groups do not believe in democracy even though they used it to win parliamentary seats. They should be stopped before they mess up Europe.

For your information, removing an elected trade union official from elected office is not necessarily undemocratic if it is done according to the rules governing trade unions. If this is not done legally there is appeal process that could bring the case to the general assembly of workers or national court.

If you have enough signatures (as specified in the Swedish constitution) you can recall any national politician out of office even though they are elected officials.
12:36 September 29, 2010 by Taxalien
More of the same fascist ideology festering here in Sweden.

I went to Vårdförbundets webpage. Looked at Stadgan. Searched for "parti" and "politik".

I found nothing. So they are leaning towards their charter to do what they do, but there is no justification for it.

Just arbitrary reactionary behaviour.

13:00 September 29, 2010 by here for the summer
Everyone is calling the SD pigs and racists but they are the only groups asking for reduced immigration which seems like reasonable and smart request. Look at the article and comments on the local about recent murders Goteborg . Many people feel threatened and some are dead due to this stupid policy of massive immigration.
13:09 September 29, 2010 by Roy E
It's quite notable that in reality it's the people that strut about self-righteously calling for 'tolerance' turn out to be the nastiest little closed minded, prejudiced totalitarians of all.
13:15 September 29, 2010 by cowboykodp

Again, you support the whole idea that racists are abound. Blaming all murders on immigrants.

So, are you saying there was never anyone murdered in Sweden until immigrants came? Do I understand you correctly?

I bet lots of people feel threatened to travel to Austria in the fear of their daughters being imprisoned and raped for 20 years by the Austrians.

Your logic is lacking.
13:20 September 29, 2010 by Rishonim
I frankly cannot see much of a difference between the SD agenda and those of a hiring manager at any major Swedish corporation. While the SD will voice their opinion in public, a large fraction of Swedes don't really care for foreigners so why all the pretending!!!????
13:21 September 29, 2010 by calebian22
Oh yes, I am sure Sweden will buck the European trend of nationalist anti- "immigrant" party growth, because all immigrants are becoming such good Swedes. SD is thankfully here to stay and avoiding them will only make them grow larger just like the PVV in Holland. If the majority have a problem with the SD now, wait until 2014.
13:52 September 29, 2010 by seagull

Your argument is totally weak, yes of course some members of the SD will hold these views. A party that wants to get immigration on the agenda will of course attract that crowd too.

However, they are an officially elected Swedish party, they have a website and access to their manifesto. What you are doing here is exactly what you are blaming "here for the summer" of doing...

ie "I bet lots of people feel threatened to travel to Austria in the fear of their daughters being imprisoned and raped for 20 years by the Austrians.

Your logic is lacking. "

Your argument against SD is exactly the same logical fallacy.

SD have a stated manifesto, and unless you have access to memos, emails or other such material, from the heads of the party, which suggest otherwise, then you should accept it. And as such there is absoultely no way a union, or any other organisation should be so bigotted and big-headed to ban people for the reason of being a member.

One other thing. the people who voted SD are NOT all racists, in fact I doubt most of them are. And the 94% who DIDN'T are not all unbiased and unbigotted perfect swedes.

As for the figures for crimes commited by immigrants, they are pretty plain. It is a fact that more immigrants commit crimes. Your rebuttle to the same post "So, are you saying there was never anyone murdered in Sweden until immigrants came? Do I understand you correctly?" is also a logical fallacy... ie a strawman. He/she did not say anything of the kind.

But your argument might have been better if you had suggested another factor which is not taken into account when looking at simple stats...In most countries of the world, those who are discriminated against insofar as jobs, housing, pay goes, DO end up commiting more crimes, it isn't a genetic imperative, but a result of predudice and social exclusion.

How much this adds to the stats, I have no idea, but something needs to be done to integrate people who arrive here.

I am personally in favour of much of the stated policies the SD have in this regard... Why should the taxpayer pay for Mother-tongue tuition? There should be a policy of integration, and people coming here should accept the ways and customs here, not the other way around.

I am am an immigrant. I'm white which probably helps, but my name is not swedish, and my spoken swedish is terrible. But I don't expect any favours, and I am trying to adapt. Something that all people coming in (or going elsewhere, should do).
14:38 September 29, 2010 by samwise
believe it or not, I'm with mr. seagull this time. well, mostly.

it's convenient to label the SD party members "murderers" "racists" "pigs" then do whatever you want to them, it's sort of like a self fulfilling prophecy -- see, they are rejected by us like "murderers" "racists" "pigs", so they must be "murderers" "racists" "pigs".

I won't be surprised if a lot of non-nationalists are getting sick and tired with this kind of self-righteous arrogant attitude as well.
15:04 September 29, 2010 by Syftfel
"The Sweden Democrats ideas stand in conflict with everything we stand for" says one of these unionized marxists. Well, LO and the unions stand in conflict with everything I beleive in. No I did not vote for SD, but I strongly believe that the Swedish fackföreningsrörelsen must have its back broken! Union affiliated workers need to be taught that they have to abandon their sinecures and start working for a change. But of course, socialists only beleive in democratic principles when it serves the interests of the tax-hiking left. It is outright comical to see these Party affiliated politruks trying to dictate who is "more equal than others". Sweden has embarked on a road to proseprity and a bright Nordic future without the intervention of social dems, and anything else on freedom opressing left. Good Day leftists. you had your chance, and you blew it! Sweden said no to your socialization efforts.
15:42 September 29, 2010 by flintis
@cowboykodp: If it's that bad then why are you still here?.

The way all you two faced bigots are reacting to the SD, their electorate will increase substantially by the time of the next election.

As an immigrant I'm ashamed that so much predjudice originates from the people who claim to be predjudiced against, why do you have to be antagonistic & defamatory.

Then you wonder why a percentage of the population react against immigration, not suprising when we have ignoramus like yourself spouting.
15:44 September 29, 2010 by rafa1981
In moments like this one is when the systems shows his real face, people educated to be fool foolished by him calls for tolerance being fascist.
16:17 September 29, 2010 by Sam1
@here for the summer

You should first think of the world is one country then look at SD and notice, they are racist and against human rights, they have that white suprimacy thing which KKK used this to kill other cultures.

You are not right when you said Oh they just want to reduce migration..You should study more about them..they want to promote Nazism, and shoot other cultures.

By the way why dont you study the WAR on iraq how much money and petrol Europe and the USA are sharing, they spent one trillion on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and others, and are reaping much more hand in hand with Europe..

immigrants are not coming here because they are just immigrant there are BIG BIG issues you should concider before you think SD and NAzi.. SD is full of useless minds and hateful groups..they want to create reasons to bring about hate in Sweden. look for example the member of SD in my Kommun are the drug addicts and alcohol abusers, they think Social Bidrag more than others.

They have police record of abuse more than others, they hate their family.

Useless craps Not inteligent people vote SD, because they know more of that sh*t would create terrorism in Sweden*!!!
16:24 September 29, 2010 by rumcajs
C'on, u really don't you get it??!!!

1- We are talking about unions. You don't have to join them if you don't want to and they don't have to accept you if they don't want to. I like rock and metal music, so I don't go to posh restaurants cos I ain't gonna like it and they ain't gonna like me... they wouldn't even let me in. And there's no conflict with that at all. I don't even know why a SD would like to be in an union.

2- SOME believes can be in SERIOUS conflict with certain things. I wouldn't like to be in a hospital with a nurse that says that they should kill all immigrants. You wouldn't employ a deaf in a call center or a feminist in a strip bar.

3- Freedom has limits. That's why there are laws, cops and jails.

.... is it so hard to understand????!!!!!!
16:24 September 29, 2010 by travels
Turns out that the left is much more reactionary than the right.
16:33 September 29, 2010 by ww77ww
A union crying about corruption, very amusing.

Fun to see the aimless and cowardky farleft and their massimmigrant supporters crying about fascism while using fascist policies to suppress the growing (and justified) anger over decades of FAILED Swedish demographic policy.
16:40 September 29, 2010 by stenhuggaren
Having an opinion is one thing. SD members and supporters have their opinions, they are entitled to them and as long as they don't constitute the legal definition of hate speech they can forward them however they want.

Yes Almqvist SD as you rightly point out SD is a political party, it is not a blog. And as a party it proposes changes in the law based on generalisations about various ethnic groups and perceived group characteristics.

Take the "rape report" for example - http://www.thelocal.se/28580/20100825/ - SD forward the argument that the fact that 55 foreign-born people were convicted of rape in 2009 to argue for tighter controls on immigration and introduce a ten year trial period for new citizens.

Yes the number of foreign born were over-represented in the statistics, but the fact remains that the party is trying to use the crimes of 55 people (there were 6,000 reported rapes in Sweden in 2009) to cast aspersions on an identified group which numbers over a million people.

A basic fundamental principle of "Swedishness" is that we are all equal before the law and all are innocent until proven guilty, you would have thought that a party pertaining to stand up for "Swedish" values would have grasped that.

SD's attempts to use race biological argumentation to classify those who live within the country's borders is a throwback to pre-war Sweden and Europe - perhaps that is where they would rather we had stayed?
20:27 September 29, 2010 by planethero
Im guessing stenhuggaren is not related to elin or nancy and doesnt live rosengard or rinkeby.
20:36 September 29, 2010 by Vetinari
Typical case of discrimination., the same discrimination the left claims to be against.

Not surprising coming from the Swedish left. They are just mad they can't send their AFA goons to clean up anymore
20:49 September 29, 2010 by cowboykodp

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Things are a B I T different now than they were before the election. A serious movement has begun now to get rid of the SD. They will not know what hit them.

Even in your model society of Holland, the PVV are having a very difficult time being included in the government. WOW they got 15%. So you mean even in Holland 85% of people did not vote for them!!!

As proud as I am of Sweden, I am equally ashamed of all these immigrants on this website who support bigotry, at the expense of others. You people are worst than native Swedes. Amazing.
22:03 September 29, 2010 by vladd777
I fully agree with Rishonim! Being an immigrant myself, my ears have always been open to the comments many Swedes make about certain immigrants. These comments are anything but 'loving'!

It's all just a political ploy and 'democracy' is like religion..politicians hide their true faces behind it.
00:45 September 30, 2010 by frey
sweden has the thing. and thor. and he is not bourgeois, he doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, and, he has a big hammer.
01:20 September 30, 2010 by seagull

WHo is promoting bigotry?, I am certainly not. The only bigotry in this story is being promoted by the union in question.

I agree with much of what the SD say (on their website), but I abhor al kinds of bigotry, I abhor racism and predudice. But facts speak for themselves, Sweden is no longer the safe place it used to be and the immigration polocy coupled with a lack of integration policy is to blame.

Whatever the reasons for certain groups to become heavily involved in crime, the fact is, they are. and the sooner the major parties admit that and stop being scared to discuss the possible solutions, without the typical communist left shouting "racist", "bigot" etc just for the mere mention of an immigration issue, or a statistic that highlighs it, the better.

If the central parties had got over their self-hatred enough to do this earlier, then SD wouldn't even be in the news. If they don't manage it in the next 4 years, they will double their vote.
03:17 September 30, 2010 by crofab
I am not a fan of the Sweden Democrats but this strikes me as a very childish and un-democratic action on the part of the union. And honestly, is it really that necessary? I don't think many right-wingers would be jumping at the chance to be part of a union anyway. And if they did join perhaps seeing things from a different perspective (that of a union member) would make the SD person think twice about his/her political views. Excluding SD members will only make them more extreme in their views.
07:50 September 30, 2010 by Jarvilainennen
Why don´t you put on the Robbie Williams -song "let me entertain you" while you´re on this Swedes?
09:25 September 30, 2010 by calebian22

You seem to think that the growth of anti immigrant parties is static. The more "reasonable" people protest against SD (or the PVV) the stronger they get, because instead of the "reasonable" people working on the problem of unwilling new Swedes integrating into Swedish society they are too busy screaming, Nazi! If SD or any other nationalistic groups in other countries don't gain a voice or are drowned out in one election cycle they will have a chance in the next one with larger percentages (PVV 5.6% in 2006, 15% in 2010). Screaming Nazi or fascist is always easier than confronting the real problem, which is unreasonable refugee percentages from countries that have incompatible cultures/religions with Sweden.
10:24 September 30, 2010 by cowboykodp

I happen to be very conservative and as far from the left/communist as one can get.

I imagine that most Swedes are also pretty conservative.

One must respect all HUMAN BEINGS. A party which openly states their hatred (or disapproval to be more pc), is what drives most Swedes to reject this party.

There are different approaches to deal with such a group. Swedes in their civilized way have chosen to shut them out in every way and just ignore them and come from a place of compassion. I personally approve of this method.

If you don't see what most people see regarding this party, then I don't know what to tell you.


You still maintain such a party is needed to deal with immigration and integration issues. I disagree.

The reason I disagree has to do with the reality that the immigration issue is not necessarily the problem, but the integration issue.

Now what is integration? Are we going to force people to drop their religious beliefs by making fun of them, or a better way? I challenge you to come up with a solution, short of "Kicking them out".

This is what is needed. IDEAS, not IDEOLOGY.
11:20 September 30, 2010 by seagull

"If you don't see what most people see regarding this party"

The problem is, people jump on the "nazi" or "fascist" bandwagon all too quickly. This party has a freely available manifesto, and unless you have proof of more extreme behaviour from the top, then it is unfair. They are a registered, legal party, have been voted into parliament and have a manifesto. I'm not going to make crazy assumptons based on heresay, or comments made by individual supporters.

As far as I can see (I am willing to be corrected), there is no open expression of hatred.

And your alternate word....disapproval. Well there are many people I disapprove of, that doesn't make me a bigot. I even hate some aspects of certain cultures, and nor does that.

And I agree, all humans are to be respected. That does not mean we cannot analyse the very real problems that are occuring in immigrant hot zones. There is a reason why 20 % of Skåne voted for the SD, and it isn't all to do with racism.

And personally I regard myself as a Liberal Socialist. Unfortunately the pliticians who supposedly lie on that political band have forgotten what it means.

And the integration issue and religious issue. Nobody should be forced to drop their religious beliefs, but they SHOULD be forced to live within the laws of the land, regardless of whether those laws come in conflict with them....

An example was the women in Gothenberg claiming religious discrimination because her local baths had a rule barring them from bathing fully clad. The rule is perfectly in tune with swedish culture. The women should have been told to comply or not to use the facilities.

"In February 2008 the Appeals Court upheld the verdict in the 2005 case against the city of Gothenburg concerning two Muslim women who were turned away at a municipal swimming pool due to their clothing. Plaintiffs appealed to the Supreme Court, which decided not to try the case, and the city of Gothenburg was compelled to pay $ 2,500 (20,000 SEK) to each of the women."

"When in Rome"
12:02 September 30, 2010 by cowboykodp

I don't know where you got your figure of 20% of Skåne votes. The highest was in Solvesborg where Adolf Åkesson is from with 13 or 14%. And why did they vote for them, well maybe because most come from small farm towns, and have a fear of the unknown. And maybe because they personally have never talked to an immigrant and generalize based on what they hear from their fellow small towners. That will change in time.

Yes, all should respect the culture of their host country. However, to bar someone from using a pool because they want to cover up is not reasonable. Imagine I had a huge scar on my body and wanted to wear a t shirt in the pool. Should I be able to do that? Am I really hurting anyone?

Do you know why they call SD nazis? Because their roots are in the neo-nazi movement. Recently they have tried to distance themselves from that, but there have been far too many members who seem not to have changed, judging by their comments.

Manifesto? Imagine I am homeless, alcoholic and want to get a job. I am going to shave, shower and borrow a friends suit. After the interview, I will still be homeless and an alcoholic.
12:28 September 30, 2010 by Jarvilainennen

Next they will cover their daughters too. Then they will want a praying-room in there.

And while it isn´t something the earht will quake for, how are they going to integrate if their religion is like this? I mean these people are so caught up in it, they must ask their Imam if they can live up north in the summer.---> Sun doesn´t set---> and you can´t eat at ramadan when the sun is up. Of course they will flex the rules on this, but kinda shows how strange and completely unnatural their beliefs are...

Aaand i know most muslims are not like this.

You see, you don´t give up on these things to Scietologists, the Yehovas´ witness, the Mormon, or ANY other exept this small, special group...

i mean, What???
13:04 September 30, 2010 by seagull

Sorry, I meant 20% in one part of Skåne. Can't remember the place but it was 19.6% if I remember rightly.

And yes, I expect everyone to abide by the rules that have been set in place and seem entirely reasonable. It isn't that they are hurting anyone, it's that they are trying to force their morals which are guided by ancient mythology, on the morals of the swedes. If you have a huge scar and wearing a T-shirt is against regs, then you could ask nicely...if they say no, then you don't use the facilities...simple.

Not wanting to dwell on one of thousands of examples, there is good reason not to wear loose fitting clothes in a public swimming baths...safety, hygiene..loose clothes can get stuck in draining grates...wouldn't be much fun if you got your shirt stuck at the bottom of the pool, and the more clothes, the more bits of excess cotton etc floating around in the water... have you never had a floor full of sock bits?

Right... and to the issue of the roots... I agree. And that is one reason I wouldn't personally vote for them...the sense of mistrust. BUT, they must be allowed to show that they are changing. They have already dismissed people from the party for expressing extreme opinions, that are no longer deemed to be in line with party policy...what more can they do?

The left party are a bunch of raving communists who if given real power could bring the country to a standstill, yet I don't see many people trying to exclude them from the debate...as they shouldn't. The SD have every much right to be included in discussion as any other elected party, and excluding them is undemocratic, and only serves to disenfranchise the public that cast their vote for them.
13:21 September 30, 2010 by calebian22

Cut off the flow first, deal with the problem of integration second. Focus on the easy stuff first. Integration is certainly more difficult of a problem with no simple answers, but saying, "no more," is easy. Why make integration that much harder by adding more non-integraters?
14:39 September 30, 2010 by soultraveler3
So much for democracy, SD like it or not were VOTED in by the people of sweden.

The fact that so many self rightious, political idiots are unwilling to even work with, have discussions with or acknowledge the rights of SD to have a say in politics just shows what bigots they are. They're no better than SD, worse even, since SD is at least willing to have mature political discussions.

They say that SD members are bigots that don't treat everyone equally. They're doing the EXACT same thing and are too stupid to see it.
15:47 September 30, 2010 by Jarvilainennen

I must give my support to you on this. They were voted in DEMOCRATICALLY.

A lot of them might be wrong. This is something they must face. The world wide discussion on migration is something you can not escape. The SD surely has some downright racist people in it´s ranks. Racism exists in all nationalities.

It must be dealt with and faced :)
19:42 September 30, 2010 by frey
can i re-phrase my previous rant: you can't be tolerant of everything, or you will be without principles.
13:49 October 1, 2010 by NickM
Sweden used to be famous for its liberal society and a commitment to free speech. Sweeping the SD problem under the carpet IS NOT the way to deal with it.
19:05 October 1, 2010 by Sam1
SD are not racist or nazis they just hate other skin colours and cultures.. i think for them its normal and democratic to hate others :-))--
19:12 October 1, 2010 by ajs42548
Here in New York, many of us know about the crime problem in Malmo and specifically in Rosengart. There was even newspaper coverage of the fact the Jews are fleeing Malmo in droves. This is what SD is talking about. Anti-SD people can't deny this. Those of you who say that SD members are racist, please answer this: Would you walk alone in Rosengart at night wearing a Crusifix or a Star of David? Could you? Ok, I didn't think so. That answers that.
21:32 October 1, 2010 by Sjaya
calebian22 / his imbecill friends, you should take a trip to Japan and TAKE TIME TO THINK !
09:52 October 2, 2010 by Iraniboy
Again SD supporters of this forum are angry!!

SD voted to parliament but it doesn't mean everyone should welcome them anywhere! From when 5% of a country could enforce their ideas on the rest of 95%??!

This is Sweden. Respect the idea of majority and stop mourning or leave the Sweden!
13:07 October 2, 2010 by kaeru
SD does not have its roots in a neo-nazi movement, that is bullshit.

What they did have was a few individuals who previously in their life had been involved in nazi-movement, with the first president being one of them...today he is a social democrat. and no leader since 1995 has have had anything to do with nazi or racist movements...Mikael Jansson came from the Centerparty, Jimmie Åkesson was involved in MUF(moderate youths). Theres a few candidates for the municipality who have said strange things or been involved in extreme groups but these are a handful out of thousands..the social democrats had a candidate in Eskilstuna who was a leading nazifigure as late as 2006. There has been rapists, kidnappers, murderers, robbers etc who have all been involved in different political parties and even been elected to the parliament...the main political parties have had nazist in their parties and all of them signed up for the racial biology institute that was active from 1921-1960s , they have all accepted sterilizing of "genetically defunct" human beings until the mid 1970-s, etc etc etc. Clean your own backyard before pointing your fingers at someone else. SD has had some people with extremist views, but views are one thing, when you have had leading political parties who actually have implemented policies base on racial ideology thats a completely different thing. Social democrats, Moderats, Centerparty, and the Liberals have NEVER made truce with their past, never apologized or tried to explain.

Why is that?

Theres so many errors when speaking about SD:s past, don't take any of it for truth.
Today's headlines
Gothenburg 'one of Europe's most segregated cities'
An Isis flag in Kirkuk, Iraq. Photo: Uncredited/AP

One in ten school students in Gothenburg's north-eastern suburbs sympathize with religious extremist organizations, according to a survey.

Julian Assange
Sweden won't suspend Assange warrant for funeral
Assange has been in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012. Photo: Alastair Grant/AP

The WikiLeaks founder has requested a temporary suspension of an arrest warrant so he could leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the funeral of his mentor.

Swedish football diehard who went viral doesn't get the fuss
Possibly the most dedicated fan in the world. Photo: Patric Söderström/TT

A picture of Gefle IF celebrating with the only fan to make a 1164km round trip to see them has gone viral. The Local spoke to the diehard in question.

'I want to see women priests in the Catholic Church'
Archbishop Antje Jackelén meeting Pope Francis earlier in 2016. Photo: L'Osservatore Romano/AP

'I told the pope last year during a speech it is time to no longer speak for women about women, but to speak with women,' Sweden's Archbishop says.

Sweden one of world's easiest places to do business: report
A meeting at a Stockholm office. Photo: Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

It is easier to do business in Sweden now than it was last year, according to a World Bank report.

This Swede has built a procrastinator's dream
Anders Åberg has built a website that allows you to hear what’s going on above the Earth. Photo: Personal & NASA

Ever wondered what's going on in the sky above the earth and in space? Now you can hear for yourself.

Presented by Malmö Tourism
Seven reasons why Malmö is the football capital of Sweden
Players from FC Rosengård, Sweden's most successful women's football team. Photo: Hangsna

It’s official, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

Fake police car driver seized after confronting real police
File photo of a police car. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Three men in a fake police car were left red-faced after they tried to stop a man in southern Sweden who turned out to be an off-duty officer.

This tiny bird can fly for ten months straight: scientists
The common swift while not in flight. Photo: Madis Veskimeister/Wikimedia

Swedish scientists have found that this bird stays in the air for almost a year without landing.

Why the Pope is visiting Sweden next week
Pope Francis in the Vatican. Photo: AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

Pope to nail reconciliation agenda to Lutherans' door in southern Sweden.

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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
People-watching: October 26th
Sweden cuts 2016 refugee forecast
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Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
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'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
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Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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