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Sweden Democrats hold key to speaker vote

TT/The Local · 1 Oct 2010, 15:25

Published: 01 Oct 2010 15:10 GMT+02:00
Updated: 01 Oct 2010 15:25 GMT+02:00

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It was widely reported on Friday morning that the two rival political blocs had reached their first post-election agreement to leave Moderate candidate Per Westerberg unchallenged, but a later announcement that the Social Democrats planned to nominate Kent Härstedt has thrown the post back into doubt.

"We must build on what is the best proposal," said Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin who underlined that despite the move, the party would hold its promise not to make itself dependent on the Sweden Democrats.

"We can not ignore the Sweden Democrats from the Swedish Parliament. No matter who is elected, it must be by a majority," said Harstedt on the question of how it would feel if he is elected with the help of the Sweden Democrats' votes.

"I am standing as a candidate for the Red-Greens and no one else," he said.

If Kent Harstedt is not chosen by the Riksdag then the Social Democrats would forward Susanne Eberstein as a candidate for the first vice-speaker post.

The position of second vice-speaker traditionally goes to a representative from the third largest party in the Riksdag, a ranking currently held by the Green Party, which plans to nominate former MEP Ulf Holm.

The Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper reported on Friday that the centre-right Alliance and the centre-left Red-Green opposition had agreed on Wednesday to have Per Westerberg of the Moderate Party continue as the Speaker of the Riksdag.

The two sides were reported to have agreed on Westerberg after the leading candidate from the Red-Green side, Social Democrat Björn von Sydow, withdrew his name because he “didn’t want to be in a situation where the Sweden Democrats can vote for me”.

Despite Friday's Red-Green move, Mona Sahlin stated that the principle of not depending on the Sweden Democrats still stands, underlining that the Social Democrats plan to be part of an active opposition over the next mandate period.

"I am not going to do as (Centre Party leader) Maud Olofsson says and suspend the work of the opposition for four years, then the Sweden Democrats would be the only opposition and that would be devastating," she said.

The Sweden Democrats have meanwhile initiated contact with the other parliamentary parties over the election of the Speaker, according to SD leader Jimmie Åkesson.

"This means that we hold the balance of power in this issue and we decide who will be the Speaker of the Riksdag," Åkesson said after the Red-Green announcement.

Åkesson told news agency TT that he did not known if the other parties had responded to the request, which was made at the parliamentary group leader level.

"But this must reasonably mean that they have to talk with us now," he said.

Åkesson is hopeful that the parties will also now be prepared to talk to the Sweden Democrats about other proposals set to be presented to the Riksdag.

The Sweden Democrats are expected to make a play for the Second Deputy Speaker post when, and if, the other parliamentary parties get in contact.

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“We’re going to nominate an opposition candidate and request a vote,” said Sweden Democrat press secretary Mattias Karlsson to DN earlier on Friday.

Åkesson said earlier in the week that he sees his party as a “third bloc” in the Riksdag and thus deserves to hold the Second Deputy Speaker post.

The Third Deputy Speaker position is set to remain in the hands of the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet), the fourth largest party in the Riksdag, which has proposed that Liselott Hagberg remain in the position.

The Speaker is the Riksdag's principal representative, playing a vital role in organising the work of the chamber and presiding over meetings.

The Riksdag also has three Deputy Speakers who take turns presiding over meetings and representing the Riksdag in various contexts when the Speaker is away from the chamber.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:18 October 1, 2010 by byke
Cock blocked ......
09:48 October 1, 2010 by "green Swede"
So far so good,but these two blocks are so diametrically oppossed to eachother that it's only a matter of time before the SD start gaining opportunities to make their presence felt.Although it seems the greens have started to sell out already so ya never know....makes for interesting politics,never thought i'd say that in sweden.
09:49 October 1, 2010 by Rishonim
Von Sydow sounds like a sealion to me
09:49 October 1, 2010 by JethroGreenmantle
Honest of Jimmy Åkesson to admit that the Sweden "Democrats" are a hotch-potch block of nationalists, racists, covert natzis, populists and skåningar. Wonder how long he'll manage to hold them together. Will all those millions in party support help, or will they tempt S-"Democrats" to dip their hands in the honey pot? Watch this space! ;-)
10:31 October 1, 2010 by hpunlimited
Nothing to brag about. By corrupting the democratic process, Sweden looses. It is only a bad thing.
10:46 October 1, 2010 by cowboykodp
I love it.

Adolf Åkesson and gang are getting a taste of their own medicine. If you can dish it out, then be ready to take it. Bondjävel.
11:18 October 1, 2010 by bolababu
"The two sides agreed on Westerberg after the leading candidate from the Red-Green side, Social Democrat Björn von Sydow, withdrew his name because he "didn't want to be in a situation where the Sweden Democrats can vote for me"."

Seriously, as an immigrant thats highly critical of Sweden's two-faced integration efforts, I must also admit that Swedes possess certain qualities that you can't find anywhere else in the world. Honesty, humility and moral-consistence are virtues that very few possess at the same time.
11:24 October 1, 2010 by Viva Melita
Sweden's two rival political blocs are two sides of the same coin. Undemocratic and unworthy. Forward SD and on to victory.
11:28 October 1, 2010 by Uncle
Socialists are indeed getting bent to do whatever Alliance wants them to do. Good benefit of having SD in Riksdag .
11:52 October 1, 2010 by Luckystrike
farewell democracy! If there is ONE fecking good polititian in Sweden, they will start working and talking with the SD, not alienating them......Jees, it's not rocket science!!
12:55 October 1, 2010 by flintis
@cowboykodp: what's wrong with farmers? Showing your true face of racism again. Jävlar hypocrite

As an immigrant I have been subject to far more racialism from the immigrant population than from the Scandinavians. I think I'll vote for SD next time & see if they can rid us of these racists, at least SD have the balls to show their true colours.
13:02 October 1, 2010 by Syftfel
Von Sydow and Westerberg are both engaging in classic, Orwellian, double-speak. The left, as is typical, did not like the election results, so they alter the rules after the results are in. The Moderates are cow-towing cowards and think they are doing everyone a favor when, in fact, they only appear weak, wavering and indecisive. Poof!!! See how easy it is to throw our cherished democratic princples out the window. One can not help but wonder where such antics will lead in the future? Where does one draw the line? I guess democracy will only be allowed to go so far. History is full of similar examples. The Russian revoloution. The Third Reich. Fidel's 'Viva la Revolucion'. Chairman Mao's power grab. Hugo's introduction of dictatorship after changing the rules, and on and on. Could someone please put me on the Social Dems' enemies list? Thank you.
14:56 October 1, 2010 by Jarvilainennen

Sorry but i like to grab certain things when i see them...:)

i´ve talked to a few muslims from Africa, Middle East, Asia, Turkey, you name it.

One interesting thing is that they do not seem to mind at all when i say we, and I sort of mean WE need to cut back on immigration.

I drive the taxi and I meet a lot of people from abroad and we have questions, a lot to get accustomed to.

Am i a bondejävel?

Not to support Åkersson, but could we at least entertain the idea that might have something to say?
15:01 October 1, 2010 by samwise
I wonder how long these self righteous arrogant morons can keep doing this. They have to work out some agreement before any vote, so the sd votes don't make a difference. Their goal is to make sd irrelevant, but not to do what's best for the people.

Say there is a proposal that is good for sweden, the social democrat morons happen to hate it, but the sd happen to like it, the moderate morons will drop the proposal because it's going to be passed by the support of sd.

In other words, the voters that sd represent are second class citizens.

This is definitely one of the craziest things of the year.
15:53 October 1, 2010 by Swedesmith
I live on a farm and sometimes I get horny. Does that make me a bondjävel?
15:56 October 1, 2010 by Sam1
flintis@ with all due respect I think you miss out the whole picture,for example the when a person gets a swollen toe he does not need to cuttoff his leg, you are going out of your skin by what you said.. because Those ones you plan to suppost will turn against you, you know what is white supremacy?? you know what are Nazis??

I suggest you read more books and try searching on the internet, you say immigrants discriminate you..but now you show discrimnation back to them by recanting your origin you are afterall an invandrare and you will always be seen like that if that party you support is in power..but if we vote social demokrates the human race is one and your identity is preserved as a human being..not a blatan or something.. I was discriminated by muslim countries because I have a different belief, but does not mean I support a racist party against them..

You should try to see the big picture and find yourself in it.. Because you will be scooped in the racism shovel out!!! just like the others you hate..I say equality to all and with equality and peace will can solve the small issues of radicalism, not with hate because racism and hate will cause more terror and hate.

so you will be eating the two sided sword at the end, I was attacked by SD supporters maybe they though I m a muslim or not they called me nigg*r and was like an aggressive dog towards me and trust me the police did nothing..and ofcourse the muslims under the law of Sweden cannot harm any one here but they soon become europians and their children are much modified and decent...So my last words is dont get carried out by foolishness of hate..but let wisdom lead you!!

im now out to visit the afghani hero who saved the little girl because he has no parents here...
16:02 October 1, 2010 by Viva Melita
"Sweden upholds freedom of expression

Sweden yesterday delivered its address at the General Debate of the UN General Assembly. Sweden's Ambassador to the UN, Mårten Grunditz, emphasised in his address that UN Member States have a shared responsibility to tackle today's global problems. Safeguarding the environment, democracy and human rights is of the utmost importance. Freedom of expression was raised as a particularly important issue. In today's information society, countries must allow their citizens to play an active role in public debate".

Hypocrisy the height of.............................or what?
16:18 October 1, 2010 by rafa1981

"In other words, the voters that sd represent are second class citizens."

It´s obvious that our two-party western "democracies" are very well executed theater performances.
19:54 October 1, 2010 by cowboykodp

There is absolutely nothing wrong with farmers. They are among the most honest, down to earth, hard working people I know. I love them. Maybe that is why I married a farmers daughter from Skåne.

OOPS, I guess we feel like an idiot just about now, don't we???

But thanks for the education. I found out today that farmers are a race!!!

And I think you should vote for SD. They need support from as many self hating, spineless immigrants as possible.

Have a nice day.
20:10 October 1, 2010 by Streja
Kent survived the Estonia disaster so I bet he's not even worried about SD.
20:49 October 1, 2010 by Andersson
Some copy/paste from Sweden Democrates website..

"Mass immigration, together with the high birth rates among some immigrant groups and the absence of an assimilation policy, means that the Swedes within a few decades, risks becoming a minority in their own country"

"That people in less developed countries want to improve their economic and social situation through emigration is perfectly understandable and human, but it can not be a sufficient basis for obtaining a residence permit in our country. Such a policy favoring either Sweden or emigration countries"

"Public support for immigrant organizations and all other activities aimed at promoting foreign cultures and identities in Sweden should be canceled. Half Term in connection with religious ceremonies shall only include traditional Swedish and Christian holidays. The taxpayer-funded language instruction must be abolished."

"Conspicuous religious or political symbols, such as a headscarf or turban, should not be allowed to be worn in the professional practice of public servants, then it might damage public confidence in the public service impartiality"

"Eligibility for the Swedish nationality should be sharpened considerably. Essential requirements must be that she resided in the country for at least ten years and that during this period showed a blameless character"
21:27 October 1, 2010 by vladd777

My thoughts eggzakly!

But sadly, at the end of the day, it's mostly about that 'bent and battered' red-green ego!
21:35 October 1, 2010 by laura ka baal
"andersson ,hot rod should be inserted inside your bacterial anus and exposed to the whole world.
22:37 October 1, 2010 by Uncle
Oh, cowboy is so sarcastic. It is disarming. How much grace... How much argumentative skills...

So farmers are not a race and therefore we may trash it? Mmmm. But immigrants that are not allowed to be trashed by the socialist watchdogs like cowboy do not appear to be a race either.... Neither do muslims appear to be a race.

So... if SD are racists because they dislike social position and religion, according to cowboy, but he is not a racist because he trashes a profession... it seems like... hold on... is there a possibility that cowboy is babbling bull stool again? That is riiight. He is babbling again..

Oh, he is married to a farmers daughter. So he can actually trash farmers. That is nice. And if she would be black, would cowboy get a license to say the "n" word? Interesting.
22:39 October 1, 2010 by Andersson
@laura ka baal... your comments reflects where is the hot rod is right now...lol
01:21 October 2, 2010 by seagull

All seems quite reasonbable to me (as an immigrant). Although personally I'd love to do away with "christian" holidays too. Religion kills.

Point 1. I would hate to see the country I moved to and enjoy living in become yet another failed culture clash (if it isn't too late). I love different cultures, but do we really want the world to be grey?
10:35 October 2, 2010 by cowboykodp
How cute. Uncle is protecting her girlfriend Flintis.

As I explained to someone on another article, there is no point in having a logical or "argumentative" discussion with the likes of you. People like SEAGULL and CALEBIAN are respectful and therefore a pleasure to discuss topics with. When and if you show some class and maturity, then maybe you (and SD) will also be invited to the party.

This is what happens when a person gets their entire experience from blogs on the internet. They have no real world knowledge or credibility. They merely regurgitate crap on different forums. Well..... Like you do.

But I will explain something to you, which you apparently are clueless about, like everything else you seem to think you know. The N word is used by black people all the time. The person saying it and the context is the meaning, not the word itself.

Now you can go and crawl back under the rock. Ciao.
20:57 October 2, 2010 by Uncle
Oh, cowboy is rebuffing with grace and style... Pleasure to watch.

Especially looking through his progress from "ya dirty mofos, I hate ya'll SD lovers... ya'll should die now!!!" to "I would rather to have an intelligent conversation with certain people who display class and maturity, however not with others..." Just to look through the posts and see this progress. Wonderful!

And especially I LOVED the intelligent and mature gay reference. What a class!

So hold on... Cowboy is married to a farmer's daughter and therefore he is allowed to trash and generalize farmers... Blacks are saying the "N" word all the time and therefore cowboy can do it as well... Mmm. Perfect fighter against us - the racists. I would rather say - a real leader of the left wing and a standard bearer of it's iron logic. Applause!

I will get back under the rock then, you light of every advanced and progressive human being.
12:21 October 3, 2010 by Sam1
The are many immigrants who are a new Idea to Sweden, who are great doctors who are very competent at work, who love this country very much, we cannot have a racist perspective towards other culture just because some of them have not integrated, because some commit crimes, when they are in Sweden they should be regarded like any other Swed, and the law should work on all, since we made EU laws and saved many people from WAR, and some immigrants here cause trouble its our responsibility to solve this matter in a civilized way, no to welcome unwelcomed guests, SHENKEN visa should take eye and fingers scan!!! very important!!! people and specially muslims who visited iraq or afghanistan during their claim that they have welfounded fear should be sent back!! There should be law targeting the points!!pinpointing the direct issues, not a racist party hating every culture and looking at all immigrants with hate and cruelty..

I know very well that muslims have no problem in Lebanon!!! or Iraq or other they have houses there!!! They indeed take advantage, I know a guy who has a pizzaria who bought a house in home land!! that is really bad there should be laws targeting such scams, Not the immigrants who work and pay tax and are a benefit to society who become integrated to the limit of them forgeting their country!!!
15:22 October 3, 2010 by Rebel
Sam1, if the Iraqi immigrant has citizenship in both Iraq and Sweden why should he not be able to buy a home in Iraq as well as Sweden?
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