Swedish researchers in womb transplant success

Swedish researchers have moved a step closer to performing the world's first womb transplant, providing women unable to have children an alternative to adoption.

The researchers at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg made a breakthrough in the summer when they successfully transplanted a womb from one rat to another, reported the Sydsvenskan daily.

Several rats were involved in the trials and were later able to become pregnant.

“It went well. They had offspring which so far seem perfectly normal,” said researcher Liza Johansson to the newspaper.

The method could offer women unable to conceive an added alternative to adoption, as surrogate motherhood remains illegal in Sweden.

The Swedish researchers, who are led by Professor Mats Brännström, have come furthest in the world when it comes to this type of procedure, following the successful animal tests.

“The baboons are hopefully the final step before we move over to clinical tests on humans,” said Liza Johannesson to Sydsvenskan, adding that the team hopes to be able to make the procedure a reality within two years.

The researchers estimate that there could be up to 10,000 women in Scandinavia who could stand to benefit from the transplants.

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