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Terror threat prompts Sweden travel warning

TT/AFP/The Local · 4 Oct 2010, 16:08

Published: 04 Oct 2010 16:08 GMT+02:00

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"In light of the heightened threat of terrorist attacks in Europe, the Swedish Foreign Ministry calls on travellers to observe increased vigilance and caution," it said in a statement.

The ministry called on Swedish travellers to the rest of Europe to be on alert "in public places, in and around public buildings, at tourist attractions, on public transport and in other places with large crowds."

However, the ministry stopped short of advising Swedes against going ahead with their travel plans, echoing similar precautions issued recently by the United States and the UK.

In addition, the ministry advises people to stay informed regarding developments in the countries to which they are traveling and to follow local authorities’ security recommendations.

The foreign ministry’s advisory is directed primarily toward travel within Europe.

“We haven’t done what some other have and pinpointed certain European countries, rather we’ve issued a rather broad precautionary warning, in which we also point to what sort of recommendations local authorities have issued,” foreign ministry spokesperson Cecila Julin told the TT news agency.

As the ministry isn’t formally advising against travel, the new advisory doesn’t give travelers the right to cancel scheduled travel plans, such as charter trips, Julin added.

Sweden's travel alert comes shortly after Japan on Monday warned its nationals living or travelling in Europe, of "possible terrorist attacks" by Al-Qaeda and affiliated groups.

On Sunday, the US State Department issued a formal alert warning Americans traveling in Europe to remain vigilant against "potential for terrorist attacks" and urging precaution in public places and transportation systems.

France and Britain immediately voiced support for the security statement, which said "current information suggests that Al-Qaeda and affiliated organisations continue to plan terrorist attacks."

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Sweden was also among the three countries singled out on Sunday by the British Foreign Office for an increased risk of a terrorist attack. The other two countries are France and Germany, where UK authorities judged the threat-level as "high", while for Sweden the threat is described as "general".

Last week, Sweden's intelligence agency Säpo warned that the threat of "terrorism targeting Sweden" had increased and that it had raised the threat level from "low to elevated".

TT/AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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16:39 October 4, 2010 by Hindustani786
Again a Travelling Difficulties for Muslims in Europe, Especially with a name Muhammad. ALAS! "War on TERROR and War for TERROR".

Muslims are playing a role of FOOTBALL between teams of "Western and Muslim Dictator countries", to win a game called "War on/for TERROR".
17:08 October 4, 2010 by rafa1981
I have fear, a lot of fear, please give me a diper.

Very good promo of fear this week, keep the hard work bullshiting people, after all you can' t never go wrong underestimating the mass-public intelligence, happy hour of fear.

Lets do some irony:

"Citizens, please, don' t forget to to take your anti terrorist precautions, after all that's why we are warning you with articles like this one, don' t go to the street unless you have to consume something, and if you do it please, stay afraid looking everywere and take your mine detector, your fireproof suit, a SMG, binoculars and grenades, it' s very dangerous. If you see a muslim with bags suspect of him, if not do it also, they can have bombs inside children, be alert against muslim terrorism but please, don't make the easy mistake of being racist.

This problem will end when we, our protectors would be able to win the Afghan war and some more conflicts, we need your help, so please, stay afraid and gladly accept every freedom or privilege restriction, after all it´s for your security, to think is boring, do better things"

I insist that all of the above is like an ironic cartoon of what´s happening today, no one should be offended, but my apologies if someone does.
17:11 October 4, 2010 by Iri
Getting sick of such types of news. Come one please let people live in their normal lives.
17:23 October 4, 2010 by Mib
Just waiting for MI5 or CIA to plant a bomb to back up their scaremongering to justify the continued war in Afghanastan.

This is the "Cry Wolf" story all over again. The intelligence services and Western governments lost all credibility after the Iraq war. No-one believes them anymore. We supposedly have a confession from a terrorist that these attacks are imminent. No doubt after some waterboarding, hanging heavy weights from his balls. It wouldn't surprise me if the Taliban etc are making pretend phone calls as I presume they know they are being monitored.

The problem now is when there is a real threat and no-one believes. Maybe that is now. Who really knows? Well the stats show, you're more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than by a terrorist
17:35 October 4, 2010 by misssh
@Hindustani786 and rafa1981

You two are bang on the money!!

agree whole hearted with your comments

they want to breed fear into out heads to control us !!

I for one dont listen and know its a load of rubbish
17:36 October 4, 2010 by calebian22

Since you are lumping MI5 in with the CIA which acts mostly in a global capacity, I think you mean MI6.
17:56 October 4, 2010 by Mib
Calebian22 ..... you're right, but maybe MI5 will bomb the UK and CIA somewhere else in Europe :)
18:00 October 4, 2010 by Lars J
I believed in 9/11. At least at first. I was skeptical when 7/7 and Barcelona happened. This time I'm convinced. This has nothing to do with the Talibans. They don't have anything to win on a new terror attack. The only one who gains from it is those who wants more war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's not hard to guess who that might be...
19:04 October 4, 2010 by ngecenk
exactly the kind of news before the us decide to go on war (and the people agree on it).
19:13 October 4, 2010 by jbat
whenever there is terror attack or terror alert.. it will goes to Al Qaeeedaaaaa... whose these Al Qaeeedaaaaa... only Uncle Sam know who are them (because uncle Sam who trained and give weapons to them to fight Russian before?).... whatever it is.. even muslims don´t know what is this Al Qaeeedaaaaa mean and who they are.. I bet if you catch 1000 muslims from anywhere you want, ask them one by one, torture them, threaten them ...what ever things you want to do... less then 5 person will say they know who is this "Al Qaeeedaaaaa... " and from these 5 persons.. all of them are liar just to escape from punishment and just give whatever uncle sam want to hear.... but if you ask person namely FBI or CIA.. most of them know who is this "Al Qaeeedaaaaa... " even there are not muslims ..they know it, but will never be able to destroy this "Al Qaeeedaaaaa... " like they able to catch Iraqis leaders one by one (even Saddam hide in the hole they can catch)...
19:28 October 4, 2010 by Hagrid
Some people are always complaining and ungrateful.

If a terrorist attack occurs without a warning (such as 9/11 or 7/7), people are mad at the intelligence agencies failure to know in advance about the attack.

If the intelligence agencies DO gather enough critical information worthy of a warning against an impending attack, they will be criticized for scaring people in order to control them.

And if the intelligence agencies are proven right, and their terror warnings actually materilize - then it must surely be "an inside job".

So in summary, no matter what happens - it is always the government's / America's / The West's fault. Never the terrorists. After all, there MUST be some conspiracy theory out there, right?

The people in intelligence work very hard to keep us safe. I think a simple "thank you" for them would be in order right now.
19:35 October 4, 2010 by stockholmvästeråser
Why is Sweden raising a travel alert? I mean, of course the terrorists are not going to sh#t in their own backyard. They are too established in Sweden to want to harm their great set up. I mean you can't say boo about them in Sweden because it isn't PC. Yet, quietly, people who said that they love all that live in Sweden, voted the SDs into government. Yeah, Swedes love everyone, as lon as their segregated neighborhoods stay. Why else do Swedes go out into the archipelago (skärgård)? They say it is for beauty and to relax. Wrong again, They go because it is the last bastion of Sweden left that hasn't been tainted by "non-Swedish born". And if you doubt this, go ask a Swede after several Ciders at a pre-party. You'll see, the truth comes out, always, A bunch of hypocrites.

It's too late, Sweden to expel those thousands that you let in the past few years. Now you must watch your beautiful country slowly decay as the world looks on in amusement., saying, "We told you so."
19:47 October 4, 2010 by d_s
Its amusing, is it not.

Just checked out a very good Stratfor analysis on this - looks like this information comes from one guy in Kabul.. Surprise surprise Stratfor-dudes say that they are not so hot about far-reaching conclusions based on one source :)

What's next - SÄPO changes its name to PC (for political comissariat, hehe)? New slogan could be: "Supporting our regime's line with whatever it takes!"

:D :D
20:35 October 4, 2010 by fiqa
It seems that many are convinced here that all the muslims are terrorists. I think a lot of non muslim immigrants in Sweden are SD's supporters. I find it hard to understand that why these people want to wake swedes up while they know that where they come from themselves.

This propaganda is to pressurize Pakistan to open up NATO supply lines that are blocked right now. US wants operation to be quickened while the army is busy in flood relief activities.

Most comments above are biased against muslims with no respect. Somebody loved vikings here, I dont know how different they were from terrorists.
21:00 October 4, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
rafa1981 (#3)

Terror Alert – level 3, not yet level five and please pray for level zero


Please give you a diaper before you wet yourself?

Do not fear – you are here in Sweden, not in America or the rest of Europe or about to face the uncertainties of gunfire outside the gates of the Rafah Crossing or the risks of tunnelling your way in from Egypt.

It's ALWAYS, more than level three, trudging through the streets, market places or narrow alleys of various sections of Baghdad. Any day. And some people want to ask, “Why don't you go back there?” They don't know what it's like and yet wouldn't like to take a Christmas holiday there.

Do not despair. Feel safe, under the anti- missiles nuclear umbrella. Furthermore, those we believe are not afraid or trembling like a leaf (even if they're hiding in a cave)

“As to those who believe and work righteousness, Allah will pay them (in full) their reward; but Allah loveth not those who do wrong." (Qur'an, Surah 3:57)

America, yes America, things haven't changed that much; perhaps he's essentially the same and her eyes as essentially blue as she was pre-1957,


Pre -1979,

And pre - 911: here's Bob Dylan whining:

“All that foreign oil controlling American soil

Look around you, it's just bound to make you embarrassed

Sheiks walkin' around like kings

Wearing fancy jewels and nose rings

Deciding America's future from Amsterdam and to Paris;”

21:06 October 4, 2010 by Ugly Indian
problems problems problems = extra security checks for muslims in aiports fitta jävla racistss jag ska knulla de backifrån ...
21:21 October 4, 2010 by mkvgtired
@Hagrid, well put. I like how a Swedish agency posted a travel advisory for Swedish travelers within Europe, yet somehow the conversation has led to (as it always does) America and how it is somehow America's fault. Just goes to show you how simple minded and brainwashed many of the people on here are. Show them the weather forecast and somehow they will use it to "prove" that America is the worst and most imperialistic country to have ever existed. Quite amusing to watch actually.
21:21 October 4, 2010 by iridesce
Thank for the Dylan reference Cornelius
21:33 October 4, 2010 by rafa1981
WTF warning? Intelligence agencies as the word states are intelligent, so they operate secretly, if they really want to capture terrorists the last thing that they are supposed to do is to publish every info they are having.

A terrorist strike usually is planned beforehand, so if they really wanted to alert and save lives they MUST provide place (with 7 km radius precision it' s fine), and date (day precision is fine), but guess what, if they provide all those things to the public it´s very possible that it won' t happen because the terrorists will know that all services are in red alert waiting for them, so you can't use the element of surprise to get and interrogate them to be able to get intelligence info about their organization.

So, in all cases this info is not pretended to alert anyone, it' s pure fear induction, in case of not having nothing solid it' s better to remain silent, and in case of having something solid sometimes can be convenient to remain silent also.
21:40 October 4, 2010 by asian123
"Integration requires effort from those that are to be integrated. I will not show respect for anyone that is not making that effort. I do not have to acknowledge anyone who lives by welfare, denies the legitimacy of the very state that provides that welfare, refuses to care for the education of his children and constantly produces new little headscarf-girls."[16][17][18]

Sarrazin's controversial book Deutschland schafft sich ab.He has also said regarding Islam, "No other religion in Europe makes so many demands. No immigrant group other than Muslims is so strongly connected with claims on the welfare state and crime. No group emphasizes their differences so strongly in public, especially through women's clothing. In no other religion is the transition to violence, dictatorship and terrorism so fluid."
21:52 October 4, 2010 by rafa1981
I think that this is a bit off-topic for this new.
22:02 October 4, 2010 by here for the summer
I was on my way to Mumbai the day the terror attack started there. 160 people died they asked for passports and killed all non Muslims they found. This is not a joke ..
22:22 October 4, 2010 by vladd777
As long as it's a fast death!
22:30 October 4, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Mkvtired@Post #18

Sweden is not America.

Is Sweden a part of America? Is America a part of Sweden. That's another question.

“…. to "prove" that America is the worst and most imperialistic country to have ever existed. Quite amusing to watch actually”?.

You know why.


Islamophobia and anti- immigration from certain places, being whipped up as part of state security and The War on Terror? They are probably planning something spectacular for Iran.

Long before 911 you could find the roots of anti- Americanism in many places: in South America, parts of Asia too.

Long before 911,

Imam Khomeini once said,

” O presidents and kings of the Muslim peoples! O Shah of Iran! Look at yourselves, look at us. Are we to be trampled underfoot by the boots of the Americans simply because we are a weak nation? Because we have no dollars? America is worse than Britain, Britain is worse than America and the Soviet Union is worse than both of them. Each one is worse than the other, each one is more abominable than the other. But today we are concerned with this malicious entity which is America. Let the American President know that in the eyes of the Iranian nation, he is the most repulsive member of the human race today because of the injustice he has imposed on our Muslim nation. Today, the Qur'an has become his enemy, the Iranian nation has become his enemy. Let the American government know that its name has been ruined and disgraced in Iran. “


You know why?

It's very simple. Today, America is the leader of the war on terror and we are the supporting cast. Some call the supporting cast, puppets. The followers. Mr. Follow-Follow. America is the muscle; Britain is the brain of course, and Sweden? South American Marxists say that we are the lackeys of the imperialists and the empires they are trying to fashion.

Now, we are in this trouble together. But not from the beginning. But now we're in. Are we prepared? If some disaster that could come out of the Level #3 Terror Alert is not averted, we would have become fellow victims or the same terror. Brother nations. Brother victims.

In this sense, Israel is a part of the West – the West's lonely outpost in the Middle East jungle. No peace. The most dangerous neighbourhood on earth. But Israel, more than Europe and the rest of West - Israel - knows what terrorism and terror and terrorist are all about. Suicide bombers and what not. They live through it on a daily basis. Some die. Where is your sympathy?

Perhaps the terrorist threat enables our understanding and personal experience of living in doubt or fear as the sword of Damocles hangs over all of us.

It started for real, with President Bush asserting, “With God on our side” whilst Senator John Kerry had a sllightly different hope – during his election campaign which Osama disrupted by sending that last minute request and warning to the American people that they should not vote for Baby Bush - or else!

Kerry's hope had been that as president of the United States, he hoped that he would be fighting on God's side.

As you know, America/ Americans don't like to be told what to do, not by a foreign power and certainly did not like being told who to vote for by one Osama Bin Ladin, leader of an international network of enemies called terrorists who in peace time attacked the United States, using unconventional means on the civilian populations. Americans, in the heart of America. In peacetime.

And so Kerry hoped (and prayed?)that the good war, the war on terror would be fought with the US and allies fighting on God's side.

President Bush the world sheriff made it quite clear: first Saddam tried to kill his father, second, 911 – and he did not mince his words when he said, Texas Ranch Style, you have a clear choice: “either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.” We decided to not be with the terrorists. Now for us to take the war on terror more seriously, it seems that our involvement (sending troops against the Taliban) has attracted the terrorists to regard us as their enemies, since we are fighting against their people.

And now we see the light: terrorism is at our doorstep. From America to Sweden.

Please let's not complicate things for ourselves, further.
22:40 October 4, 2010 by here for the summer
what about Spain, UK, India ... and the innocent Muslims in Iraq and Pakistan killed by terrorist attacks ?
23:29 October 4, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Yes indeed, and Australia too.


Cloak and dagger:


Oussama Kassir (I once broke bread with him), he was grinning, his eyes beaming, “Iraq is awash with weapons! You can buy a revolver for $4 and a Kalashnikov for $7!!! “, he smiled at me, made me smile back. That was all; he liked to talk, sometimes big talk, a little hot air, letting off some steam, burning with the zeal.

Another time he wanted us to bring our blankets along so that we could sleep outdoors in the woods over the weekend, acquire some jungle survival experience and learn endurance in the Swedish winter – “you never know, when we might have to defend ourselves and so we must keep ourselves fit and train for jihad.” Any harm in that?

This too was before 911. Talk can lead to action; talk can also remain just that; talk – even idle talk. And it was this kind of talk that has led him to the nearest police station. Sadly, he is now doing the rest of his life in an American jail. He did not kill anyone or want to kill anyone in Sweden.


The message to Muslims among us is that we try to contribute towards making Sweden a haven of peace.
23:46 October 4, 2010 by this_aint_sparta
23:57 October 4, 2010 by asian123
it is true that terrorists checked passports before they are killing in bombay. they killed only non muslims .

i heard from news that they are planning similar kind of operation in europe cities.

these kind of things really makes problems to normal muslims. i think in future there are seperate check ups for people who muslims and non muslims by checking the cut peices under the pants.

i heard that in some countries(not europe or usa) 60 years back it happened.they killed after checking cut piece after loosing patience by the violent islam perpetrated on normal muslims.

this is not all near to 911 or 7/7 as many muslims claim.
01:07 October 5, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
“O ye who believe! Violate not the sanctity of the symbols of Allah, nor of the sacred month, nor of the animals brought for sacrifice, nor the garlands that mark out such animals, nor the people resorting to the sacred house, seeking of the bounty and good pleasure of their Lord. But when ye are clear of the sacred precincts and of pilgrim garb, ye may hunt and let not the hatred of some people in (once) shutting you out of the Sacred Mosque lead you to transgression (and hostility on your part). Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour: fear Allah: for Allah is strict in punishment.” (Quran, 5:2)

Naughty, naughty! New airport traditions. New global regulations. Now you want to inspect peoples' private property/ private parts, invade citizens' privacy, take the hijab away, have your way, again, this time selective discrimination, which you would like to pass into legislation?

Hanuman's cousin asks Asian123: so you would like airport and immigration officials to check out potential terrorists and take a peep at their more personal baggage and belongings, “by checking the cut peices under the pants.”?

Pervert? Prevert? Don't you know that there are many non-terrorists with the said “cut pieces” somewhere under their pants?

Why all this loathing for Muslims? Are they not an essential part of India?

Do they not play cricket? Do they not pay their taxes?

It's well known that Hindus don't like other Hindus who are about to embrace the deen (al-Islam) and that they try to discourage them from converting to Islam by telling them, “They will cut you, they will cut you!” (referring to circumcision)

Apparently Hindus are supposed to be afraid of submitting to the pain of what for them could be an ordeal in adult life, are supposed to be terrified at the prospect of circumcision since it is not one of their holy ritual traditions. To cut or not to cut. To remain one of the uncut. One of the "cut me nots".

One should not have contempt for that either, in our free world.

01:07 October 5, 2010 by Hindustani786
@Hereforsummer & @asian123

May be its your knowledge level or "hypocrisy towards Muslims".

1. Bombay/Mumbai Attacks total casualties are 172

I repeat 172 not 160 ( this is not a joke, not a joke at all as you did here for summer)

Following are the MUSLIMS list whos died in Mumbai/Bombay Terror attack by Animals who doesn't belong to any religion. yes, could be a followers of Hitler, Bush, Sharon, Musharraf

1.Mohammad Mukhtar Mian -Male

2.lliyas Ansari -Male

3.Mustafa Ansari -male

4.Sarfaraz Ansari -male

5.Raqeela Qatoon Ansari -female

6.Arif Ansari -male

7.Abbas Ansari -male

8.Ameena Begum -female

9.Mastan Qureshi -male

10.Haji Ezaj Dalal -male

11.Azizbhai Rampure -male

12.Ayub Shaikh Yakub -male

13.Mohammand Omar -male

14.Zarina Samshuddin Shiekh -female

15.Reema Mohammad Rabiul Sheikh -female

16.Kazi Hidayatullah -male

17.Paripasha Mehboob Ali Shaikh -male

18.Shahabuddin Khan -male

19.Maqsood Shaikh -male

20.Feroz Khan -male

21.Kaizad Kamdin -male

22.Zaheen Mateen -male

23.Satpakkam Rahamatullah Shaukat Ali -male

24.Salim Ali Harharwala -male

25.Mehenbi Salim Harharwala -male

26.Afreen S Qureshi -female

27.Ashfar Ali Sheikh -male

28.Farook Dinshaw Ihaliya -male

29.Fatima Ruban Shaikh -female

30.Hasibul Rehman Sheikh -male

31.Amant Mohamad Ali -male

32.Mohd. Husain Mohm Algir Shaikh -male

33.Noorul Islam Azaharmullah -male

34.Shoeb Ahmed Shaikh -male


36.Unknown Male Person

37.Ibrahim Rehmatullah -male

38.Akhlaq Ahmed -male

39.Farrokh Madon -male

Before you people utter some shi_t, get some true knowledge.

Innocent Muslims are paying price for WAR on/for TERROR
02:15 October 5, 2010 by asian123
thank you for providing long list. can you tell me where did you get this long list.

may be you have seen that list in pakistani news paper.

i think you can write a list of people who are killed in 911 also.

400 children who are killed in russia in beslan school capture.

i saw the terrorists shouting allah akbar.

and i would like to know which place they are killed . railway station or hotell or jewish center. i think you can able to find out where they were killed.

some people who came out the hotell told the media that they were not killed because they are muslims after seeing their passports.

the above list of people must have a beard or veil or islamic dressing for not to be killed. may be terrorists dont know that they are muslims.

muslims pay tax but india has to spend 100 times more of the money to fight terrorism within country. may be some individuals playing cricket or football or doing something good for the country but as a whole it will be big loss .

that is confirmed by former german finance minister last week.

muslims always lot of demands. stop threatning other people who criticize islam . be patient and listen peacefully. you people love to kill or behead cartoonists or movie directors. try to learn from criticism. do not spread hate. other people also can spread hate.

try to integrate with local people or atleast respect them for allowing you people to stay in their country. do not put bombs.
02:40 October 5, 2010 by ajs42548
Hagrid.. You said it well. peaceful Muslims MUST stand up to these terrorists. Right now the only thing they do after an Islamic attack is say, "Don't look at me. I didn't do it." How many peace rallies have Muslims organized ever. I mean in the last 62 years there has never been a Muslim led peace rally anywhere in the world. The west has them all the time as does Israel. Only Muslims never have them or a peace movement.
02:49 October 5, 2010 by Truth Lover
@Asian123: Terrorists are terrorist, they have nothing to do with any religion, any country, any race. It is a misconecption about muslims that muslims are spreading terror all over the world, but i would like to make it very clear to all of you that islam is a religion of peace and it teaches the most peace full ways of living, ALLAH is most beloved to his creatures in this world even more then the love of 70 mothers and our beloved prophet HAZRAT MOHEMMED (S.A.W.) was the most loving & honest person which world has ever had, so how can be their followers could be terrorist?

But some people are using Islam name to have a bad image of Islam. You people knowledge about Islam is limited to your media. Muslims Are Not Terrorists Media Is making Muslims Terrorists. But tell me one thing ma dear? What do you think if you are killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and in Palestine, will those people sit silent in there homes? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
07:10 October 5, 2010 by seagull
@Truth Lover.

The problems for peaceful muslims, and the reasons why general mistrust is growing are twofold...

1. Whether you are right or wrong about trerrorists not belonging to a religion....Those terrorists CLAIM to belong...and in the current time, they mostly CLAIM to belong to Islam, and be doing the will of Allah.

2. Moderate muslims are not doing enough to distance themselves...(There have not been many muslim marches against so called "Islamic terror", and far too many marches against so called "western devils").

Most of the muslims I know (And having been through SFI and SAS, I know quite a few), are decent gentle people...so explain to me WHY there is not a backlash from these people who must feel that the terrorists are completely blackening the name of their faith??
07:39 October 5, 2010 by flintis

Imagine there's no countries

It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for


Imagine all the people

Living life in PEACE...

Dream on
07:54 October 5, 2010 by LordSqueak
Funny how these terrorist threats are comming just as Sweden is considering pulling out of Afghanistan.
08:54 October 5, 2010 by samwise
LordSqueak: "Funny how these terrorist threats are comming just as Sweden is considering pulling out of Afghanistan. "

- yea, Sweden is such an influential country that the united states, the great britain, france and germany all come out to rescue by issuing the same kind of terror attack warning to cover a political struggle in Sweden. All those major players are concerned so much about a few hundreds swedish troops in afghanistan.

Funny indeed.
10:39 October 5, 2010 by rafa1981
Obviously my first post was ironic as clearly stated, looks like it was misunderstood.
10:40 October 5, 2010 by salalah

What is a general warning?

Everyone stay away from Central Station?

This is only an excuse for authorities to be able to say after an attack: "We told you this would happen"
10:48 October 5, 2010 by MTTRN
Good to see people waking up to government lies and deception. Terrorism does not make sense ,if you really had the billions,the logistics and the intelectual capacity to carry out terrorist attacks in Iraq,Afganistan,Pakistan fly planes into buildings and blow up embasies would you be living in a cave? The answer is clearly NO. The ones who carry out the attacks are simply poor and illiterate puppets who are brainwashed into believing that this is about religion. If you fall for this "We have to stand up to the Muslim threat" nonsense you ain`t much smarter either. True they killed only non Muslims in Mumbai but this thing goes deeper than this. Religion is simply a trigger, a part of the brainwashing these so called terrorists need to undergo before they are fit for the job.
12:35 October 5, 2010 by here for the summer
this is about training centers in pakistan for attacks on other countries. There is only once country in the world where this happens openly and it is Northwest Pakistan. The Swedes and Germans who go there are going there for one reason to learn how to kill their fellow citizens. It is unfortunate that Western law does not know how to prosecute these people before they attack. In other cultures and time they would deport the whole family of anyone planning or training for attacks on their own host country .. but Sweden goes farther they bail them out if arrested in these training centers ,, what a joke ..
12:55 October 5, 2010 by MTTRN
I stand corrected on the Mumbai terror attacks. There were both muslim and non-muslim among the victims(thx Jim).

@Lord Squeak If Sweden pulls out this would be a really bad axample for other countries. It is not only the troops that matter it is people`s solidarity with their governments decisions. If the government pulls out its troops there is no reason for people to believe that the troops should be there.This in turn affects future decisions for sending troops around the globe and the US do not want this as they cannot afford to lose the momentum with their pathetic war on terror. There are other contries to be invaded on the list.
13:38 October 5, 2010 by rafa1981
The point is that the longest the war the harder to win, nine years of Afghanistan with no results make sound every new about "we are winning" as a joke.
15:21 October 5, 2010 by Hindustani786

What a silly understanding you have. it looks like you are born with a Brahmin Venom. As of my understanding you are from India. Reminding you 250Million Muslim population roam on every corner of Indian streets.

Bullet doesn't strike by asking a name or religion.

For your Dumb mind here are the sources for "MUSLIM CASUALTIES" in MUMBAI attacks.

1. http ://www.indiastudychannel.com/resources/43567-LIST-OF-CASUALTIES-OF-MUMBAI-NOV-ATTACK.aspx

2. http ://www.mid-day.com/news/2008/nov/281108-mumbai-terror-attack-list-dead-injured-casualty.htm

3. http ://danielsrepublic.com/country/2008/11/list-casualties-in-mumbai-terror-attacks/

4. http ://ibnlive.in.com/news/mumbai-blasts-casualty-list/15309-3.html

and the least

5. http ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_2008_Mumbai_attacks

PS: Remove Space between http and :


Ur knowledge is True regarding Mumbai terror attacks.
15:59 October 5, 2010 by janswed
A lot of you posting here have to much time on youre hands,anyone concidered go ot and getting a job?
17:55 October 5, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
"They tell you, 'Time is money' as if your life was worth its weight in gold "
01:01 October 6, 2010 by ngecenk
and they say immigrants are lazy...
10:48 October 6, 2010 by Tdye
it humors me that all of these muslims are blaming everythign on America..My country is only 250 years old.. you have been killing i the name of your god for 3,000 years plus..i guess someone has to be the target may as well be us.. all because we have brick homes,and matching clothes i guess..oh and money and we like to buy things..and human rights.. i know how you radical muslims hate free speach


you are completly wrong in your assuming that there has never been a peach rally led by Muslims..January 3 2009 a Muslim-led rally for peace in Gaza was held in Charlotte's Marshall Park. Similar rallies have taken place in recent days in cities across America and around the world with a clear and consistent theme: Stop the massacre of the Palestinians!

march 3 2002

1,000 Hindus, Muslims, Jains and people of other communities marched for peace April 28 in Ahmedabad just google it lol there are even videos

@ janswed I am american so out time is like 5 hours off i think?..i am at work writing this it is 4:30 A.M. here haha

@ MTTRN great comment!

@#rafa1981 I agree! that war is a waist..however we are winning we have killed many top Taliban members and have broken them up pretty good..though as an american.. i think we should have never been there to start with.. America needs to list its ban on assinations...slide in pop a bullet in his head problem solved

@ LordSqueak prehaps you dont follow American news..America is trying to pull out of there too..we have already call the war in Iraq won and over keep up wot current events..and besides your country has what 500 troops over there? the only reason Sweden is even over there is to keep ties good with America..remember how Americans acted towards the french?

@Cornelius Hamelberg you say so much but you dont ever say anything..are you a german muslim?..just wandering..oh and dont believe everything you read on wikipedia..anyone can write anything on there..it isnt regulated
13:12 October 6, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg

There you go again grading papers and handing out medals to the left and right.

Do I know you? Do you know me outside of your little duck- pond?

I say so much and never say anything? Where have you been – where were you when I was last saying something, playing around?

Am I a German Muslim? German Muslims are good Muslims. Among the best Muslims. The truly guided. Better than others. I am not only a German Muslim, I'm a born again Neo-Nazi too. See what I'm saying? I believe in freedom of speech as essential to democracy. That's something. We're going to take over the whole of Europe and of course the whole of Africa and the Middle East. As Chairman Arafat used to say, “Next year Jerusalem and those who don't like it can go and drink the waters of the Dead Sea!” The lucrative Dead Sea where trillions of dollars worth of phosphates are buried. I recommend that you try washing your face with some AHAVA products. Give it a good scrub, it will clean out your pores, and refresh your skin (of any colour). People should take better care of their own skin, since skin is so important. Give it more sunshine and water….


I don't read wikepedia that much, I read other stuff. Books. Reputable journals.

Of course I don't believe everything I read or all that poetry in Wikipedia or some of the propaganda in the Encyclopedia Britannica. As for the so called inspired gossip called the New Testament, I don't believe anything in it or that he's coming back. I would have walked out of that building together with SverigeDemokrater than suffer having to listen to some pompous, bullshit hypocritical sermon on race-ism being preached by your plump Lady Bishop.

"Clear the air! clean the sky! wash the wind! take stone from stone and wash them.

The land is foul, the water is foul, our beasts and out selves defiled with blood...

We are soiled by a filth that we cannot clean, united to supernatural vermin,

It is not we alone, it is not the city that is defiled,

But the world that is wholly foul.

Clear the air! clean the sky! wash the wind! take the stone from the stone, take the skin from the arm, take the muscle from the bone, and wash them. Wash the stone, wash the bone, wash the brain, wash the soul, wash them wash them!"

If you live in Sweden you should be preparing for this:

14:19 October 6, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Der Spiegel!

Hi there Gringo Americano (Tdye), scumbags, the devil old man and the body bags of Vietnam,

The question for you is, and when are you going to get your murdering ass outta Afghanistan?

Do you have a time-table, a pull-out date, or is it going to take

“As long as it takes” ? And then will you hope that we (Sweden) should support you even then, side-saddle and give solace to more of the refugees and the misery that you create?

As to your question, am I a German? Why don't you ask Asher Norman?

16:06 October 6, 2010 by msaliassweden
Can't people just say "Thank you for warning us" and move on?
17:03 October 6, 2010 by janswed
cornelius, since aug.2009 you have had 320 some postings here, leave youre house get out in the sunshine , go for a walk ,i think SAPO could be getting a little concerned by your strident rantings.and what is your real name ?my real name is jan and i am swedish.
17:32 October 6, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg

You're ok man. Yes, Christmas and the winter are coming, so you had better go for long walks like me, and catch as much sunshine as you can catch, before the sun turns pale.

My real name?


My real name?

I could subscribe to the Local under many different names and be posting more gibberish for you to ignore. You and my dear friends in SÄPO shouldn't worry too much about me. Put your faith where it should be.


You are right. We ought to be grateful that we have been warned; so that at some future date we don't start whining that we didn't know because those in charge of our security had not informed us about the seriousness of the threat, and so we were not prepared.

It's ok to ask, “Can't people just say "Thank you for warning us" and move on?”

But some people would like to address some of the root causes of such hostility.

Today it's Afghanistan. Tomorrow we could be following somebody's tail (Lars Vee's) and be sending troops to Iran. That would be the beginning of the tribulations in Sweden since there are so many Iranians here who like me would not like to see the genocide of the current Iranian government in the name of a regime change that would be more friendly to Usama bin Ladin's enemy, a regime which would be more compliant with Israel's wishes that they dismantle their nuclear weapons – preferably a regime that will undertake( make a pledge) to do so within the first 100 days, and preferably a regime which will want to disarm Hezbollah and stop supporting Hamas. In fact a regime which would join Bush's global war on terror.

And to the islamophobes I say (I hope that Tdye can hear me clearly, over there): Since WW2 every time there is a war,(every time the US inavdes another country) you hear the president of the United States of America or his pastor Billy Graham assemble everybody in front of the TV to tell all the people of America "We are in trouble, God is on our side”

You see the enormity of the crimes, the many crimes against humanity that have not been committed in the name of Islam, but by Christians?


PS: I say you're OK because in my own experience, statistically speaking, the nicest Swedes come from Norrland (followed by Dalarna and Varmland and Goteborg
18:09 October 6, 2010 by Tdye
my real name is Thomas Dye and im American! ( i just wanted to introduce myself to everyone hi all!!

@Cornelius Hamelberg

you are such an amazing idiot let me get that right out there..first let me clear the thing that bothers me most...in your last 2 rants you kept referring to MY jesus and bishop and what have you I AM AN ATHEIST i dont believe in invisible floating men in the sky..i would thank you in advance not to confuse me with the believers

second..i asked if you were a German Muslm because ..well your name is "Cornelius Hamelberg"
18:15 October 6, 2010 by rafa1981
It´s curious, Tdye, I'm not the only one that you confused with a muslim, looks like you are seeing muslims everywhere.
18:38 October 6, 2010 by Tdye
@ Cornelius Hamelberg

lol where are you reading this crap from? man you have to stop listing to OSAMA not usama..it is clear that you have NO grasp on american History lol..America didnt invade Germany..Germany Invaded France.. then we went over there and handed your peoples butts to them..

Billy Graham? really? thats the only paster you know of in america? i think yo have been watchng too much american tv lol

man for a german you dont even know your history very well do you..my last post got cut off allow me to repost it

The question for you is, and when are you going to get your murdering ass outta Afghanistan? Im not in Afghanistan im at my home enjoying my wonderful life in my free country

i personally dont care if Sweden supports me..however.. if you were reffering to My country..guess what Mr. "i read books Reputable journals" Sweden and the US has a military and economical relationship..thre for yes Sweden supports America

"You see the enormity of the crimes, the many crimes against humanity that have not been committed in the name of Islam, but by Christians?"christanity has been around what? 2,000 years Islam has been around "since the first man stepped foot on the earth" your people have been fighting for your god way longer than christans lol..actually it is only your radical muslims that cant read well that is always trying to fight Jihad

what i meant bu you say so much without saying anythign is your mombo jumbo blabber about your "profit"and then you post some random poetry

here is a poem for you rosor är röda, violer är blå .. Amerika och resten av den fria världen kommer att krossa dina slag .. detta är sant .. så FU
23:26 October 6, 2010 by janswed
cornelius,jag kommer from norrland,Vasterbotten and you should all try the best cheese in euorpe Vasterbotten Ost!! somewhat of topic, sorry.
11:49 October 7, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Thomas Dye #55

First of all I'm not an idiot.

It could take one to know one.

Show me where I refer to "your" Jesus.

3. Why should the name Cornelius Hamelberg,remotely suggest that I am a Muslim? And why should you ask me, if it's my real name?

You may be another American who can't think right, read or write or spell common words correctly.

What's your IQ?

Answer that.

12:18 October 7, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Thomas Dye #58

Ps. As a normal, educated, contemporary human being, I am familiar with American history, the history of the 2nd world war, THE HOLOCAUST - other histories - of Sweden, of Africa, of Canada, of India, of Australia, of Great Britain, of France, of Germany, of Islam, of Iran and I don't need any lessons from an ignoramus like you, whose only claim to glory seems to be in saying" I'm American". So is Brother Obama. I know quite a few Americans.Some are relatives, some are good friends.

I read some of the crap you refer to here:


and here


Mostly here:


Billy Graham? That was a long time ago.

Ever heard of this one


Now you may speak some English and want to discuss with someone of your low level Babaloo understanding and you are free to do so, but please, not with me. I am under no obligation to discuss anything with you. I am only now responding out of politeness. I was in New York for the 200 year celebration of American iNdependece in 1976... You know Jerry Brown?
12:23 October 14, 2010 by Tdye
Fists let me say that i am a bit confused to what all this babble in the quote is

I say "I'm American" as you put it is clearly to show that i am an American and i think i would know more about my history that you would i don't know what country you are from nor do i care.. but i can say that i have NO idea about your country as much as you would..

you referred to "MY god" many times and you also implied that i was religious with this statement because it was directed to me "I would have walked out of that building together with SverigeDemokrater than suffer having to listen to some pompous, bullshit hypocritical sermon on race-ism being preached by your plump Lady Bishop"

so i can safely assume that you were saying that she as a bishop was related to me in some religious aspect

"Why should the name Cornelius Hamelberg,remotely suggest that I am a Muslim?"

I am confident that i said that your name suggested that you were German..and i asked if you were a German Muslim because of the crap you keep posting and the riddles/poems that sound a bit suspect to me..hence why i ASKED you if you were a German Muslim

"You may be another American who can't think right, read or write or spell common words correctly"

I can assure you that i am a well educated American that can read , write, think right and not only spell common words but big long medical words without the use of google.. i mean after all.. not to toot my own horn but i am a Physician's Assistan.speaking of which

you asked me what my IQ was.. not very sure how that is relevant but why don't i just tell you a bit about myself and then you can figure your own number for my IQ

I am 39, i am a Physician's Assistant, I speak 4 languages ( this is including my own language ...English)..i type roughly 122 words a minute sure some are faster than me but... i do what i can..what else oh i also have a degree in American Sign language, the languages that i currently speak read and write are..


svenska (though i am still learning i do it väl)



and last but not least


aside from the fact that i am not concerned about grammar on this particular forum..i am well educated.. so I'm not sure why you would feel trying to attack my IQ would have any relevance to anything i have said

we could go all day long about how much you know or i know but i fail to see the point in it..

Brother Obama? ...really? yeah when i made the Billy Graham comment i didnt see your comment about it in till i made a comment on it.

please do not feel obligated to comment on this post.. i was answering your question (s)
12:26 October 14, 2010 by Tdye
P.S no clue who Jerry Brown is..should I? you dont have to answer that..it really wasnt a question
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