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Thousands demonstrate against racism

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 5 Oct 2010, 08:06

Published: 05 Oct 2010 08:06 GMT+02:00

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The demonstrators gathered on Sergels Torg in central Stockholm to listen to speeches and then began a march towards Sweden's parliament, the Riksdag, on Myntorget.

Behind the demonstration were the anti-racism groups the "September Alliance", Stockholm's anti-racist culture association, and various Facebook groups, with speeches held by, among others, Left Party leader Lars Ohly.

Similar, if smaller, demonstrations were held across the country on Monday evening.

The demonstration was a repeat of the massive spontaneous turnout on the day after the Swedish general election, which left the Sweden Democrats with 5.7 percent of the vote and 20 seats in parliament.

Monday was the first day the new members of parliament gathered in the chamber, for a roll-call and to vote on various officials, including the speaker and deputy speakers.

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The Sweden Democrats had attempted to use the speaker election to push for negotiations with the major parties as the party stood to hold the balance of power, but neither the Moderates nor the Social Democrats took up the offer.

While the Sweden Democrats in the end elected to vote with the Alliance candidate, Per Westerberg, the party's 20 votes had no impact on the outcome as he was returned to the post by 194 votes to 153.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:01 October 5, 2010 by Ben5
4.000 people!!! is SD really that bad?, you start to scare me guys..
09:04 October 5, 2010 by unt9
But there was democratic elections, right? People made their choice, why cant they respect that.
09:11 October 5, 2010 by calebian22
Only 4000? Hmm the numbers are dropping. Only the really rabid ones are holding on.
09:18 October 5, 2010 by shame, shame
Yes SD were elected into parliament. Yes some of these demonstrators do not respect that result and wish they would just disappear into a deep hole. Yes, some people show as egocentric view of what Sweden and Swedish is as the SD.


The right to freely congregate and demonstrate for and against pretty much anything, is just as much a democratic right as that enshrined in a general election.

To demonstrate is not in anyway contradictory to the principles of democracy, but is in fact further indication of them being upheld. Democracy does not begin and end with a four-yearly general election, it is an ongoing discourse.

It is a real shame however that this demo was hijacked by the left (Left) for their own political purposes - you do not own these issues.
09:19 October 5, 2010 by Ben5
Unt9... The right to demonstrate and protest is guaranteed and protected by the constitution and law, and respecting the people choices is another issue...
09:25 October 5, 2010 by Luckystrike
Think the SD should change their wording to " Anti-Refuge" instead of "Anti-immigrant" ..... Then i would totally support the SD!
10:09 October 5, 2010 by Viva Melita
Only 4,000, not exactly the great unwashed as in England.
10:13 October 5, 2010 by planethero
Anti immigration is not racist, it is anti immigration.

There is no connection.

Perhaps the media needs to get sued by SD. No doubt plenty of them are racist, but their policies are not, as I understand it.

If you are against more children joining your childs school, it does not make you a paedophile or even a child hater.
10:27 October 5, 2010 by rafa1981
It looks for the new that the left wing is possibly doing pre-emptive aligning to his voters, soon the left wing will be supporting Moderaterna in lots of issues that otherwise they were unexplainable for his voters, so they have to play the racist card for everything. I hope that the real democracy we have will be exposed to the eyes of the masses.

And of course they are in their right to do that, they can' t be short underestimating masses intelligence after all.
10:29 October 5, 2010 by hpunlimited
Nothing racist about anti-immigration. I do not understand the connection?

Maybe these people have nothing better to do, like WORKING or something.
10:30 October 5, 2010 by miss79
the swedish people wants this change and they made their choice so we need to respect them in the parliment
10:48 October 5, 2010 by Tiddler
Monkey see monkey do
11:05 October 5, 2010 by bubbagump
This is the second article in as many days that states the 20 votes by SD meant nothing. Not true. Had they voted for S, the vote tally would have been 174-173 in favor of the Alliance. However, as pointed out yesterday, 2 people failed to vote. One was in the bathroom during the vote (unless it was explosive diarhea, that's pretty unresponsible and she should step down) and the other was out of town and forgot to designate an alternate to vote for him (also irresponsible). Those two persons could have swung the vote to 175-174 in favor of the Red Greens. Even if the party affiliations of these two who missed the vote are to the center right, in a secret ballot (which is what they went to) could have had them vote left instead of right. No one would know.

Which reminds me, how in the world can elected representatives vote in secret? How in the world does the electorate hold them to account if we don't know how they voted? I'm 100% for secret ballot in the general elections, but for elected representatives, we should know if they are representing us or not. Interesting form of democracy here.
11:08 October 5, 2010 by Bork
I wouldn't vote for SD at all, but it's hard to vote for any party on the left when they want to pretend like there is no problem with taking in so many refugees and if you dare suggest you think there may be some growing problems related to this, you're treated like a racist. I miss the old left that was concerned about employment, the fair use of tax payer money, eliminating poverty, and that religion was pushed out of the public life and politics. I fear they're more worried about potential voters (among newcomers) and backlash rather than looking at and discussing this honestly.
11:31 October 5, 2010 by shame, shame

The article does not state that the 20 SD votes "meant nothing" it states that "the party's 20 votes had no impact on the outcome " which is patently true for the reasons that you detail. The Alliance candidate won without the need for those 20 votes.

The SD vote is interesting though as an indication of how the party plans to try to leverage its influence. The speaker post is largely symbolic but Monday's election was given extra importance because the Red-Greens put up a counter-candidate.

There is speculation that they did so in order to lose and then be able to argue that the Reinfeldt government needs the SD votes to govern, as comments by Mona Sahlin afterwards appeared to indicate.

The plan however backfired, as Thomas Bodström was away, one (Left party) MP was absent and one voted with the centre-right. All three are centre-left. Sahlin is playing a dangerous game if she plans to turn the next four years into a governance issue.

What is the alternative to a Reinfeldt government? Sahlin knows full well there are only two realistic alternatives - the Red-Greens split and the Greens ally with the Alliance, or Reinfeldt calls a new election. Cooperating with the SD would be political suicide for both sides.

The SD can vote how they want of course, and it remains to be seen how long it takes before they get the hump and protest vote.

In more important policy votes Reinfeldt can be expected to work to secure the support of other groups in the Riksdag.
11:39 October 5, 2010 by Jarvilainennen
The structural racism vs. stuctural benevolence is about to be exposed.

It seems to me that work and accommodation is given to newcomers who come on humanitarian basis.

But if the current migrants allready in country, seek work, they might face problems touching issues like their name, backround, color...

As a result we´ve got thousands waiting for a decent accomodation since all the flats are given to newcomers and taken by others who stream downwards to bigger cities. These people concentrate in the rougher neighborhoods and the sh*it starts hitting the fan big time.

Am I wrong?
11:54 October 5, 2010 by hpunlimited
No matter what a western society does(specially if he has white skin), he is guilty and racist!

1. If he doesn't let refugees into his country, then he is racist.

2. If he lets the qualified people into his country, then he is accused of "brain drain".

3. If he does let them in and the refugees that can not read or write, and these people do not have the same amount of money as the average citizen, then he is racist.

When are people going to wake up?
12:02 October 5, 2010 by rumcajs
These guys promote hate to "different" people and say blacks have a rapist gene and islam as a religion is an enemy as well as worse things like we should kill all the immigrants, even if it wasn't official (the last one), but it reflects their views. Democracy and freedom have also their limits. I cannot insult people in the street in the name of freedom of speach without expecting a punch. Hitler was elected by democracy and look what he did.
12:15 October 5, 2010 by Audrian

Hitler was elected. The Germans respected the outcome. Look at the disaster the Nazi Party had brought Europe, Russia and the Jewish people. From a hindsight you can see that the Germans should not have respected the outcome of Hitler's election. The institution of democracy has some weakness and faults, which criminal elements of society take advantage. Sweden Democrats was Nazi movement before it came with this respectable name and won 20 seats in parliament.


The link between being anti-refugee and anti-immigration is that the anti-immigration policy of SD is an entry point to cause race war and bring about a deportation of minorities out of Sweden similar to what you have seen with Roma people in France two weeks ago. SD have strong links with Nazi movements in USA, Germany, and the rest of Europe. In the US, KKK has no opportunity to get seats in parliament because the political establishment would not allow it.
12:27 October 5, 2010 by Jarvilainennen

Hitler was put in that position cause he could speak. Hitler was a person who didnt´t get laid too much, didn´t drink, was himself half-Jewish and a total hippocrate.

The third reich got their money spent on inner struggles, they were totally broke. In the end the nazis NEEDED their war. But those idiots served a purpose: Soviet Union along with it´s pan-slavic efforts was being drained of it´s assets also.

The nazis stretched their wiews of racial purity as the waffen SS needed more people to fill the ranks.

These days this scenario is just impossible. The racism these days is not like this. it´s something based more on every day things.
12:28 October 5, 2010 by amelie_l
SD is not rasist and is not against all kind of immigrations nor all kind of differences, they want to reduce a certain type of immigration and make immigrants respect some values that are important in a democraty like Sweden, respect the law, respect the egality between men and women, not have radical religious believe...

When will people start reading at their program instead of just jumping over conclusion on basis of what opposant parties and populist media say?

Here is the program:


You can use google translation tool if you don't understand Swedish
12:56 October 5, 2010 by Audrian

If the ideology of Hitler and his Naxi party had been known before the Nazi party took power, the Jewish people would have escaped to US. Hitler's criminal ideology began to show after the Nazi have established themselves to power.

I do not believe there is small and big racism. It is all built on hate. It gows from a small base into something nasty and destructive movement. Go and listen when the Nazi groups demonestrate. They all tell regard Hitler as a great man and that they aspire to implement his programs.
12:58 October 5, 2010 by Luckystrike
SOmeone with brains, good post Amelie_I
13:35 October 5, 2010 by BlackAfrican
I'm amazed at how Sverige Demokraterna mirrors the Hitler regime.....Dark hair leader with anti-African views yet a pro-homosexual agenda Hmmmmmm?

SVERIGE HADE FEL när det valde SD! Jag tycker att Sverige inte ska vara bra land för att bor de rättfärdiga svarta människorna.
13:38 October 5, 2010 by Goodwill81
I wonder if they'll ever remember to demonstrate against ultra-high rape rate in Sweden (courtesy of mostly islamic immigrants), against stoning of ambulance vehicles, lack of any kind of respect from a high number of islamic immigrants towards Swedish values and customs, or maybe even aainst the fact that these "poor" (again islamic) immigrants are taking over our cities and forcing decent people to move out from a place in THEIR OWN country! O tempore, o mores!
13:43 October 5, 2010 by Jarvilainennen

I sort of get this. It´s also debated if Hitler was chosen democratically or not. In those days you could counterfeit the outcome as much as you liked.

I think most racism these days is built on ignorance witch develops into hate when this ignorance is not adressed.

I´m talking about the development of a society, the development of infrastucture and demographics in general.

I think multiculture will eventually develop on it´s own accord. It doesn´t need help, people will move around as they allways have. Right now we have a situation where people are being stuffed in every corner by the thousands and it´s far from natural development.

There´s bound to be trouble and a certain rise against this. I wouldn´t jump into too many conclusions about SD just yet. If some of them start to openly incite people against each other, throw them in jail.
14:04 October 5, 2010 by flintis
@jarvil...... Hitler did not win a majority it was a coalition goverment.

@Black African: Hitler was not very "pro-homo" the nazi's experimented on "homo's" with hormone injections to see if they could cure them!!
14:18 October 5, 2010 by Jarvilainennen

Our own "Sannfinnarna" have a pro-renewable energy- agenda, against nuclear power.


These are populists and definitely a protest-voice.

Sad fact is that if our government won´t adress the issue of migration openly, people will vote these "bas*tards" to get response.

But it does seem like these bas*tards can develope and grow up too. It just won´t happen too quickly.

Afterall, the instinct to protect ones own nest is on top of list of just about any nation.
16:43 October 5, 2010 by Swedesmith
@ Black African

It seems, judging by your moniker, that you are proud of your heritage. Nothing wrong with that. But, judging by your posts, where you label those you don't agree with as bleached faced Europeans, or racists, or Nazis....you seem to be as big a racist as the people you accuse.
17:48 October 5, 2010 by frey
visigoths! take away their pile of bananas!
17:52 October 5, 2010 by Marko2010S
"Over 4,000 people"...

I'm incredibly impressed!

4,000 people in Sweden have honor? Inconceivable !

Anyway, Arab community is growing rapidly in Sweden and it will has a significant impact on shaping the future of Sweden and swedes. Can't wait to see.
18:46 October 5, 2010 by spo10
hmmm...i bet a number of those 4 000 people who came to rally voted for Sweden Democrats...pffft :D
18:53 October 5, 2010 by locaxy
@Goodwill81: "I wonder if they'll ever remember to demonstrate against ultra-high rape rate in Sweden (courtesy of mostly islamic immigrants)"

Well...since Godwin is a fact of life here, I'll add that Hitler was after Jews and the neo-Nazis are after Muslims.

Being anti-immigration is nationalist crap. Some see it as a virtue, but others have evolved beyond petty tribal crap. I frankly think it is racist to think a person has more rights than others based on their lineage, but your mileage may vary.
19:10 October 5, 2010 by Goodwill81

Ok, you seem like a normal person so let me put it this way:

1. Do you think that every person in the world has the born-to right to come to any, lets say Scandinavian, country and stay there? If your answer is yes, what do you think would happen if some 3 milion Chinese, 2 milion Indian and 1,5 milion Muslims come to live to Sweden in the next 5 years (btw. I guess you know there are at least 100 times more people in the world seeking for better life)?

2. Do you, as a person with decent intelligence at least, think that the Islam-boys and girls from Malmo and elsewhere will suddenly wake up one morning and say: "Gee, I guess we were pretty big jerks to our Swedish hosts. Lets get better!" ? And all that knowing they are pouring and pouring every day into this naive country while people like Moamar Gadafi and every other imam are dreaming of a payback/triumph on Western europe through formation of Eurabia, in this or that form.

Come on, you are smarter than this.
20:10 October 5, 2010 by rumcajs
I feel like in some other dimension reading your comments. Afer hearing that Islam is a public enemy, that blacks have a rapist gene, that we should KILL all the immigrants, etc you still say that anti-immigration is not racism. Are you really sooooooooo bloooooooody silly? It's like "water doesn't make you wet".

If you talk about girls somethimes, you are a normal guy. If you talk about girls ALL THE TIME and that's the main thing in your mind.... some mught tink that you are a pervert.

Now I understand the meaning of the expresion "dangerously stupid".
21:22 October 5, 2010 by Playmaker
yes the demo. was very democaratic. would these same people respect the law the same way when the SD hold a rally. our is that not the same thing. it seems like there is always a illegal rally to try and stop them from holding there rally.

am i wrong?
21:27 October 5, 2010 by GLO
Just close the bridge. Sweden needs to know who's comming for dinner and stays......
00:10 October 6, 2010 by ww77ww
@Audrian - please come out of your alarmist brainwashed farleftist haze and study history. The US and others turned away boats filled with Jewish refugees. The Hitler - SD relationship is asinine and false. Nazi references are a hallmark of the weak and reactionary.

Good points, Goodwill. Nobody has a right to live where they want simply because they exist. Europe has no legitimate obligation to commit suicide by accepting limitless amounts of fake refugee seekers and non-integrating immigrants. Unlimited unsustainable massimmigration managed by leftist idiots overcome with false guilt will make nothing but a new war and a potential death for a continent.

4000 unemployed parasites.
01:39 October 6, 2010 by anticommie
Have a few gypsies show up they will all go home.
04:36 October 6, 2010 by jmchri74
That crowd did not look very diverse. Where were the Muslims?

O you did not invite them? Why?
06:39 October 6, 2010 by lancer
Don't let them play you for suckers. Scratch the surface of that racism nonsense and you'll probably find some communists not far below the surface. And commies come in all sizes, shapes, genders (all five), and colors. So tired of hearing the charge anymore,don't even deny the charge, simply respond, and your point is what?
07:13 October 6, 2010 by flintis
@marko2010s, crawl back under the rock where you a & your type belong, the worst kind of racist.
10:16 October 6, 2010 by rumcajs

The only reason why I was not in the demostration was that I'm in Prague and I'm not an unemployed parasite. I have never asked for social money and I've always been working or looking for a job. So shut the f***k up. I don't even think you would have the testosterone to call anyone like that in person.
11:35 October 6, 2010 by Roy E
And so we 4000 mindless automatons with nothing but platitudes and mantras bouncing echoing off the walls of their skulls.

Somehow, this demonstration of self righteous willful ignorance fails to impress.
15:06 October 6, 2010 by Syftfel
Racism. Schmacism. Whenever the marxists, and the simpering social dems don't get what they want, they shriek "racism" and hope that the discussion will end. Thanks to these hordes of malodorous lefty amoebas, the term has completely lost its impact. Intellectual, factual, debate is not possible with these poeple. If you disagree you're a raaaaaacist. The fact is that very few Swedes are racists. Rather than skin color, what offends Swedes is offensive behavior such as not contributing, and violating Swedish cultural norms. SD did get 5.7% of the Swedish electorate. In a democracy they thus deserve to be heard. It is the social dems and the rest of the leftist political aristrocracy who have the stratigic perspective of a drunken teenager. The hypochrisy of the left is indeed mindblowing.
18:28 October 7, 2010 by expatjourno
SD got votes because all of the other parties have their heads in the sand (or somewhere) when it comes to immigration.
18:31 October 7, 2010 by Lili2006
swedish employers are racist.
20:15 October 7, 2010 by Tanskalainen
It is not the SD that these 4000 hate, it is themselves.
05:22 October 8, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
Well,the 4,000 demonstraters are a disgrace to Swedish society,as they should be

proud and feel relieved that the Sweden Democrat has emerged through Divine

gift inorder that Native Swedish and all peace loving,Swedish citizens inclusive of

God fearing immigrants who had integrated successfully into Swedish society n

system without imposing their " Holier than thou ' cultures which I am sure all native Swedish knows and understands except those still sleeping and dreaming.
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