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Sweden Democrats stage church sermon walkout

TT/The Local · 5 Oct 2010, 13:33

Published: 05 Oct 2010 13:33 GMT+02:00

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Party leader Jimmie Åkesson and the rest of the Sweden Democrat members of parliament stormed out of the church on Tuesday afternoon after bishop Eva Brunne began to speak about racism and xenophobia.

“The racism that says that you don’t have as much worth as I do; that you shouldn’t have the same rights as me; aren’t worthy of living in freedom, and that is the only reason – that we happen to born in different parts of our world – that is not worthy of a democracy like ours to differentiate between people,” said the bishop.

Åkesson refused to comment on his party’s decision to leave the church, indicating that he was too upset to say anything.

However Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth told the Expressen newspaper why he and his colleagues left the church during the bishop’s sermon.

“The church just couldn’t refrain from agitating against the Sweden Democrats. We left the church in protest,” he told Expressen.

After Åkesson had regained his composure, he said the bishop’s speech was clearly inappropriate.

“It was quite clearly an attack against us,” said Åkesson, pointing out that Monday night’s demonstration against racism in Sergels Torg was also mentioned in the speech.

“There (at Sergels Torg) they called for me to be deported.”

Göran Hägglund, leader of the Christian Democrats, was sitting in the same row as Åkesson and the other party leaders. He was highly critical of the Sweden Democrats’ reaction.

“It’s very inappropriate to do it in that way. The bishop was talking about how all people have equal value and to get up from their seats and march out at that moment like they did in a clear demonstration shows quite clearly what sort of basic views they have,” Hägglund told TT.

“It’s one of the biggest breach of etiquette I’ve ever seen,” said Johan Pehrson of the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet).

Åkesson said that the decision to leave the church was a spontaneous one that wasn’t discussed ahead of time.

“What we did in the church was very spontaneous. I’m very surprised by the bishop’s speech and I’ve even been active in church politics for a long time,” he said.

Erik Almqvist, the Sweden Democrats’ press secretary and newly elected member of parliament, wrote on his Twitter account, “Offensive politicized church which takes the position of the leftist extremists.”

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Fellow Sweden Democrat Linus Bylund, chair of the party’s Stockholm chapter, also vented his frustration on Twitter:

“SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Shame on the Swedish church. SHAME on Bishop Eva Brunne!”

Editor's note: the full English text of Eva Brunne's sermon can be found here

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

13:59 October 5, 2010 by Rap43
BRAVO for bishop Eva Brunne! Bravo for the church!
14:08 October 5, 2010 by grantike
aren't worthy of living in freedom that is the best part .it never borded me if immigrant or no immigrant,cant we have the world free for anyone to live.

Jimmie Åkesson young and dangerous, day after day he keeps showing what he is made up of. thanks bishop for voicing it out to thier faces. bravo
14:08 October 5, 2010 by Luckystrike
Huge breach of ethics by this Eva person and the church...Good on the SD for walking out!!
14:19 October 5, 2010 by hpunlimited
Good for SD to walk out. It is pretty obvious that this Eva Brunnel is very distasteful and the attack on SD was obvious.
14:25 October 5, 2010 by Grippen
As it seems, the Swedish Church is aiming for same role in Sweden, as the Comunist Party had in Soviet Union. It is all about politics, far from spirituality.
14:27 October 5, 2010 by Serendipitiz
I know... good for the SD! How dare the normally quiescent and phobic church actually take a stand! How dare they voice their opinions about racism, and allow for two sides to be heard! How dare this damned bishop actually raise a voice of reason over the hateful shouts and screams of the far right!! And how dare someone else have a view on what comprises a reasonable and compassionate democracy, where people have the right to say what they want! How dare that sacrilegious Eva! Of course the church again just falls in line with 95% of the population and parrots their call for a free and open society!! How dare that 95% voice that call, when the SD have so clearly won an illusory role for themselves in parliament!! Now, as a final, indignant exit, we welcome the opportunity to see you walk straight out of parliament and back to your little self-righteous, non-lives.
14:32 October 5, 2010 by byke
Why go to church if you dont believe "god" made all men equal ?
14:34 October 5, 2010 by jack sprat
Judging by the photo,seems they have better things to do,anyway. lol.
14:39 October 5, 2010 by byke
Oi Oi Oi !
14:47 October 5, 2010 by gorgepir
I can't believe people can justify and defend "storming out" of the church when what was said was "that we happen to born in different parts of our world - that is not worthy of a democracy like ours to differentiate between people". Had they said SD's are racist or any semi-direct attack, I could understand the reasoning. Storming out only shows that they do believe that since you are born in Sweden, you have different and better rights.

Basically, either you believe you have different rights or you don't. If you don't, you wouldn't take offense to what was said. If you do and storm out, it just proves you don't believe others have freedom of speech, and they have no right expressing their opinions.

With this reaction today, to me it only proves how SD (and SD supporters by extension) are either 1:Believers that they are better and have more rights because they were born in Sweden, or 2: Hypocrites who abuse freedom of speech so they can force their opinions on others and refuse to listen to other peoples points of view.
14:48 October 5, 2010 by grantike
if i may say the bishop said this "The racism that says that you don't have as much worth as I do; that you shouldn't have the same rights as me; aren't worthy of living in freedom, and that is the only reason - that we happen to born in different parts of our world - that is not worthy of a democracy like ours to differentiate between people"

what breach of ethics ?. they left because they felt guilty.what else is left to say.why just them.why didnt others leave.
14:59 October 5, 2010 by BlackAfrican
Looks like SD only embraces the concept of free speech only when it applies to SD. Go figure?
15:05 October 5, 2010 by voice of credibility
All men are equal. a difference in color, race or religion doesn't make any person less value than any other so SD must understand this.
15:20 October 5, 2010 by Luckystrike
I think not one of you have actually read a single fact about the SD. When yu do, you might actually realize that they are nothing like the media have painted them to be. I for onetotally agree with everything the SD stand for. Yes im an immigrant.
15:31 October 5, 2010 by Frobobbles
I'd like to inform you that the woman whose ...posterior Jimmie Åkesson is fondling on the picture is his girlfriend Louise Erixon. Nothing untowards is thus happening.
15:34 October 5, 2010 by Goodwill81
A moral act of dignity from SD. Don't let them wipe the floor with you. Well done!
15:39 October 5, 2010 by G Kin

Do you really understand what the SD stand for?.

Where do you come from and do you think what they stand for refere to "others" and not you?. Are you a native Swede?.

Leave Sweden first. Stand behind the boundry line before supporting them. Then I will understand you.

I know some of you immigrants are even more racist against other immigrants than the SD. What an irony indeed.

Well, there are healthy , well formed people.

Then there are unhealthy, unformed people like you that we rather not go down the gutters with them.
15:40 October 5, 2010 by flintis
@voice of cred.........

What about women?

Some men are more equal than others!!

@byke: you believe in fairy tails? I have more belief in Santa I've even seen a photo of him, never seen one of god tho'
15:45 October 5, 2010 by Luckystrike
@G kin.

As soon as you referred to the SD as racist, you confirmed to me you dont know sh&t about SD. No point in debating.
15:47 October 5, 2010 by hpunlimited
Lowering immigration and refugees is NOT racist. I do not understand the connection. If the Somalians, Afghanis and Iraqies were white, same policies would apply to them. So it is not racist.

Some people really swollow the Commie propaganda way to easily
15:52 October 5, 2010 by wiserthanmos
Comment: I have an advise for you Swedes...do not trivialize, marginalize and antagonize these SD people. If you continue to do so, it's just like you are pouring the Gasoline into fire, it's only make them more angry. Regardless of what you think of them, the SD is here to stay and the years to come you will see that they going to grow stronger and stronger every year. The people who are voted for the SD are angry, they don't like the direction of their country is going and they want to have a legistimate debate, deny them that and you will facing the consequences. Nothing will make people more angry than been denying in their own country...remember that Swedes! You just woke up a sleeping Tiger, now this Tiger is still in its infancy, do not turn it into a gian! The last time I check this is Sweden and Sweden is still belong to the Swedish People and over 300000 people that voted for the SD are swedish, all it takes is about 1 percent of these 300k people needed to start a revolution, and we don't want that do we?
15:53 October 5, 2010 by shame, shame
The SD are claiming that they walked out due to the bishop referring to the massive demos against racism held across Sweden on Monday.

Firstly, the last time the demos occurred Jimmie Åkesson (on TV4) claimed that they offered only a message of love, a message that he shared, and were not directed at them. This time they are trying to paint another story.

How can they claim offence when they spew anti-islam, anti-immigrant messages all the time? How can they expect any fair minded individual to listen to their endless dystopian hate speech if they can't stomach a priest talk about tolerance and equality?. They are surely going to have to develop a thicker skin if they are going to survive four years of parliament?

And how can a priest play party politics when she does not represent a political party?
16:02 October 5, 2010 by wiserthanmos
For your info, im not even a Swede and the same probably goes to some people here. There is nothing wrong with wanting to reduce the number of Refugees to protect the culture values and idenities of nation!!!
16:12 October 5, 2010 by jbat
Watch out that guy.. where he land his hand while walking hahahaa....
16:13 October 5, 2010 by Serendipitiz
@lucky strike - am presuming you are white, male, Caucasian, possibly Christian, low-to-mid level job and believe that the SD's policies are not really racist - after all, they seem to have populated the entire party with people like you. Sure you fit right in - you don't threaten them in any way. Given that you seem to have so much time and so many views, maybe it's time you also did some background research on the SD rather than blame the media. Bevara Sverige Svenskt? Yep, and there's really no point in debating you.

@Goodwill81 - Now you're just grasping at straws, painting anything and everything a "moral act of dignity", given that there really are so few opportunities to label anything that the SD does thus... I feel for you.

@hpunlimited - so why didn't we have a horde of beer drinking, red headed, foot stomping, happily singing Irish people running to pull that chain in that infamous commercial? (Irish - do forgive the stereotyping, but that was a play on those white people in the burqas in that advert)
16:15 October 5, 2010 by calebian22
Good for SD. If it was supposed to be a ceremonial sermon than politcising the sermon with references to the anti SD rally in Sergels Torg was inappropriate.
16:17 October 5, 2010 by jbat
again.. Watch out that guy.. where he landed his hand while walking hahahaa....

maybe he cannot wait to "have her", so he left the ceremony early.... its not a protest maybe...

hahaha right SD boys? SD boys.. SD boys... SD boys... ;-)
16:18 October 5, 2010 by Tanskalainen
Do you see where that guy has his hand?!?! I swear Fascists are the most horny people!
16:19 October 5, 2010 by jbat
anti SD rally in Sergels Torg refer to people voices.... so nothing wrong with the bishop supporting his beloved citizens :-)
16:20 October 5, 2010 by Viva Melita
The Church side by side with the political left, the same political left that have attacked the church and Christian values for decades.What a hypocrite.............oh but wait a moment,if you have forgotten,she was concecrated as the first Lesbian Bishop so she cannot be true Christian herself unless you disregard The Bible.Not only has the church been attacked from the outside,but inside too.
16:20 October 5, 2010 by jbat
hahaha.. i just try to give an excuses for your leaders SD boys....

SD boys.. SD boys... SD boys... ;-)
16:21 October 5, 2010 by Goodwill81
@ wiserthanmos.

Sure it isn't. But for some people its a bigger deal of saving, for instance pink-striped canarian (pardon my parody) but when you point out the danger of a long term extinction of a national culture or, God forbid, uniqe ethnic gene pool - then you are by definition a racist, Hitler's worshiper, Satan etc... In the end it comes out that animals are more important than people.

Very, very sad...
16:21 October 5, 2010 by jbat
anti SD rally in Sergels Torg refer to people voices.... so nothing wrong with the bishop supporting his beloved citizens :-)

SD boys.. SD boys... SD boys... ;-)
16:21 October 5, 2010 by engagebrain
If it is 'political' to say that we are all equal, then we are in serious trouble.
16:26 October 5, 2010 by Serendipitiz
"The racism that says that you don't have as much worth as I do; that you shouldn't have the same rights as me; aren't worthy of living in freedom, and that is the only reason - that we happen to born in different parts of our world - that is not worthy of a democracy like ours to differentiate between people."

Uh...where's the reference to the SD there? All I can see is an image of the SD Reichsleitung and their Hauptbefehlsleiter with little dancing Nazis on their shoulders where their conscience use to live, screaming and shrieking for them to leave to show their "moral standing" for this apparent insult.
16:29 October 5, 2010 by Åskar
And if SD have nothing to hide why are they offended when someone talks about racism?
16:39 October 5, 2010 by Swedesmith
@Black African #12 for once, sir, I agree with you. The SDs would have shown more class by not walking out.
16:41 October 5, 2010 by G Kin

Where is the word "racist" in my post?.

You are a supporter of SD and you know very little about the party. There is a difference between restricting immigration and having far right extreme ideas. Race/erthnicity being a strong element in their views.


They instead call for asimilation and even then some invandrares are too unswedish genetically that they vertually will never be able to become swedes.

You know little about this party. It is now that they are trying to make themselves a little socially acceptable. Still majority of the party supporters are extrem right wing hard heards and frustrates that think they should have it better than any invandrare.

"Jag har alltid tänkt att det är fel att de kom hit och har det bättre an våra fattiga pensionärer". etc

Read swedish papers like SvD, DN, GP etc and you get to know typical SD voters.
16:59 October 5, 2010 by facetedjewel
'Åkesson said that the decision to leave the church was a spontaneous one that wasn't discussed ahead of time.'

So, every member of the delegation just got up out of their seats together, like migrating lemmings? No discussion?

('Lemming' - a frequently used metaphor in reference to people who go along unquestioningly with 'popular' opinion, with potentially dangerous or fatal consequences.)
17:02 October 5, 2010 by prolific_programmer
Is the guy in cow-boy dress is fingering the woman ??
17:22 October 5, 2010 by jbat
"immigrant" for SD not the same as the meaning of "immigrant" in normal dictionary... the word "racist" too maybe.. :-) for most of SD boys here (ehh.. most of them are also immigrant.... special immigrant maybe....)
17:24 October 5, 2010 by jbat
horny cow-boy maybe... maybe the effect of riding a horse hahahahaa...
17:35 October 5, 2010 by ngecenk
so according to sd swedish church is for swedish only? or church is for white boys only? wow... im ashamed of being a christian if this guy sit next to me!
17:40 October 5, 2010 by wiserthanmos
whatever happened to the separate between church and state?
17:42 October 5, 2010 by Mike #1986
Looks like SD only embraces the concept of free speech only when it applies to SD. bloody brillant !!!!

it's just a matter of time before Jimmy the racist quits from all the negative hype and media pressures.

or some mad dog is going to gun him down and put an end to what never should have been excepted in the first place.
17:45 October 5, 2010 by wiserthanmos
Ok, if you are rich and Im poor...can I just move to your house and demand that you have to treat me as good as you treat yourself? Can i move to your house and say to you that I have the same right as you are over your house? isn't that is what going on in Sweden with the Refugee invaders?
17:51 October 5, 2010 by Mike #1986

No body cares about 300.000 redneck farmers from Skåne they will be lucky to even grow more voters in the next few years.

its so obvious there struggling to even make progress among real politicians but attracting votes from the lower class in Skåne is no victory among the top dogs in Parliament.
17:57 October 5, 2010 by pantheratigris
Good move for the Swedish church! By alienating over 300,000 people (for the most ethnic Swedes) , not counting here the hordes of atheists, I wouldn't be surprised if the number of the Swedish church followers drops even further. Maybe they should think about converting the Iraqis, Kurds, and Afghans. Swedes might not be better but at least a Swedish name sounds way better than Youssuf or Mohammed, don't you think? Adios
18:05 October 5, 2010 by wiserthanmos
300000 is nothing for you? Heck, all they need is a few hundreds that willing to die. Im not one of the SD people, but see you lefties insulted these people I just want to joint them already.
18:11 October 5, 2010 by sy.ste
I hope all of you who defame SD here on local are Swedes and not foreigners. I dare not imagine the establishment have managed to manipulate and brainwash foreigners into irrational SD-haters. "racists", wat? Racist/nazi/xenophobic/ in the same sentence as SD completely nullifies any argument you have brought forth.
18:19 October 5, 2010 by Goodwill81
Sticks and stones, flames and maybe even a smaller nuclear mayhem, nothing is too much for the SD and their supporters, right?

If only more of you turbo-tolerant-but-full-of-hatred-towards-SD would actually stop and think for a moment what is exactly going one that made this country so good not today but 20-30 years ago, then maybe there wouldnt be a need for the SD and you wouldnt be doing something your grandchildren will NEVER forget you.

Sapientis sat.
18:45 October 5, 2010 by pantheratigris
By the way, I am wondering how long it would take the lefties to consider the term SWEDISH church racist, too...
18:51 October 5, 2010 by MJdS
... their reaction was very similar to the Nazi Party in Germany back in the 30´s, by leaving the parliament every time they got upset... did they happen to sing those same "mantras" on the way out?..
18:56 October 5, 2010 by locaxy
"Göran Hägglund, leader of the Christian Democrats, was sitting behind in the same row as Åkesson"

Sitting behind in the same row? What does that even mean?
19:08 October 5, 2010 by Jan M
Up until now I felt they were using a sense of persecution to try to gain some support in the absence of any concrete ideas as to how to make Sweden a stronger country. This little stunt however suggests that in reality they're just insecure and self-obsessed. Even SD supporters can't seriously look their party leadership in the face and believe there's going to be a massive improvement in the lives of Swedes based on their actions. It's like believing a teenage school dropout can design and build a rocket capable of reaching the moon. Will someone please end it for them humanely before they have kids and feel embarassed.
19:31 October 5, 2010 by Freyja14
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."-Martin Luther King, Jr.

The way the SD's reacted to being called on their racism shows what COWARDS they are. They walked out when they were confronted....Don't spit it if you can't handle it! If they don't like people from different countries or cultures then they should remove themselves from this planet and find a new one to destroy.
19:50 October 5, 2010 by Marko2010S
@Freyja14 #58

Though I have nothing against your opinion. But, frankly I don't like to see quotes of the plagiarizer Martin Luther King. That doesn't make you smart.
19:54 October 5, 2010 by Freyja14
Ohhhh so now we're on to a Martin Luther King bashing?!?! Hmmm that doesn't make you look very smart either. But that's just my opinion. I hope you don't have anything against that....
19:54 October 5, 2010 by sy.ste
"The way the SD's reacted to being called on their racism shows what COWARDS they are"

I don´t think even a terrible person such as yourself believes this nonsense you are spewing. They have been called racists and whatever for decades and it hasnt affected them at all.

The reason they walked out was because the bishop honoured the anti-democratic people who demonstrated against SD and Jimmie Åkesson in Stockholm yesterday.

"Up until now I felt they were using a sense of persecution "

Oh please. You didnt feel that way. The media told you that.
20:13 October 5, 2010 by Iraniboy
If as they claim they are not racist, why are they offended by criticizing racists?!!

They proved that they are really racist. What do they expect? No words of racism, discrimination, xenophobia?!! If you're not so why are you afraid to talk about it?!
20:22 October 5, 2010 by Freyja14
Ahhh well, the problem is @SY.STE that I Don't listen to the media! I research topics for myself because 99.9% of what the media feeds us is B/S anyway. I like how I'm called the terrible person for thinking racism is wrong?!? Are you a eugenicist?? Would like to create a master race?? sounds kinda like you do if you support that crap....
20:44 October 5, 2010 by Rebel
Does anyone really take the Swedish Lutheran Church seriously anyway?
20:56 October 5, 2010 by rafa1981
Well, when I first saw thelocal new I instantly thought in missing information, that reaction to those words wasn' t logical, I was suspecting thelocal for fact omission and of course I was right, the new had no sense.

The missing part is that the bishop was talking about the late manifestation against SD, not just an impersonate speech about racism like this thelocal new wants us to believe, the bishop was talking about the manifestations against SD, or what it is the same, the bishop was positioning herself politically as a manifestation supporter.

Anyhow, it would have been more mature to stay for them, but the new as presented here it was heavily distorted.

The whole text:

"Igår kväll samlades många tusen människor i Stockholm och i olika delar av landet för att ge sin mening till känna. Ropa ut sin avsky mot det som gör skillnad på människor. Den rasism som säger att du är inte lika mycket värd som jag. Du ska inte ha samma rättigheter som jag. Du är inte värd ett liv i frihet. Och detta av en enda grund - att vi råkar vara födda i olika delar av vår värld. Det är inte värdigt en demokrati som vår att göra skillnad på människor. Det är inte möjligt för troende människor att göra skillnad på människor. Det är inte värdigt människor att göra skillnad på människor. Här räcker det inte att vi ger några hundra människor mandat att föra vår talan. Här har vi ett gemensamt uppdrag. Och om någon tystnar eller tystas i kampen för människovärde, måste vi se till att också stenarna ropar. Vi gör det med Guds hjälp."
21:01 October 5, 2010 by sy.ste

I dont understand what you are saying, but you should be very afraid to live in Sweden. Every riksdagsparty has a link to racism and nazism.
21:14 October 5, 2010 by Playmaker
ISLAM IS NOT A RACE!!! (so it is not racist)IT IS A RELIGION. A very peaceful one. just like the budda's. i dont understand why you cant see that SD. PEACEFUL and if you say otherwise i will burn down your embassy all the while screaming god is great just like when they attacked Lars. Does this bishop not even know what is happening to her christians in muslim countrys. like egypy, pakistan, well hell all of there countries. the cartoon is the best example of "Swedish muslims" standing up for freedom of speech. there are none.

To be tolerant of intolerance will led to your own demise.

and to those who say it is only 5%. in realty it is more. if you were to take a vote from the citizens and ask should we open are doors to all with no exception just because they were born somewhere else and have a right to live here. what do you think. only 5% lol
21:42 October 5, 2010 by Marko2010S
@Freyja14 #58

Sometimes one regrets for giving a sage advice to mindless-goons like you. I stated in my comment literally that I have nothing against your opinion. But obviously you are blind, that's why you didn't read it. Anyway, listen and listen well you bloody-jester (For your own sake!): Starting up your writings by quoting some plagiarizers will certainly disparage your opinion. However, I know for sure that 99.99% of the readers of this forum are proper goons just like you, So they wouldn't distinguish.

Once again, I am just doing you and other a favor by uplifting their level of intellect.

As for "Hmmm that doesn't make you look very smart either."

I think it makes me look knowledgeable.
21:46 October 5, 2010 by kbz
Aha, so now we have an "Offensive politicized church which takes the position of the leftist extremists."

A lot of people - and now the church - among the leftist extremists! Hmm … One wonders when the leftist extremists become so many that they are neither leftist nor extremists.
22:11 October 5, 2010 by Muff
Apparently the lefties are everywhere…

The church, the state, the media, the economist and professionals to!

Seriously though, is this like Jew conspiracies or/and new order theorist? Now leftist are supposed to be in control of everything?
22:53 October 5, 2010 by greatkitty
Bishop Eva Brunne and any of her supporters that doesn't have a house and yard full of poor immigrants is just the biggest type of hypocrite there is. They can talk a good talk but there is no real action behind the words. Giving a few kronor to the poor is just a way to assuage the guilt a little. Live what you believe or shut up about it!
23:34 October 5, 2010 by Goodwill81
@ Playmaker

Very well said but facts like that they don't want to hear.
23:51 October 5, 2010 by jimfromcanada
If the bishop hadn't said what she did I would consider it a gross negligence of her calling and ordination.

The SD have made their statement by walking out, and we all understand who they are and what they think of the Gospel, the good news that tells us we are all of equal value before God. It obviously is not good news for them.

The Church of Sweden is providing the leadership necessary for Swedes to be a part of a world where there are many races, cultures, and religions. This is very threatening for some people so they find comfort in the numbers in the SD. We have to be a little patient with them, perhaps go slower, but not when they threaten others.
23:54 October 5, 2010 by Tanskalainen
That's it! I am joining the SD! Time to sign up immediately! I want a blonde to fondle too!
00:03 October 6, 2010 by ww77ww
Pointless irrelevant church with a mindless bishop. Logic and accountability has no place there to begin with.
00:14 October 6, 2010 by Dr. Dillner
@wiserthanmos -- words of wisdom.
01:48 October 6, 2010 by kzjh72
Most, if not all, Swedish racists have the opinion that Sweden should reduce the intake of migrants and refugees. However it is false logic to therefore conclude that all Swedes with the opinion that Sweden should reduce the intake of migrants and refugees are racists. (In the same way as it is incorrect to reason: "All dogs are mammals, therefore all mammals are dogs"). The challenge we face in regards to SD is to keep up the fight against racism without driving the many non racists amongst their voters further down a path where they don't really belong. I believe SD would lose the majority of their votes in the next election if the mainstream parties start to discuss migration and refugee policies candidly. Admit the costs and problems, at the same time as the long term benefits are made clear and constructive solutions are presented. The majority of the SD voters I have had discussions with are not totally opposed to all refuges and migration and are not more racist than the average Social Democrat or Moderate.
02:20 October 6, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Good for SD's. Religion is used, and has been used for centuries as a guise for ideology, politics and whathaveyou.
07:02 October 6, 2010 by Tdye
@G Kin

I am an American and I think that the SD party has balls! they aren't afraid to say what most people think

It is high time that politicians stop kissing peoples asses..they did a good thing by walking out of that church ..it was clearly an attack on SD and it was uncalled for..and yes.. though I may be an American i know ALOT about your government and the party's that represent you people

I may not agree with everything that they stand for but i applaud them for standing up for themselves
08:25 October 6, 2010 by G Kin

If you are going to qiote me, then read and make sure you understand my post. Then react to it. Not such a sloppy attempt!. I too like those who stand up for themselves, but wasn't the subject of my post, was it?.


Yes, the great intellectual!. I hope you will be among the Nobel Price winners!!!

You are still alive and I hope you will acomplish as much as the "plagiarizer! of Dr King did in his short life.

No one is perfect but there are people that have rightly earned people's respect. YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. Just have that in mind before you elect to criticize a legend.
09:55 October 6, 2010 by Tdye
@ G Kin

I didnt quote you,and i never said that the subject of your post was about someone standing up for themselves you did however say this

"Do you really understand what the SD stand for?.

Where do you come from and do you think what they stand for refere to "others" and not you?. Are you a native Swede?.

Leave Sweden first. Stand behind the boundry line before supporting them. Then I will understand you.

I know some of you immigrants are even more racist against other immigrants than the SD. What an irony indeed.

Well, there are healthy , well formed people.

Then there are unhealthy, unformed people like you that we rather not go down the gutters with them. "

and I clearly said that I am an American (meaning i am outside of your borders and i understand the SD completly) I also Support the SD maybe not on all ove their views but on most i do..true im not a Swede..but i can still support them if i choose it may not count in the polls but i can still support them

maybe you should understand MY post before you try such a sloppy atempt at telling me that i didnt understand your post..i was responding to your comment about the immigrant supporting SD which now i thik about it..if he is an immigrant and SD wants to remove 90% of immigrants from Sweden and he supports SD why would it matter if immigrants hate otherimmigrants ? just wondering
10:24 October 6, 2010 by Marko2010S
@G Kin #78

"I hope you will be among the Nobel Price winners"

1) "Nobel Price"...Huh?

It is called "nobel prize".

2)Thanks for hoping that for me, however, I might accept it ONLY because of the money. Otherwise, it doesn't mean anything especially after Obama won it. That shows it is completely corrupted organization manged by riff-raff.


That one makes me laugh my heart out at you bloody-buffoon, How the hell are you to talk on behalf of everyone?

You are just a blind and loser individual how just lash out at other for no reason.

BTW, my garden needs cleaning and am looking for a putz who can take care of it. I really think you are a strong candidate to fulfill this prestigious position, and don't worry I'll pay you well as long as you stop doing "thinking", because this is something upper than your level.
10:58 October 6, 2010 by samwise
if the demonstration associates SD to racism and the "bishop" acknowledges the association by endorsing the demonstration, I think it's ok for the sd members to protest in some way. If the "bishop" only generally speaks about racism, it shouldn't bother people too much.

by the way, did the "bishop" condemn communism too? I guess there have been and still are communists inside and/or outside the parliament.

I don't like the fuzzy term of "separation of church and state", but I do like the American idea of abolishing state church. Subsidy corrupts, this rule applies to churches as well.
12:24 October 6, 2010 by DanishAmerican
Swedes are such hypocrites. They are basically atheists and hate the church but suddenly they are all up in arms about someone walking out on a politically motivated diatribe by some bishop. Last week a Swedish government official made some pompous speech at the UN about freedom of expression while that doesn't even exist in Sweden (unless you tow the left-wing party line). Plus Swedes generally take a high horse while lecturing the world on peace while they sell armaments to everyone under the sun. Get of your high horse Sweden and stop the nonsense. Go SD!
12:36 October 6, 2010 by G Kin

You are so full of yourself, aren't you?. Since you claim to be such an intellectual whos level is above mine, I will humbly request to know what your accomplishments are?. If you are worth the salt, then next time your reputation will preceed you!. I didn't meet Dr King, but I know about him.

An intellectual indeed marko2010s. Just the few sentences you write contain enough mistakes.

" How the hell are you to talk on behalf of everyone? "

"That shows it is completely corrupted organization manged by riff-raff."

Read those lines again. When you have found the mistakes, then you have done your home work.
14:03 October 6, 2010 by Marko2010S
@G Kin #83

Did I ever brag about my language skills? Have I ever claimed that I am a professional writer ?

The answer is BIG NO.

FYI... English is the fourth language that I can speak and write.

1)Swedish (Because I am a Swede).

2)Swahili (Because I was born and raised in Kenya).

3)Arabic (Because I converted to Islam in 1993).

4)English (Just self-taught!).

Therefore, zip your face and stop bubbling around like a goon.

As for my accomplishments, I can summarize them in one statement which is: "I have treated and still treating many brain injury victims who are just like you and maybe a bit cleverer".
17:38 October 6, 2010 by Tdye
@ G Kin and Marko2010S

barn, barn! kan vi sluta slåss om de grammatik!

I am an American I have been speaking English for 39 years (well i guess 36 years cause i wasnt talking fully till i was 3) and i have to say that " How the hell are you to talk on behalf of everyone? " is a correct sentience..nice grammar and correct spelling and punctuation as well im not sure why this topic has come down to picking on each others writing skills I misspell words and dont always use the correct punctuation it just seems that we took a simi friendly debate and lowered to nit picking on each others writing skills. can we get back to debating Sweden and Islam and all the fun debating that has brought so many comments to this post? im just sayin

my grammar and sometimes my spelling isnt correct who cares!

p.s. my Svenska is better than both of you guy's Engelska..there point proven
18:14 October 6, 2010 by Marko2010S
@Tdye #85

Thanks for your input !
18:32 October 6, 2010 by rafa1981
Well, tdye you told me that my English is broken in another thread, I only misspell words and dont always use the correct punctuation and a bit more.

And yes, if a bishop is talking about a manifestation against a political party that it´s inside the church listening her sermon she is directly attacking them, she wasn' t giving an impersonated speech about racism, so it's very fair to go outside, you can't give the treatment of a religious person to a bishop that is talking about politics, as I understand religious sermons should always be impersonated or telling stories about the sacred book, never about people that is inside the room.

Strategically for SD would have been better to stay, or even to interrupt her and say thanks for your concernds but we are not racistsTM, we want the troops out of Afghanistan as opposite of some people in the room that they only cares about their pockets.
18:52 October 6, 2010 by Tdye
when i said your english was broken.. i wasnt meaning it in a bad way.. i wa simply stating the fact that because your english was broken.. i didnt fully understand the statements you made and if the statement i made was way off topic..that was the reason for it..i am not the grammar police.. i dont care who speks my language clearly or not.. i just wanted to stop any confusion about my statement before i made the statement..I think i said.."I dont understand broken english so i can only assume you mean...?

please forgive me if it seemed like i was cutting you down..i am currently learning Swedish so it would not be equal to put you down about broken english when i can only still speak broken Swedish
19:49 October 6, 2010 by Akingu
I'll bet she is a jewish convert. Obviously, the smartest thing to ever come out of her mouth was the Bishops schmekel.
20:10 October 6, 2010 by jbat
Very RUDE leaders... if these leaders don´t know how to RESPECT the religous leader and official ceremony.. then you can imagine how RUDE they can be toward weak and powerless people !
20:15 October 6, 2010 by jbat
SD boys SD boys SD boys.. tried to talk something good about this party and left the bad things as their hidden agenda! Your own elected leaders will not leave the party if what you SD boys tried to claim it to be true here is true!

SD boys SD boys SD boys..SD boys SD boys SD boys..a special immigrant! :-)
03:32 October 7, 2010 by dubers
ok, im a white english atheist who has lived in sweden for 2 years now (my girlfriend is a swede) so i didnt vote but im glad SD got into the riksdag.

i wouldn't want them getting too much power but hopefully this years election results will make reinfeldt pull his head out of his butt and listen to the growing discontent across many areas!

yeah, maybe SOME of their members go a bit far on the immigration thing but as was said before, lowering immigration rates is not racist.

-Södertälje has over 40% immigrant population. Södertälje has accepted some 6,000 refugees since the Iraq War began in 2003. In 2007, it accepted 1,268 Iraqis, whereas the US and Canada combined took in 1,027. The town also gave refuge to 5 percent of all Iraqis arriving in Europe.

-some schools in Malmö have as low as 0.02% swedes and (the taxpayers) have to pay extra staff to work as translators.

tell me that these statistics are good for swedish culture?

im not racist in any way and have some great friends from many different cultures but surely there needs to be a lower cap on the number of people coming into the country, including from within Europe. also, there just isn't enough housing or jobs to go around.

as for the bishops speech, i think it was petty of SD to walk out and i dont think they did any good to their reputation either...

...HOWEVER, i dont think it is the role of the church to get involved in politics and she was wrong to bring it up.

a lot of people go on about how she said "racism" and SD got annoyed but she knew what she was doing. a person has to be highly intelligent to get to the level of bishop and her speech was nothing but a thinly veiled (no irony intended!) attack on SD and nothing more than the church sticking its nose where it shouldnt be sticking it.

anyway, i could go on longer but thelocal aren't paying me to write an article so i'll cut it short hehe!

hope nobody is offended by my comment but i just think the whole point of a democracy is freedom of speech for all wether they are christian, muslim, jew, scientologist OR EVEN A SWEDEN DEMOCRAT! they got into parliament because people voted for them and its only fair that they get to voice their opinions because for better or worse, its what at least 5.7% of sweden wants!
08:28 October 7, 2010 by G Kin
@Tyde cc Marko2010s!

I appreciate your input Tyde. Atleast you help Morko2010s save his face. He can now throw a white towel without feeling too shamed!.

I focused on this guy because he is the one that:

- Talks of steping up the quality of dicussions here.

- Calls Dr King a Plagiarizer.

-Nobel prize not worthy because Obama won it last year.

-Calls me mentally low/weak and see me suitable for employment as his gardener!

That is clearly an intellectual elitist stance. So why can't he write as well?.

For your information Marko2010s, English isn't my first language neither is Swedish. And here is my own list of languages:





You need more?. When you have finally had a balt of brain cancer, come and I will help you!.
08:46 October 7, 2010 by senlac
"Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame on the Sweden Democrats!
10:39 October 7, 2010 by rafa1981
Provided that the respectable unbiased spiritual lady started talking politics, why not a single word about the troop continuity in Afghanistan that all parties support, troops which are killing people in their sovereign soil? is not racism go to another country with the pretext that they are muslim terrorist?
10:40 October 7, 2010 by Marko2010S
@G Kin #93

I laughed again at you and at your post. Let me breakdown your funny complains (Were you crying when you wrote them?)

1) "Atleast you help Morko2010s"

I think my post#84 (Which was before Tyde's input#85) was enough to shut you up reegarding the language. I didn't feel shamed before Tyde's input nor after :) . Clear ?

2) "Talks of steping up the quality of dicussions here."

hmmm, a 5 years old boy will spit on your face and tell you this is Sweden and this is a public forum. So, people are free to post whatever they want (Regardless you like it or not). You see, I let a little boy (Who probably is smarter than you) to answer you.

BTW, even this statement contains mistakes "steping" & "dicussions", and you dared to criticize my language, what a funny-goon :D

3) "Calls Dr King a Plagiarizer."

You are a big liar, It is not me who called him that you putz. Go and check your facts Mr.Mindless-element, and you will find out that Boston University has proved that after conducting an investigation. So, zip your face again :D (BTW, if you can't lie, then, do not try it in the first place!)

4) "Nobel prize not worthy because Obama won it last year."

The same little boy who spits on your face for answer complains#2 , will come again to spit one more time on your face for your lack of grasp of reality. As for Nobel prize, I said my personal opinion about it, and yes Obama doesn't deserve it and if that proves anything it only proves how corrupted organization it is. (BTW, Do you know that my fellow Swede the bloody-goon Alfred Nobel who contributed a lot to invent the dynamite to kill innocent children, and Sweden made him a hero and perpetuated his treasure by prizes.)

5) "Calls me mentally low/weak and see me suitable for employment as his gardener!"

Indeed you are, and I bet there are many out there fully agree on this fact. As for the employment offer, it has been canceled, because you proved that you are not qualified at all. Cleaning jobs requires the minimum level of the common sense and you obviously lack that.

As for the languages part Mr.Prat, good for you that you speak all these languages, however this is such a horrible news because I am afraid that element like you will bother sane human beings from different backgrounds. I already feel sorry for those who speak French because they gonna suffer due to talking with you.

Finally, I must admit that I enjoy reading your posts when you are bitching and moaning like a squint roach who has no idea where to go.
11:19 October 7, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
His Majesty did the perfect job:


The Sweden Democrats did not walk out of Parliament to hear our liege talk about his great ancestor the French Marshal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte who was elected Crown Prince of Sweden's Riksdag in Örebro. some 200 years ago.

The Sweden Democrats did not walk out or have cause to walk out, not just because of the exalted status of the King of Sweden and the importance of the ceremonial occasion – the opening of the first (and some people dearly wish the last) Parliament that they are sitting in. They did not and could not walk out because the King's speech was to the point and diplomatic, without pointing any fingers, or hinting at or accusing anybody. I suppose that the king's presence was enough, and with his essence, Her Majesty His Queen from Germany and Brazil sitting beside him, there could be no room for xenophobia, there in the Swedish Chamber of Parliament. Furthermore to walk out of Parliament when the King is talking, declaring it open, that could be an unforgivable political sin – in the eyes of the electorate – worse than refusing a wedding invitation……

With the Lady Bishop, who is much less exalted in status (than His Majesty & the Queen) it has been quite another matter: in my opinion she was lacking in diplomacy, in ecclesiastical tact. Now DN's editor Peter Wolodarski is of another opinion – and he thinks that the SD marching out of the great Stockholm Cathedral while she was going on with her homily/ homiletics about what I suppose it was about “Leviticus 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the LORD.” - says more about the SD than about the Lady Bishop:


Bishop Brunner should have been preaching her message to the Swedish people - all the Swedish people, a long time ago – and continue to do so.

I do not see SD as racists.

I am in sympathy with Jimmie Åkesson leading his delegation outta the Church: I can imagine him - a Swede who believes in Sweden, not wanting to sit down to listen to a lot of codswallop about racism , directed at just him and his party members and supporters – the idea perhaps being that the rest of Sweden is already redeemed. So Jimmie thought, “Heck! WE don't have to sit here and listen to her bullshtt” and so walked out, with dignity.

I can think of a parallel example which really enraged me; it was in church, in South Africa, in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and there was Bill Clinton, with his essence Hillary sitting besides him to listen to the preacher, preach. And what did he preach?

The Bible passage that the idiot preacher chose to be read and for him to expound on was this New Testament passage about Jesus and the woman taken in adultery:


I saw it on TV – I saw Saxophone Bill blush, I saw Hillary take his hand in hers to comfort him in his moment of embarrassment and I felt for both of them. It was an insult; a breach of diplomatic protocol, highly insensitive of the South African preacher. Of course in the good old days of King Henry VIII, the preacher would not have tried any of that as he could have probably been hanged, upside down.

Unfortunately if Jimmy goes to South Africa, he might be liable to hear something much more drastic, as a result of which he would have to first scream and then storm out – and perhaps hold a press conference at Nelson Mandela or Steve Biko Square but where would he be safe?

Let's face it Jimmie Åkesson is an angel compared to this man:

17:34 October 7, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
I am a foreigner but to me Sweden is just a beautiful country once but then with the

" Valkoman " or Welcome ' if there is a mistake in my Swedish then so sorry' by

the previous Swedish Governments to let in thousands and thousands of Holier

than thou assylum seekers I could see and feel that some Swedish cities are

more like some Middle Eastern cities physically or much more than Beirut.Before

there were no such nonsense like honour killings and etc.in beautiful Sweden n

now there is a difference,so Jimme Akesson you have got to put somethings rightwhen the time comes and dont disappoint the peace loving native Swedish.
23:18 October 14, 2010 by wxman
Perhaps the clergy should stay out of politics. For some reason, they always feel it's necessary to comment outside their purview.
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