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Swedish towns strained by asylum seeker spike

TT/The Local · 6 Oct 2010, 16:30

Published: 06 Oct 2010 16:30 GMT+02:00

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The Swedish National Migration Board (Migrationsverket) has been forced to rent camps and other temporary accommodations to deal with the acute housing shortage.

Many small municipalities which have been forced to take in large numbers of applicants applicants on short notice are critical of the agency's actions.

So far this year, 22,045 applicants have sought asylum in Sweden. About 4,000 of them have declared Serbian citizenship, compared with only 421 in same period last year.

In September alone, 1,410 Serbian citizens arrived in the country. Local authorities are currently arranging acute services such as health care.

Tjörn municipality on the west coast north of Gothenburg set up temporary accommodation for 200 asylum seekers overnight last week at tourist area Tjörnbro Park. The day after the first call from the agency, 100 to 150 asylum seekers arrived.

"They called at 4.30pm in the afternoon on Tuesday and the next day, on Wednesday, the first of them arrived," municipal executive board chairman Martin Johansen told news agency TT.

He is very critical of how the small municipality of 15,000 residents did not know anything before then from the agency.

"They must have known earlier when the agreement and negotiation were under way. We understand that they must have accommodation, but they put us in a very difficult situation. I think it is a matter of decency to get in touch so that the municipality gets a reasonable chance to prepare itself," said Johansen.

The spike in the number of asylum seekers from the western Balkans stems from the granting of visa-free access to the EU/Schengen Area to citizens of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

With biometric passports, travellers from those countries can visit and stay in all EU countries for up to 90 days within a six-month period.

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"It has resulted in an influx in 2010. You are not an asylum seeker until you apply for asylum," said Caroline Henjered, head of the division for asylum reception at the agency.

In addition, a similar flood from the western Balkans arrived in Sweden before becoming emergency asylum seekers.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

17:26 October 6, 2010 by RememberAisha
Oh yes, this is not going to turn out bad at all.

17:31 October 6, 2010 by donutwallah
Well well, what a surprise!
18:15 October 6, 2010 by ngecenk
summoning forum trolls *buffff*
18:24 October 6, 2010 by wiserthanmos
I never thought that Swedes can be this dumb!
18:49 October 6, 2010 by Mzungu
Give Jimmie a tinkle....

*just a thought!*
18:52 October 6, 2010 by tigger007
why is sweden letting people into sweden when there is no place for them? why sweden can't say''hey we would love to have you here,but we have no place for you?''sweden is a good country to live in and everybody knows this,but everyone can't come here.i know i sound like an SD member and i'm not!

the EU needs to put more pressure on these countries to improve the social structure and the needs of it's people.this is what the SD or right wingers are worried about the influx of people in their countries and the lost of their own culture. i know people are looking for a better life and we all do,but lets start at home. make our governments improve our social structure and hold them responsible for that! @donutwallah what a suprise it is!
19:07 October 6, 2010 by Swedesmith
This is exactly what I've been raving against. I must be a racist.
19:28 October 6, 2010 by gorgepir
Lets see what SD has to say about this? Could it be that the recent Serb immigrants are ok because they are not muslims or middle-eastern or african? Or will they be consistent and say Serbs should not be allowed in Sweden either?

I wonder what kind of discussions this would become if the influx of immigrants were from, lets say, Somalia?
19:30 October 6, 2010 by Viva Melita
Buy extra locks for your doors. In England immigrants have been taking possession of homes when the occupants were out then claiming squatters rights. Believe it or not they have the law on their side and The English can do nothing but wait for the long and costly process to sort things out.

You think I'm joking?
20:05 October 6, 2010 by G Kin
The sooner things get better in different parts of the world, the better for everyone.

Islands of well being!. I doubt.
20:06 October 6, 2010 by GLO
Dont worry Sweden, When you get 100,000 per week people will wake up. OH! you will have to pay for all thier Pensions too!!!1
20:10 October 6, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
We also “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”.

So what is the Alliance, under pressure from the Sweden Democrats, going to do about the bigger problem?

The Sweden Democrats cannot be right about everything or have the best solutions for everything and everybody else is wrong or an uncle tom; but they have analysed the state of affairs in our beautiful nation and rightly discerned some problem with the departments of immigration and integration. They are probably now wagging their tails with satisfaction as some problems start to surface, now that they have a right to speak up for themselves and the nation, in parliament.

One thing is obvious: the departments of immigration and integration should be demanding more money with which to cope with every crisis and emergency. It's a matter of logistics isn't it?

Small municipalities with a few inhabitants should not be saddled with large numbers of immigrants who are probably better off dispersed - instead of concentrated in little villages where they the indigenous population feel some stress and the potential threat of soon being outnumbered by their guests, and like the Indians in North America, may be feeling that the very survival of their native culture might be at stake.

The villagers' fears could also be allayed by introducing the idea of friendship to the immigrants and refugees. It could be good for international relations, within Sweden – and also be good for business, the candy store in the villages
20:17 October 6, 2010 by Viva Melita
Dont be ridiculous regarding the hand of friendship.You must learn from the English and French experience where whole areas have been colonised and cleansed of the indigenous inhabitants.

Is this what Sweden wants?
20:19 October 6, 2010 by jbat

you said : I never thought that Swedes can be this dumb!

... So there is a dumb dumb dumbest people like wiserthanmos who still want to live in the country own by dumb people.. let see how long you still want to stay here if what you claim is true or you are truly more dumb than dumb people...
20:22 October 6, 2010 by jbat
Yeah.. Eu should pressure this country to give more benefits and comforts for immigrants like tigger007 and wiserthanmos, the SD supporters (with rude leaders who leave the ceremony before it ended )
20:40 October 6, 2010 by Syftfel
This "onslaught", as the story says, this river of humanity, these droves of opressed and downtrodden pouring in across our porous borders, who will support them? Who will pay for a roof over their heads? And more importantly, who will give them a way to earn a living, to work, pay taxes, and who will teach them how we do things in Sweden and teach them our Swedish culture? How will they become meaningful contributors to a juste and fair Sweden? Who will teach them to eat sill and pork chops with gravy? Or are all of these poor souls doomed to seek a spot feeding off the public trough? - I'm surprised SD did not even get a larger share of votes.
20:50 October 6, 2010 by Roy E
At first glance, it seems that the stupidity of Swedish immigration system knows no bounds, but after a little consideration it seems as though a malicious agenda is entirely possible.
21:01 October 6, 2010 by Alohart
On what grounds are those from the Balkans being granted asylum? Asylum from what? Is something bad going on in the Balkans that Migrationsverket knows about but the rest of us don't?
21:05 October 6, 2010 by Sam1
The way the articles are written on this website I begin to feel this website is operated by racisially inclined peronel, Many many articles try to promote anger in people the way they are written.. Amazingly the Swedish News do not magnify things this way or is it the English language :-)..

I do totally disagree with unwelcomed guests!!! policy specially when I have just enough dinner for me and my children!!!
21:12 October 6, 2010 by vladd777
Yep..pay heed to the warning about buying extra locks! In fact it is very dangerous to leave any house uninhabited cos you never know who ull find living there when you return to it. That means summer 'stugas' are threatened big time! Maybe not right now but the danger is creeping up and soon we will be like the UK.

Aahh yes..I think that Jimmie is going to develop a large following once those stugas get 'hit'!
21:20 October 6, 2010 by Viva Melita

It is the same in England. Newspapers print articles to anger readers yet attack people they deem racist. Hidden agenda?
01:12 October 7, 2010 by kenny8076
Call me a racist or whatever you people want, i voted SD and i sticking to it!! I have to raise MY kids in this country, and statistically speaking mass immigration is not good for culture or urban environments!! I want to provide a good life for my children, not a bunch of freegrazers like in America!!
02:11 October 7, 2010 by frosti
The Swedish government uses censorship and other methods to hide the truth about immigrant crime, but statistics from all other Nordic countries show that non-Western immigrants _and_ their offspring are overwhelmingly over-represented in statistics for serious and violent crime, by rates of up to 1,000% or more as compared to the native populations.

Sweden now has 600,000 muslim immigrants alone and 1,000,000 of their children. It's no coincidence that at exactly the same period of time in which Sweden's immgrant population has increased the most, it has also experienced the sharpest escalation in crime rates in its history. Sweden has the highest rape rate in Europe, there are five robberies every day in Stockholm (the government is even considering banning the use of cash at many retail outlets, to prevent robberies), kidnappings, random assaults, and arsons are a near-daily occurrence, and there are dangerous, drug-infested ghettoes in every major Swedish city that even fire trucks and ambulances are afraid to go into.

And still, insanely, the left squeals "Racism!" (even as they look the other way while racist Muslims drive out the Jewish population of Swedish cities). If you think about it logically, it's actually the left who are the worst racists of all: they are fully aware that the immigration policies they support have led to and will continue to lead to ever-increasing victimization of the native white Swedish population, but they don't care, because they view middle-class white Swedes, being middle-class and white, as less than human.

(I was amused to see the protestor in the "Anti-Racism" rally in Stockholm on Monday holding up that Feminist-power sign ... what kind of "feminist" actively supports the policies that are directly responsibly for the greatest known rape wave in Swedish history, not to mention supports a culture, Islam, that turns women into slaves??? These people are so unbelievably naive and stupid, it would be funny if it weren't so tragic. They have absolutely no idea of how completely they are detached from anything resembling reality.)

On the positive side, Sweden is an excellent example for us in Norway: We know what NOT to do. The Swedes have tried everything, have given the immigrants everything they could possibly give them, have been generous and sympathetic and human and understanding ... and look at the results. We in the other Scandinavian countries can only look on sadly, resolve not to make the disastrous mistakes the Swedes have, and hope the criminals stay in Sweden.
02:49 October 7, 2010 by wiserthanmos
Only a revolution can save Sweden now!
03:26 October 7, 2010 by expatjourno
This is so wrong. Sweden should reject ALL asylum seekers unless they are from neighboring countries. Sweden is the first "safe country" for precisely NONE of the asylum seekers who have been accepted so far.

I didn't vote for the Sweden Democrats this time, but by God, I certainly will if Sweden's asylum and immigration policies don't change.
03:57 October 7, 2010 by Sam1

Now I tell you why you saw many in demonstration, because there are other culture in Sweden will fall under the feet, if SD is elected, SD will not differ, like hitler did, first he gathered every on against what he called Pest and jews, then later on he started killing fat and short and different looking citizens from different origins,

So the knife is on my neighbours throat today, it will be on mine soon...

I was discriminated by Muslim in my land and beaten and ETC ETC.because i believe different.

Im a tax paying educated citizen and I love Sweden more than any land on Earth!!!

Will the mass sweeping and sharp laws against other cultures spare me??

I m discriminated in Muslim land!! and again because of Muslim and their conflict internationally I get under the feets again?? SD will not differ at all, it will cause hate and trouble against all..

So votting SD will cause more trouble, but convincing the GOV to adopt new rules about asylum will solve more issues than votting NAzi SD...

and Serbia is not in the middle east!!! by the way...

So that is why many felt threatened because SD has a stereotype IDEAS and Motos!! If they pinpoint the problems and take up that asylum issue to the ruling gov and present it in a NON NAZI way i think it would bring more benefit than mass attack on other culture and bringing about terrorism in Sweden!!! ETC ETC
04:31 October 7, 2010 by Marc the Texan
Well said Frosti.

The Swedish state has become the world leader when it comes to Perverse Incentives and seems to be aiming to turn it into an art form.
04:33 October 7, 2010 by Bork
I'm sorry. I'm not SD, I would never vote for the right, I have nothing against diversity, and I don't care what people believe in (so long as they keep it to themselves), but it is impossible to ignore the major problem Sweden is having with taking in far too many refugees/asylum seekers too quickly. The law makers need to get their head out of the clouds or stop worrying about PR ("We'll be called racists if we admit the truth and try to do anything!!" We could lose potential new voters as well!!") or Swedes are going to get f*cked. The process of taking in new people needs to be thought out very carefully and controlled. It affects all aspects of the country and daily life. There needs to be a left or even "centrist" political party taking up this issue so people aren't left voting for the overly nationalistic, Christian-right SD. I'm sure their support would tank in that case.

Also, have to agree with what some others have said. There should be a really good case presented before someone is allowed in and they should have to prove they tried entering neighboring countries first, countries closer to their home, or even countries largely responsible for the violence that they may claim is their reason for leaving (the US gets away with so much with so little consequence). Otherwise, Sweden is going to be getting so many because it's seen as a nice. well off country, with stereotypically pretty people. When people think of the top countries to live in, the Scandinavian countries are usually in the top 5 with Sweden being the most popular. Then word gets out how easy it was to get in, how easy it is to survive without work, how so many from the same country, city, town are there now, and more and more and more start flocking to Sweden. It's simply not sustainable.
05:21 October 7, 2010 by Norrlands Turk
"On what grounds are those from the Balkans being granted asylum? Asylum from what? Is something bad going on in the Balkans that Migrationsverket knows about but the rest of us don't?"

Good question for the Migration agency and the government.

How are they going to find funds to support so many asylum seekers anyway. US population is over 30 times larger than Sweden's but they allow about the same number of asylum seekers to enter to the country.

What a joke..
06:54 October 7, 2010 by Da Goat
I got two things from it and different to you others

I saw that there is not enough places to put them all (hopefully they will be like the minks and freeze next winter)

Looks like building needs to go full steam ahead build dorms for the students then some for the immigrants get the economy going to catch up with the people first!

secondly I saw most are not asylum seekers (asylum is voluntary it seems) most are just free to turn up and camp it seems, maybe sweden will have to get tough like yank land. turn them back at the borders as the article was saying sorry we are full it seems.... I guess winter will sort them out ! tents in the camp ground are no fun in winter!
07:30 October 7, 2010 by flintis
@Sam1: Persuade the Goverment to adopt new rules? easier said than done, too many gullible do-gooders in positions of power.

I'm not a religious person & don't care what beliefs other people have as long as they do not try to force them on others, the world has a problem with a minority of fanatics & thier "hanger ons" & a clash of cultures. The sooner people start respecting the culture of the countries they have chosen to live in, the sooner we can all live peacefully.
08:17 October 7, 2010 by Rishonim
There goes the neighborhood. Mass increase in shakedowns, nightclub firebombing, prostitution, racketeering, drug trade will increase. Dread is approaching us and it is coming from the Balkans. We know well their gentle and loving history living amongst their neighbors. If they see something they want like your nice little family owned cafe or restaurant they will just come one day and offer to buy for one tent of the price and if you refuse to sell they will either burn it down or rub you out. Hide your nice cars...
09:14 October 7, 2010 by Skånedave
I am an immigrant and I was allowed to settle here, no questions asked. Half the posters here could probably say the same thing.

More specifically I am an economic immigrant - I moved here in an attempt to improve my life. And I have done so. Thanks Sweden.

Can someone give me a good reason why I should get that opportunity and be accepted here, when someone else exactly like me, but just with darker skin who happened to be born a few thousand kilometres away, is not welcome?

Don't geddit....

BTW, when will the media start reporting on the real scandal - the hoardes of Englishmen flooding Sweden and stealing the womenfolk?
09:30 October 7, 2010 by salalah
Natural development: Persecuted Roma hear about the country up north flowing with milk and honey, where schooling is free and where they can live where they want. Since the problem is not addressed in their home country - this will continue. welcome to the borderless Europe
09:42 October 7, 2010 by Bork
Skanedave: I don't understand. Did you get a job here or were you a refugee? There's a difference between legal immigrants who have some criteria to meet and maintain in order to stay and refugees. If I just came from the US, brought all my stuff with me, had no job or connection to the country, and expected a place to stay and government support, I'd get laughed out of Sweden. This article is saying that's not the case for refugees. There's housing shortages all over, many students can't find a place to live, yet they manage to find more and more places for the increasing number of refugees coming in.

How big is the Englishmen problem? Suppose since half the women are overweight in England or dressed chav-style, they're going abroad more to find women that are actually attractive.
10:16 October 7, 2010 by Skånedave
@Bork: You hit the nail on the head with the Englishwomen comment ;o)

I wasn't a refugee, but I showed up with no job. I took money from the state for a couple of years while I studied Swedish, and have since paid it back (and then some) in taxes.

I have yet to meet an immigrant (from anywhere) who would rather take handouts than earn money.

Call me a dewey-eyed liberal, but I just think that everyone else has the right to the same chances as I got...[sniff]
10:37 October 7, 2010 by Bork
@Skånedave: How did you keep a visa with no job?

The biggest problem is just that there isn't enough housing and jobs. So the unemployment rate for all these refugees (coming in larger and larger numbers) is extremely high, while Swedes looking for housing in the city for work or as students can't find any, yet many areas have been given to refugees. With the extremely generous welfare system, that means more and more of worker's tax money is being used to support people who can't find work.
10:39 October 7, 2010 by flintis
@Skånedave: Hoardes of Englishmen invading Sweden?, 16,000 from the UK compared to 48,000 from Irak, 26,000 Germans 34,000 Polish not really hoarde in comparison. Anyway the last bunch I met weren't after the girls, they had other preferences & asked for directions to Patricia!!

# when someone else exactly like me, but just with darker skin is not welcome?# That is not what the thread is about, these are not "immigrants" these people are claiming political assylum because of "war" or persecution in their land of origin.

# have yet to meet an immigrant (from anywhere) who would rather take handouts than earn money# Does this mean you do not socialise or do you wear blinkers??. I know several immigrants who believe that society should support them.
11:01 October 7, 2010 by hpunlimited
How does that many people sneak into the eurozone to begin with? where is the hole in the border?
11:40 October 7, 2010 by persepeikko
Hm. The city of Helsinki and Vantaa have allready said they can´t take no more. All the city´s accomodations are filled. What happens next is that they start filling the private sector flats--> It´s a safe bet for the landlord as he gets the rent straight out of government funds.

Couple this with the influx of people coming down from north and you´ve got housing shortage and a mindless rise of rent prizes.

When i predicted developement chuch as the headline suggests, i got thumbs-down on public debate, some even going as far as labelling me as a supporter of some political group...

When i said that pretty soon we´ll have the migrants living in tin-can housing at some run down industry area, I was told I´m an idiot.

We´re just moving the refugee-camps up north and the argument for this is that the population is ageing and we need more work-force or something...

I must be a racist to be sceptical about all of this :)
11:43 October 7, 2010 by Audrian
There is rumor mongering going on in this discussion board. Facts number one, the crime rate in Sweden is must lower than crimes in the big Western countries. Check the statistics. What is your source when you say Moslem migrants commit the most crimes.

Do not forget that the most serious economic crisis Europe is facing in its immediate future is the aging of its population. The dependency ratio will rise high (e.g., 20 old persons for every one productive Swedish) and cause income per head to fall. Roads and railways, buildings, and water system will be serious disrepair. Sanitation standard and medical care system will also fail to cope, bringing income to decline even further.

Refugees are often young a strong. They met the productive age shortfall taking place in Europe. The US states has been the most productive economy in the world because of exodus of population migration. Immediately after WWII about 1 million people migrated per year to the US. Up until the present it was about 200,000 per year. Without cheap labor and government subsidy US agriculture would have ceased to exist.
12:03 October 7, 2010 by persepeikko

Ok. But this rise of dependency ratio is in the future. Do you suggest we take migrants here as some liquid to store in a big bottle and when the time comes, we open the cork and they will get employed just like that?

And one other thing: That "bottle" is being filled all the time as it´s emptied.

It really doesn´t seem like there is much demand of low-income professions´ workers in the near future.

Is the migration politics based on a dream?
12:19 October 7, 2010 by Bork
The acceptance of refugees has nothing to do with filling vacant job positions. Yes, European countries, the US, most developed countries, have look abroad for cheaper labor to help fill industries short of workers, but that's a different issue than the refugee one. Accepting so many refugees when there is not housing and jobs for them is just terrible planning. It's not good for the refugees (yes, the city they live in is much nicer, but they'll be affected feeling as if they live on the margins of society) and definitely not for Swedes and anyone who came to the country as a worker since more and more of their money is used to support those who are unemployed.
12:30 October 7, 2010 by persepeikko
i don´t mean to spam ya, but let´s see if i can shoot down the comparison with USA:

Times were different. When you got on that boat on it´s way to America, it took weeks to get there. Today you buy a cheap airline-ticket.

There were loads of work to do in America, no social security, extremely hazardous work in buildings etc.

My dad was 14 when he got on a boat and then sailed across the world for a couple of years. These days you don´t do that. You need a long education and you can´t just lie your age like that anymore.

These days you´ve got more supply than demand. You need a betyg for everything, you need all sorts of useless schooling to make hamburgers even :)
12:59 October 7, 2010 by Swedesmith
@Skånedave Welcome to Sweden, glad it's worked out for you. You are not the type of immigrant that is the problem. You learned (are learning) the language, you are working and paying taxes, you are not demanding that society change to meet your narrow views and you are not involved in criminal activities. In other words, you are integrating into Swedish society.
13:31 October 7, 2010 by flintis
@audrian: #Refugees are often young a strong# Strange you should say that because in our kommun we have just taken in 150 refugees, mostly family units with one or two babies, two adolescents, mam & dad, mormor morfar farmor farfar, one family has 5 generations

When you say Europe is facing an economic crisis with essential services falling into repair, do you think allowing 1,000's of non productive immigrants/refugees in every year will better the situation?

Blaming the elderly, most of whom have paid taxes for over 50yrs & lots who have personal pensions is the wrong attitude.
14:47 October 7, 2010 by persepeikko
Let me just translate something here, a joke or provo, what is this:


"I grew up abroad and learned to respect conflict. I saw the Soviet Union collapse counting tanks on a balcony and in Jerusalem Arab-boys would throw snowballs at me with stones inside them. Conflict allways told of change.

Moving to Finland as a pre-teen was a crushing experience. Suddenly everything was just bureaucracy and colorless. Kids didn´t play footbaal on the streets. Smell of oranges selled in shaks weren´t there, nor the smell of freshly baked bread. Nothing was surprising. Buses came on schedual and people learned how to fill forms allready in secondary school."

"I got fed up and ran elsewhere. In Argentina the economic crisis was just on it´s way...."

Shall i go further?
15:03 October 7, 2010 by KungsholmenGuy
4000 Serbs seeking Asylum?

From what I know of the 'Asylum seeker' status in North America, there must be a war in one's home country, or some threat of imprisoment to oneself or one's family, to be legally seeing Asylum. Are that many Serbs in danger of imprisonment or death at home?

If the Swedish definition of 'asylum' includes 'economic asylum', then the government should be able to identify the number of skilled, semi-skilled, students, and unskilled labourers that the Swedish economy needs at the moment based on its best projections, and to make that number of places available on a lottery basis, to Serbs and to others. And if there is no danger to the applicants, they should be encouraged to apply from their home country.
15:18 October 7, 2010 by persepeikko

Can you direct me to Solna?

Well anyway, I´d like to rise a question about places like Somalia and Sudan, for example. Is the state of war a status Quo in these countries and will it ever stop?

While a lot of Somalians are hard working people and deserve respect, does the people as a mass really deserve any respect at all?
15:45 October 7, 2010 by KungsholmenGuy
All people deserve respect.

Making the world a better place, economically at least, in my view should consist of 3 main strategies

1: Manage immigration to one's own country according to the skill sets of applicants and matching these to the economic needs in one's country

2: For warn torn regions, many of which are in nations of 30 million people or more, assist UN actions in settling the conflict, by sending peace keepers etc.., so that a return to peace can end the killing also bring a return to economic progress in those countries

3: For non war torn but economically struggling countries. Work with the UN to provide basic economic development assistance, which, controversially no doubt, could extend also to promoting some aspects of social policy, such as the promotion of birth control use (if that is in the best long term interests of that country), provide medication at affordable prices to the locals, engineering consultation services for electrical and infra-structure development, etc....
16:39 October 7, 2010 by persepeikko

Okay, but how much can we take until this migration goes past a limit?

You know yourself that while living in suburbs is not too strange at all, but if and when poverty and unemployment gets out of hand, you´ll have a huge problem in your hands.
18:06 October 7, 2010 by janswed
Asylum policies should be like an inviitation to a cocktailparty you are invited,and welcome. but please do not start rearranging the furniture!!
19:24 October 7, 2010 by persepeikko

"2: For war torn regions...etc.."

It seems they will not comply. They refuse. What can you do with people like that?

What could the Soviet Union do with us Finns?

Answer: Nothing. We would have died before succumbing.

But there is a difference: Ours is the culture of the future.

Arican culture is the culture of past. It can not live as it is.

I´m thrilled to get response :)
20:40 October 7, 2010 by Moodcom
For sure SD has started causing problems in Sweden. Its started like that in America... Look Sweden is gonna be like Chicago. I apeal to all Swedish people not to suport SD. Sweden was acountry of peace now look peacing is going and it will never come back.
21:20 October 7, 2010 by persepeikko

This place we live in has never been a place of peace.

It never will be.

We are the people and at the moment we are THE beasts.

We controll the earth.
01:04 October 8, 2010 by Jarvilainennen
What the hell are you doing, local?

You make me wonder, honey, what do you do for money, and so on....

My email: hulapula@mymail.fi

Contact and tell me why you removed my messages please.
12:22 October 8, 2010 by Mr Graic
Sweden are you really heading to the "LEFT"? I am Serb myself and I would like to bring to your attantion: there is Readmision Agreement signed beetween Serbia and Sweden.Noone CAN NOT stay in your country more that 90 days.You will be able to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!
12:43 October 8, 2010 by Nika-NM
A bunch of radicals here that refuse to take moderation with even a pinch of salt on either side of the dispute. All this social and civil development and those seven rings of hell the humanity went into have fallen on deaf ears or what?

Will you (frosti and the like) ever view people as individuals and stop taking them as card packs? Even when there's not a same card in the pack? I don't say that there are not undeserving immigrants out there, but this propagation of blanket ban on immigrants will never work.

The Government should move a step forward and bring in some more lateral thinking in this impasse, otherwise the radicals of frosti's kind will be rampant!
14:13 October 8, 2010 by orangecake
I'm afraid the only way to make the politicians listen is to vote SD.

I didn't this time, but I'm agreement that if nothing happens in the next 4 years, I will.
14:56 October 8, 2010 by Jarvilainennen

You have a good point right there: "stop taking them as card packs."

What´s worse card-pack-thinking than using Immigrants as "filler" that´s being squeezed out the tube to fix some imaginary crack in your wall?

What is this "we need more multiculture" anyway? There´s different cultures and habits. So what? Is multiculture by itself an absolute value one must hail for?
21:11 October 8, 2010 by Nika-NM
Jarvilainennen: ''What´s worse card-pack-thinking than using Immigrants as "filler" that´s being squeezed out the tube to fix some imaginary crack in your wall?'' - Please, explicate this one a bit. You throw your words into a jar and after giving them a good jiggle you spill them out?

If there's some kind of aberration in Sweden's rate of the inflow of immigrants then there's surely something to be done. No radical thinking is required, a number of countries (the UK for instance) have started tackling this problem, so Sweden can take a leaf out of GB's book. And I hope SD will have no say in determining the quotas. Sweden Democrats are a kind of bunch that need to be kept in check all the time, I don't mean they should be openly curtailed anyhow but the political opposition should be incessantly strong against them in order to reduce their benign effects.

I'm sure Reinfeldt won't need SD to tackle the immigration problem

And Sweden's not this
23:17 October 8, 2010 by Ansgard

To be correct we are not talking about Serbs, but about Roma people with Serbian citizenship.
Today's headlines
Dylan removes Nobel-mention from website
The American musician has more or less responded to the news with silence. Photo: Per Wahlberg

American singer-song writer Bob Dylan has removed any mention of him being named one of this year’s Nobel Prize laureates on his official website.

Refugee crisis
Asylum requests in Sweden down by 70 percent
Sweden's migration minister Morgan Johansson. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

Sweden received 70 percent fewer requests for asylum in the period between January and September 2016 than it did during the same time last year, the country’s justice and migration minister Morgan Johansson has revealed.

The unique story of Stockholm's floating libraries
The Stockholm archipelago book boat. Photo: Roger Hill.

Writer Roger Hill details his journeys on the boats that carry books over Stockholm's waterways and to its most remote places.

Refugee crisis
Second Stockholm asylum centre fire in a week
The new incident follows a similar fire in Fagersjö last week (pictured). Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Police suspect arson in the blaze, as well as a similar incident which occurred last Sunday.

More misery for Ericsson as losses pile up
Ericsson interim CEO Jan Frykhammar presenting its third quarter results. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

The bad news just keeps coming from the Swedish telecoms giant.

Facebook 'sorry' for removing Swedish cancer video
A computer displaying Facebook's landing page. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The social media giant had censored a video explaining how women should check for suspicious lumps in their breasts.

Watch this amazing footage of Sweden’s landscapes
A still from the aerial footage of Sweden. Photo: Nate Summer-Cook

The spectacular drone footage captures both Sweden's south and the opposite extreme, thousands of kilometres north.

Sweden could be allowed to keep border controls: EU
Police ID checks at Hyllie station in southern Sweden. Photo: Stig-Åke Jönsson/TT

Sweden could be allowed to keep ID controls on its border with Denmark beyond the current end date of November, following discussions among EU leaders in Brussels last night.

Why women in Sweden will work for free by November
File photo of a woman working in a Swedish office. Photo: Anders Willund/TT

A new study into the gender pay gap suggests Sweden still has some work to do.

Look familiar? Meet your jawbone's ancestor
Thank God for evolution, eh?

There's something fishy about the human jawbone – it has its origins in the placodermi, a jowly species of fish that lived 400 million years ago, Swedish and Chinese researchers say.

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This is Malmö: Football capital of Sweden
Fury at plans that 'threaten the IB's survival' in Sweden
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Here's where it could snow in central Sweden this weekend
Analysis & Opinion
Are we just going to let half the country die?
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Missing rune stone turns up in Sweden
Nobel Prize 2016: Chemistry
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