Teen aimed gun at teacher during class

A French lesson at a middle-school in Linköping in eastern Sweden was disrupted recently when a teenage boy who wasn't a student at the school aimed an air rifle at the teacher's head.

However, the incident was never reported to the police or to Swedish workplace safety authorities.

The two teenage boys were not students at the school, but told the teacher they were interested in participating in the French lesson.

The teacher agreed to allow the two boys to remain in the classroom.

“They were apparently very nice and said hello to the teacher. The teacher did not act in accordance with our internal rules stating that no guests can remain on our premises,” principal Maria Nicoleta Tode, who is responsible for primary school operations at Folkungaskolan, told the Östgöta Correspondenten newspaper.

In the middle of the class, one of the boys got up and aimed at the teacher’s head with an air rifle.

Even though the teacher was so shocked by the incident that she left school, the matter, which took place on September 23, was never reported to police or the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket).

Police learned about the incident the next day and managed to identify the two boys. However neither of them is old enough to be held criminally responsible.

Lars-Göran Nilseryd of the local police is critical of the school for not reporting the incident immediately.

“I think this is an extremely serious event. Of course the police should have been involved immediately,” he told the newspaper.

Although more than two weeks has passed, the school has yet to file any sort of report. According to principal Tode, a report will be forthcoming, but it has been delayed due in part to the teacher being too upset to write down her version of events.

Tode added that the school was unprepared for such an event and now plans to develop a strategy for how to handle such similar incidents in the future.

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