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Missing teen found dead in Gothenburg harbour

TT/The Local · 10 Oct 2010, 08:25

Published: 10 Oct 2010 08:25 GMT+02:00

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Coast Guard officials received a tip early Saturday and soon thereafter recovered a body from harbour.

Later in the day police confirmed the identity of the body as that of 19-year-old Johansson.

Johansson disappeared early in the morning of Saturday, September 25th following a crayfish party he attended with colleagues from work.

He was on his way to a nightclub in the city to continue the festivities, but lost track of his friends near a bus stop.

The last anyone heard from Johansson was a telephone call he placed to his sister around 11.30pm on Friday night. According to his sister, Johansson felt threatened, but the cut off before she was able to learn where he was.

He was thought to have disappeared near an industrial area on the Göta River, upstream from the harbour.

An initial examination of the body didn’t reveal any signs that Johansson had been the victim of foul play.

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However, police told the Aftonbladet newspaper that they will continue their investigation of the case.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:01 October 10, 2010 by ISayWhatPeopleThink
Thank goodness for System Bolaget, it does a great job at protecting us and stopping binge drinking that lead to fatalities such as this.
11:50 October 10, 2010 by Marc the Texan
Seems to match the pattern of the smiley face killer.
12:56 October 10, 2010 by hjoian
ISWTPT.......Any idea how stupid your comment is? Did you know Rasmus?

Your comment shows complete ignorance.
15:04 October 10, 2010 by wiserthanmos
Gee, I wonder if the Refugees have anything to do with this?
15:11 October 10, 2010 by Carnitas
Comment #1 was maybe the dumbest thing I have ever read. Comment #4 is far closer to the truth. It really is a shame what Sweden has become over the last 20 years.
15:15 October 10, 2010 by ISayWhatPeopleThink

No I don't know Rasmus, but from what I've gathered from living here so damn long I think it's pretty safe to say this will be another alcohol-related drowning.

Do you know anything about the binge-drinking nature of Swedes? This article is full of subtle clues.

Let's break it down...

1. "19-year-old man Rasmus Johansson" = Teenage Swede. (Not the kind that usually hold back drinking)

2. "following a crayfish party he attended with colleagues from work" = Ever been to one of those? Crayfish parties are for BINGE DRINKING and getting sh*tfaced. It certainly isn't about enjoying fine sea cuisine.

3. "He was on his way to a nightclub in the city to continue the festivities" = Yeah, the usual "now that we're good and plowed let's go to the bar." Swedes rarely go to the bar until they're already wasted, because they figure it is a cheaper alternative (since bar drinks are so costly).

4. "but lost track of his friends near a bus stop" = Too hammered to stay with the pack, and the pack was too hammered to care they lost one of their own.

5. "An initial examination of the body didn't reveal any signs that Johansson had been the victim of foul play." = Why would someone who got drunk and fell in the canal be a victim of foul play?

My point is, binge drinking is not only accepted in Sweden, it is an expected part of socializing. And yes, there are TONS of drowning and freezing related deaths every year by those that get too wasted, it isn't anything new. The only way anything will ever change is if social attitudes toward alcohol changes, and a good start is to rid Sweden of the idiotic government-run alcohol monopoly. It only adds to the abuse of alcohol in the country, the state lines it's pockets with the money from vices, while they condescendingly tell the people it is "for their own good" to minimize abuse. However, this nanny-policing has the opposite effect, because it holds the same pull of a teenager sneaking into daddy's liquor cabinet when he isn't looking...they feel like they are "getting away" with something by drinking to excess, since it's so "naughty". Remove the taboo behind the booze, and maybe save a few like like Rasmus here.
15:32 October 10, 2010 by wiserthanmos
So they were on their way to the bar, they lost him near the bus station and his boby for some reason ended up in the harbour. So, is this bus station is next to the harbour? Or, is there any boby of water that next to his way to the bar? If no, then I would say it was most likely foul play.
15:41 October 10, 2010 by Jarvilainennen
We might never know, but this is exactly the reason i try to avoid being sh*t-faced publicly. Nearly drowned on my own one day, lucky there was some folk to pull me on dry land :) Alcometer showed 4,6 in a 16 year old. Spent the next 3 days puking bile.

Easy target for any pick-pocket or someone with less moral. Especially girls in their teens better watch out. It´s sickenig to watch those little miss know-it-alls drunk as ducks trying to keep their composure on high heels. Then pass out at some park and wonder why your bum hurts when you wake up...

Leave that stupid hanbag home or at least wear whore-boots to do some damage if need be :)
17:16 October 10, 2010 by Sam1

Yeah blame it on refugee, who go to expensive parties and yet live on Social bidrag!!

Blame it on SYstem Bolaget and the addiction industry of cig alcohol and drug its a business making money...and causing lots of problems that REFUGEES has nothing to do with...

If an immigrant is hardworking paying taxand has nice life he is criticized of being rich and making money here.. if he is not working he is critized of eating other ppls tax..you just want to cut this immigrant with a two sided sword..20 Years back for your information drug and alcohol had direct link with Murder , domestic violence, trafic accident etc..SO wake up and stop being SD ignorent SHEEP lead by a Nazi shepard..

This boy had committed suicide since Sweden is known to have high rate of Suicide, he had everything money and life but he wanted something more life got boring, he got very drunk and attempted suice and died...
19:54 October 10, 2010 by Droida
Well based on all the comments that I read above, I wonder how wide is the ignorance and the lack of respect. Suicide, refugees, alcohol.. Showing respect to the family would be the only matter right now. Everyone attends parties, even more being 19. Who has not get drunk and lost some friends in the way? speculations are just unnecessary with no basis more than your own opinions.
20:11 October 10, 2010 by wiserthanmos
People people, do not confuse between Immigrants and Refugees. Immigrants came for love, education, work and so on...Refugees came for welfares and to produce more babies for even more welfares. Oh! almost forgot and to do crimes!!!
22:07 October 10, 2010 by cowboykodp

Let me guess, you were butt raped by a Somali refugee. That would explain your fascination with refugees. Its always the same story with the likes of you. HAIL.
22:47 October 10, 2010 by ISayWhatPeopleThink
@ Droida: To you it may be "lack of ignorance and respect" but the way I see it, burying your head in the sand and pretending that it isn't a problem is worse. Too many people think the best route is to keep quiet during these tragedies thinking that's "the respectful thing to do for the family" which just perpetuates the idea and reinforces that being smashed outta your gourd in public is just another case of "kids being kids". Opinions or not, the level of intoxication that Swedish society accepts as the norm for is citizens is DANGEROUS and does lead to accidental deaths every year, in all parts of the country. There is a serious double-standard when it comes to society and booze here. I find it amazing that having even a sip of your friend's pint and getting behind the wheel is automatically deemed an instant recipe for death, but on the other hand getting so wasted you can't even humanly function is just fine as long as you are on foot and it's the weekend. The point is, getting THAT WASTED is dangerous no matter what the circumstances. But hey, shame on me for being a downer and pointing out the most likely scenario based on social norms. Nope, in these years here I should have kept my big mouth shut and followed the rules. Had I fully assimilated I would have: 1. Wrote something meaningless like "RIP Daniel, thoughts go to the family", which is safe and leads to no discussion. 2. Bash anyone who doesn't write #1. 3. Trust authorities to handle this, because they know better and all I can offer is my opinion, which is a BAD thing. I am small, they know better. Leave the discussion of things we don't want to hear about to those that went to special "official opinion school". Hey, maybe they'll make a study and we can all crunch the numbers at some meeting that alcohol misuse is bad, then we'll fika and discuss it and decide we all think it's bad, and then we'll ask our officials to help protect us and do something about it. They won't do anything but that's okay - because we don't really *want* them to (because we like our society of drinking the way it is) but at least we covered our asses and saved face by going through the motions, right? 4. Point out "everyone has been drunk and lost some friends in the way", because that's the norm and the norm is always right. If we got drunk and didn't die than it must be safe! 5. Assume and hope that the kid was killed by one of those "dark people" because then we can pat ourselves on the back for being the superior race again. But if the toxicology reports on the body show that the kid was wasted we'll just either fail to mention that publically or bury it somewhere on page 20 behind the study proving the world named Swedish meatballs the best cuisine on the planet; because nobody wants to hear that drinking may be at fault. Bad on me I guess, sorry I didn't follow the rules for you.
22:57 October 10, 2010 by karex
Perhaps we should wait for the results of the police investigation before trying to second-guess the reasons?

Yes, I also think that binge drinking is a problem in Sweden, but to go from that to assuming this is what happened is a wide leap.

It seems that everyone missed the "called his sister saying he was feeling threatened and the call was abruptly interrupted" part.
03:01 October 11, 2010 by Carnitas
Indeed. If I'm not mistaken this also took place in Hisingen, parts of which are a ghetto. In fact, the whole of Hisingen (a once-proud and beautiful area) is fast becoming a ghetto. Given that Miss Krantz was killed by a refugee there on the same weekend, it's hard not to jump to conclusions. But yeah, let's wait til the official results come back. We'll know if the criminal was a refugee or not by whether the media gives us a name and photo or not.
08:34 October 11, 2010 by vaninaheuser
Is funny how everything always turn to be about refugees on the comments...
10:47 October 11, 2010 by Streja
Alcohol is popular in the UK too.
12:02 October 11, 2010 by Audrian
Record show refugees are eager to be accepted and receive permission to work. They seldom commit crime. This anti-refugee mantra is an attempt to spread hatred (I would not say the intent was spread racist as most of the refugees in Sweden in the last three or four years were Whites from Balkan countries. In Britain the Polish were the biggest number of refugees. Since the onset of the recession in UK about 250,000 Polish citizens have returned back, as Poland is growing at 9%. I hope that we stop spreading lies!
12:17 October 11, 2010 by Swedesmith
Regardless of the cause, too bad for the kid. 19 is awful young to die.
12:50 October 11, 2010 by countrysidedrive
What A-HOLES some you and your comments. Rasmus's family and friends must really appreciate all your insensitive comments. Unbelievable statements by some of you. Try showing a little respect and sympathy for your fellow man. I am sure Rasmus's family and friends would rather you show some respect and attempt to help, instead of using this forum for your own personal issues. To the Johansson Family I and most everyone are truly sorry for what has happened. I hope the truth can be found.
14:38 October 11, 2010 by ISayWhatPeopleThink
*reads post by countrysidedrive*

*goes back to read list previously posted*

1. Wrote something meaningless like "RIP Daniel, thoughts go to the family", which is safe and leads to no discussion.

2. Bash anyone who doesn't write #1.

Yup, like clockwork.
17:30 October 11, 2010 by stillemma
@isaywhatpeoplethink - it is a shame your comments are so misplaced here as this is an issue you are obviously very passionate about. You are not in the right forum to be debating binge drinking as this is only your assumption and has no gravitas until proven. You have missed a lot of the detail in the reports and as such you are likely to be proven nothing more than a stereotyping prejudice.
03:55 October 12, 2010 by ISayWhatPeopleThink
What detail am I missing? The phone call?

If he was very drunk and lost, a drunk-dial call to the sister isn't unlikely. She took care of him most of the time, and was his security figure. Panic + intoxication can also explain the reason she really couldn't understand him. The phone being suddenly cut off could simply be from falling in the water.

But you are right, I am passionate about my disdain over the Swedish social attitude towards drink. It really hurts to see both the young and old put their health at risk time after time over what? Fitting in? Doing just what is expected? Alcohol is in no way a bad thing, but drinking to excess is dangerous in many ways; both in the long and short term.

Rasmus was lost after stopping to urinate near a bus stop bush. He had been drinking heavily no doubt, he was young, had just attended a party (that really has no specific purpose except as an excuse to drink) with coworkers (pressure to fit in), and was headed into town to the bar for the "after the party drinking" (a sign culturally here that you're already good and hammered).

Regardless, drinking is responsible for his death, even if only partially. Let's look at another scenario. Sure, let's say he was walking along, minding his own business and some omg "muslim-darkie-racial-stereotypeweliketoblame" saw him and in a fit of rage dropkicked him into the canal for being "white, pure and Swedish". Wouldn't you say use of alcohol helped him in that situation? Do you think being drunk helped him swim to safety? Of course not....it hindered him.

That's my point, really. No matter what, being drunk to the kind of degree people find acceptable and expected here in public is still dangerous. When you can't physically or mentally function well to those extreme degrees because of drinking you are at risk. It doesn't matter if you are in a car, or at home, or on the street.

FACT: ALMOST 40 PERCENT OF UNNATURAL DEATHS IN SWEDEN ARE ASSOCIATED WITH ALCOHOL. (source: Alcohol and unnatural deaths in Sweden: a medico-legal autopsy study. - Department of Forensic Medicine, Umeå University, Sweden. Sjögren H, Eriksson A, Ahlm K.)

No stereotyping necessary - this IS a problem here.

I know it sounds harsh to bring up these issues after the death of a young person, and it is a tender issue to some - but this is a news article, not a guestbook for condolences, and commentary is open for debate. I'm trying to be constructive and not racist on this one and give a decent probable scenario in lieu of the typical "DARKIE DID IT!" *real* sterotypical blabber you immediately hear people running to comment once these stories hit.
11:21 October 12, 2010 by stillemma
Again, the only point you are making here is your pre-constructed view on alcoholism in Sweden. That is, of course, not to say they are unfounded but the examples you are using here are slightly absurd!

You are detailing the event as if you know the victim personally (correct me if I am wrong as I believe you do not) and as such, how can you possibly presume all the details you have stated?

You are stereotyping in almost every sentence. You are presuming the party had no purpose, you presume he was drinking heavily, you are presuming he was only drinking to fit in.... should I go on?

Not everyone who drinks does so irresponsibly.

It is wrong to blame a person who has been drinking for being killed or attacked. Yes, your defenses and awareness are down when you have had a few drinks but the person to blame is clearly the criminal who has committed the crime upon the innocent. Drinking does not make you a guilty person!

I am almost waiting for you to declare that a girl who wears a short skirt is asking to be raped!
14:30 October 12, 2010 by Governor
guyz the way is to fear god your lord and ull get the best life thank u
14:57 October 12, 2010 by ISayWhatPeopleThink
No, drinking doesn't make you guilty. I'm saying drinking does influence how situations turn out, and situations that are normally survivable can become lethal when alcohol is involved.

I'm not condemning alcohol, I'm condemning the social norms that push alcohol abuse in this country. If you don't see the country supports binge drinking you either do not live here or are blind.

I'm sorry if my comments offended you. I can see you're holding your breath hoping there will be a crime and someone to blame here. Far be it from me to dash on your dreams.

As far as me pointing out details as if "I knew the victim", you're right...I don't. But I am reading this story from other sources beyond the severely edited article here, many of which have provided more details...including how the police do not believe foul play was involved at this point, and how he had been drinking through the night. As far as the party having "no point", again - have you been to a crayfish party? The point is to DRINK, and sing songs and get rowdy. Mainly snaps, akvavit and beer. Look it up if you need to. Yes, drinking is...by TRADITION, the theme. It isn't stereotyping.

But go on and hope. Who knows, maybe they'll find a nice scapegoat for you after all.
16:53 October 12, 2010 by stillemma
Fortunately this awful situation is not a direct relation to me, therefore I have no desire to find a 'scapegoat.' I simply wish to challenge your very strong, single minded view.

This would be a much stronger argument made once the evening's events had been established (of course, only if you had been proven right).

I know you would love to be proven right, so for your sake and for those within the area of the event (myself included), I wish you to be right. It would make most sleep better at night to know this was the result of a tragic accident, not the doings of a murder.

Although, it seems you would disagree....
19:35 October 12, 2010 by SFM Blog
The smiley face murders are in fact very real and are happening across the UK, Canada and the USA. This case has been added to the blog which keeps track of those cases that fit the profile. If you have any information please contribute to the blog at SmileyFaceMurders.com.

Law enforcement and those in the media are welcome to look at our research and links to other websites, as well.
20:53 October 12, 2010 by asian369
@cowboykodp...not certain about @wiserthanjack.. but it is for sure tht you have experienced the treatment which you thought for wisthanjack....
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