Brownie the cat killed in ‘sterilisation’ mishap

A 19-year-old pet owner from Luleå in northern Sweden took her cat Brownie to the veterinarian to be sterlised. Instead, her pet ended up dying in her arms.

Brownie the cat killed in 'sterilisation' mishap

“We were so attached to her,” Elina Hansson, Brownie’s owner, told the local Piteå-Tidningen newspaper.

Hansson owned Brownie together with her boyfriend Viktor, and had taken the cat to the vet for what she assumed would be a relatively routine procedure.

While Hansson thought what appeared to be an operating room seemed rather ill-equipped to carry out a surgery, she trusted veterinarian Stefan Rösäter would give Brownie proper care.

“The veterinarian seemed so experienced and convincing,” she said

When Rösäter took out a long syringe, Hansson assumed it was an anesthetic.

After receiving the shot, Brownie then became completely still while lying in Hansson’s arms.

“I leaned over and said, ‘God, she looks so cute when she’s sleeping,’” said Hansson.

“What do you mean sleeping? You did want to put your cat down, didn’t you?” Rösäter replied, according to Hansson.

“I thought she was joking. ‘No! Brownie was supposed to be sterilized!’,” she told the vet, according to the account she gave to the newspaper.

Hansson has since reported the incident to the police and to the veterinary medical responsibility board (Ansvarsnämnden för djurens hälso- och sjukvård).

While Rösäter regretted what he considered a “very tragic story”, he told the newspaper that he ended the cat’s life only after hearing Hansson answer yes when asked if the cat was to be put down.

He claims to have a witness to corroborate his version of events, although Hansson disputes his story.

“How is it possible that I answered yes to a question about euthanasia if I was there for sterilisation?” she said.

While maintaining he did nothing wrong, Rösäter said that, in the future, he will require pet owners to sign a consent form before he euthanizes an animal.

But Hansson remains bitter, claiming the pain is made worse by the vets denials.

“A mistake was made and Brownie is never coming back,” she said.

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