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Christianity prioritised in Swedish schools

TT/The Local · 10 Oct 2010, 14:18

Published: 10 Oct 2010 14:18 GMT+02:00

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“The view of National Agency for Education (Skolverket) is still that all of the five major world religions should be treated equally, and therefore the government is now steamrolling the agency,” education minister Jan Björklund told the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Last year the agency was tasked with developing new curriculum for all subjects taught in Swedish primary and middles schools.

When it came to courses on religion, the agency proposed scrapping texts which gave Christianity special treatment and suggested that all religions should be treated equally in class.

The proposal was roundly criticised when it was presented last spring, including from Björklund. The schools agency made a number of changes, but apparently they revisions didn’t go far enough in the eyes of the education minister.

Last Thursday, the government approved a new curriculum which will come into effect for the autumn term of 2011. And in the new curriculum, the government simply rolled over the education agency’s proposals and ordered that Christianity should maintain its special status in classes on religion.

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“It’s not that the Christian religion is better than any other, rather it has to do with the enormous influence Christianity has had in our country, and still does have in our part of the world,” Björklund told SvD.

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Your comments about this article

14:41 October 10, 2010 by Puffin
He's still after those SD votes..... Although they are not too happy about the church these days - well Bishops at öeast
14:52 October 10, 2010 by wiserthanmos
So now you can not bring yourself to say this is our religion and this our country and we will do whatever we please, if you don't like it then get the hell out of our country! Christianity was, is, and always will be our religion, period! You are lucky that we allow you to practice your religions, so don't impose your morbid religions and your barbarous values on our society! Why can't you say that the leaders of Sweden? With pathetic leaders like these, no wonder why.
15:17 October 10, 2010 by Puffin
Who are you ranting at?
15:34 October 10, 2010 by wiserthanmos

Not you you imbecile!
15:55 October 10, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
The fight for the Swedish soul continues:

“Equal treatment” versus “Special Treatment.”

The tender touch. Gloves soon off.

Smart move by Jan Björklund's early warning radar system outlining some broad based area of co-operation with the other parties - especially roping in the SD on an issue on which they can easily agree - although SD will probably want to totally outlaw/ ban Islam and all “foreign” religions from the Swedish school curriculum - perhaps have separate classes for Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Marxists, Atheists and others.

General Bjorklund makes absolute sense .He must be in synchronicity with Göran Hägglund's Jesus-faithful predecessor, family man Alf Svenssson. Same ideas about Christian education being prioritized in Swedish schools, to maintain Swedish values.

Note how the names Björklund and Hägglund rhyme.

Just like Svensson and Åkesson.

In his time, Alf Svensson talked about Christian ethics and the received truths of Christianity being the basis of all truth – and not only that, as Minister of Foreign Aid/ Development Cooperation during the period 1991 - 1994 he even suggested that Swedish aid should go primarily to Christian sections of the poor world and not to the people who would like to make kebab out of Lars Vilks. Does anyone else hear SD concurring with this ideology (the Judeo–Christian foundations) and not Islam being the basis of “Swedish values”?

This means that the Liberals, the Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats are in essential agreement, at least about this.

I wonder what the Moderate's Muslim member of Parliament Abdirisak Waberi has to say about the proposal


I also wonder what Bishop Brunne's position could be about this proposal for times have changed , for the times they are a-changing and Islam which believes in Jesus as prophet of God but not his son ( metaphorical, physical or spiritual) by getting a place in the curriculum means that the young, rational Swedish mind must confront this foreign faith with some suspicion – and there begins the discussion – an old heretical idea that I once heard - that just as there is “ an old testament” and “a new testament”, so too the Swedish teacher was trying to convince the Muslim pupils at his mercy, that it was time for the “ New Quran” to replace the old one.

Swedish students are living through what the Chinese call ”interesting times”.

I attended a secondary school in which religion was not in the school curriculum…..

16:07 October 10, 2010 by Goodwill81
Schools are no place for religion but if any of the religions should be emphasized, it's christianity for sure in Sweden.
16:23 October 10, 2010 by wiserthanmos
Sweden, you have to take a stand and say to the Uncivilizes that this is Sweden, accept our values, accept our ways of life or get the hell out! The same goes to the Sweden's traitors!
16:47 October 10, 2010 by here for the summer
I never understand how after the longest posts in the world i don't see a the point that conelius is making . I am not sure what to say about this being that my kids are being educated out of Sweden and at best will come back at the Graduate level. But the problem is the same here in america. How do you keep the good of religion ( it is the basis of Western law ) and yet stop the barbaric and superstitious aspects that are more apparent in the Muslim faith than others but still appear AKA Jones town and harmful but less dramatic anti science mentality of some Christian faiths.
16:58 October 10, 2010 by Jack123
Well this is so weird ! In Swedish high schools, when you have a history lesson, the teacher doesn't use the usual before Christ/ after Christ. The teacher says Före vår tid/ Efter vår tid. That means before our time, after our time. Yea Trust me Swedish schools, are really Christian, notttttttttttt !

P.s : Thats only history, i am not so religious but Christ was on earth, why are you trying to forget a part of history ? Than he said well its more pleasurable to use this kind of language, than the old fashion before Christ/ after Christ because of some students with other religions, and even the Muslim students thought it was weird, they also believe that Christ was on earth, i dont care if he was the son of god or a prophet or an ordinary man, i just dont want to take away a part of history !
17:35 October 10, 2010 by futureishere
"... all of the five major world religions should be treated equally" - which five? Christianity, Islam, Judaism? Hinduism? Buddhism?
17:39 October 10, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Here for the summer # 9: Jan Björlund wants Sweden to win the Nobel Prize. This starts at school

I'm stepping aside for a while to take a look at some of this, a little more closely.


There's much that you/ we don't understand.

We obviously come from different intellectual traditions, very different from the one called "Jes". Where would an academic discussion begin with him when not only is he is mentally ill-equipped/ handicapped but also lacks the tools ( the language) and the essential grammar with which to even begin phrasing the wild dramas in his premises and his superstitious presuppositions? How far would he get with any of the tomes that he'd find at the National Library? With Baruch Spinoza? Wage a logical positivist's war against Gunnar Ekelöf's poetry?

Sometimes I only explore an issue, ask simple questions but don't answer them. I myself don't expect any answers from anyone here – although I must confess that I'm grateful to Trowbridge H. Ford for his inputs on the Raoul Wallenberg issue.

Let's leave it at that.

17:55 October 10, 2010 by jazzIIIlove
Interesting, I thought there was already a party dealing with this far right issues.
18:17 October 10, 2010 by mojofat
Wow...and I thought the religious nuts in the U.S. were bad. Even they haven't succeeded in infecting the school system with religion.

BTW, for anyone claiming the study of jesus is a part of "history," there is no evidence for the existence of Jesus that comes from the time of Jesus-no writings or artifacts of his, no accounts of him written in his lifetime - and critics often accuse Biblical scholars of creating Jesus in their own image.
18:28 October 10, 2010 by beefinswede
Unless Sweden wants to slide into a christian rightwing extremist theocracy it needs to stamp out this warping of education immediately. The only place ANY religion belongs in schools is RE class.
18:38 October 10, 2010 by BlackAfrican
Sweden 1942 homosexuality was legalized in Sweden. I guess that teaching the bible "thingy" is just for show? By the way Sweden is not the only country in the world actively promoting people to become homosexual. It is however the only country that has a Mr Gay Sweden competition. Also they have a bi-weekly Stockholm Pride Parade where even a Gay Jesus is part of the parade! For those Europeans who live in nice countries where being gay is against the law they even host EuroPride! Romans 1:26-27 "... men with men working that which is unseemly ..." ! I guess they one teach that is Swedeish schools:-)
18:40 October 10, 2010 by calebian22
Jack 123

CE and BCE, Common Era versus Before Common Era is not uncommon around the world in lieu of AD/BC.
19:24 October 10, 2010 by eppie

The people that build this country and are successful here, the people that pay most taxes also don't have anything with Christianity.

In a civilized country like sweden all religion should be something for at home and in the church......not on schools. This also goes for christianity. If it were up to the Christians we would still be living in a kind of scandinavian Iran.
19:47 October 10, 2010 by vladd777
May God Bless Jan Björklund for being 'modig'!
19:51 October 10, 2010 by Swedesmith
If the schools are paid for by the general population, then the religious instruction should reflect the general population. All major religions should be taught so that the students can have an understanding of others. However, if the predominate religion is featured more than the others, then that just reflects the citizenry.
19:55 October 10, 2010 by rafa1981

Actively promoting people to be homosexual?

I don't think that you are suggesting that you can change the sexual orientation of someone, because in my case since I was a child I have very clear what I like, no mater the homosexuality they could try to sell me, I don't buy it, the more the homosexuals the more the girls for every heterosexual.

Is the same tolerance the one that lets live here homosexuals than the one that lets live people of other religions, different people, of course in my country 60 years ago homosexuality and other religions were banned, this groups of people had many chances to have a bad time back in the days.

So what are we supposed to do with homosexuals? does their existance change the fact that we are christian?
19:56 October 10, 2010 by wiserthanmos
I don't give a rat ass about religions, especially the uncivilized ones. But Christianity is the foundation of the Westerncivilization, lost that then you lost your idenity, your country and your being! note this! I only intended to debate the real Swedes, not the Refu-swedes!
20:22 October 10, 2010 by BERTRAM
okkii but don't forget there were gods before Christianity ,,,still living in our hearts.
20:31 October 10, 2010 by Syftfel
It is imperative that all religions do NOT receive equal treatment in the Swedish educational system. Sweden's entire value system, and judicial system is based in Christianity. Hence anything less is doomed to destroy Sweden as a sovereign nation. Christianity, and all that goes with it, is crucial to the survivlk is Sweden. Do NOT allow the misguided serfs at Skolverket to introduce their destructive idea to permeate. Sweden is a Christian nation, and MUST remain that way.
20:31 October 10, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
here for the summer #8

Here today and gone tomorrow.

Wouldn't like to be you.

There are a couple of mistakes in your very first sentence.

You can't understand simple English; it's as simple as that.I hope that at least you enjoy the ride, as you waste your time reading and travelling past the scenery to arrive at your final destination called the full stop.

So, what kind of school did you attend, after which you still cannot read and understand what a simpleton like I, can.

Yes we can and dead man walking, please stop attacking al Islam.
20:57 October 10, 2010 by Just_Kidding
If Swedish values are based on Christianity, it is fine; but just teach those values, not the old myth behind them.

Atheism should also get a fair chance in being exposed to the young population.
21:15 October 10, 2010 by cowboykodp
I knew there was something fishy about @wiserthanaJackass and @Goo 81.

They are both religious right NUTwingers....... Hallelujah .

Hey, lets face it Sweden is THE most civilized country in the world because only 4% of the population are serious church goers.

Keep your GODS and RELIGIONS to yourselves. Out of school, government and workplace.

Once in Universities, people can take religious studies if they want. DONE.
21:16 October 10, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Just_Kidding, #26

You put it straight. Teaching myths to children has worked for centuries – unto the Inquisition, past the Reformation and even beyond the Enlightenment.

“And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;

And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

And Adam said, This [is] now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.


Is there any religion that is above human criticism?

Ever hear about this guy?


Even the kids that are taught ( not brainwashed) must be able to stand up to this sort of thing.
21:16 October 10, 2010 by vb74
@black african

I see your still broadcasting your stupidity.We all know you hate white people and gay people blah.blah,blah .I'll ask you again if Sweden is so bad why don't you go back to whatever nasty african country you crawled out of, take your pick all african countries are crap and it's not the geographical location that makes them crap it's the people, people like you. Of course you might be going home soon whether you want to or not. It looks like the Swedes are getting wise to how you people really are, the free ride is coming to an end.
21:20 October 10, 2010 by samwise
Can't we allow the parents decide what they want their children to be taught in local schools?

Spending equal time on all religions in school is dumb, how do they know all regions all equally valid? You don't spend equal time to teach 1+1=2 and 1+1=3, so forth.

There are things worse than shutting out christianity from school, such as the "christianity education" is dictated by the government, conducted by the ones who don't believe what the Bible says is true. Sometimes no data is better than corrupted data.

I vote for no christianity education in public schools at this moment. No perversion at least.
22:09 October 10, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Just looking at the cross on the Swedish flag, you know that you are looking at the flag of a Christian country - yet the latest figures for Church attendance in Sweden are low:


Many parents are atheist or agonistic. In my opinion these people and the Bible thumping Christians are a little jealous, and harbour “holy envy” of Muslims who are being faithful to their al-Islam. Mosques and halal meat markets popping up everywhere. In Britain a Malaysian prince bought a Church - at Seven Sisters - it was converted into a sort of zawiyah for Sheikh Nazim al Qubrusi Haqqani. The same phenomena is spreading – across Europe, with churches falling into disuse and being converted to mosques.

To stem the flow – or outflow from the Swedish Church/ churches, Jan Björklund's proposal is a reasonable one. Is this in concert with the Swedish Churches? If Christianity does not begin in the home because the parents are either lapsed Christians – or Muslims or atheists, then it could be given a reasonable chance of starting at school. I believe the children's books of C. S. Lewis have contributed to many a child's moral vision.


Meanwhile, the problem in the places where Christianity once spread , before arriving in Sweden, looks a little like this.

22:41 October 10, 2010 by Crustycumsock
Makes sense, considering the historical influence of christianity in Sweden.
23:20 October 10, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Nice name....Crusty... can I call you that?

x-cuse me, like Conny asked, " Are you a man or a woman?"
00:36 October 11, 2010 by Goodwill81
@ Cow. #26

Man, thanks for a good laugh before my night time sleep.

Catch 'ya later, islam-agitator ;)
01:06 October 11, 2010 by Aureliano Buendia
"this is our country", "you are destroying our country", "go to your bush" ... LOL

this is your stupid culture, to socialize under the effect of alcohol, moronic blonds...to live with animals, no with people, coz people may talk, u r born to be alone...

I Love living in sweden, in Bergsjon, coz it is full of immigrants, they are nice, they always smile, and they dont get drunk on friday nights and destroy/vomit/pee in the tram, this is swedes who do it. I am student, and after 8 months I ll go back to my "crappy" country, with the 180 degree the different image of sweden that I had before coming here.
01:56 October 11, 2010 by vb74
Goodbye and good riddens.
05:02 October 11, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
as a foreigner ,who had been following the history and the happennings in Sweden since 1995 I would like tosay that " the fore-fathers of Sweden fought

hard to maintain the beautiful Swedish cultures,customs,way of life and their

thousand old Christian ways of living though abit changes here and there as they marched to the future.Now,with the influx of immigrants especially the holier than thou immigrants and welcomed by the previous Swedish Governments and now

aided by some unpatriotic and good for nothing MPs. I must admit that I grief for

the native Swedish and for beautiful Sweden as awhole.
07:10 October 11, 2010 by seagull
Weird weird weird.

No religion should be given any special treatment other than an acceptance that out of all the religions, christianity is Sweden's most dominant, although personally I think a concentration on Norse gods would be more culturally apt, and certainly more cool. I mean God/Allah/YHVH , Thor, Odin... I know which ones make the best cartoon characters...! I mean Thor has a big hammer!

Sweden is not a "christian" country...it is secular.

Kids deserve to be educated, not indoctrinated. If parents want their kids to follow their religion then they need to do it themselves, or go to their local Church/Synagogue/Temple/mosque/Harry Potter training college... School should be about FACTS, or at least best known theories in certain subjects.
08:12 October 11, 2010 by Bob Jacobson
The Local certainly attracts its share of religious zealots of various persuasions. Does it have something to do with reading and writing in English?

None makes any more sense than the others; in fact, strip the labels, the symbols and the dietary habits, and they're all the same. Depressingly hateful, depressingly dogmatic, depressingly expressive. Most of your readers I'm sure would appreciate a respite from their imbecilities.

My observation is that most Swedes are areligious. They don't profess anti-religion, they simply do not make it a central issue in their lives. This is true in all of the many regions in which I've lived and traveled.

The Government if it forges ahead with this strategy -- for whatever political reason -- would demonstrate a great disconnect from the experience of most of Swedes and certainly the majority of the constituents of the major parties. Doing so, it would open itself to serious criticisms over the next period -- I mean quite serious criticisms, probably leading to the Education Minister's resignation.

Sweden has gone through these occasions before, where religion was exploited for political gain, and it has never gone well for the exploiters. By now, in the 21st Century -- at least 40,000 years after modern humans settled in Europe -- most of us have evolved beyond mythologies and superstitions. Even Björklund must know this. It's too bad we can't chalk it up to his naivete. But we can't.
08:48 October 11, 2010 by engagebrain
Keep all religions out of schools - the state has no mechanism for deciding which of the thousands of religions is true or nonsense, at best only one is endorsed by god.

Instead teach about social responsibility and rational basis for a decent society.
08:56 October 11, 2010 by wenddiver
That's a saying in the US- "About Time we get our Priorities Right".. I of course agree with Sweden preserving a culture that has given her so much "quality of Life", in the past. Christian values are worth preserving.
09:30 October 11, 2010 by samwise
engagebrain, why do you believe "social responsibility"? how do you determine what "a decent society" is? "Decency" is a funny term that is not something you can mathematically prove. You end up coming back to faith.

Indoctrinating children with godless atheist materialism value system is very dangerous, in my opinion, and it's not fair to other value systems, if equality is really a concern.
09:36 October 11, 2010 by Kanedaa
Seeing as the majority of swedes are Atheists it seems kinda pointless.

Religion as someone else said should pay not part in education apart from RE.
09:42 October 11, 2010 by samwise
Bob Jacobson, why do you claim "None makes any more sense than the others; in fact, strip the labels, the symbols and the dietary habits, and they're all the same. Depressingly hateful, depressingly dogmatic, depressingly expressive."?

Can you prove this assertion? what you claim can't be just a blind faith, or something you were fed in public school, right?
09:46 October 11, 2010 by lungfish
Err ... why are we teaching superstitions of any kind in our schools?

I suggest lessons in:

- Friday the 13th is unlucky

- the Easter Bunny, Santa and Jesus Christ are equally real

- see a penny, pick it up, then you will, have good luck

- don't walk under ladders

- don't let a black cat cross your path

- the world was created in 7 days

- the first woman was created out of Adam's rib

- if you die in the name of Allah, you will have 66 virgins (or whatever number)

- the gates of Hades are garded by a three-headed dog

- when you sneeze, someone in the future is walking on your grave, and/or your soul may escape your body

- your soul may also be captured by a photograph. Hence Google owns all of our souls ...
10:35 October 11, 2010 by Streja
This is about the subject RELIGION, not about religious indoctrination. Religion is a subject where you study the different faiths of the world. The idea is that students learn about other religions and cultures. It's not about telling kids to be Christians or whatever.

But posters on The Local News do not know this, as they are not Swedish. Rather than finding out the true story, they post nonsense.
11:24 October 11, 2010 by Puffin
To be honest - I'm not sure that Minister Björklund actually knows what goes on in Sweden's schools - I think that he is just trying to gain media attention

My kids have attended 5 different state schools and there is a very strong underpinning Christian ethos in education here already

- the local priest visits each class

- all major events are celebrated in the church with a priest in attendence

- people from the Swedish church visit year 8 and try to sign them up for Confirmation classes at the local church

- Swedish schools already place a strong emphasis on explaining and celebrating Christian events such as Christmas, Easter, Ascention day St Lucia etc etc

So what exactly does Björklund mean that Christianity should have an even greater special position in the school system?
11:28 October 11, 2010 by wiserthanmos
I think this country is goin down hill and it's goin fast...no, I don't think I know it is! I mean, look at the Swedes, they are too busy with partying, drinking and F..king. They couldn't careless what's goin on in their own country. Their country is practicely over run by the refugees and their government is run by the feminists and feeble men and still, still they refuse to wake up! I have questions for you Swedes...how many more of these refugees are you plan to take in? how are you goin to turn them into Swedes like yourself? How long you and your children goin to be slaves for these refugees? So, I guess what im try to say is...wake the hell up! And stop being a coward!
11:31 October 11, 2010 by queenS
@Streja - well said!
11:40 October 11, 2010 by Audrian
I do not hope schools will be engaged in teaching superstitions. On the other hand, I see sense in teaching history of all religions to prepare Swedish people for the most superstitious people of the world, e.g., US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, but I do not suggest they be invaded to end their practices!
13:04 October 11, 2010 by cowboykodp

Its so lucky for us in Sweden that we have Nazi, racists (I mean enligtened, concerned people) like you to wake us and warn us of the DANGER of immigration.

Although as usual, you could care less about what the article is about, but rather a chance to spew you filth, here is a reality check for you.

Read this you genius of all things:

"With falling birthrates, immigrants are needed to maintain European prosperity. At the same time, Europe's economies should be less enmeshed in protective regulations, so that immigrants can find work more easily.

Finally, the argument must be made more forcefully that it will be much harder to protect our societies against the revolutionary terrorism of radical Islam without the active support of all law-abiding Muslims. Europe will not be safer under politicians who claim that we are at war with Islam. On the contrary, their influence will make life not only less civilized, but a great deal more dangerous."
16:28 October 11, 2010 by Goodwill81
@cowie #50

Gotta' hand it to ya about the falling birthrates and the need for immigrants (as working people) to sustain the living standard in the awest. Sadly, that's true.

But, that doesn't give the right to any immigrants (especially muslim) to defy the cultural pattern of the host-country. In fact, that's the least they could do after a country like Sweden saves them from whatever 3rd world hellhole they came from.

And second, concerning the negative demographics of the western societies I have a very serious proposition:

Western countries should stimmulate births of the native population by giving young mothers excesive state subvensions for each born child (for instance 50.000 € for each baby). Necessary funding would be gained from the funds used for (many) lazy immigrants who are doing nothing and at the same time conquering Swedish cities like Malmo etc... Problem solved.
17:28 October 11, 2010 by cowboykodp
@Goo 81

Don't F -ing agree with me you pathetic internet bigot. You and your buddies are nothing but "repackaged racists".

When you show compassion, and honor all, then you can be invited to the camp of the righteous.

The world is not as black and white as your kind like to make it out to be. To make you understand, I will bring the argument down to your level:

EX: All dogs are mammals, therefore all mammals are dogs.

Still don't get it, do you?

Stop being a bigot and address issues without racist ideology and people will start listening to your kind. (and maybe SD's)
18:53 October 11, 2010 by Goodwill81
@ cow-ie

Whoa, you haven't been milked today or what? Does your foul mouth have no borders, were you brought up by pigs? Is this kind of expression and lack of decent arguments "yellow-brick road" to "the camp of the righteous", as you call it?

I think I'll take a rain check on that camp (which is probably just another military camp for training jihad suicide bombers, after all) and turn right at the next crossroads.

One small advice of democratic arguing - yelling "nazi", "bigot" etc. will get you nowhere. I know you suffer from chronic lack of arguments but this kind of "expression" just makes you look childish and immature. You know the story about the boy who cried "wolf" all the time?

P.S. Btw. speaking of arguments, I'm still waiting for your explanation on drastical rise of rapes in Sweden in the last 15-20 years. Does your sillence on the matter mean that you acknowledge that the main reason for that is to be found through muslim immigration?
19:33 October 11, 2010 by asian369
Who says Sweden is known for her NEUTRALITY????????????
20:27 October 11, 2010 by ww77ww
Religion has as much place in school as facts have in organized religion.

This includes Christianity and the brings-nothing-to-the-world Islam
21:04 October 11, 2010 by AllieInVA
@mojofat, actually there were several secular documents written about Jesus. Josephus, a Roman historian and a non Christian, wrote about the arrest of Jesus for sorcery (now known as miracles), and the trials that followed. He also recorded first hand accounts (around 500) of people who had actually seen Jesus after the resurrection.

Maybe the American schools should put a little more emphasis on the history of the Christian religion, as I can see you are not very well educated.
23:28 October 11, 2010 by jbat

It is because the leaders of Sweden have great value of respect towards other people, toward humanity and towards peace and harmony...

Whenever you talk to your son to do this and that, you talk politely.. thats is what are they doing and all great political leaders have this value..

I am not sure where are you from wiserthanmos, but I bet your leaders also will use the same approach like this to do talking and not like the stupid and rude way you are suggesting...

ehhh sorry.. i forgot you are that party boys... :-) .. like some people said "like father like son"
23:32 October 11, 2010 by jbat
Those who talke about "DANGER of immigration" here is a very Big Fat Liar... they are also immigrants.. so what the hell they are talking about?

Why don´t you show you true "racist face" rather than hiding behind the words immigrants...
23:38 October 11, 2010 by jbat
This stupid goodwill81 (R81???? hahaha)

he said "But, that doesn't give the right to any immigrants (especially muslim) to defy the cultural pattern of the host-country" ...

YOU ARE ALSO immigrants... so... what right you have to say Swedes should do this.. Swedes should do that.. this is good for Swedes (for your racist mind actually)... this is not good for Swedes .. if Swedes want to let those muslims to be part of their new Swedish cultures.. than what right you have to say NO ?

No.. you have no right,...

you know that.. and thats why now you racist bigot is spreading poison everywhere about muslims, Islams and refugees...
23:48 October 11, 2010 by jbat
So many racist Troll here.. look at their date they join this TL...

wiserthanm... BAD racist Troll immigrants like you who really want to take over this country... you still have small voice over here.. but you talked like you want all Swedes to listen and follow all your will that come from you brain that fulled with only racist cells in it...

Imagine if you have more power and loud voices here, i bet not only refugess will be your slaves, but also will use Swedes as your slave guardians! I am scareeed!
01:14 October 12, 2010 by keitha
For all the people that haven't experienced the swedish school:

we teach ABOUT religon, we don't teach it. I am not religious (just as the majority of the swedes) and I can assure you that there are no agenda to preach any kind of religion or in this case christianity.

I don't think its that uncommon in any country to put more focus on it's own history which is in this case includes christianity.

As for my own opinion... I would like an equal treatment of the religions in the classes teaching about religion as we will get more knowledge about our own history in... our history classes anyway .
03:28 October 12, 2010 by Da Goat
I think this is a good idea!

none of the other religions are equal to Christianity, none measure up because they are counterfeits!

it would be a huge mistake to do away with the morals that the country is based on !

Only Christianity has morals (well good ones for everyone's benefit) and GRACE !

maybe could add love for others too!

At least the Govt has decided not to go backwards !
10:18 October 12, 2010 by Takai
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Because of trolls, nazis, haters, pacifists, religious and non-religious people, Swedish and foreigners, we are missing the focus here.

Keitha san, your post #61 should be read before any future posts. For all those who took any other conclusion on what is Religion class in Sweden, is probably mixing up with the meaning of Religion class in their own countries, therefore also misunderstanding Swedish culture.

The first "school" was created in Greece, where people reunited to discuss Philosophy and other matters, later on the term would be used by Islam. Even nowadays, it´s easy to look around us and see that schools do not only teach Sciences - as we know the word today - but also in the more open meaning that was known as Science at first.

Knowing that, it´s also possible to deduce that any kind of racism and prejudices develop because of misjudgments, twisted or even lack of information about a certain subject.

Culture: fine arts, knowledge, believes, values, goals, all that involves a society. If we, ladies and gentlemen, are talking about teaching the culture of any society, we are also talking about not preaching, but teaching its religion.

It still lacks on information, but based on that, we can actually see that teaching religion in a school as a part of the Culture subject can help fighting racism in a long term period.

From my part, I have seen disrespect from Swedish people when in other countries, I have seen disrespect from foreigners when in Sweden too, sometimes originated from pure hate, sometimes only by lack of information.

Now, before replying anything about my post, read it carefully, and please, if I was not clear enough, before assuming anything, ask me. In that way, we might learn something from each others instead of perpetuate hate and misconceptions.

Thank you all.
13:43 October 12, 2010 by Suntiger
Please read the article, folks:

" but the government maintains that Christianity should continue to receive special treatment."

That means it will continue with business as usual.

Now, if things haven't changed much since I went to school, that means you're taught about religion in Religion class.

You're taught more about Christianity but it isn't preached. None of the religions are.

The "special treatment" is from our History (Samhälle) classes, which include how christianity has helped in shaping modren Sweden. (From 1523 and forward), after Gustav Vasa became king and made Protestantism instead of Catholicism the main version of belief.

However, it also includes teaching how and what christianity (both before and after Protestatism was introduced) adapted from the old pagan beliefs, as well as the usual history of how Sweden's (upper crust) culture was influenced by the othe leading European nations, like France, England, Spain, Germany and so on.

(In fact, for a period in the 1600ds, the language of the Royal Swedish court was french.)

Also, for everyone who complain about immigrants and imigration; how many immigrants do you personally know? You seem to know very well what "they" are like, so you must know at least someone who is an immigrant, right?
16:54 October 12, 2010 by ww77ww
@jbat, you are the troll. Sweden is dying because of people like you. From where do you come?

What do you predict for the future of Sweden in 50 or 100 years if the mismanaged and idiotic trends of today are allowed to remain alive? How will Sweden improve under Islamic influence and absorbing 2000 years worth of immigrants in 25? Sweden the bananarepublic is the future, and you are to blame.
20:40 October 12, 2010 by locaxy
Silly people are silly. The "get the hell out" is something one would expect in Saudi Arabia or so, not in Sweden. But it seems that faith makes people utterly unreasonable.

Secular humanism is the way forward.

21:34 October 12, 2010 by Kowabunga
I talked to the REAL God today and It said you aRE ARE A BUNCH OF SNIVELLING IDIOTS.

The next time you see your God, kick him in the nuts then shoot him in the head. We'd all like to see the miserable bastard who's had nothing better to do than to be messing with your minds.
09:33 October 13, 2010 by jbat
@ ww77ww

Why on earth those Swedes will dying because of me..

You said : mismanaged and idiotic... it is only in your blind eyes with brain full or racist and hatred toward the weak people... If that easy you say someone else is idiot, I also can say you are dumb!

Because of current good Sweden's policy that make this country is good country to live and you are one of the immigrants who have been attracted to it. but why when you come here, you want to change it, blame this and that when you cannot get what you want...

Come on, there is no country in this world that can give jobs to all immigrants in the country.. unless they can limit the number of immigrants to live in the country INCLUDING YOU and your family!

(I know the problem now is those immigrants like you are not satisfied with current less of job here for people like you.. but thats your choice!)

Don´t you feel you need to say Thanks you to Swedes for what you have here in this country, instead of complaining too much about them? What kind of human you are? super Troll?
11:55 November 28, 2010 by Uggla
It's bullcrap and I will not allow it! I am extremely angry about this issue. It's unacceptable.
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