Swedish flat prices continue upward climb

Swedish flat prices continue upward climb
Apartment prices in Sweden have risen 10 percent overall in the last quarter compared with the same period in 2009, new real estate statistics reveal.

Apartment prices have also risen at the same pace in the last quarter in central Gothenburg compared with a year ago, according to sales statistics from real estate companies Fastighetsbyrån and Svensk Fastighetsförmedling and the Association of Real Estate Agents (Mäklarsamfundet).

The figures are published on the Mäklarstatistik real estate statistics website.

“The housing market for the country as a whole can be described as stable, especially regarding house prices. However, there are regional differences with discrepancies going both up and down,” Peeter Pütsep, CEO of Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, said in a statement.

“Apartment prices in central Stockholm and Gothenburg are now back at 2007’s peak levels. Apartment prices tend to fluctuate more than house prices.”

House prices across the country grew 1 percent in September compared with the previous month, with an average home costing 2.21 million kronor ($337,000).

“The parliamentary elections, mortgage lending ceiling, and interest rate hikes appear not to have affected house prices in any significant way so far. As for the mortgage ceiling effect, we need to wait a couple months to see if and how it has affected prices,” said Pütsep.

While the prices of apartments remained flat overall across the country between August and September, prices rose 2 percent in central and greater Stockholm, 1 percent in central Gothenburg and 2 percent in greater Gothenburg. In central Malmö, prices rose 5 percent, but remained flat in greater Malmö.

The price per square metre for a flat in central Stockholm has reached 56,152 kronor, 34,113 kronor in greater Stockholm, 36,765 kronor in central Gothenburg, 23,713 kronor in greater Gothenburg, 21,133 kronor in central Malmö and 18,025 kronor in greater Malmö.

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