Police arrest 20 women in child porn raids

Swedish police on Wednesday raided a series of locations across the country, arresting 23 people on suspicion of serious child pornography offences.

Police arrest 20 women in child porn raids

Twenty of the suspects were women, said Sven-Åke Petters, a spokesperson with the Dalarna police.

“It is too early to say why that is, but it feels as if it is very unusual,” he said.

The situation with such a large number of female suspects in a child pornography case is unique, according to detective inspector Björn Sellström at Sweden’s National Investigation Department (Rikskriminalen).

“This is extremely unusual. Many here are flummoxed by this and it will be very interesting to follow the case and understand the reasons,” he said to TT.

According to Sellström there have been only a handful of convictions against women for child pornography crimes.

Police conducted the coordinated raids at 12 locations across the country, acting on information garnered from an ongoing investigation in Dalarna in central Sweden.

A 42-year-old man remains in custody in connection with the Dalarna investigation and an inspection of his films and pictures led police to the slew of other people and locations, according to a Dalarna police statement.

Two women in Kronoberg, aged 47 and 54-years-old, were among those arrested, with a police statement confirming that there are links to the 42-year-old man.

A further 55-year-old woman was arrested in Halmstad on suspicion of the same offence, reported Sveriges Radio (SR) Halland.

Four women were arrested in Västra Götaland – reported by SR to be in the municipalities of Ale, Mellerud, Tidaholm and Trollhättan.

The 23 suspects all had prior warrants issued for their arrest and so all of those detained in Wednesday’s raids have been formerly arrested.

There remain outstanding arrest warrants for a further two suspects, one of which is reported to be in hospital, while the other has not been located.

The suspects will now be interrogated, and a number of computers and mobile telephones seized in the raid will also be examined.

“This examination and the interviews which are to be held with the suspects will then form the basis for any motions to remand,” Petters said.


Bluff bid for Swedish firm sparks market turmoil

An erroneous press release published on Friday indicating that Swedish firm Fingerprint Cards had been acquired by Samsung led to a sharp rise in the firm's stock and a criminal investigation once the mistake had been discovered.

Bluff bid for Swedish firm sparks market turmoil

“An investigation has shown that the company followed its routines and was subjected to a deliberate fraud attempt,” business wire service Cision, the firm responsible for publishing the press release, said in a statement on Friday.

Fingerprint Cards, a Gothenburg-based biometric technology firm, issued a denial on its homepage on Friday that it had been acquired by the Korean electronics giant.

“The news in today’s media that Fingerprint Cards AB has been acquired by Samsung is incorrect… What has happened will be reported to the police and to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority,” the firm wrote.

The matter is now being handled by the Swedish Economic Crimes Authority (Ekobrottsmyndigheten) which has opened a preliminary investigation into aggravated fraud.

Trading in the company’s stock was halted as soon as the abnormal share fluctuations were detected on Friday morning and all trades completed between 10.17am and 10.34 have been nullified.

Fingerprint Cards’ stock has been one of the Stockholm exchange’s strongest performers since the turn of the year, having climbed over 320 percent since January 1st.

The latest Apple Iphone incorporates the firm’s fingerprint sensor.

All trades from 10.17am have also been nullified in sector colleague Precise Biometrics, which also climbed steeply on Friday.

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