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Malmö gunman keeps city on edge

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 22 Oct 2010, 12:19

Published: 22 Oct 2010 12:19 GMT+02:00

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In a case with clear echoes of the racially-motived "Laser Man" attacks in Stockholm in the early 1990s, Malmö police have begun to investigate 10 to 15 shootings with no apparent motive.

The shooting incidents have taken place throughout the city and none of the victims had any known threats directed against them. Nor have any of the victims been able to explain why they were targeted.

The only thing that they have in common is that they all have immigrant backgrounds.

Tahmoures Yassami, who leads the Iranian-Swedish Association in Malmö, told The Local on Friday that many residents are in shock.

"Many people are frightened at the moment. Especially families who have children. I had a phone call just this morning from a mother who was concerned and asked what was happening," he said.

"We have said to our families to try to stay home in the evenings. We have asked our children to always have their mobile phones on, so we can reach them."

Yassimi questioned whether there really are any parallels to the Laser Man attacks, but either way, the shootings have become a huge topic of conversation among Malmö residents, he said.

Swedish-Iranian Hip hop artist Behrang Miri spends much of his time working with Malmö's young people. Calling for calm, he explained that the Laser Man connection is unfortunate in a city that is all too often associated with crime.

"Many people are shocked. It is not like when the Laser Man was spreading fear in Stockholm - immigrants in Malmö are not a minority. I feel more at home with my appearance in Malmö than in any other city in Sweden."

Miri explained, however, that there are clear similarities between Swedish society today and in the early 1990s, when the Laser Man shootings took place.

"Then we were emerging from a deep financial crisis, as we are now. Then we had a a frenzied immigration debate, as we have now. It is difficult to say if this has caused somebody to react, but the tone of the debate has long been a hard one.

"But the Laser Man connection, I hadn't heard anyone talk about that before the police mentioned it. Now it is all over the media of course."

Miri argued that the young people that he works with are probably less likely to feel affected by the developments.

"I work a lot with the youth and for them shootings in Malmö have unfortunately become normal. I don't think that they react in the same way - Malmö's streets are their meeting place. Parents can be more afraid than their kids," he said.

In 1991 the populist anti-immigrant New Democracy party was elected to Sweden's Riksdag, and in September 2010, the Sweden Democrats, arguing on similar tough line platform, did the same.

The connection with the hardened climate of the debate and even the attacks in Malmö has been drawn by a number of commentators, including Yassimi.

"We have had racism and discrimination for a long time. But they (the Sweden Democrats) now have the power, and the resources, to use democracy as their tool. It seems that they are able to say and do what they want against immigrants, with their hateful propaganda," he explained.

Miri pointed out that Sweden is a product of its environment and has shown itself susceptible to the "far right winds blowing across the continent."

"I hope that a lot of people who voted for the Sweden Democrats did so out of frustration, feelings of being outside the society," he explained.

"I don't know if there is a connection between these attacks and SD's election success, but I know that we have to see to it that everyone feels a part of the society."

Miri explained that this is not just about culturally mixed areas such Rosengård, or Kroksbäck, but also about areas such as Almgården or Klagerup, segregated, he says, "from a class perspective".

Martin Grann at Karolinska Institute's Centre for Violence Prevention told The Local on Friday that the fear that the Laser Man connection evokes could cause panic.

"It's a double-edged sword. Sometimes with cases like this, fear in itself can pose a health problem to the community," Grann said while adding that the police have to be trusted for their reasons in divulging the information.

"Sometimes the right thing is to give out more information to help identify the perpetrator. Most of the time, it is the right thing," he said.

Hip hop artist Miri argues that while the situation is completely unacceptable, he underlines that it is important that responsibility is taken to diffuse the drama.

Story continues below…

"I hope that this is over as soon as possible and we can get on with continuing are work to promote class and gender equality and Malmö can continue its transformation from an old worker town to a fantastic knowledge-based city," he told The Local.

"The greatest fear of Malmö is from the outside," he added.

The ‘Laser Man’, John Ausonius, received his moniker because his victims were targeted with a red dot from a rifle equipped with a laser sight.

Ausonius targeted his first immigrant victim at the end of the summer of 1991. Two Eritreans saw a circle of red light rest on their compatriot’s body before he was hit.

The man survived but Laser Man terrorized Stockholm’s immigrant population for a further eighteen months.

Between August 1991 to January 1992, Ausonius, today 57, shot 11 people -- most of them immigrants -- in and around Stockholm. He killed one person and seriously wounded the others.

Additional reporting by The Local's Vivian Tse

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:36 October 22, 2010 by Iraniboy
That's where racism ends. That's why many people are concerned about racism and want to stop it from the begining.

The first level of racism, the person hate people who belong to the other races but they do nothing.

The second level they hate and triy to ban, insult or make problem for other races like SD and their supporters.

The last level of racism they hate and want to kill them like this guy, John Ausonius and Nazis.

I hope SDs and their supporters(which we find a handful of them in this forum) stop at level two.
16:53 October 22, 2010 by calebian22
Other than the article is about a crazy nutter targeting immigrants, the second most disturbing and troubling aspect was this quote by, Miri.

"....immigrants in Malmö are not a minority. I feel more at home with my appearance in Malmö than in any other city in Sweden."

Imagine a stereotypically blonde, blue eyed Swede making the same statement. Miri is only comfortable around his own demographic, but that is okay? Comments like that are exactly why SD made it into the Riksdag.
16:55 October 22, 2010 by planethero
Racism and anti-mass-immigration are not connected.

Its rather like supporting a football club does not make you a hooligan even tho some fans are hooligans.

I voted SD mainly as nobody else was mentioning the immigration elephant in the room.

I am foriegn, my friends are mainly foreigners and i dont want to shoot anyone*

*except idol contestants.
17:11 October 22, 2010 by Niggletriple
I noticed Miri the rapper wants to transform Malmo. He desribes Malmo as an 'old worker' town. Has he got a problem with 'old' people, or has he got a problem with 'worker' people? Has he got a democratic mandate to change Malmo? And have the 'old worker' people of Malmo got a say in this?
17:15 October 22, 2010 by unseen

they won't,

diseases can only be properly treated to be cured. thus the shooting will keep going,

the logic must take place among both immigrants and Swedes. and yet we don't know who really is behind the shooting.

on the other hand we all have to stop criticizing the SD's. it got to be something that driving these people thinking this way. reason would solve the problem. refusing the others and shutting them up will make the good guys even worse than the bad ones.

i have been discriminated and subject to racism in Sweden, however i have been through higher levels i of both back in my home land.

at the end of the day we all share this world and we have to figure out some way to keep the harmony among nations and ethnic groups within nations.
17:21 October 22, 2010 by Swedesmith
First off, the police need to catch this whacko and put him behind bars for a long, long time.

Secondly, I have been outspoken in my concerns about mass-immagration. Especially when I read the quote that states that the native Swedes are a minority in Malmö. This does not make me a racist or a Nazi. I think there is a place for immigrants in Sweden, but if you dilute the culture to where it is no longer recognizable as Swedish, much will have been lost. And I don't feel like shooting anyone. Not even that a-hole who cut me off in traffic this morning.
17:33 October 22, 2010 by unseen

i salute you......
17:48 October 22, 2010 by skatty
First, the attack has been started since 2009 (17 or 18 people so far with one death) and almost a year ago before election.

Second; immigrants have always been under attack, and many times have been murdered in different ways by local countrymen, but the news like this one (or Ausonius) creates special attention because the targets are blindly chosen in large number without any particular reason in long time.

Third, in my opinion, this kind of incidences would be repeated in many time intervals in future, in Sweden. There are some basic problems with Swedish social mentality, which develop and create hate to immigrants, despite all the news about how wonderful Sweden is! I mean there are many countries in EU, where don't like immigrants but shoot them blindly in the street is not understandable!
18:18 October 22, 2010 by double concerto
Shades of the future being shown here, leading to a third world environment of conflict and a very unhappy Sweden. Happily created by blind and insane Liberalism, Dangerously ignoring all protests from its own people who will eventually resort to direct action as has happened in this particular case.
19:04 October 22, 2010 by Syftfel
Iraniboy's incoherent rant notwithstanding, as he uncorks his customary bigotry charge, random shootings are of course totally unacceptable in any civilized society. If we can't feel safe in the streets, then nothing else matters. It is however easy to deduce, right or wrong, why such random violence occurs. I am therefore herewith formally and irrevocably pointing fingers at social dem party and its decades long misguided open borders policy.
19:07 October 22, 2010 by Sam1
I think they have deleted my comment because I said its the media creating hate between people and watching the two bulls fight...

I Urge any one who has black hair Swedish or not, adopted or not to have your own protection and keep away, if you were to buy a licened gun do it...And watch around you dont be alone at buss stops and in places where you are a threat, watch your back Nazis are every where...
19:14 October 22, 2010 by Tanskalainen
No mention of what calibre the assailant is using.
19:17 October 22, 2010 by fridayz
Do you people dare to go out after dark or even before dark! these days? I assume most of the folk active in this page are not from Sweden and look like " immigrants"
19:18 October 22, 2010 by Iraniboy
Again our fellow SD supporters hide their racist desires under the mask of supporting anti-immigration policy.

I say again and again. Having ANTI IMMIGRATION policy doesn't make you racist! But hating and propagating hatred about already immigrated and sometimes citizens regardless of their individual circumstances WILL MAKE YOU RACIST.
19:22 October 22, 2010 by jbat
@ planethero

"anti-mass-immigration" your asshshss!.. check out what SD Ekeroth say about Islam and muslim people and check out several other sd leaders statement about Islam and muslim.

Agree with Sam1.. some medias now like are organizing this concert and want the benefits out of it. I bet some of sites now are getting more and more visitors than ever before this.. check out how many "hot" news they put in as a highlight week in week out nowadays out of many many other news.. yeah another freedom... freedom of press!
19:39 October 22, 2010 by calebian22

I find it interesting that on one hand you lump SD and their supporters as bigoted Nazis, but any generalizations about certain immigrant demographics are unacceptable. So you are allowed to make sweeping generalizations that have no basis?
19:50 October 22, 2010 by Iraniboy

A criminal black African or Muslim doesn't ask for permission from other Blacks or Muslims but every SD member or political figure does. So if an SD member calls for shooting immigrants between their eyes and posting them back home, the whole party is responsible unless they expel her. Besides Scaremongering and hatred against a group of people is in their manifesto. You should read it and also their members opinions before voting. If you hadn't, I apologize for putting you in that category and in fact you are not an SD supporter.
19:51 October 22, 2010 by Ansgard
Keep your head down and everything will be fine.
19:58 October 22, 2010 by europeman31
A clear sign of Nazism on the comments.
20:24 October 22, 2010 by skatty

It is a bad advice. Your advice is good for a slave not an immigrant!

Immigrants are not slave to keep head down; they participate and try to improve things, or at least it's believed that immigrants are trying to do. Immigrant should not keep head down and pretend everything work well and fine. It's not development, it's subordination.
20:27 October 22, 2010 by calebian22

There you go again with the generalizations. Being a member of a party does not make you responsible for the actions of one member. Are all Social Democrats incapable of distinguishing between personal credit cards and business credit cards? Do they all have a sweet tooth for Toblerone? People are members of parties and vote for parties for a variety of reasons.

On a personal note, most of my political views fall within the Moderaterna platform however, their stand on immigration is ridiculously lax, as are all the other sitting parties' policies. Unless, the larger parties wake up and realize that immigration, integration, whatever you want to call the problem, is a serious issue, SD will continue to grow in popular support.
20:35 October 22, 2010 by europeman31
Look my friends , In this terrible situation the ripple effect make the Sweden image very bad , very bad in Rest of EU and internationally. This image was already shaken when SD joined in Riksdag but this incident above is making it worst .
20:48 October 22, 2010 by Iraniboy

As long as you can expel that member IT DOES. SD can and could but they didn't because they simply support Zenophibia from the highest level of their organisation. You're not resposible for what you father does but your responsible for what a member of your political party says.

Sorry I'm not fan of Social Democrats so stop talking irrelevant.

Like I said before I really don't care how SD grows. In 1950s a similar party grew until it was backed by the vast majority of Germans. what happened then?! We never learn from the past you know!!

I don't want to support to Moderates but their LAX and quiet implementation of reforms for integration was the only solution for this problem which was foiled by these stupid SDs. It won't work in another way. In fact SD have absolutely no solution for this problem. They just spread hatred to regroup people and people themselves fight with each other and they grows. This is how populist parties work. They never solve the problem they grow by making the the problem worse.
20:53 October 22, 2010 by asian369
@Ansgard.. "Keep your head down and everything will be fine".

I agree with your statement but to make it more logical and SOLUTION to the problem , the word "down" should be replaced with "up".. and here it is repharased.... "Keep your head UP and everything will be fine".
22:14 October 22, 2010 by Tanskalainen
@Ansgard.. ST. Ansgard converted Scandinavia to Christianity... is your choice of name a coincidence?
23:10 October 22, 2010 by Icarusty
It has everything to do with law and order. Responsibility and incompetence of the host police force (i.e. white, Swedish police) is to blame here. In places like UAE and the Far East, any racist who doesn't like the white foreigners making themselves at home is severely dealt with. Just shows the closed mindset of the peoples, and their reluctance to tackle the problem.
23:17 October 22, 2010 by asee
I am student living in Malmo! I hope this shooter dont hurt student...my fellows are little worried...
00:07 October 23, 2010 by Sam1
There are comment here from SD supporters, and I say SD themselves proved to be Nazis, and they sure celebrate the death and injury of these immigrants, since clearly their member speaking on their behald.

Wants to shoot other culters between the eyes and send them by parcel back home...PEOPLE WHAT THIS MEANS?? can some one tell me??? they promote these shootings, the Media most of it are Racist they daily create hate of immigrants like they are all pests and Useless and generalise about people like Hitler did.

@skatty...Yes the media shows that black hair cultures are usless and cheap amazingly 85% of earth has black hair!!! Scandinavia for example a country that No one invaded due to coldness has blond hair and not all.

Research also shows that SD voters are hopeless themselves about life and have family problems most are broken family and have not been thought morals...What you expect they can commit murder.
06:40 October 23, 2010 by ngecenk
i guest this:


will change very2 soon ey :|
09:36 October 23, 2010 by Goodwill81
This is a sad incident but also a clear example of the "we told you so" phenomenon. I am affraid in the future we will see escalation of such violence. Especially in areas of Sweden like Malmo, where these same (not all ofcourse) immigrants showed little or no respect towards the native Swedes by executing violence and virtually taking urban areas under their control and terror.

Shooting and hurting - NO ! Rational immigration policy - YES !

And to all of you shouting all SD members and supporters are racist, I say every muslim is a criminal and potential terrorist. How do you like this kind of generalization? So please, be careful with your statements, as much as your intellect allows you, that is.
10:31 October 23, 2010 by asian123
what will happen if this shooter is also a immigrant
10:33 October 23, 2010 by cowboykodp

You forgot to mention that it was you and your buddies who have been bashing the poor muslims long before anyone bashed your beloved SD.

But don't let this small fact stop your determined bigoted march and rationalization for these shootings. Keep up the bashing.

Like I said on another story, if it turns out to be an immigrant doing the shootings, then all will cry out "terrorist" and taking over Europe. And if its a white Swede, then its just A criminal.
10:41 October 23, 2010 by skatty

Actually, these kinds of indexes are one of many problems, which create such incidences in Sweden. There are 24 hours a day brainwashing about how top and number one is Sweden and there are generations who grows up with this being number one in the world. This number one being results to close the eyes to reality and try to find a self satisfaction. Swedes use statistics for their purposes and they certainly know that statistics can be used in certain suitable ways to convince others.

As an example, I have never heard anywhere in the world somebody shoot blindly somebody else, who doesn't look like a native. There have always been some kinds of motives, like gang fighting, religion discrimination, colour of skin, poverty, crime and many things. What level of development a society must reach to conclude that anybody who doesn't look like a Swede should be shot!
10:53 October 23, 2010 by wenddiver
Asonius shot 57 people and only killed one????

Sounds to me like somebody needs to consider instituting a National Firearms training program. Hopefully he was never in your Armed Forces as that is terrible shooting, especially when you consider he was using a Laser sight. We have a "Johnny Appleseed Program" (sponsored by Concerned Civilian donors), the Civilian Marksmanship Program (Sponsored by the Federal Government), Torquotte Learning Center (Sponsored by our State Government), The Eddie Eagle Program (Sponsored by the National Rifle Association), and many others who teach children how to safely handle firearms, not abuse them and with the Exception of Eddie Eagle how to accurately hit your target. Additionally, fireams are a necessary tool for maintaining a country's independence and Freedom, not to pass Fredom onto the next generation is sick.

When people miss in shooting they endanger other people with uncontroled bullets.
11:00 October 23, 2010 by jonathanjames61
One thing is clear,Swedes are not racist,this is the fear which we need to understand Swedes dont like to have many kids so they see their race being overtaken by immigrants,So they should be motivated to marry and have kids at least when you know you are out numbered there will be confident,I have alway ask myself,if Nigeria,Iran,iraq,afganistan,somalia,eriterea,ethopian,kenyan,on and on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,were like Swedes, honesly we will never be here,lets just face the fact,now that we are here, we all should strife to obey the law of the land and be friendly,we all know that Swedes are socially shy people and not friendly at first instance,so if you as immigrant think along with them,you will make the best out of them,Not by building a fence arround your self along race religion,ethnicity,even within the immigrant society some consider themself more superior to others this is a fact.This shooting is all about a man that is angry with himself,not about swedes.So this man is just an issolated case,Let the police handle him .
11:13 October 23, 2010 by calebian22

I used the example of Mono Sahlin being a cheat as a rebuttal to your SD members are racist because of the actions of some of their local leaders comment. If all Social Democrats are not the same as Mona than you can't make generalizations about SD and it's members. So it was relevant as an example. It is interesting that you didn't understand the parallel however.
14:01 October 23, 2010 by cowboykodp

Maybe not the best rebuttal?

When Mona Salin did something wrong, the Social Democrats did not say it was OK to do these things, But when SD members say things such as Islam is a pedophillic cult, or that Islam is the biggest threat since WW2, it represents a line of argument they all share.

So, while the people who voted for SD are not necessarily racists and bigots, there is not much argument about the party members being bigots.

By the way, I voted for Moderaterna.
14:15 October 23, 2010 by Eastman
Don't you love it when a hip hop bum turns into a news analyst and the city planner? He thinks he and his people can turn the city of Malmo into a city of "knowledge based", folks? I guess first they'll turn Malmo into a ghetto and then they'll turn it into a silicon valley, right? But wait, Malmo is already a ghetto, then I guess soon we will see that they will turn this city into the beacon of Europe! Just can't wait!
21:07 October 23, 2010 by Sam1
Hello Immigrants and non Swedish origin protect yourself with any type of sharp object, if you happen to get shot and he misses or in the hand or whatever..grab your knife and tear this psycho into pieces and let the media take his pictures and show it to SD and those NAZIS to let them know

What will happen to Racists in Sweden treated with his own actions.
02:20 October 24, 2010 by Makaveli
Wonder how many of you would have the guts to say all these things if your true profiles were known. Easy to hide behind that computer monitor (anonymous) and say all sorts of disrespectful things. I guess we all are born with double standards huh!..lol. Talking all these crap about various races, then go out in real life, smile and pretend to be friendly or caring to your Black/White/Asian/Hispanic/Arabic etc. colleagues or mates. Guess if we could all have our will done, they'd be many more Hitlers on earth than we can possibly imagine.
11:11 October 24, 2010 by Stoofstef
Also doctors. I am a patient at Haukeland hospital in Bergen and there Dr. Svarstad took me off the list due to my complaint against a nurse who said to me due to Oslo riots in January 8th 2009 I had to hear a nurse say to me:

"Hitler var god for Europa, minoriteter blir til majoritet, jeg er enig med det Hitler gjorde mot jødene, jeg blir snart en minoritet, se dere 1,2. og jeg er bare den 1 nordmann her inne. Heil Hitler". Dr. Svarstad then wrote a letter saying I am mentally unstable and a paranoid and reason to pull me off the transplant list. I had to go to a shrink and get that revoked as Svarstad is a kidney doctor and not a shrink. So not only a human with a gun (Malmö) can kill.

Now I have developed osteoporosis. Svarstad wanted me to enter the cancer list without cancer and refused to give me my test results to keep me longest out of the list. I have no cancer but it is clear his objective is to ruin my life. Svarstad also told newspapers I am mentally ill and papers do not want to listen to me at all. So there - some are shooting others are selecting. Svarstad told me himself he "has to choose to whom he gives a kidney".

Made me a liar to the press and others and now just waits for the right moment for me to break down and then declare me insane? That doctor is an evil incarnated. I call it the Gestapo section. It is awful to go there and get dyalisis.
09:52 October 25, 2010 by BonamiM
Not much of a gunman if he targets women instead of the rampaging young, angry, male Islamist hordes who gang up to rape little Swedish girls or young Swedish women. Who are "nude-faced unbeliever whores" and deserve it. Isn't that more worrying, hip hop krooner?
13:12 October 25, 2010 by cowboykodp

Relax buddy, your getting your blood pressure up.

"Rampaging young angry males"? That sounds like a sexual on your part.

Get some help!!!
11:35 October 27, 2010 by flintis
@Iraniboy, there are no levels in racism, hate is hate on any level but most racism is the result of ignorance.

Auzonious was a confused immigrant, so don't tar everyone with the same brush, & in your "levels of racism" you forgot to mention the murdering communists who by the way have murdered more people than the nazis.

@BonamiM #43, that's a racist comment if ever I've read one. Unbeliever whore's?? how do you know they do not believe? Maybe they do not have the same archaic beliefs as yourself, & all the other religious fools who belive in fairy tales written 2000 yrs ago, they probably believe in living life.
05:39 October 28, 2010 by anticommie
Only criminals have guns in sweden the rest of you are willing victims, LOL you should be shot for being sheep to the left wing moonbats.
12:03 October 28, 2010 by Elias06
FOR WHEN A BLOND HAIR GUNMAN ? im just kidding i think that all this sh..t happening these days will be positive for sweden and for "black hair people in sweden" as journalist are calling them these days. all this will make us wonder and ask ourselves how did we arrive to that. what makes me sad , is the very negative role played by the medias (The local included) in creating a very bad environement in sweden that lead to the results we all now today
14:43 October 28, 2010 by anticommie
I guess suicide belts and IED's are next and will be blamed on the blond hair swede because of PC BS and them afraid to call a terrorist a terrorist.
02:24 October 29, 2010 by Shapla Amin
lets see what come out at last
07:44 October 29, 2010 by calebian22

Iraniboy said that SD leaders who promote violence or make public statements that are racist should be censured by their party and removed. Not doing so automatically condemns all members as being of the same ilk. The Social Democrats did not remove Mona when it was discovered she was a theif. So by Iraniboy's thinking all Social Democrats are thieves. Of course this is ridiculous, which is the point. Social Dems are not all theives just as not all SD members are bigoted Nazis.
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