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Police warn against panic over Malmö shootings

TT/AFP/The Local · 23 Oct 2010, 11:14

Published: 23 Oct 2010 11:14 GMT+02:00

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The man was riding on a bicycle path near the Mobilia mall. He was not hit. Police received an initial report at 7.01pm and made contact with the man, who had fled from the spot, eight minutes later. The man promised to point out the exact location of the alleged shooting, adding that an unknown man had run away from the scene.

"As citizens of Malmö, regardless of nationality or origin, we must have public safety in mind," Åsa Palmqvist of the Malmö police told reporters on Friday.

Police this week said they were setting up a task force of up to 50 police officers to look into around 15 unsolved shootings in the southern city of Malmö, Sweden's third-largest, over the past year, which could be motivated by racism.

The crimes bear a chilling similarity to the case of an immigrant-shooting sniper in Stockholm in the early 1990s.

Police were cautious in drawing parallels between the two cases, but the Swedish press quickly picked up on the similarities, with the country's two largest tabloids on Friday saying that police were searching for "a new Laserman."

Laserman was the nickname given to John Ausonius, who shot 11 people of immigrant origin, killing one, in and around Stockholm from August 1991 to January 1992.

Ausonius, who in many of the attacks used a rifle equipped with a laser sight, was sentenced to life behind bars in 1994 and remains in prison.

Daily Dagens Nyheter reported on Friday the profiler who helped solve that case had joined the investigation team in Malmö.

Police in Malmö did not divulge the details of the investigation, only telling a large crowd of reporters -- some them from Denmark and Norway -- that they were receiving help from various Swedish police corps.

They also warned residents against panic, stressing a text message appearing to come from police that had been circulating urging people to stay indoors was fake.

On Thursday, two women aged 26 and 34 were slightly injured when someone shot them through a kitchen window. A teenager driving a moped was also shot at in broad daylight earlier in the day, but was not hit.

In both cases, the victims were of immigrant origin, police said.

Börje Sjöström of the Malmö police said there was a risk of more shootings in the city, but stressed Malmö was still safe.

"For an individual person, the risk is extremely small," he said.

In many of the unsolved shootings over the past year, the victims had not adopted risky behaviour and were simply going about their daily business, he said.

"Many of those who were affected were in completely normal situations. It is not risky behaviour to work out at the gym or to wait for the bus," Sjöström said, insisting that "the worst thing people can do is to lock themselves in and capitulate."

Just as with the Laserman case, the recent shootings in Malmö come at a time when an openly anti-immigration party has just entered the Swedish parliament.

This year, the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats won 20 seats in parliament in the September 19th election with an especially strong showing in the south of Sweden.

Gellert Tamas, who wrote a book about the Laserman in 2002, said the current political situation could be an inspiration for today's shooter, much like the anti-immigration New Democracy party inspired Ausonius.

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"John Ausonius was very clear in the interviews I did with him that he was inspired by the debate on immigration that took place in the early 1990s," he told Dagens Nyheter.

"He felt moral support, that people were behind him. But he also felt political support, from New Democracy above all, but also from other xenophobic parties such as the Sweden Democrats," which had just been created, he added.

Of the Malmö shootings being probed, only one has resulted in a death: a 20-year-old woman of Swedish origin who was shot last October while sitting in a car with a young man of immigrant background. He was seriously injured in the attack.

Separately, Malmö mayor called on Justice Minister Beatrice Ask to act on demands from the police and city of Malmö to hike the penalties for possession of illegal arms, writing she should "take her mission seriously or resign" in Dagens Nyheter's opinion page on Saturday.

Reepalu believes that Malmö residents have been affected by lack of action in this area in an unacceptable way.

"I become furious when the Minister of Justice says in the newspaper that it is 'understandable' that gang shootings take place in Malmo," he wrote in Dagens Nyheter.

TT/AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:57 October 23, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
Well,as Miri said,the immigrant population in Malmoe is more than native swedish

and now there are remarks from certain quaters that the shootings are the work

of anti-immigrants.?What if the shootings are the work of holier than thou immigrants.?

Now,just let the Authorities do their work and arrest the culprits and if the shootings

are the work of the holier than thou immigrants then perhaps the natives Swedish

would only open their eyes.

If the shootings are the work of the native Swedish then it's because of their fear

as today " Miri " proudly claimed that the immigrants had overpopulated the native

Swedish in Malmoe and what about the other cities.?Sofar,there were no death

and either way,the Swedish Government must address the ever growing refugees intake at the expense of local native Swedish.
12:40 October 23, 2010 by Nemesis
No one actually knows who is doing the shooting. Everyone is making guess's.

The last time this happened it was the son of immigrants, who was shooting immigrants.

It literally could be anyone.
13:00 October 23, 2010 by double concerto
The Swedish government are quite happy to import people from all over the third world where gang and drug culture is rife, it is now part and parcel of multiculture and it is now being inflicted upon the Swedish people on a daily basis. Gang shootings and bombings have now become endemic in Sweden thanks to multiculture. I guess a lot of Swedish people are now beginning to wake up to the horrors that await them in the future Sweden now being mapped out for them by their pot smoking Lib political elite. For some people it is to much, seeing their once peaceful cities being transformed into ghettos of crime and filth.
13:53 October 23, 2010 by bolababu
As usual, all the above comments seek to excuse the shooter. Immigration is a problem in Sweden but going about shooting at immigrants? ..not even overly racist societies have gone that far. There is no way the shooter is of immigrant origin, you swedes like to blame immigrants for everything including when the sun doesn't shine, when you lose your work or are too lazy to work etc, now you also want to blame immigrants for shooting immigrants, real silly.
13:56 October 23, 2010 by Eastman
Shocking isn't it? So how is the Multiculturalism working out for you Swedes? Together, you and your refugees goin to build an utopia society in Sweden, just like you have built the city of "knowledge-based" Malmo.
14:20 October 23, 2010 by Swedesmith
Whether or not the shooter is an immigrant is just speculation at this point. One thing is clear is that he/she is mentally sick. Until we catch this individual we will not know his motives. He may not even really know.
15:12 October 23, 2010 by asian123

"There is no way the shooter is of immigrant origin"

how can you say that. it happened previously.

many people easily jump to blame racists. that is the main idea here.

now police chase the racist groups. who want to harass these so called racist groups?

my guess is that the shooter who is shooting immigrants is also a immigrant.
15:26 October 23, 2010 by gabeltoon
Does the SWEDISH AUTHORITIES do enough to vet all of the refugees and immigrants they let into the country ??? It is the same here in the uk. There are just far to many of each here and the native population feel like WEare being squeezed out. I can understand all that goes on , but We in western europe can only take so much .It's about time the governments across europe sat up and listened to the populations that voted them into their positions. After all i've said i do feel for the people of MALMO and what they are having to put up with.
15:46 October 23, 2010 by Eastman
I think this is just a preview of what goin to happen in the years to come if these Liberal Elites keep turning their blind eye on the immigration problems in the country. The country has reached its breaking point, and yet, the Librals are siting around singing honky donky praises about their precious Multiculturalism. Wake up Swedes! May be you can salvage part of you country!
15:50 October 23, 2010 by fridayz
there are things we have to know:

1- the immigration regulations here in Sweden hasn't been correct

is it the immigrant to blame, shoot or killed for this?

2- Sweden has no regulation to attract highly educated or well trained work force, instead they accept refugees and turn them to citizens, well it is nice of course to give a shelter to people suffering from different disasters that we (westerners) are partly or totally or historically responsible for BUT there should be a limit as well as management.

3- it is quite trendy here in Sweden to blame immigrant for all problems, we go so far that we blame them for being killed by a gunman .... let see how any swedes committed crimes in last couple of days....Children porn , pedophilia, breaking trough peoples place being hell drunk and ...

4- Sweden is one of the main producers of missile ... and sell them and make a nice profit ... good for Sweden ....
15:53 October 23, 2010 by Ansgard
Good for Sweden and good for its customers. Swedish missiles are of very good quality.
16:22 October 23, 2010 by Eastman
If you still have any doubts about how incredibly and miraculously Multiculturalism really works out in Europe, then take a look at Malmo, if that can't impress you then I don't know what is. Because thanks to the Swedes, it is now truly a beacon of Europe!
16:58 October 23, 2010 by asian369
Why it takes dozens of immigrants, as compare to one ethnic swede ,to get down before an arrest is materialized??
17:08 October 23, 2010 by cowboykodp

Have some patience. In a decade or two, Sweden will be the beacon of Europe.

Then again, the standards of Europe are not that high to begin with.

The only true success story is the US, and it will keep on being so.
17:57 October 23, 2010 by Iraniboy
@ericrufinosiah and Eastman and ...

"If the shootings are the work of the native Swedish then it's because of their fear"

Your justification of this sick behaviour is as disgusting as the original action. You and your ilk are one step behind this sicko. You're both racist and know a valid reason to kill. He does, you haven't started. In case you don't know this sicko was not killing immigrant until last month. So he was a simple racist who just hated immigrants without killing them. Now suddenly he advanced one step and decided to kill immigrants.


It can be. It is racism that is the problem not being immigrant or Swede. There are some immigrants and even an Iranian among top SD members. It doesn't make them less racist.

But there are some who believe that immigrants from Switzerland or Germany like the Laserman are qualified immigrants and so they are Swedes after some time. It is the colour the bothers them!!!
18:05 October 23, 2010 by facetedjewel

Shot - past tense, as in 'a loved one was shot'.

Yes, the number of deaths and injuries is sobering.
18:07 October 23, 2010 by salongsvaenster
So, the usual small-minded, hateful and xenopohobic element rears its head once again in these threads - makes one think that more immigration is needed to help dilute this provincial claptrap that belongs to the 19th century rather than the 21st.
18:10 October 23, 2010 by glamelixir

well said!
19:31 October 23, 2010 by Eastman
Racist? I gotta tell you that word is played, it's sooo played! The Liberal Elites used to use that word to isolate and to scare people, to shut down the debate about immigration policy. But in case you havn't notice, things have changed accross Europe. People are started to wake up now whether you like it or not. The "racist" word that you use so casually has little or no meanning whatsoever. And I feel that there is no need for me to dignify myself with this kind of garbage talk anyway.
20:19 October 23, 2010 by Iraniboy

Yeah this word is play soooooooo much but it has also killed sooooooooooooooooo many more people that it is played from Germany to Serbia and recently 15 shots in Oct 2010 in Malmo!!

Again you hide yourself behind immigration topic. The way you justify this sicko's behaviour to immigration is disgusting. In case you haven't noticed the analysis, these racist parties are only supported low educated, unemployed men.

The recent increase support for far right racist parties is due to recent economical crisis like what happened 1990s.
20:33 October 23, 2010 by Eastman
In case you havn't notice, in the 90's there weren't so many of you here. Now you are too many and you have turned Europe up side down, i don't think this is a simple surge, it's not easily goin to fade away as your simple mind thinks. What happenning in Europe now is not another 90's, it's here to stay.
20:50 October 23, 2010 by salongsvaenster
@ Eastman

"In case you havn't notice, in the 90's there weren't so many of you here. Now you are too many and you have turned Europe up side down, i don't think this is a simple surge, it's not easily goin to fade away as your simple mind thinks. What happenning in Europe now is not another 90's, it's here to stay. "

Well, it may not be the 90's, but neither is it the 1930's - civilised Europe knows what happened then and what it took to lop off the head of the racist cancer that flourished then. Tolerance and plain old-fashioned common decency are far more deeply embedded in Sweden and most other parts of Europe than you realise. The multicultural world is here to stay!
20:56 October 23, 2010 by BlackAfrican
Immigrant is an innocuous word. Can you tell the general public what type of "immigrant" the shooter is targeting? Is it Black Africans, Asians etc? Before I came to Sweden I met many Swedes while I lived in New York. The Swedes were basically quiet and awkward. However, one thing I took away after meeting many of them was the fact that tey were cowards by nature.

Though I am with a Swedish citizen (my wife is originally from Uganda, Black as space). I can't help to wonder how long we should stay here. Though the country gets along pretty well I for the love of me can get over how morally depraved and hypocritical Sweden is. The simple fact that there has been a racist shooting spree and no one in authority is talking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

Why are they continual using "DOUBLESPEAK" plus avoiding to label the shooter or give a description of him? Hint: "WHITE" RACIST MALE OR MALES (COULD BE A POLICE OFFICER) WHO IS INADEQAUTE AROUND BLACK PEOPLE", what's new? Sweden is a sham of a nation for sure.
21:11 October 23, 2010 by BlackAfrican
Sverige är en dystopi (Sweden is a dystopia).
21:24 October 23, 2010 by asian369
The person is highly professional , FEARLESS, confident, and well netted as well. He deliberately aimed his weapon in order to injure rather than to kill. His hands do not shiver while pulling the trigger. He is STILL not caught because all targets are IMMIGRANTS. I prat , his hand SHOULD SHIVER next time to hit some non-immigrant so that JUSTICE should be deliverd then.
21:35 October 23, 2010 by BlackAfrican

You give this coward far to much credit.

Racism = "white" supremacy works in an insidious way where a conspiracy of silence and action need not be expressed or even spoken about. It similar to when Barack Obama was elected president of the United States, all the "whites' in America purchased guns without a group meeting. The same behavior was detected in South Africa when a Black government was instituted.

"Whites" are a minority across the globe and are a very, very dangerous group of people. They are cowards by nature and very cruel.

If the shootings continue, I suspect a group of African or other colored people who have nothing to lose will retaliate.

The police are not protecting them.
21:53 October 23, 2010 by gsurya
As an Indian immigrant living in Malmo, this has come as a surprise. So far living here has been pretty peaceful for me, though the place seems to have an edge, is not that much of a shock given my own environment back in India.

One big difference that I see in the approach of US & UK that have been more successful with immigration is they know that with immigration their way of life will change.

With European countries like Germany n France, this is what has gone wrong. You cannot make immigrants conform to some specific way of living in a short period of time, that has to come about in the 2nd or 3rd generation immigrant.

So unless you are prepared to absorb the changes that come with immigration, dont claim that you are an immigrant friendly society.
21:58 October 23, 2010 by BeginsWithQ
We are all free to love and free to hate. We can hate people who are different from us. We are free to pass judgement on anyone in society the way we see fit. It's when we kill innocent people that we cross the line.

I hope they catch this son of a bitch. He's killing the Swedish ideals and values along with innocent lives.
22:02 October 23, 2010 by Swedesmith
@Black African

A racist is a person who hates people solely because of their race. A person such as you.
22:06 October 23, 2010 by BlackAfrican

The defintion of racism is as follow....Racism (white supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined; which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action, and emotional response, as conducted, simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth - a planet upon which the vast and overwhelming majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people."
22:11 October 23, 2010 by Sam1
this racist is some guy living a movie...he is some coward useless in society I challenge you all he is some drug addict, useless person theif exactly like John lazer crap who changed his name put lenses and dyed his hair..

He thought that this could benefit him more to push himself with Sweds...if Sweds themselves dont know their parents, its a nurse who takes care of the elderly paid care...you think they will tell you COME to us baby...if their families are broken...

What an idiot...you will never belong no where....This guy is not Swedish Either...because Sweds might be cold to each other and robotic with social norms...but they are non violent people
22:11 October 23, 2010 by Texas1
It's to bad Sweden's gun laws are so strict. If these people were packin some hardware, these victims very well could be alive today. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens are a deterent to crime. The crimes prevented, far out-weigh the crimes committed. It's very unfortunate that these people had to die at the hands of a crazed gunman(or woman) with no chance of defending themselves.

Here in Texas, smart criminals think twice before they start something, especially when they know there's a strong chance that "Big Tex" is packin. Crazy criminals end up with a toe tag.
22:16 October 23, 2010 by RobinHood
@Black African

I'm sorry, but two words into your perverted definition of racism, and you blew it.

"Racism (white supremacy) ....."

Never has a poster here revealed his repulsive agenda so quickly. Two words is indeed a record that will never be beaten. Well done.
22:17 October 23, 2010 by Iraniboy
I agree with Swedesmith 'Racist' can be anyone. White, black, or any colour. They just don't like one the the colours. It can be even their own colour!!


Like I said before you're only one step behind this sicko who is killing people for how they look. I can only hope that someone in your vicinity is able to cure you.
22:21 October 23, 2010 by BlackAfrican

I challange you to prove my definiton incorrect.... I look at the system of racism having come into being consciously because the White population recognized, after they circumnavigated the globe, that they were a tiny minority, fewer that one-tenth of the people on the planet. And they were genetic-recessive compared to the genetic dominance of people who produce color. They realized that they could be genetically annihilated and White people could, as a collective of people, disappear. They worked out a system for White survival, which entails dominating all of the Black, Brown, Red and Yellow people on the planet. !!!!So racism is a behavioral system for the survival of White people!!!!!! I would advise Black people and other people of color that since the practice of racism is the practice of White genetic survival, that the expectation that people who classify themselves as White can change this behavior is a high level expectation. Black people [must] finally understand that White people are playing a White survival game [which] has to inferiorize the functioning of Black and other people of color.

In this case kill them. Will Swedem actually ever catch this individual? It is more than likely a police officer in my opinion.
22:23 October 23, 2010 by wotist

" I prat , his hand SHOULD SHIVER next time to hit some non-immigrant so that JUSTICE should be deliverd then. "

The gunman has already "hit some non-immigrant". Last year a 20-year old woman "of Swedish descent" (red hair, blue eyes and everything...) was shot. A 21- year old man "of immigrant descent" next to her was shot at the same time. The woman died. She is the only victim that has been fatally wounded so far. The police believe that it's the same assailant.
22:58 October 23, 2010 by Swedesmith
Sorry, BlackAfrican, a little bit more or less of melatonin in the skin does not make a racist. It's not what's in their skin, it's what's in their heart.
00:57 October 24, 2010 by Tdye
so.. how many serial killers have y'all had in Sweden?
01:11 October 24, 2010 by double concerto
Sweden used to be such a nice peaceful civilised country, but that was before the cancer of multiculture of course. What a different place it is now, and SO quickly!!! It didn't take long for gang culture, rapes, bombings, shootings, extortion rackets, drugs flooding in to the country, people smuggling, prostitutes from Africa and Asia, street crime and child sex. And these are just a small sample of the delights brought to Sweden by multiculture!!!
01:56 October 24, 2010 by cowboykodp
@Tanska oxi kaxi

There is a big difference between COLONIAL power and regional wars. So its you who should read some books.

Also, a similar childish answer to your openly racist description of BalckAfrican:

Finish people are the ugly ducklings of Scandanavia, they all carry big knives to make up for their little penises.

Don't you know that one should not take a knife to a gun fight?


Most of what you say, I am sure comes from your legitimate anger at SOME small groups of ignorant bigots. But keep your head up and don't sink as low as these idiots.
07:18 October 24, 2010 by Carnitas
How much money (SEK) do you think it would take for Sweden to pay the Danes to take Malmö back?
10:59 October 24, 2010 by asian369
Where is Jimmie Åkesson now?? Why he is keeping mums now??? The party is wholly or partially responsible for creating the atmosphere of apartheid by using the politics of haterd and racism. Not illogical to assume that one got enough justification and encouragement after being inspired by the party leaders motives and speeches and.......... now lets Mälmo be the starting point for other to follow the suit. BTW I keep my windows always close.
11:07 October 24, 2010 by BlackAfrican
The First World War that we have to understand is the war of White supremacy against non-White people all over the globe. And from that vantage point, what is happening in the Middle East, I have labeled it WWIII. WWI and WWII were about the people who classify themselves as White dividing up the planet and taking control over non-White people. WWIII is this: if all of the resources are in the areas of the world where non-White people are, then people who classify themselves as White can go in and take those resources. [They] set up whatever pretense is needed to justify going in and taking control over those resources. The non-White people are not supposed to have any means to protect and defend themselves from this ultimate aggression.
11:26 October 24, 2010 by cowboykodp

You definitely have a point. I like to ask these Adolf Åkesson supporters:

How many of these "cancerous refugees" do you think would stay in the "Western" world if we stopped screwing with their countries, selling arms, and bombing them for resources or "National Security".

I guarantee you that 90% + would go back to their own countries. So next time our politicians want to declare war on countries, write them and tell them not to. In this way, these poor refugees will not have to leave their whole life and move to countries where they are not welcome, and only blamed for everything under the sun.
12:31 October 24, 2010 by Swedesmith
Actually, BlackAfrican, you and I may very well be angry at and disgusted with the same people...the guys in power. The ultra rich meglomaniacs who control most of the world's resources and make billions promoting war and conflicts over the globe.

I am not one of those. I am just an average dude, trying to earn a living and put food on the table to feed my kids. And I am white. Most white people I know are like me, average Joes. When you dump us all in the same basket, you're just as bad as Transkalainen. Hate is hate no matter what color it comes in.
12:55 October 24, 2010 by double concerto
German minister Merkel finally come out with it and stated that "MULTICULTURE HAS FAILED COMPLETELY"

and, reading all of the above claptrap proves that she is right. Any country embarking upon multiculture is doomed to become a failed state...witness the failed state of europe!!!
13:22 October 24, 2010 by Eastman
Wow, the N.gros are really stick together aren't they? May be we Whities just do the same, right folks? If these welfare recievers really hate the system that they are taking the advantage of, then they feel free to leave any time.

You are bitching and screaming when people said muslims are terrists, you said those are the acts of a few, but when a crazy person(s)doin the shooting, then you say the whole SD party is responsible, right? Careful there, Europeans are generally tolerants, but they are human-beings nevertheless, they are no saints, they have limits!
13:24 October 24, 2010 by asian369
@double concerto......... yes infact Germany failed to embrass Mutilculturism. So one should not take her statement as ULTIMATE TRUTH and set it as standard for the label multiculturism as a failure... those who have harvested the seeds of muliculturism are really enjoying the fruits... and off course are the most powerful in the world now...
14:39 October 24, 2010 by jonathanjames61
I can see the SS Gestapo comming back,ha ha ha,shine your eyes immigrants remember you still have a place called home.
16:39 October 24, 2010 by cowboykodp

You should learn to make a bit more sense. Also use spell check occasionally.

Judging from your grammatical errors, I doubt you are white.

Either that or you are just a pimple face teenager.

Take your pick.
16:51 October 24, 2010 by double concerto
The only ones who have harvested any seeds are the scroungers who have forced their way into europe, the drug suppliers and pushers from asia and the people smugglers also doing a good trade. The most powerful trading nation is China and they are a strictly one race state...they have no Liberal weakness and wet ideas on multiculture to hold them back by making the country ungovernable as has happened to europe.
17:44 October 24, 2010 by sy.ste

What a pathetic way to evade a valid argument.

All of these shootings could have prevented. But know now that multikultu-lovers are the cause of all this mess.
17:45 October 24, 2010 by Artificial Intelligence

What do you mean by you doubt Eastman is white judging from his grammatical errors? Like all whites speak and write flawless English?...Hiss. I don't know why you guys like giving these people so much credit, for crying out loud, they are same humanbeing as you! Well as for me, they can whine all they want about their countries, but I dn't give a damn about them.
17:50 October 24, 2010 by cowboykodp

Exactly what is the VALID argument that I am evading?

That I find it pathetic when an idiot says that there should be a white against black war?

Maybe its time for human beings to evolve past idiotic and childish tendencies.
18:08 October 24, 2010 by Eastman
First of all, I didn't say anything about whites against blacks, that what you said. Second, whites don't need to gainst blacks, blacks can do that among themselves, look at what they have done to each other in africa and elsewhere for that matter. Having said that, I still think you are a decent person compare to some of your brothers here. Just that your are belong to the wrong side that's all, and I don't blame you, you're there because that's where you belong, it's comfortable for you, I understand!
18:11 October 24, 2010 by Artificial Intelligence
Hahaha! I'm a n'gro you say? Nah, I'm not. But you know what? I bet you, you aint able to use that word in front of any of them African Americans not just Africans, because after receiving beatings from them, you will turn from white to pale blue not even red....
18:18 October 24, 2010 by Eastman
@art intel

Read the texts you moron! See to whom I was talking to?
18:18 October 24, 2010 by cowboykodp

You seem to forget that we are ALL brothers and sisters. I am not the one who is on the wrong side. Take a look at yourself and ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in.

As a very respected "N.Gro" (as you call them) Kofi Anan said;

"We may be from different countries, different religions, different colors, but we are all the same race. The human race."

As far as conflicts throughout the world, well what business is that of ours. Everyone from every country must find their own way and go through their own journey, without outside influence.
18:42 October 24, 2010 by Eastman
My point is simple, I like Europe, I like my home and I like the country that I live in. And I want to see it remains the way it is for my children and their children's children. I don't want to see Europe to be flooded with refugees, the people that can't integrate. And I don't want to see the refugees make a mess out european societies anymore. If they need help we glad to send them money, food and medicine, but we don't want them here, it's enough! We had enough! So what is so bad about that? What is so racist about? What is so wrong about that?
19:00 October 24, 2010 by avatar
Dear Eastman, you sounds quite reasonable in this argument (above). but would you mind replying to the question of 'cowboykodp' in post#50? I think that is a fundamental paradox to be resolved!!!!!
19:40 October 24, 2010 by Eastman
Dear Avata I would gladly to. How many European countries in the last 50 years that you know have declared war or invaded an African country? how many have Invaded the Mid-East( except for the stupid war in iraq)? The West is selling their weapons to all four corners of the world, and yet, the rest of the world is quite peaceful except Africa and Mid-east. These people are screwed up that because they wanted to be. Perhaps, it's in their nature, I don't know. What I do know is...India was colonised by the British for more than a century, were mistreated and killed and more, but do you hear the Indian sitting around and complainning? How about the Southeast Asia? Were they never been conquered by The Western Powers? But why these countries in Southeast Asia didn't screw up so badly? What about Germany and Japan? These countries were level to the ground after WWII, no stone or brick that left on top of one another, and yet, well, I don't have tell you more, do I? The bottom line is...they are that's way because they are choose it to be, can't blame anybody!
19:55 October 24, 2010 by cowboykodp

Where to begin. You remember a country called Rawanda? If you do some reading you will find that when Belgium was the colonial power there, they divided the darker and lighter blacks into groups. The Hutu and Tutsi. The lighter color blacks got all the power during their rule. When they got independence, there was chaos. Revenge and such followed. Then you had the genocide.

A country called Iraq was destroyed because they were a "threat" to national security. Therefore there are many Iraqi refugees in Sweden.

A country called Afghanistan was used to defeat the Soviet Union, we left and the country remained in Chaos. Al Qaeda got safe haven and 9/11 and...

I can go on and on, but you are not interested in reality, but speak only from emotional immaturity. Use the left side of your brain occasionally and MAYBE some of this will be a little logical to you.

As far as Germany, well in case you missed it, its within Europe.

Don't forget also that there were 2 world wars in Europe, not so long ago. So Don't give me the BS that we are peaceful and 'THEY" are not.
20:11 October 24, 2010 by Eastman
Well well well...were Iraq and Afganistan better before they have been invaded? They didn't kill each other there? All the African countries that you have mentioned, how many of them have been invaded by an European country in the last 50 or 60 years? What happened there that they did it to themselves, don't forget that! Like I said, other countries in Asia suffered the same atrocities from the Colonial Powers. How long are you goin to sit there and feel sorry for yourself? Grow up already, get over it, sh.t happens!
20:26 October 24, 2010 by Iraniboy

Germans in 1950s and Serbians in 1990s also loved their country and they thought other races are dangerous for their country! What did they achieve by this way of thinking?

Eastman! If you're not racist, you were only bothered by those bad immigrants but your general statement about all of them clearly show you're a real example of a racist.

As a response to your WRONG claim about Mideast. In case you don't know Iran for example hasn't attacked any country for the past 200 years!! But it was occupied during WW2 by UK and Russia to attack Germans. Then in 1980s is was attacked by Saddam who was charged by US to invade Iran and take back US/-backed government to Iran. You see you never let us alone! What about your lovely European country?

Anyway you still have a paranoia that people of a country are resposible for whatever heard from that country!! I don't know if you extend this sick generalization to people of Germany, Serbia or even UK for Iraq war,....?
21:07 October 24, 2010 by cowboykodp

Listen Sherlock, you are missing the point entirely. Not surprising.

I never said that these countries should not better themselves, I simply said we should stop screwing with them.

This was a reply to your childish notion that "We don't want them". Well if that is truly the case, then stop all meddling in these countries and then these poor refugees would not have to move their entire families in order to avoid getting blown to bits.

Simply put, they are not immigrating because they love it here and hate their own countries.

Still don't get it, do you?

PS. You mention southeast asia.. Well you remember Vietnam? It took almost 50 years before they recovered from what we did to them. Needless to say, as a result there are plenty of Vietnamese refugees in the US. Want more examples????
21:50 October 24, 2010 by J Jack
That's just the Swedish police way of saying, 'Don't carry a sawn off shotgun for protection, rather go to Claus and buy yourself a 200 kr first aid kit in case you get hit, top up your phone credit and call EMS if you get jacked!
23:49 October 24, 2010 by Tanskalainen
@cowboykodp It's YKSI KAKSI not oxi kaxi. Talk about spell check! That's it, I'm telling your mother your playing with the computer again. I admit I made a racial statement to BlackAfrican and that was wrong on my part but he got on my nerves to come on a Swedish website and call Swedes cowards and no one confronts him..........but it is obvious that he is exactly right.
04:53 October 25, 2010 by JoeSwede
My sorrow goes out to the poor soul that was shot. Hopefully they find the killer. As is my hope in any killing.

If a gang had killed someone would the killing get as much press? This is an example of the liberal press.
10:31 October 25, 2010 by cowboykodp

It takes a real man to admit their mistake. This is in reality what I have always seen from the Finish people, That they are extremely honorable and always do what they say.

So, questioning a person is legitimate if one disagrees with them, but picking on a group of people is wrong.

13:59 October 25, 2010 by Eastman

listen here cowboy...i don't think you have neither the analytical skills nor critical thinking ability to continue in this kind of discussion. Your knowledge is shallow and incoherent, you don't know much about anything. I willing to bet that you are an african american from eastcoast. You here because probably you are sacking up with some over weigh swedish woman, am i right? you bet that iam!

Anyway, without the western world "meddling" in africa they all are in big trouble over there you got that? hundreds of billions of dollars, not to mention food and medicine, without those they're mostly goin to be starving.

Let's take Zimbabwe for example, you know Zimbabwe don't you? They kicked out the white farmers took their land, and now look at what they have become...one truck load of zimbabwean money for 1 us dollar! Inflation 1 million%. Most Zimbabwean are starving now! In about 15 yrs or so, they have turned one of the great economies in africa into a total ruined. Thanks to Mugabe the whites hater right?

Second, the vietnam war has only ended 35 yrs ago in 1975, not 50! the last war they fought ended in 1989 with the Khmer Rouge, one more before that with the chinese in 1979, but you hear them complainning?

they had bad history just like most countries in africa, but they are not blamming the white people like you and your friends, do they?
15:40 October 25, 2010 by cowboykodp

No I am not an African American, and my sambo is HOT. So sorry, no points for you there. But nice try.

And, you seem to think that events occur in a vacuum. Typical ignoramus.

Yes, I am perfectly familiar with Zimbabwe and most African, Middle Eastern, Asian and European histories. You do know that Zimbabwe was colonized, don't ya.

So the entire BS you spew about the "whites leaving and now the country is a mess", has a bit more back story.

As far as our original discussion, that was about why are there refugees. My argument was because we have screwed with every country and this is why there are refugees.

In the US there are entire cities inhabited by Cambodians, Vietnamese, Koreans, etc..

Again, for your puny intellect, I repeat. People emigrate because they have to, not because they want to.

But keep sticking to your logic of " S**it Happens". Its so easy for the likes of you to pass judgment on the less fortunate.

Now take your pimply face back to your "Tour of Duty" war game, and don't bother with real world issues.
16:06 October 25, 2010 by Streja
I'm Swedish my dear Finne and I see no point arguing with these people. :)
01:26 October 26, 2010 by Tanskalainen
Streja you are beautiful!
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