Philips reveals wake-up light campaign result

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Philips reveals wake-up light campaign result
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Philips' advertising campaigns for the wake-up light have historically challenged the prestige of the product, testing the wake-up light's mettle in real life. In this latest campaign, the test is on an epic scale.

We recently featured the trailer for the Philips Wake-up Light Experiment. The experiment tests the Wake-up Light against the pitch black winters of the arctic circle. Did the wake-up light beat the winter? Watch this to find out.

Philips traveled to Longyearbyen, Norway, where winter lasts for four months and the sun doesn't rise at all in this period. A town where the local people look with dread to the winter months: a time of little enjoyment and confusion. A period when, without the differentiation of day and night, time itself is without meaning.

Enter Philips and the wake-up light with a simple mission: to restore residents Longyearbyen's daily routine and help them combat the negative impact of living without natural light for four months.

The wake-up light simulates sunrise, allowing users to, perhaps not surprisingly, wake up in an environment similar to a bright summer's day. The theory behind the experiment is that this will combat the negative effects of waking, living and then going to sleep in darkness and should help the user readjust to a more natural cycle.

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