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Sweden opens online student visa service

Vivian Tse · 27 Oct 2010, 13:10

Published: 27 Oct 2010 13:10 GMT+02:00

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The goal of the move is to offer better service, as well as reduce the waiting time to process applications. The service will be initially introduced on a small scale, then gradually be introduced to Swedish embassies and consulates.

"Applicants will find the e-services on the Migration board website under the headings 'Study in Sweden' and 'Visit Sweden,'" the agency said in a statement.

Two groups of applicants can now make use of the electronic services. Those who do not need an entry visa to visit Sweden can apply for a residence permit for visiting students on the agency's website. The application will then be processed in Sweden and the permit issued by the embassy or consulate indicated by the applicant.

For Chinese residents, those who must apply for a visa for any kind of visit to Sweden, or a residence permit for visiting students can do so online for applications handled by the Swedish embassy in Beijing.

Applicants can submit all their information online and pay the application fee electronically before the mandatory embassy visit, making the application process more efficient.

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The Swedish consulate in Shanghai will also offer these services next month. They will be rolled out at other Swedish missions next year.

According to the agency, in 2009, Sweden's embassy and consulate received nearly 2,500 applications for visiting student permits out of about 16,900 in various other countries around the world.

Vivian Tse (vivian.tse@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:17 October 27, 2010 by dwb5555
Why do they worry about this now? Next year no students will be coming here as the will charge fee for study and give very little scholarship. There will be 5 total scholarship for all of the Master programs within the Sciences at Stockholm University

This is from Stockholm University: As you can see below

Applicants from countries outside the EU, the EEA and Switzerland are required to pay both an application fee and tuition fees for all studies commencing after June 2011. The price per academic year for studies within the Humanities/Social Sciences/Law is SEK 90,000 and within the Sciences SEK 140,000. Students from within the EU/EEA/Switzerland are exempt from fees, as are exchange students.
17:03 October 27, 2010 by lordsandwich

Are you absolutely insane?!

Why should the Swedish taxpayer subsidise foreign students? It's completely insane! They haven't paid a single penny into the swedish coffers, why should they get ANY benefit? It's right that they can study in Sweden, but of course they should pay for the service.
17:23 October 27, 2010 by Sergiy
lordsandwich, don't forget that each and single student brings lots of money to the country - direct investment in a way:) From the new academic year suddenly much less people will be visiting shops, buying everything, travelling everywhere around Sweden, simply spending money in Sweden. Think about it.
17:26 October 27, 2010 by Localer

show the proof that foreign student bring lots of money here? most of the student even shared the small apartments for 10 students !!!
17:50 October 27, 2010 by sontuchowdhury
@lordsandwitch & localer

in fact, some students from third world countries could study their master programs in Sweden only because it was tuition-fee free and later some of them were selected as doctoral level researchers by some Swedish universities and now they are contributing Sweden by doing valuable research. The new rule will deprive Sweden of getting those future researchers from third world countries. not many Swedish university graduates are coming into research, that is a fact.
18:47 October 27, 2010 by unforgiven
@ all of you:

In fact Sweden does not deserve immigration of educated people since it simply poisons them with laziness and socialism. What Sweden deserves are these poor, non-educated, lazy refugees from desperate countries which are heading back to the stone age. Of course they are going to contribute to Sweden much much more than those students who are living 10 in a room!!!

One must be a heck of a retard not to understand the importance of eduction in peoples behavior nowadays.
20:54 October 27, 2010 by tuerd1982
I agree, it is quite OK to pay tuition. I think it is not only because they didn't pay any tax in Sweden but also god for the quality of education. Tuition policy also pervents some of the fake students (I mean the student who came or enroll Sweden as a "student" but disappear from the second day of introduction meeting). However, the tuition fees is ridiculously high, it is not ideal.
22:18 October 27, 2010 by drosophila
Comment: comment about the news: the system does not work properly... it only works with internet explorer!!! secondly, I have applied electronically, when i tried to pay online in the end (i live in Sweden have an account at a Swedish bank), it asked me to use the card reading security device! and the fun starts... I do not have one... the reason is i do not have a personal number! My bank said we cant give a card reader to you since you do not have personal number (i have samordningsnummer). the reason why i do not have personal number (according to skatteverket) i have residence permit not longer than 1 year. the reason why i do not have longer than one year is because i am a phd student who has to renew his/her residence permit every year. So in this vicious circle, I can never apply electronically by myself... somebody has to pay for me with a card and a card reader... The story did not end yet... in the end IE gave an error, but i got a stupid mail saying application looks ok... But i got suspicious and went to immigrations office and asked if it is really ok... of course it was not... i was ready and put my documents in the post box of immigration office (basically you can not hand in from solna office anymore) and my residence permit extension application officially arrived at 24th of August (i got a post confirmation). Still no answer!!! last week i found my case officer after 2 hours waiting on the phone and got her number. I called the number and learned that she was on vacation :) the reason why the application process can take 2-3 months is in the middle of your application your case officer can take yearly vacation and there is no one to replace him/her... It does not matter if you can apply electronically or not!!! And if you are a PhD student you have to spare 3 months (25%) of every year waiting for residence permit... the time you gain by electronic application is negligible :) when it comes to the tuition fee... I think it is normal to have such a regulation. it would be more fare if it was for everyone except Swedish citizens. As i know there will be a decent amount of scholarships distributed to non-eu applicants to attract the "clever" ones. otherwise if you have money, you are always welcome!
23:05 October 27, 2010 by thebittertruth
@ dwb5555, I agree with you . But even if the Swedish Government gives Scholarship to bright Overseas Students, I find this is going to be very flawed and shall in the end fill the Swedish Universities with Students who are hand-picked by their home Universities. Does Sweden have a measure for telling if a student who got an A last term is brighter than his/her counterpart who scored a C because of maybe ill health? I challenge Studera to start inventing a system that is fair and real to say who is bright and who is not.

@ lordsandwich, I think your notion of Tax Payers means only Swedes who work pay Taxes. Your myopic approach to the issue of how taxes funds service delivery in Sweden and is simply bogus. I dont blame. You probably get CSN, sleep 9 hours a night and visit System Bolaget every Friday and stay drunk all weekend ..so you dont see the hard-working foreign students whose taxes fund the very CSN Bidrag that you receive. My dear wake up to reality and understand that when 10 people pay 32 percent of their income as taxes, it is good..but when 5 working foreign students add to this number, the total of taxes paid increases by 50 percent so that the system keeps working and providing money for you to drink , get drunk and party ...Why are you not mad at EU students who get funded by your tax money?

@unforgiven you are right.. Since the influx of Somalians and other foreign nationals who lazy around with their swedish friends, it created this impression that everyone came to Sweden came to BEG..Thats why Sweden doesnt even consider educated persons...

@ Localer ..You can say what you want to say..But have you bothered to find out if these students squeeze themselves into one appartment because they want to? Havent you read about housing shortage for students in Stockholm and other cities? Are you naive as to why someone will sacrifice his privacy and share a room with a complete stranger? You dont know what students without a Swedish first name go through to get their own appartment, so I suggest you shut up!!! You are not even ashamed to say students dont contribute to the Swedish economy. Do you think these students eat just once a week, or that they dont eat at all? Howmany new super markets have sprung up in your area as a result of students coming in? Howmany of these supermarkets have folded up because they dont get ROI?

@tuerd1982 I have discussed this matter of tution with some professors. They are disappointed when political decisions l greatly affect research quality in their departments. The only people who dont see the truth in what the future holds for research in Swedish institutions are these haters and politicians because most of them NEVER went beyong grade 12 . After they entered the Gymnasium, and got their first job in their commune during the summer Holiday, they tasted a salary and waived goodbye 2 School. So they dont really know what happens behind those thick academic walls.
07:54 October 28, 2010 by Zonob
None of this ranting about tuition fees will change any thing. There WILL BE tuition fees whether we like it or not. It is OVER. I should admit I benefited myself from this when I came to do my Masters back in 2007. I left the country after graduating. I will always be grateful to Sverige and its people for this. Tack Sverige1
10:33 October 28, 2010 by satwinder
@thebittertruth: Really good comments....u have summarised everything what i feel after working here in sweden for the last 1 year...:)))
12:41 October 28, 2010 by asian123
no more students to use this service from next year . dont worry.
15:04 October 28, 2010 by hopeful01
Next year will be a difficult one for Swedish Universities especially those focused on Science and Technology . It is well known that interest for the Sciences within Swedish high school students is dwindling and a large percentage of graduate courses relating to these fields compromise students who are from non-EU countries.

Now why would a student pay over 100,000SEK in tuition alone and come to a land where the cost of living is pretty high,English is not the official language and some might also say that discrimination is practiced against particular nationalities. you can say that the universities are good but the cons outweigh the pros in this particular case.
15:42 October 28, 2010 by thebittertruth
@satwinder@asian@hopeful01 you all hit the nail in the head.

I wonder why Lordsandwich and his bandwagon of buffoons have carefully chosen to stay off the pages after reading comments from the same knowledge full foreigners, trained in swedish universities by swedish professors following a swedish curriculum but are not NEEDED by the system because they refuse to BEG.
16:49 October 28, 2010 by hopeful01
It was meant to read - "relating to these fields consist of students who are from non-EU countries."
20:07 October 28, 2010 by avatar
I think its it's fine to have some tution fee. providing education is a service which is not free (for foreigners) almost any where in the world then why should it be in Sweden. One thing could be to to follow German model of introducing partial (nominal) fees which at the same time restricts non-serious students (very important to do it) as well as allows serious and bright students to continue their education. I have one question though: why fees ONLY for non-EU students? is not it an open discrimination? EU students coming out of sweden don't have ay tax either, then why are they exempted from paying tution fee?
21:12 October 28, 2010 by hopeful01
AFAIK it has to do something with EU regulations. They are not allowed to discriminate against EU citizens and thus have to treat them the same as they would treat Swedish citizens and thus if there are no fees for Swedish students there are no fees for EU students.
08:09 October 30, 2010 by thebittertruth
@hopeful that is true..EU regulations protect fellow EU citizens and hence FEES can only be paid by NON EU STUDENTS. What I wonder is why would the WEST SPEND ALL ITS TAX PAYERS MONEY IN BILLIONS to support fake programs proposed by 3rd World Dictatorships but the SAME WEST REFUSES to spend to educate students running from the attrocities 3rd WORLD DICTATORSHIPS who get funded by the WEST? Can someone tell me where all this Hypocrisy is leading to?
13:09 November 4, 2010 by babzil
I think the Government needs to implement schemes which would entice international students to come and study in Sweden who would pay tuition fees rather than coming up with this kind of idea alone which is not the major concern. Why cant this goverment provide Job opportunities, easy pathway for integration and settlement of the students they taught in their own institutions which is financed by tax, its ridiculous to know why foreign students are given little or no opportunity while studying and after studying in Sweden.
15:27 November 13, 2010 by stmanpule
You ve all made good coments but i believe that this fee of a thing is discouraging, i just got a notification from studera that i have been offered admission in Sweden, in which the school will resume in january. with this heavy fee being charged, my coming to study in Sweden in the next january is in shamble.
14:48 November 18, 2010 by dawnie1097
My question is... Do you have to be a student to apply for the residence permit? I need a permit to live here, but I dont need to go to school. I have already purchased a house and I am engaged to a Swedish Citizen. Does it really take 3 months to apply?
20:28 November 18, 2010 by stmanpule
finally i got admitted to study in Sweden but honestly there's no money to finance it.

please i am deeply appealing to you all to come to my aid

my e-mail address is: adebambol@aol.com

or adebamboadewale@yahoo.com

please kindly take me serious God will not in any way neglect your needs
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