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Swedish honeymooner killed in South Africa

TT/The Local/dl · 15 Nov 2010, 11:06

Published: 15 Nov 2010 11:06 GMT+01:00

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The 28-year-old Swedish woman, named by the Expressen newspaper as Anni Dewani from Mariestad in central Sweden, was traveling with her 31-year-old British husband, Shrien Dewani of Bristol, when two armed men stopped the minivan in which they were traveling, according to several media reports.

“It’s just terrible. She was the most beautiful girl in the world,” Dewani’s father, Vinod Hindocha, told Expressen.

Anni and Shrien Dewani had been married just three weeks ago in India and arrived in South Africa last week to celebrate their marriage.

The newlyweds had been out to dinner on Saturday night and taken a taxi from the restaurant when two men forced the driver out of the minivan and drove off with the couple around 11pm.

Upon being released by the kidnappers, Shrien Dewani called the police, who later found his wife murdered in the taxi.

“We know that a Swedish citizen has been found dead in South Africa and that the police are looking into it,” Swedish foreign ministry spokesperson Camilla Åkesson told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

According to the foreign ministry, the woman is from central Sweden.

The carjackling and murder has received a great deal of attention in the South African and British media. The Cape Town tourism office said that the murder was the first killing of a tourist since last summer when South Africa hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup football tournament.

The two men stopped the taxi as it was traveling in Guguletu, a township about 15 kilometres outside of Cape Town, the tourist office told the Sapa news agency on the News24.com news website.

After being released near the Khayelitsha shantytown, Shrien Dewani received a ride to a nearby police station from a passing motorist.

The police launched a search for Anni Dewani and later found the taxi in Lingelethu West. The murdered woman's body was in the back seat. The killers disappeared without a trace.

Alan Winde, a tourism official for the Western Cape, theorised that the taxi driver may have gotten lost.

"They were returning to the city at 10pm and they asked the driver to take them to a very well-known hotspot in Guguletu," Winde told SkyNews.

"It sounds as though they had gone a little off course when the carjacking took place."

Story continues below…

Police spokesperson André Traut refused to comment on how the woman was killed prior to an autopsy, he told Sapa.

But Anni Dewani’s father told Expressen his daughter had been shot.

“She took three bullets to the chest,” he told the newspaper.

“There aren’t words to describe her. She was a dream girl.”

According to Expressen, Anni Dewani grew up in Mariestad and studied engineering at colleges in Gävle in eastern Sweden and Halmstad in western Sweden.

TT/The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:39 November 15, 2010 by Rishonim
What a tragedy. Condolences to her family and husband. ZA is one of those focked spots in the world where 20K people get murdered each year.

The Local, was it necessary to make mention that her husband was a millionaire? What is it you are trying to accomplish? The poor girl lost her life and whether she was married to a millionaire or a bus driver makes no difference.
12:11 November 15, 2010 by Matewis
I'm South African and I've been in Sweden for almost 2 years. This is a tragedy, and makes me almost feel ashamed of my country.

Now don't get me wrong, I really am sorry for the girl and her family, but I also know that this could have been avoided. Gugulethu?!?! I wouldn't even go there during the day, nevermind at night.

Most Europeans that travel to SA expect that they can act and go where they like as they would in Europe, but in countries like SA, which has a reputation for being dangerous, you simply can't do that and be sure that you'll be safe.

South Africa is a beautiful country and will always be my home, but with that said, it also has it's problems. This has to be taken into consideration. By all means go for a visit, but be sure you go with someone you trust who can show you the good parts while avoiding circumstances in which things as described in the article can happen. I may sound pessimistic and cynical, but I'm used to the reality of living in a part of the world that does not enjoy the same level of peace and development as for instance Europe and the US.

My prayers go the the girl's family, and I hope that this does not put them off travelling to my beautiful country in the future.
12:38 November 15, 2010 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
12:43 November 15, 2010 by Luckystrike
Condolences to her family and husband, it's very tragic. Learn from this and stay as far away from that hell-hole called South Africa as possible.
12:57 November 15, 2010 by MTH
@TheOriginalBlackMan. This crime does not has anything to do with any kind of social justice, is just a shameful crime, apartheid is now over. Plus the girl killed does not look eruopean but indian (google her name). This is just a shameful crime, thats it. And calling Umlungu to white people is just wrong and anachronic.
13:20 November 15, 2010 by anuranga
I'm a Sri Lankan working and living in Sweden for the past two and half years. I moved here from South Africa after working there for 3 years.

One of the main reasons to move out of SA was the ever increasing crime rate. That said I've never been mugged, followed or simply haven't experienced any 'crime' there.

Then on our first trip back to Sri Lanka on vacation my wife's hand bag with all the money, valuables were stolen at Arlanda airport.

So if you are at the wrong place at wrong time you can be a victim irrespective of your are in 3rd world or 1st world.

What I learnt from this is that when in SA I tried my best to avoid night outs, was extremely careful when driving, stopping at traffic lights etc. Yet in Sweden we thought that everything is so safe. That's the big mistake we made.

Condolences to her family and husband. It's true that we've lost a young life for in vain. Yet it's also important that people learn something from this incident. as Matewis has mentioned SA is such a beautiful country and has lots to offer. It'll be my home away from home always. If one is visiting the rainbow nation just make sure that you stay away from trouble. I did it for three years.. I don't see why someone can't do it for two weeks or a month on vacation.
13:25 November 15, 2010 by hpunlimited
It is very sad to hear. I am just amazed over how reckless people are, why would anyone from europe go to Africa for any reason unless they have a deathwish?
14:06 November 15, 2010 by mikewhite
Someone on a short sightseeing visit is more likely to not know which areas are off-limits, especially given they want to see as much as they can.
14:44 November 15, 2010 by Syftfel
It is an irrefutable fact that since the end of apartheid South Africa has become one of the most, if not the most, crime ridden countries on earth. Don't listen to me. Statistics on this are available everywhere. Why this is we can discuss, but most people from Europe and North Amercia are well advised not to travel there under current conditions. Mandela and his gumbahs may have gained, but a oncde great nation has has been destroyed. Can anyone explain why?
15:21 November 15, 2010 by Swedesmith
@origninalblackman #3

Calling white people "umlungu" is just as racist as whites calling blacks the "N word"... Isn't it time to stop all the nonesense?

Condolences to the family.
15:21 November 15, 2010 by hpunlimited
It wouldn't be politically correct to explain why :-) But everyone knows why.
17:07 November 15, 2010 by Rizwan Rahim
"condolence to her family and friends"

@ TheOriginalBlackMan.. seems u have started the a good point for investigation , y the man didnt get killed ? but let me add y the man went to police alone ? leaving his wife alone at night.....

"After being released near the Khayelitsha shantytown, Shrien Dewani received a ride to a nearby police station from a passing motorist."
18:15 November 15, 2010 by bolababu
@Originalblackman, ..i am African and lived in SA for a few years. People like you are why the country isn't moving forward, you are doing exactly to other people what you claim the whites did to you. Get a life and stop being such a disgrace to your country.

And to those of you Europeans throwing insults at SA, if your brothers had not locked these peole away for so long without access to education, or treated them like animals, they would not be the people they are today, raise and animal and thats exactly what you get. Sweden is just as safe as the squatter camps considering news filtering into my ears right now from the radio about the Swedish man who cut his wife to pieces and ate her
19:26 November 15, 2010 by BYDAND
Good call bolababu,but you blew it with the Swedish man eating his wife.
20:04 November 15, 2010 by Matewis
Mudslingers all of you.

Yes, I said South Africa has problems, and I can just as easily start pointing fingers.

@OriginalBlackman: You are the type of person I'm glad I don't have to live with anymore. Not because you're black, I have black friends, but you have what I like to call the K*ff*r mentality. You can't see past your own shortcomings in trying to fix the country, so you blame the Umlungu, who hasn't been in power in 16 years, for everything that's wrong with your petty existence.

@hpunlimited and Syftel: Your countries have their own issues. Immigrants still being treated like second class humans, your lack of compassion for the third world and your all-round "better than them" attitude. Yes, Mogadishu and Khayelitsha are hell holes filled with poverty, crime and corruption, but who caused it?

I left South Africa because I had an oppurtunity to live and work in Sweden, I didn't flee the place or think that I was moving to something better. I was moving to something different. And all this has proven to me is that racismis found worldwide, and is not just perpetrated by the "white man", "Muslim" or capitalist we all like to blame.

Guys, this story is about the tragedy that befell the Dewani family. Let's all, at least for the moment, put asside our petty, meaningless squabbles and feel some compassion for once.
20:06 November 15, 2010 by G Kin

Your comment amazes me!. Going to Africa is equivalent to a death wish. You are very logical in your reasoning aren't you?.

Anyway, focusing on you will be a disservice to this poor girl that has died. And more innocent Africans are victims to these criminals. I guess that is OK in your view. But just remember that there is crime in the west as well, even is not as much as in SA. Just waist untill it strikes you...
20:17 November 15, 2010 by Rahelli
Its sooooooooo sad shame on south africa. Since they got freedom still south african are beasy killing people I used to stay in south africa and its so bad place
21:25 November 15, 2010 by vladd777
Having lived in pretoria, south africa for 42 yrs before moving to sweden, I can say that going into what we called the townships after dark is really very unwise. Crime thrives there! Cant understand why tourists are encouraged to put their lives at risk!
22:03 November 15, 2010 by wxman
This is the 'new" South Africa, more like Zimbabwe. Get over it.
22:50 November 15, 2010 by asian123
indian guy who is millioneer in britan married to a swedish girl and travelled to india to get married . travelled to south aftrica for honey moon.

made a news in 4 countries. india, south aftrica , sweden, britan.
22:55 November 15, 2010 by SarahRF
I have to agree with Matewise. As soon as I read "Gugulethu" I immediately screamed "OF COURSE YOU"LL GET SHOT THERE!"... my condolences go out to the families involved, it's never easy losing someone regardless of how or where it happens. In this case I'm pointing fingers at their taxi driver, who should know that Gugulethu is NOT a safe place during the day, never mind the night, and so shouldn't have taken them through there. Unless of course he was involved with the crooks and thought to make an extra buck or three from the stupid tourists...? And really, if he's a millionaire, he could afford a private chauffeur who would know where to take them etc.

As far as all you people bad mouthing South Africa, yes, we have our problems, but show me a country that doesn't have problems and I'll happily shut up. Considering the history SA has with racial issues, we've come a fair way, but attitudes like OriginalBlackMan's are the things that hinder any further progress. That goes for everyone, regardless of race or nationality. Continually breaking down a country does not help it better itself and help its citizens.

OriginalBlackMan, I have a question for you. Where do you live? Do you live in Europe, or anywhere else outside of Africa? If so, please get your "real African ass" back to the African continent, maybe the Congo or Sudan, and we'll come back to Europe.

South Africa has a lot of great things to go and see, you just have to be wise about it. You don't go to Chicago and drive through the roughest areas, and then be surprised that you get shot at. You don't go walking through various neighbourhoods on the red subway line in Stockholm, heading south to Norsborg, and then get surprised when you get the feeling you'll get jumped.

Every place has its negatives, and its areas to avoid, but that doesn't stop people from traveling to those countries and cities, does it? Just use your head, and common sense, and you'll be fine.
23:11 November 15, 2010 by asian123
i am sure she was raped by the animals.

most of the time the taxi driver who are driving the pair had role in the crime.

in south africa every 3 min one child was raped.

50 cars were hijacked every day.

thousands were murdered every year.

south aftricans request britan to rule them again.
23:24 November 15, 2010 by catvox
It's easy to point fingers and make uneducated comments.

I was shocked to hear that in your super-safe Sweden, you had a man in Malmo that was shooting immigrants....

Makes you think.
23:41 November 15, 2010 by SouthAfrican_in_Sweden
This is what I fear to read, every day, about my relatives still living in South Africa.
23:53 November 15, 2010 by Sommar
I am so sorry for the family. This is truly very sad.

I agree wholeheartedly with Matewis - by all means go to South Africa, it is a wonderful place with lots to offer but PLEASE let this be a warning to all European tourists - go with somebody who knows the place or a tour group or guide. I grew up in South Africa and stayed there for 33 years without ever being personally attacked or mugged by anyone. But I knew where not to go, how to act, what to do and what not to. Europeans can never know that - you have to grow up in a place to know where not to go - and unlike in Europe, in SA there are many places that you definitely dont go to, sadly one of them is Gugulethu. The experience you get from seeing certain places or doing certain things just dont outweigh the risk. Just a last comment to all Europeans - you hear about this because one of your citizens had died. Everyday more than 50 violent murders occur in South Africa and leave countless South Africans broken, saddened and demoralized - please spare a thought for them. That is why I left SA, but hopefully I can go back one day.
07:37 November 16, 2010 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Caucasians everywhere are well on their way at being the first ―SHUT-IN‖ people on the planet. The more borders they try to close, the more they will find themselves locked in to certain areas, only allowed to enter other countries through Embassies or military bases. All they are doing is rebuilding their own ―caves‖ again.

South African is very safe. It has on average the same amount of murders as Sweden, quite interesting people never say that.

As for the couple, I suspect there is more to this story. Unless the husband was totally naive why would he accept a ride from anyone and why didn't he rent his own car in S.A?

By the way I'm currently attending a Masters Program in Sweden, my lovely Ugandan wife is also with me.

I am one of the future rulers of the continent and I have a long memory as to who the enemy of African people has and is.

Many of You will utilize defintions that re-enforce racism = "white" supremacy but your days are numbered. The only thing is, you are in denial that it truly is.

All the best, not really.
08:29 November 16, 2010 by Soft Boiled
@TheOriginalBlackMan: "South African is very safe. It has on average the same amount of murders as Sweden, quite interesting people never say that."

I wonder why they don´t say that. I might be going out on a limb here, but it could be because it´s something you made up ? On http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_mur-crime-murders (Crime Statistics > Murders (most recent) by country) you will see #4 South Africa: 21,553 compared to #45 Sweden: 219

So for every Swede that`s murdered there are in fact 100 murdered in South Africa.
10:32 November 16, 2010 by Hagrid
My great condolences to this horrible and needless loss of life.

I find it hard to understand - as far as I know, South Africa is actually wealthier than most African countries. After all it did host the world cup. So why is the crime rate in this country so much higher? Strange.
12:30 November 16, 2010 by Swedesmith

I certainly hope you never become a leader. There are too may hateful people in power already
14:44 November 16, 2010 by BigBilly
There is no mention of this woman being Swedish in the British media I have read and heard. Not that it makes much difference now. The BBC has her as "British bride". Hmmmmm strange.
14:47 November 16, 2010 by joomlaexpert
This is not fair
21:39 November 16, 2010 by Fluid Marketing Solutions
Wow, what a devastating story. The husband must surely be upset at the death of his wife. How did the 2 get seperated allowing for the woman to be killed?
03:39 November 17, 2010 by Njal

- what a goof.

If you're ever in charge of anything more difficult than a, 'piss-up-in-a-brewery' (tho' you'd probably fack that up too), then whatever mythical African nation you're going to be the head of is circling the drain for sure.

If you've nothing useful to contribute, or you despise those who shelter you in a safe land with laws that protect you and educate you, then take your 'lovely Ugandan wife' and leave all the lands of the 'Umlungu' forever thanks very much!
16:55 November 17, 2010 by safferBoy
Can't agree more Njal.

I reported @theoriginalblackman comment as "abusive", because to be honest it has aboslutely NOTHING to do with this article and tragic event.

I wish twats like this would keep their stupid comments to themselves.

I'm from SA and love my country. This was a terrible event, but it happens everyday to locals too, and something really has to be done...

@theoriginalblackman - if you are such a racist, and think so negatively about the "white man" (Umlungu), then what are you doing in Sweden? Why don't you stay in Southern Africa and get your education there??

I get pissed at guys like this, because I strongly believe there are many more MUCH MORE deserving your africans out there that should have the opportunity to study abroad in Europe or the States - purely for the experience. This idiot is going to learn nothing...

Apologies if this view is offensive, but I feel offended by this man's comments too, and if they won't get removed by the admin then I just need to voice my own...
10:26 November 18, 2010 by annie101
Just read James Mitchener's book, The Covenant and read www,politicsweb.co.za and www.news24.com to familiarise yourself with the history and real situation in SA. Particularly the blogs - an eye-opener. BTW what happened to the billions that were donated by countries all over the world in 1994 to uplift the poorest of the poor? No transparency there and also the millions being donated by hard earned taxpayer monies from the bleeding liberal hearts in Europe and the US!
10:41 November 19, 2010 by gugulethu
im a south african citizen and im very sorry to the swedish family that lost their daughter may her soul rest in peace .....i was born in the same town were thos happened but i live in sweden now its so painfully to hear things like this about my beloved country but i hope one day god will send justice to those who still want to get rich by splitting innocent blood im very touched by this have saved 7years of my life as a police in johannesburg and resigned in 2005 after my brother was killed for his cellphone i realised that south africa will never changed its still going from worse to worse , still fear my own country nd hate wat is going own down there ,,,i wonder if those crimals,rapist murders real sleep and dream good after wat they have done may god help south africa one day
02:25 November 20, 2010 by Njal

I don't think God is too concerned with SA at the moment, and your 'beloved country' now ought to be the one the protects and nourishes you, which is of course Sweden.

nice sentiments tho'
08:11 November 20, 2010 by karensch
I live IN South Africa with a lot of family in Sweden.

Our crime rate IS apalling and life seems to be a cheap commodity but there are still so many of us who do have RESPECT for others: some comments left here seem to show no respect for other peolpe: how sad.

It seems more and more like this was not a crime committed by South Africans for all the usual reasons - there are too many details that just seem fishy.

Perhaps we should all have all the facts before we make harsh judgments?

_Atticus Finch's good advice holds true - do not judge a person until you have walked around in his skin.
15:24 November 20, 2010 by dunesurfer
Once her body arrives in UK they should do another autopsy. They will find she was sexually assaulted. South Africa is trying to cover this up to save face.

See links:


It is a tragedy. My condolences to the family in Sweden.

However the ANC led government is lying to everyone, even foreigners. It was not an 'isolated' incident. In that township since March this year 110 people have been murdered. In the last 5 years more than 700! This was on the news today with an expert that called into an Afrikaans radio station. (RSG) It's a lie about no incidents during the world cup too. The ANC's propaganda machine was suppressing all news about violent crime. Dutch and German tourists were mugged and even raped. One American was murdered on the 'Gau-train' in Johannesburg. They did a good job in making the world believe SA is a 'utopia.'

Us locals are the ones that suffer.


It is really really sad what happened to Anni but let her death not be in vain. Maybe she'll be our voice in South Africa about a government that is incompetent and corrupt. Marxist at the most which successfully fooled the world to put them in power. Even this whole week the ANC youth league openly supported North Korea!

Here is the names of some of the farmers tortured and murdered in South Africa by similar people that murdered Anni.

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