Swedish man charged for running over, killing wife

A man from Landskrona in southwestern Sweden has been charged for deliberately running his wife over with his car and killing her in September.

The 51-year-old man has been charged for murder, with alternative charges of aggravated reckless driving and aggravated manslaughter.

The man drove his car at a high speed at the woman in a narrow passage leading into a courtyard.

Prosecutor Tom Svensson believes that the man’s intention was to kill his wife and that the man had in any event “demonstrated obvious indifference for the lives of others.”

The preliminary investigation filled hundreds of pages and paints two completely different pictures of the accused.

The man has said that he did not intend to kill the 52-year-old mother of nine on the morning of September 3rd, Aftonbladet reported on Monday.

“This was not what was supposed to happen. We have never hit each other,” he said during an interrogation, Aftonbladet reported on Monday.

However, several witnesses have reported the man coming up to them and saying, “I have killed my wife,” as well as how he ran over his wife several times, drove in and out of the gateway to “get a flying start” and “stepped on the gas.”

One witness reported how the man thumped the woman’s head on the ground. After seeing him do it once, she was forced to turn her head away.

When police arrived at the scene, they noted the man’s iciness and that he asked them several times to buy cigarettes for him.

“He did not seem to care much about his wife who was 20 metres away,” said a police officer at a hearing.

According to the police in its report, the man said, “I ran over my wife. She stood in the way and did not want to leave.”

The report added that the man appeared calm, sober and not very upset, according to police in the report.

Another police officer wrote that when the man learned that his wife was dead, he showed no reaction.

One of the couple’s daughters reported that the pair had fought a lot in the time leading to the incident, but that the father appeared calm the morning of the event.

He had been at one of his son’s schools for a meeting and the teacher reported in testimony that she felt the meeting was fruitful.

Later that day, the man went to his wife’s home and ran her over with his car.

“I do not know what happened that day. There was no fear. Something was spinning in my head. I hope that you can understand me. I was in a situation that cannot be described,” he said.

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