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Swedish suicide bomber killed in Iraq

TT/The Local/dl · 19 Nov 2010, 09:18

Published: 19 Nov 2010 09:18 GMT+01:00

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“What we know is that a Swedish citizen has carried out and therefore also died in an attack,” said Swedish foreign ministry spokesperson Camilla Åkesson Lindblom to the TT news agency.

According to Åkesson Lindblom, the 36-year-old was the perpetrator of the attack. But she claims that the foreign ministry is still unsure about the man’s age, when the attack took place, where it took place or what the consequences of the attack may have been.

“A lot is still uncertain,” she said.

“That’s what we’re looking into via our embassy.”

According to various Islamist websites, the man was a Swedish citizen with roots in Tunisia. He is said to have carried out an attack near Mosul in northern Iraq in early August.

The Expressen newspaper reports the man was a 36-year-old man who lived in the Stockholm area with his wife and several children. He was also a well-established businessman before moving with his family to Egypt in 2006.

His wife, referred to only as Anna, told the newspaper that her husband had gone to Iraq to fight for an insurgent group affiliated with al-Qaeda. After not hearing from her husband for months, she decided to move back to Sweden with her children.

On Monday, Anna received a phone call.

“It was a man who called. He said briefly, ‘Your husband is dead. He’s become a martyr’,” she told Expressen

“I’m proud of him.”

Story continues below…

According to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, information about the attack found on the Islamist websites came from al-Qaeda.

A spokesperson for Swedish security service Säpo, Åsa Hedin, said on Thursday that Säpo had no comment on the matter.

TT/The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:14 November 19, 2010 by JulieLou40
One more bad apple gone. Unfortunately, it seems there are thousands more queueing up behind him.

And as for the wife's comments that she's "Proud" of him...throw the silly cow in jail for treason!!
09:34 November 19, 2010 by rob582

Here here well said...we don't need these type of people in Sweden.
09:38 November 19, 2010 by Jasmines
@ JulieLou40

very stupid comment, we can also call any swedish soldier who killed in war "One more bad apple gone"?!

and, a Cow?!!..is this how you call women in Sweden? is this how u 'respect' women?

I think u represent the real ugly facade of racist swedes.
09:43 November 19, 2010 by redcrown
If his wife is proud of him,will her child be future suicide bombers.with no husband to suport her is the state going to pay to bring up these child?
09:54 November 19, 2010 by calebian22
No doubt Sweden has failed this man in helping him integrate. The fika and relaxed lifestyle must have driven him insane.
10:12 November 19, 2010 by EuropeanIsraeli
All the media is against Jews. Media never cared to show the world how these crazy Muslims and their fellow suicide bombers destroy and kill innocent people.

In my country Israel we suffered badly from them. As a matter of fact, Israelis are the only victims of these crazy Muslims.
10:36 November 19, 2010 by motti
yes the media is against israel i.e. jews, and yes israel has suffered since before it's independence by moslems filled hatred. however, when you look at the main trouble spots around the world, moslems kills jews, hindus, sikhs, kurds, christians, black moslems and inter islamic murders. sadly, it does appear to be a religion based on hatred of others who do not fir in with their way of thinking. now, what will sweden look like in 50 years from now? pretty much like the rest of europe? if malmoe is anything to go by, i reckon swedish authorities have areal internal fight on tgheir hands
10:50 November 19, 2010 by truthworthy
@europeanIsraeli. it is funny how you people pretend to be the victims while the whole world knows you are the aggressors, what you did and still do to Palestinians is the ultimate hatred. What ever Muslims do to you is something you brought to yourself.

Dont waste your time in Swedish forums, these people are intelligent and will not be sold to your crap. Maybe it is better if you head to thelocal.de
10:51 November 19, 2010 by unforgiven
This is a "thumbs up" to SD. It's so sad that stupidity doesn't hurt. These Muslims are going too far with their share e...
11:30 November 19, 2010 by pcgomes
If he did not integrate, it's not definitively NOT Sweden' s fault. I' m also an immigrant, and I always knew that, once I' m here, I'm that one that has to adapt to the country's culture. Not the opposite. Not happy? Move back!

But I think people should start being so stupid when it comes to talk about Muslims. All Muslims I know (and I just get to know Muslims in here) are very nice and respectful people. I really don't like radical Muslims. As much as I don't like radical Christians or Jews. Also I don't like radical nationalists.
11:34 November 19, 2010 by aab05001
In Iraq, there is a barbaric American occupation. We have seen from the US doccuments how the US army killed tens of thousends innocent Iraqis. So, that means, people there are entiteled to self-defense. The international law grant people the right to fight foreign occupation of their country. That's why his wife is proud of him because he died as a martyr in fighting the US occupation of Iraq. All people on earth are proud when they fight foreign occupation of their country. The french people are still proud of their struggle against the Nazi occupation...So I 'm also proud of this man who paid his life to fight the barbaric US occupation. resisting the occupation is a moral duty. it is even one of the basic human rights, like the right to eat and the right to drink......

as to the Israeli guys here, there is no need to say anything. everyone knows the state-terrorism Israel is practising against palestinians. Israel is occupying Palestine, so palestinians have the right to fight the occupation and colonization of their country...

but let's see who is the crazy: the palestinians muslims or the israelis...

Palestinians were living normally in their land, cultivating their crops and live happily. suddenly the Jews came from europe and many of them came after the holocaust. these Jews are saying two things all the time: God promised them the land of Palestine,so they should have the right to come from Russia and Europe to expell palestinians and steal their land. the second thing the jews say is that: the Nazis killed 6 million jews, so jews should have the right to have a country and protect themselves, so jews have the right to kick palestinians out of palestine and take their lands...

so who is the crazy: the jew who comes from europe and russia because god told him this or because his parents were killed by the Nazis, or the Palestinians who fight against the israeli theft of their land?!!!!!1
12:44 November 19, 2010 by unseen
i just can't believe that freakin Qaeda is yet blamed on Muslims, not on their creators and supporters "C freakin IA".
13:00 November 19, 2010 by jackx123
I think we should let iran/hizbollah rule lebanon and let qaeda run both iraq and afghanistan. it would be much better for the people than having the americans or wester powers there and whilst we're at it let the shariah law prevail in sweden too and beat the crap out of and/or executed all the rapists, burglars and other criminals.

Stop scientific research and wind the clock back 400 years - the world will be a much better place....................... NOT
14:01 November 19, 2010 by Dazzler
If SAPO deems it necessary to save the taxpayers money, I volunteer my services to them. All I require is NV goggles and a M40. You know where to find me good sirs!
14:33 November 19, 2010 by bcterry
It's amazing how a narcissistic, delusional madman goes into a cave for a fast, comes out and declares himself to be a messenger from allah, and 1400 years later, we have over a billion brainwashed followers who still believe in this mythological nonsense, to the extent of strapping a bomb on themselves, and going about the business of blowing the hell out of themselves and in most cases, innocent others.

14:35 November 19, 2010 by Dnice@home
@ JulieLou40, Jasmines and Redcrown, i believe the comment "i´m proud of him" was made by the caller but not the wife..
14:44 November 19, 2010 by Georguis
No wonder as there is only one fact the world has to accept now, Terror = Islam and Islam = terror. Islamic terrorism the greatest danger that threatens the whole world now.

@jasmine #3

You look like a fool when you compare that idiot terrorist with a Swedish soldier in Afghanistan. The first is a coward rat blows himself in the face of any non muslim innocent to spread islam. The second is fighting the islamic terror with troops from other countries under UN resolution, They are there to set people free and help them to build up their distroyed country after years under a barbaric islamic reign.
15:11 November 19, 2010 by Swedesmith
Another immigrant who could not intergrate...but he could disintergrate.
15:33 November 19, 2010 by Keith #5083
Here we go again....! Can someone please explain to me, like I was a child, how it is that for centuries Muslims have killed Muslims and are STILL doing so - but now, suddenly, it is always the fault of someone in the west that this is happening.

Compared with what Saddam Hussein did, America is a novice! Compared with what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad IS doing to fellow Muslims, Jimmie Åkesson is in kindergarten! Abu Graib? Like Disneyland compared with Iranian prisons! (according to a leadin Iranian Immam, he is ashamed to be a Muslim when seeing/hearing what goes on in Iranian prisons in the name of Islam)

"Ye will not enter Paradise until ye have faith, and ye will not complete your faith until ye love one another". The Sayings of The Prophet (twf.org)

I hope this 36 year old suicider knew this about the Prophet and The Koran.
15:35 November 19, 2010 by bcterry
11:34 November 19, 2010 by aab05001

"In Iraq, there is a barbaric American occupation. We have seen from the US doccuments how the US army killed tens of thousends innocent Iraqis."

Give us a link that shows the u.s. directly killed tens of thousands of "innocent" Iraqis.

BTW, there was no mention of "jews" in this article.

Your racism, once again, comes to the fore.
15:35 November 19, 2010 by Syftfel
What made him "Swedish"? His passport? Isn't this story proof positive that Sweden must make a better effort at vetting prospective naturalizations a lot more thoroughly. Being Swedish entails a lot more than just a naturalization certificate. It entails adopting his new country in its entirety, including culturally. This Tunisian should probably never have been granted citizenship. Does anyone know the basis of his citizenship application? "Family reunion" perhaps?
15:40 November 19, 2010 by OnessOfMankind
See the Islamic minds, killing people in groups with bombs is a martyr.

@swedesmith :-) That is so funny Lol hahahaa...I was so angry at these people but you made me laugh..

read about those cave people who attacked the doctor for saving their women.

Animals shown kindness will not behave in such manner.
15:41 November 19, 2010 by Steffeni
It's truly sad that terrorists can act within a framework of faith that condones acts of violence. Islamic terrorism is a threat to all of Europe and has to be dealt with in a forceful and legal manner. Just as Nazi-ism And Communism killed millions of innocent civilians, we can look envision a militant Islam following the same scenario. Our legal systems must be quick to deal with this type of terrorism and not afraid to confront it boldly.

Europe seems to be reticent to deal with this type of terrorism masked under the guise of theology. It is time to stop blaming Israel and to start supporting the Western institutions that have created the freedom of thought necessary to deal with this evil scourge of terrorism.

Patrick Henry said "eternal vigilance is the price of freedom" and we must apply this to the Western values we hold dear.
16:25 November 19, 2010 by pantheratigris

That was a hella funny comment.
16:44 November 19, 2010 by Keith #5083

"Another immigrant who could not intergrate...but he could disintergrate"


Now that you got to send to Jeff Dunham so that Ahmed can use it....hehehee! Satire has always been the great leveller, putting irreverent perspective on absurdity.
16:59 November 19, 2010 by Thebinary1
Soooo ..... the wife knew that husband was engaged in terrorist activity, and actively supported him. How is it that Anna has not been charged with being an accessory to murder?

The kids would be better off socially and integrationwise without her influence.
17:00 November 19, 2010 by truthworthy
I am tired of all this stupidity and hatred towards Muslims on this forum. go hang yourself, Muslims doesnt care about your sh*t.
17:15 November 19, 2010 by zeulf
Truthworthy You might do well to study the Balfour proposal of 1918-21 and the wars of 48, 56,67, 73... to see who is agressing whom and what swedens ( The Noble European) and the other Euros role in ww2 has produced. Balfour would have allowed 4-5 million entry into a greater sized Palastine
18:54 November 19, 2010 by zooeden

(All the media is against Jews... Media never cared to show the world how these crazy Muslims and their fellow suicide bombers destroy and kill innocent people...

In my country Israel we suffered badly from them. As a matter of fact, Israelis are the only victims of these crazy Muslims.)

Oh Really??? BooFHoo to you then, you´re sooo much victims! Europe is tired of you guys and your historic paranoia; And you also kill innocent people, "as a matter of fact" you should give valid arguments before getting your arse kick!!!

The least we accept is an opinion of a Israeli vs a Muslim... Is like asking a klan member about Tiger Woods... aint it!
19:20 November 19, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
"Swedish citizen" you say, huh?

Ha ha
19:22 November 19, 2010 by Frobobbles
Yay sweden can has suicide bomber!
20:17 November 19, 2010 by unseen
what a crap, if u can't intimidate Muslims why the hell keep fighting them...Great Britain, France,Italy and other countries went their....killed people, occupied their countries, stole there fortune and fu*cked the whole thing down there and....why every thing is blamed on them? why? im kinda feel that they are right & you anti humanity are the bad ones
21:33 November 19, 2010 by Alf Garnett
Good riddance, one less parasite taking my tax money.

Dis- integrate LOL, good'un swedesmith.

His wife's a terrorist sypmathiser she should be sent a.s.a.p to Guantanamo.
22:27 November 19, 2010 by Jasmines
@Georguis # 17

I think it is YOU who look like a complete fool when you ignore the aggressive US occupation in Iraq

Who told you that this man bombed himself against non-muslims to make them convert to Islam!!!..is this ur sick mind? this man made this because this is a legitimate resistance to foreign occupation forces in his land

what do u mean by (non-muslims)?? do u mean the OCCUPATION forces in Iraq?? do u mean the US troops who kill, torture innocent people, men, women, children EVERYDAY in Iraq? and in Afghanistan too??

and who said there was a UN resolution for invading Iraq?? r u dreaming?, U.S invaded Iraq with no UN support whatsoever, US invaded Iraq based on the coalition with the UK, and some European countries (and all are regretting this decision now)

I will not comment on words like (Islamic Terror) because it is very silly and superficial to say that terror is related to any religion, or therefore we can consider the US invasion as "THE Christian Barbaric Crusades" and then I will go and fight all the christians and call them terrorists and suspect any christian who come to my country, may be he is a terrorist because he is a christian!! or when I am in the metro and see a man wearing a cross I will feel uncomfortable?? of course we don't do that, but racist people like you- may do!
22:34 November 19, 2010 by mombassa
A Swedish suicide bomber??? What's going on with Swedes??
22:48 November 19, 2010 by rmccall7
People have their beliefs. Know matter what we think. I here a lot of smack from what I always thought was a tolerate nation. But as I can see it has as much hatred as any nation that I have ever visited. I know most of these opinions are in the minority of what most Swedes think. You can blame the country that I am from America. But I look at it this way the only one in the article I feel any sympathy for is the child that is fatherless now. As far as the mother goes she will have to make her on mistakes just hope that she doesn't drag the child into it. I had know idea how many haters there are in Sweden. Just good luck to all of you. Hope that you find tolerance some day.
23:10 November 19, 2010 by mombassa
@rmccall7, tolerance would be a nice concept in a peaceful world where everyone lives in harmony.

However, survival of the fittest rules the day.

You can call it hatred but it's suicide for Western civilization (which should be kicked out of the Muslim lands) to tolerate a foreign and non-tolerant culture in its midst.


The Chinese and Indians don't have 2.5 billion people between them and cultures that are THOUSANDS of years old because they were "tolerant".

If you consider yourself intelligent you should understand the other side before writing off their concerns with a sleight of hand. Here's an excellent article to explain the concerns of the other side, the one you would consider "hateful"

23:44 November 19, 2010 by mojofat
@anyone defending suicide bombings:

Quickly trying to research this incident, all I could find was an attack in Mosul on a british construction company (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_bombings_in_Iraq_in_2010#July_to_September)...so, this wasn't a noble attack on occupying american forces as you've suggested.

Secondly, the vast majority of suicide attacks in Iraq are against other Iraqis...not soldiers. Al Qaeda has, from all counts that I can find, killed more Iraqis and muslims than US soldiers, so your logic is faulty. I'm not defending the US occupation of Iraq but you've got to be kidding me that you can defend the actions of Al Qaeda.

As for this woman being proud of her husband for killing innocent people (yes, innocent) in addition to himself, maybe she should consider relocating to Iraq instead of a secular nation like Sweden so that she may follow in her husband's footsteps.
04:02 November 20, 2010 by Swedesmith
I've always believed that suicide bombers should try a practice run in a deserted area first, just to make sure they have it right.
05:12 November 20, 2010 by Njal
This man was not Swedish, (nor his family).
11:32 November 20, 2010 by anony1
That is how Alqaeda lives now adays!

They easily become refugees in other country, like sweden, despite many educated students being deported for no reason!

they grow with the money they get (from the society), without changing their beliefs! ,fail to integrate, improve

I don't think it is hard to see from the refugees in this country, whom integrate, and whom don't integrate! and the fact that which one actually are the threats for the society!,

and after they have grown enough, they go back to somewhere else to explode!

I am always against, generalizations that people do among others. like "muslims" , "jews", ....
11:58 November 20, 2010 by HowSwedeitis
Fools. Both the deceased and the woman. She's proud of him? How dare she? The great nation of Sweden takes her and her children in, and this is how she feels? Traitor.

14:14 November 20, 2010 by dtes
poor little rag head, but i dont think it should be called swedish!
15:40 November 20, 2010 by Rebel
Hopefully he was only successful in turning himself into a pile of hamburger meat and no innocent people wound up his victims.
16:44 November 20, 2010 by Seamus Guevara
@Jasmines Occupation? huh? what are you talking about, petal. The US doesn't need to listen to pussies like the UN and their endless boo-hooing. There is a reason Jesus and George Washington invented freedom in 1776, i suggest you inform yourself beforehand, kidder.
20:10 November 20, 2010 by Bumblebeetuna
It was the woman that said she was proud of him.

WAR ! What it is a good for? ISLAM, Christianity, It's all the same. people who believe in fairy tales to get by day to day.
07:08 November 21, 2010 by JoeSwede
How sad that he felt the need to travel from Sweden to Iraq to blow himself up as a statement for his belief.

He left his wife and kids without help.
09:17 November 21, 2010 by Hagrid
I don't mean to get people in panic, but if Sweden doesn't change its ridiculous immigration policies from Islamic countries, sooner or later such "Swedish citizens" would be carrying their suicide attacks not only in Iraq but in Sweden itself.

@zooeden, if Muslims did not attack Israel all the time, maybe it would not have to retaliate . Besides, Muslims themselves have killed far more of their own fellow Muslims than Israel ever did. Anyway, you can speak for yourself but not on behalf of all of Europe.
16:36 November 21, 2010 by Clarabow
Suicide bombers can hardly be classed as people fighting for the liberation of their country from the vile invaders? They go into market squares, places of worship, schools, and let off their deadly bombs without a care who they kill, women, old men, children, their own kind? Race and creed has no say in it.

I am not sure what cause they are fighting for or whose, but to compare them to the French, (do you mean Resistance? I assume you mean the F.R. as the FrenchVichy government of the time simply gave in to the Nazis without a struggle) seems odd. The French were not proud of their Vichy Government, which is why they ended up with de Gaulle (founder of the Free French Movement in England during the war). Personally, I think America and GB made a terrible error in the way they went about getting rid of Saddam, which was not a bad thing and welcomed by many in Iraq, but as someone noted they got rid of one big tyrant, who was replaced by a thousand smaller ones. But you start a war, and all sorts of vile things crawl out from the rubble. And this is what has happened in Iraq. I read of a six year old boy being tortured to death by some group or other using an electric drill (which by the way was a weapon of torture used by Iraq in Kuwait). This was done by local people? Iran? who knows, but the cry you hear from Iraq is how can muslims do this to muslims? When America bombed Cambodia during the Vietnam war it was Pol Pot who crawled out of the rubble; the SS when Hitler invaded Poland. And they committed terrible crimes against humanity. The truth is you can't have war and civilisation! So when anyone makes war, or starts one, or joins in it is something to remember. And after - "They make a war and call the desolation peace." (A quote from a historian of the time after the Roman legions invaded and decimated Gaul) although today we call 'desolation' freedom.
17:42 November 21, 2010 by alingsaskev
Oh for goodness sake!

Why is it that any time there is a comment about a suicide bombing someone has to turn the whole debate into an Israeli/Arab diatribe. We get it. The situation in Israel/Palestine is appalling. They've both been blowing each other to bits for years and squabbling like a load of schoolchildren to the world saying "well no Miss, they started it first", "no Miss he started it!" Grow up, the lot of you. Nobody gives a fig! I'd quite happily have both the Palestinians and the Israelis blow themselves of the face of the Earth and be done with it. You are d obviously quite unable to sort out your own problems like rational grown-ups -so please just get it over and done with.

As far as the Suicide bomber is concerned. It has nothing to do with what country he lived in, be it Sweden, The UK or Outer Mongolia - he was a religious fanatic who believed that the only way to further the cause that he believed in was to blow himself up and to take out as many people as he could with him. The man was a zealot and an idiot, and his wife's comments prove that she too is a zealot and an idiot.

As far as the invasion of Iraq goes. Yes it was a damn fool thing to invade a sovereign nation. The UK and USA should have left Saddam alone to terrorise his own people, suppress the Shia South, Gas the Kurds, Invade Kuwait, develop their nuclear and biological potential, invite Al -Qaeda into a safe haven and generally stick two fingers up at Iran. The Middle East would have been so much safer that way!

Honestly, you sage and wise commentators to this site. Unless you read the articles, understand the history or context of what you are commentating upon or can keep your own puritanical religious and moralistic compasses in check the best thing would be to just say nothing at all. Keep your crazy religious beliefs to yourselves be you Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist or Atheist.
21:53 November 21, 2010 by bcterry
17:42 November 21, 2010 by alingsaskev

22:39 November 21, 2010 by planet.sweden
Nope Sapo has no comment, and most of Sweden's political establishment has no comment either. It's called denial, and it starts with failing to see the significance of events like this and is only rudely cured with events like 7-7 in Britain.
22:48 November 21, 2010 by Garry Jones
R. I. P.

(Rest In Pieces).
23:09 November 21, 2010 by flaedo
Welcome to the new Sweden. The new way of thinking is taking over. Bad luck to you old school Swedes, your country is goin through the big changes and at the other end what you will find is the lslamic state of Sweden. So get used to it cause none of you are trying at all to stop it HA HA
02:20 November 22, 2010 by ajs42548
aab05001.. Sorry but the Jews were there first. Who do you think built the Solomon's Second Temple (the Wailing wall is all that's left). Who do you think built the first Temple, the Mexicans? As a matter of fact, Jews were in Medina and Mecca before Mohammed and his gang came and either killed or took as slaves everyone. So if the land belongs to whomever was there first, then you would have to agree that the Arabs must leave not only Israel, but Saudi Arabia as well. BTW, in case you didn't know, Israel left Gaza completely in 2005. Of course within hours Hamas started firing missiles into Israel. That's how much the Palestinians want peace. So thank you for agreeing that the land belongs to Jews (at least according to your reasoning).
21:04 November 22, 2010 by mombassa
@ajs42548, if the Hebrews/Israelites/Jews were first in what's Palestine then who did Joshua kick out of the land in the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament?
10:23 November 23, 2010 by Clarabow
Maybe the Africans - the first wave of those we understand as human. Or maybe the first civilisation which came with the Sumerians. The world map was very different then, allowing migration of peoples across what is now sea. But go back 74,000 or so years, which in earth time is a second, probably less, and you will find that a super volcano erupted, plunged the earth into nuclear winter, making it near impossible to sustain human life. We - Jews, blacks, whites come from the few survivors of this eruption. So you tell me who got to Isreal first? Perhaps we all did!
20:18 November 27, 2010 by mombassa
@Clarabow, my point indeed was that who was first on the land is IRRELEVANT.
23:58 November 30, 2010 by Chickybee
I'm proud of him?

I'd have her passport revoked and back on the next plane 'home'.
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