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Bildt: North Korea attack 'very worrying'

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 23 Nov 2010, 10:09

Published: 23 Nov 2010 10:09 GMT+01:00

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"Sudden North Korean artillery shelling of a South Korean island leads to new and serious questions about the North Korean regime's nature and intent," Bildt wrote on blog, "Alla Dessa Dagar" (literally: All these days).

Bildt continued to express concern over the future for the fragile ceasefire between the nations that has existed since the end of the Korean War.

"It is crucial that, not least China, uses all his influence to affect the regime in Pyongyang. Otherwise, the risks on the Korean Peninsula will increase significantly."

South Korea confirmed on Tuesday morning that it had returned fire after North Korea fired around 200 artillery shells at an island near the border.

The attack on Yeonpyeong island which left two marines dead, as well as two soldiers and four civilians injured, has prompted South Korea to place its military on its highest non-wartime alert since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

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North Korea has not yet commented on the attack, with the country's leader Kim Jong-il reported to be ill and recent focus has centred on the likely transfer of power to his son, Kim Jong-un.

The attack has given cause for Stephen Bosworth, the US special representative for North Korea, to rule out the resumption of six-party talks concerning the nuclear issue, according to a BBC report.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:27 November 23, 2010 by lux.veritas
What is really going on, who is giving us our news, what are we expected to think, what will be the result and who will be paying and earning from it?

Interesting observations:

Trustworthy news is very scares. The Chinese put into disrepute the former shelling of a South Korean navy vessel by North Korea and required clear evidence. NATO/ Europe/ US/ Israel don't tend to invade, occupy, torture, pillage and control countries which have a nuclear weapon, interesting!! Do we honestly think that the powers that be want to free North Koreans, Afghan women, bring democracy to Iraq and help Yemen or Pakistan because they are full of terrorists? The only government recognised funded terrorist school is in Fort Benning, Atlanta, Georgia.

"Wikileaks Set to Release over Two and a Half Million More Iraq War Logs"

Why are European, NATO and other countries involved in this madness when absolutely nobody wants it, well aside from the weapons, medical, banking industry owners and of course self-styled elite eugenic aligned groups (documented evidence).

Duplicity, disinformation and pointing the finger elsewhere detract from self-awareness and honesty. Psychologically speaking denial of blame, sadism, moral justification, are hallmarks of sociopathic behaviour. If there are some very bad people in society, be sure you will find them amongst the highest government positions.

Let´s be clear; without solid hard facts and genuine historical information one cannot assume one way or the other. These are merely questions of a reasoning mind. China doesn't jump to the tune of the US/NATO mind-set. UN says very little about China due to the massive global corporate shift to China, for obvious reasons, obedient cheap workers with minimal concern over environmental or health ethics. Here once again we see the duplicity of NATO/UN who's policy is controlled by the security council.
11:35 November 23, 2010 by marianne667
Well, well, well! Let us see what the big country in the west is going to do now? Happy thanksgiving!

Saw an article the other day that North Korea owes Sweden a lot of money. I wonder how many Volvo cars they bought? Maybe Statens Materielverk can tell us.
11:41 November 23, 2010 by StockholmSam
Yep, LuxVeritas, your post certainly justifies today's North Korean attack on South Korea.
11:42 November 23, 2010 by aab05001
I hope North Korea will wipe the puppet regime in South Korea off the map
12:23 November 23, 2010 by stenhuggaren
well if it is clarity we are looking for, we are not going to find it in any of Lux's posts, that seems certain.
12:23 November 23, 2010 by Swedesmith
Peace and goodwill to you, too, aab.
12:49 November 23, 2010 by Syftfel
There is only one thing for the free world to do now. Although with Oblahblah's fumbling leadership one wonders if it'll ever happen. Are we going to let this deranged nut set off another nuke?? Kim Jong (Mentally) Il must be taken out by force!! Destroy all his nuclear and most military capabilities! Then we can keep his sorry pretense if a nation as a theme park to the failure of socialism. Disney's "Marxist World". Social dems be ware! And that inlcudes you Mona. Socialism does not work! Give North Korea back to South Korea now? Unify! And kick the Kim slime out!
13:08 November 23, 2010 by Alf Garnett
@aab05001: if they do, please be standing is Seoul when it happens.
13:36 November 23, 2010 by EuropeanIsraeli
I really don't know what's wrong with North Korea, why on earth they act like that...

At least for Arabs and Muslims (Including: Iran), the issue is pretty clear and understandable, They are just bad elements and they want to cause harm to others.

Of course, there are some countries who act the somehow the same in South America, but those are because of their moronic leaders.
13:44 November 23, 2010 by bjinger
Bible says, quick in listening but slow in speaking.

South Korean admitted that they had artillery shelling at 10 in the morning. And the Noth responded in the afternoon.
13:49 November 23, 2010 by aab05001
North Korea is among the countries who rejected the western imperialism....I really respect them...they should destroy the dwarfs' government in south korea
13:57 November 23, 2010 by marianne667
Take a deep breath aab
13:57 November 23, 2010 by omansour

Your name suggests everything. No one listens to your rhetoric!
14:03 November 23, 2010 by DragonSun
I quote a piece of lyric in a movie here: "Stop fighting North and South Korean, you are both basically Chinese~~"
14:05 November 23, 2010 by MTH
@EuropeanIsraeli, you are dumb and so simplistic and disinformed with your black and white views like little children "these are the good guys and this are the bad guys" GROW UP and look what your coutry Israel is doing to the Palestinians when in fact israel should have never existed in the first place, israelis are just a bunch of european colonizers brought from outside to palestinian lands where they had no deed in the first place.
14:27 November 23, 2010 by Hustla
@MTH and @omansour

Does the expression anit-semite mean anything to you?
14:27 November 23, 2010 by balancingyou
Wow. How objective you people all are. The Evil Americans, and Puppet Regimes. ---Who is feeding your news? It all depends on what you believe.

Maybe your the puppets. --

The west and its allies do some stupid things. eGet a grip people.

You barely sound more rediculous than this:

Here we go

South Korea which is secretly run by George Bush wasnt cooperating with the evil NATO UN Forces will of world domination. So because of that, Bush ordered the bombing of north korea. Then the Evil Department of disinformation & propaganda put out a story that North Korea fired first... Ok

Gag me. You people may have a point or two, but you are too jaded to be objective and your opinions are WAY over the top.
14:44 November 23, 2010 by Larry Thrash
It's time for the UN to have an emergency cocktail party.
17:11 November 23, 2010 by starpink7
Wow don't judge who's evil or not...Because you all are hypocrites ~

And learn your history before you write ridiculous things in this wall~

And i respect coutry Israel even im not from that country :D

As for Korea~ I hope now the South Koreans are making their moves~ I don't like the North Korean government~ We shouldn't just sit and wait for the news...(I don't really trust media after all its written from their perspectives~)

But I'll see~ at least they are involved in the world-wide events
17:47 November 23, 2010 by mojofat
If you hate america so much, and by association her allies, then please move to North Korea and see how happy life is there. See what a real dictatorship is like and how enjoyable it is to have no freedom of thought, movement, or individuality.

"Sudden North Korean artillery shelling of a South Korean island leads to new and serious questions about the North Korean regime's nature and intent,"

--And just what was everyone thinking their nature and intent was before this? Peace and prosperity? Kim Jong Il has installed a thugocracy serving only his personal benefit, starved a nation of people while treating the country like his own Grand Theft Auto game. It's not a question of if this state will fail, but when and how bad will the repercussions be. As soon as little kim takes over when the old man dies the whole thing is going to fall like a house of cards.
18:17 November 23, 2010 by Kevin Harris
@Alf Garnett

"@aab05001: if they do, please be standing is Seoul when it happens."

I think aab05001 would be much less comfortable starving to death with everyone else in the North Korea he admires so much. Wish he was there instead Alf.
19:11 November 23, 2010 by diegoveggie
time to retaliate and send the north koreans to hell
21:20 November 23, 2010 by svenskamerikansk
Time for Sweden to strike its furrowed brow pose of profound superhuman concern and deploy its secret weapon, Hans Blix in a valiant attempt to bore the miscreants into pacifism.
21:36 November 23, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
When will the FreeGaza boat loaded with Swedish hippies land on North Korean shores?

Don't worry, the US won't ask for the UN to uphold their UN mandate upon the sinking of a South vessel and shelling of Southern towns.

Guess Europe won't have to deal with this crisis either and can stand by while millions of innocents get killed. Be sure to check your morality at the door.
23:11 November 23, 2010 by mojofat
@svenskamerikansk Hilarious!
00:18 November 24, 2010 by kingdavid
From the U.S.: Unless my advisors came up with something more sane, there are two ways to handle North Korea. The first is to form a coalition with europe and asia (sans China) and carpet bomb the hell out of them and their million man army. Ground troops are not necessary to reach that end, just send a mass amount of jets from the coalition and go on raids 24/7. The other option is to enforce a complete embargo with China unless they agree to completely neutralize North Korea. Both options may seem extreme at first glance, however they are tangible reactions to North Korea's utter baffoonery. The ideas are better than the current American policy of empty rhetoric and stalling and stalling while your enemies make a mockery of you and get stronger. The en vogue modus operandi, when it comes to America's most serious threats, is to talk a lot and do nothing-see our economic troubles, Iran, and North Korea. If you have a President that is afraid to act what you are ,effectively, is a leaderless country. I knew Obama was going to be very similar to Carter, but not to this degree. I can take solace in the fact that without Carter there would not have been Reagan, so following that line of logic we are due for a strong leader in 2012. Predicition-The U.S. does nothing real about the latest North Korean threat and we let our democratic allies (South Korea) hang out to dry, exactly the same policy vis a vis Israel (our democratic ally) against Iran. We have 2 of our allies whose very existence is at stake and we do nothing, ahhh how far we've fallen.
07:28 November 24, 2010 by mkvgtired
@balancingyou, are you new? This is pretty standard fair. When reading these forums you need to expect to find conspiracy theories and ideals that any rational person would only expect to find in the bowels of the world's most intense mental health facilities. Then these self-proclaimed philosophers accuse you of being closed minded, conformist, brainwashed, ect. for not subscribing to their off the (padded) wall beliefs. If you are looking for thoughtful discussion about current global events you may want to look elsewhere. If you enjoy reading these pea-brain theories then I suggest you visit often :)

@aab05001, I dont even know why I'm responding to your post(s) but please explain what a "puppet regime" is to me. South Korea is a functioning democracy with global leaders in several industries. Have you heard of Samsung, LG, Hyundai (all divisions shipping, ship building, automotive, etc). Please list one successful North Korean company. Also, since North Korea would have no choice but to dissolve without Western aid please tell me which is a "puppet regime"? The North only exists because we as Westerners dont want to be responsible for the starvation of millions as a madman takes a whole country down with him. Please see the above half of my comment to see where your ideas belong.
08:08 November 24, 2010 by aab05001

Don't make me laugh please....you ''westerners'' know nothing about helping others. The only thing you know is colonizing other countries and exploiting their national resourses. Plz, don't the claim the message of peace! Where are you from helping Palestinians against the barbaric Israeli occupation? Have you forgetten that it is you ''the westerners'' were the ones who massacred Jews, and then created a country for the remaining European Jews in Palestine; that's of course after destroying 531 Palestinian villages and expelling Palestinians out of their land...

puppets are the ones who sell the country to the USA, the puppet regime in South Korea allowed dozens of thousends american soldiers in the country.....
12:19 November 24, 2010 by Syftfel
aab05001's infantile comments notwithstanding, (where does Israel fit into this?), this two bit socialist dicatator, Kim Jong(mentally) Ill, is nothing but a useless piece of pathetic dog feces who deserves to be annihilated. Look what he's done to his minions with his marxist drivel. His elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. His people are starving to death! And Mentally Ill in his high heels, and bouffant are building nukes??? Please, take him out now! Give the North back to the South now, and unify the peninsula. Let it become whole again, and banish socialsim once and for all.
10:04 November 25, 2010 by Ravioli
Aab05001 was probably educated in a madrasah and is being supported by WESTERN taxpayer money. So if he can live with himself after making these comments then that's so sad it's hilarious.

Aside from that, the DPRK is really playing with fire here. In a war with the South, they may be able to inflict heavy losses but the DPRK will surely fall. This brings up an interesting scenario. Should Sweden take on North Korean refugees? I would say YES! If Sweden were to start taking in refugees from that area rather than...eh hem...other areas (that will remain nameless)...then they would be able to build a multicultural society with immigrants from an area of the world with a solid reputation of integration, education and low-crime rates.

Thus, I am in favor of this war.
10:52 November 25, 2010 by HowSwedeitis
A few things. 1.) The war never ended. North & South have been at war since the early 50's. A peace agreement was never signed. 2.) All this talk of total destruction is somewhat amusing. Just who would bomb DPRK? The United States is severely overstretched militarily and China is backing Kim Jong Ill. The Republic of Korea has 160 vessels in its Navy. DPRK? 708. The Republic of Korea has 840 aircraft in its Air Force. DPRK? 1,700. The Republic of Korea has about 2,500 tanks in its Army. DPRK? 4,500. Did I mention China is backing the DPRK? I understand that the DPRK is a joke and the Stalinist-style dictatorship is a horrible failure, but do not underestimate them. The crazy lunatics are always the most dangerous. Add to all of this, the fact that China is the number one holder of all US debt, and a very tricky diplomatic situation arises.

16:42 November 25, 2010 by americanska
This is what north korea does when they try to make their spoiled brats kids look like leaders in the eyes of the miliary. have them command a few strikes agains south korea......just like when his daddy came into power.

No worries though, the US sent an aircraft carrier strike group to flext some muscle. - you know what that is. it's one of those things the great british navy not longer has, and will not have for at least another 10 years.

get used to the US doing everything for everybody even more often.......
06:58 November 26, 2010 by mc092
I'm Korean (South) , and the war will begin , very soon . I hope that you guys know that the fact North korea is not a country just terrorists who threat korean people lives in north part . Kim jong il and his men must be killed.
07:23 November 26, 2010 by swedeb
@HowSwedeItIs: Good post.
08:38 November 26, 2010 by wenddiver
What we need is more like Chesty Puller or General Walker, than Carl Bildt. Should have let Doug MacArthur snap these punks backs in the 1950's. Still the ROKs (Republic of Korea Soldiers) are some of the toughest in the World, so I wuld watch myself if I was a crazy, Communist Dictator, who starved millions of his own people and like Boufant hair does.
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