Witnesses tell of Stockholm bomb terror

Eyewitnesses have told of the moment an apparent suicide bomber blew himself up just a stone's throw from Stockholm's busiest shopping street on Saturday.

Witnesses tell of Stockholm bomb terror

“We were scared to death,” said one local resident.

The man died on the intersection of the Drottninggatan thoroughfare and Bryggargatan, a side street.

An eyewitness interviewed by the Dagens Nyheter newspaper (DN) said something appeared to have blown up against the man’s abdomen.

“He had no injuries to his face or the rest of his body and the shops around him were not damaged,” he said.

The eyewitness, a paramedic identified only as Pascal, said he removed a ‘Palestinian scarf’ from the man’s face in an attempt to free up his airways. Next to the man’s body was a two-metre piece of metal piping.

Other eyewitness at the scene said the man shouted something in Arabic before the bomb detonated, according to newspaper Aftonbladet.

Aftonbladet also quoted local resident Tarja, who was at home close to where the bomb went off:

“The whole house shook. We were scared to death and went outside, where we saw a dead person on the street. There were paramedics and police there but they weren’t doing anything,” she said.

A shopworker from a store on Drottninggatan said she “heard a huge bang, then people ran down Drottninggatan. We then closed the store, and the street became completely empty.”