More crimes tied to Örebro rape suspect

More crimes tied to Örebro rape suspect
A 24-year-old man currently in detention for sexually assaulting 10 women in Örebro is suspected of four additional crimes.

According to police, he has been or will be informed of the suspicions against him.

He appeared in court again on Tuesday, when he was informed that he was under suspicion for some of the new crimes. The hearing continues on Wednesday.

The new crimes include two cases of attempted rape, one case of assault and battery and sexual molestation and one case of either sexual assault or attempted rape.

Deputy chief prosecutor Pia Åsberg declined to comment further on the new suspicions until the conclusion of the hearing. All of the crimes are alleged to have taken place in Örebro.

Beyond the new crimes, which were the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th attacks in the series of assaults on women allegedly perpetrated by the suspect, there are no current plans to interview him for several other incidents.

The man has already confessed to the seven assaults he is currently in custody for last month. At the time, police were still investigating another six to seven cases of assaults on women in Örebro in which he may have been involved.

If the man is convicted for all of the crimes for which he is currently under suspicion, he would become the worst serial rapist in Sweden’s history.