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Sweden's tolerance 'at risk' following attack

The Local · 16 Dec 2010, 15:29

Published: 16 Dec 2010 15:29 GMT+01:00

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A man strongly believed to be Taimour Abdulwahab blew up his car and then himself in a busy shopping quarter of central Stockholm Saturday. He killed only himself, but narrowly missed wreaking havoc among Christmas shoppers.

Abdulwahab had been living in Britain in recent years, where he studied at university, but media reports said he had arrived in Sweden from Iraq as a child, growing up in a small town a three-hour car ride from Stockholm.

The attacks were immediately and widely denounced by Sweden's Muslim community, with condemnations from many Muslim groups and several small peace protests.

But the clearest message came perhaps on Tuesday, when Hassan Mussa, one of Sweden's most influential clerics, issued a fatwa -- an Islamic ruling -- clearly condemning the attack.

"It is forbidden to accept what has happened or try to justify it," said Moussa.

"Those who accept it or justify it are as guilty as the perpetrator himself," he added, according to Swedish radio's translation.

But the fact that a Swedish-raised man blew himself in the name of Islam -- as he understood it -- has challenged Sweden's tradition of tolerance, said respected Islamologist Jan Hjärpe.

"This (attack) in Stockholm is used to point to all the Muslims in Sweden and say they are dangerous," Hjärpe told AFP.

A report released Wednesday by Sweden's intelligence agency Säpo suggested this kind of extremism was very are: it estimated only about 200 extremists with the potential for violence among the Muslim population.

On that evidence, Hjärpe insisted, they "do not represent the huge majority of the Muslims in Sweden."

Even the audio message attributed to the bomber, sent out shortly before Saturday's attack, appeared to acknowledge this lack of radicalism, said Hjärpe.

"You could hear he was quite angry that the Muslims in Sweden were not interested in going into a jihad," he pointed out.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt while condemning the attack, warned against drawing hasty conclusions, and in his comments he stressed the tolerance that underscores Swedish society.

But Malena Rembe, chief analyst at Säpo's counter-terrorism unit, warned that this tolerance was increasingly being challenged.

With the far-right, anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats entering parliament for the first time after September's election, the country was moving towards greater polarisation, she cautioned Wednesday.

The increase in Islamophobic rhetoric from the far-right would put Sweden's tradition for open, tolerant diaologue, under pressure, she warned.

"What we've seen in other countries where you have a more polarised debate -- where you have more open xeonphobia or Islamophobia -- is that it tends to push people into movements because they feel isolated in their own society and they feel included in these extremist environments," she told AFP.

"An increased polarisation in discussions would perhaps further stigmatise individuals -- and stigmatised individuals tend to be recruitable ... It is extremely important to ensure a nuanced discussion," she said.

Just days after Saturday's attack, the Sweden Democrats called for a parliamentary debate on the problem of Islamic extremism: the other parties rejected the idea, reluctant to let them exploit the situation.

But the reluctance to confront extremist ideas carried its own dangers, said one analyst.

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"It's sort of reflective of the sensitivities of the issues, but also of the consensus nature of Sweden," security expert Magnus Ranstorp, of Sweden's defence college, told AFP.

Until recently, even problems surrounding immigration and integration were only marginally debated here, and the far-right's entry into parliament came as a shock for many people, said Ranstorp, a specialist in Islamist movements.

"By avoiding the debate, you inflate the issues ... If you stifle part of the debate it can become more bent up, many issues rolled into one," Ranstorp said.

"Everyone is tip-toeing around the fire, and therefore you don't discuss the issue realistically," he added.

Thus the bomber, despite failing to create the carnage he was aiming for, might have achieved one of his goals.

"I see him as someone who come from the outside (Britain) in here and very deliberately targeted Sweden to create a lot of polarisation, a lot of reaction," Ranstorp said.

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18:37 December 16, 2010 by skatty
In my opinion something is fishy with this suicide bombing. All the present facts show that the whole process had been somehow under controlled to bring the minimum possible damage to public, and just to bring the damage on the guy himself!

I don't get why somebody, who had lived the ten years of his latest years of life in UK and had been brainwashed in UK by extremist, come to Sweden for bombing. After all, Sweden has less political influence than Britain in the world politics! Especially; a guy, who wanted to marry again with permission of his wife, with an account on facebook, who had been happy in Sweden in his youth.

It looks like; somebody was looking into bringing Sweden in the line of becoming afraid of Suicide bombers like the rest of Europe, with the less possible casualty!

It's just a guess, I'm not sure.
21:04 December 16, 2010 by Njal
You've got to love the way the Local reports this storey.

It isn't mere 'tolerance' that's at stake, it's the peace and freedom of the true Swerdish people. Does the local imagine that everyone will buy in to their idiotic slant of the storey, by trying to portect certain groups of people by under-stating the headlines?

When people are trying to bomb you, they are trying to kill you, not strain your tolerance level. Only by the smallest margin of luck did this fool only kill himself and not someone else. But what about next time, (does anyone doubt there will be a next time?).

Islam has proven it's worth to Werstern societies time and again, and if we haven't learned by now that people who follow this religion of peace are not compatible in the West, then perhaps we never will.

Well done to the Australian prime minister for telling it like it should be!
00:12 December 17, 2010 by itzsmz
Yeah Njal, I wonder who went into another country, with the excuse that it's to introduce democracy into the country, when everybody knows they are in just for the oil and everyone just 'tiptoe' around the issue, not daring to bring it up openly.

Well done to Julian Assange for uncovering the dirty secrets as they really are!
00:34 December 17, 2010 by Njal

As far as I'm aware it was the US, but what's that to Sweden?

Your comment misses the mark as we're not talking about the same thing. Ultimately, it comes down to the rights of Swedes in their own land vs. the rights of foreigners to aflict them. The Swedes very graciously allowed all these 'guests' to enjoy peace and freedom, and this is how they're repaid.

We're not talking about the US here, we're talking about Sweden. If you come to Sweden as a 'supplicant', as most of the immigrants were, then you owe your safety to the Swedish people, as they are the ones to provide you with a safe home, as could not be done by the foreigners in their own lands, (i.e. you have a considerable debt to Sweden, if you disagree then LEAVE).

Your comment is not news to me as I (and half the planet), knew about the US meddling in the mid-east. Agreed with you about Assange tho', I want to know what our governments are not telling us.
01:51 December 17, 2010 by giltedged
"It looks like; somebody was looking into bringing Sweden in the line of becoming afraid of Suicide bombers like the rest of Europe, with the less possible casualty! "

Do such naive idiots exist, even in Sweden?
02:20 December 17, 2010 by msaad
+ Wiki leaks + Sweden Support

+ US / UK terrible plans and facts in Iraq and Afghanistan were revealed

+ Sweden is always neutral moreover welcomes Muslim refugees as well

+ Suddenly, suicide bomb in Sweden from a guy pretended he is Muslim !

It is clear, isn't it ?
05:29 December 17, 2010 by qed16
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
09:13 December 17, 2010 by wenddiver
@qed16- You definetly are calling that one right. These people who pretend to denounce Islamic terrorists and then launch into an excuse session are sickening. Those who try and blame it on the victims are worse.

These terrorists are low life murders and anybody publicly supporting them or justifying their horrible actions is a co-conspirator. Economically boycott them, and support removal from the West of all who can not embrace a peaceful ideology.
09:48 December 17, 2010 by Kevin Harris
I lived and worked in London during the IRA's campaigns of the seventies and eighties and had plenty of time and opportunity to think about urban terrorism.

My personal tactic then, and now, was to identify the terrorists' aims and give them the opposite of what they were trying to achieve.

For example, the IRA often tried to frighten people out of London with pre Christmas bombs, thus damaging Briton's commerce and business. After an IRA bomb, I shopped a little more, and worked a little harder. If I had a little fear, I never showed it.

Another aim of the IRA was to drive a rift between the British and Irish people, thus making it an easier environment for them to recruit and operate, and also, to justify their argument that the two countries were at "war". After bombs, I made a point of being extra nice to my many Irish friends and colleagues; the terrorists did not achieve their aim of driving us apart; they drove us closer together.

Islamist terrorism has similar aims and methods to the IRA and we can individually help oppose it, the same way I opposed the IRA. Stockholmers go shopping, and if you have fear, don't show it. Islamic people are feeling a little uncomfortable at the moment, reassure them. If you know an Islamic person, invite him/her to a fika, or a least give him/her a big smile. Posting anti-Islam/immigrant rants on The Local forums only furthers the mad bomber's aims, and encourages the next one, who is certainly watching how Swedes react to this week's bombing.

In these ways, you too can have your own little victory against terrorism instead of playing into the terrorists' hands by giving them what they want.
10:39 December 17, 2010 by samwise
The funny thing is, the excuses in the warning message have very little to do with SD, they are opposed the Afghan war, and they don't have connection with Lars Vilks.

So it must be Bush that is behind it, or causes a poor innocent peaceful man to do it, right?

It's the people who are against evil deeds need to be lectured, always.
11:06 December 17, 2010 by Da Goat
The only good news here is Sapo know which 200 or so to deport , send a clear message deport some, maybe just the most militant ones and families so the rest know to behave and live in peace!

Kevin Harris has the right idea though noone harms their friends!

if a dog does wrong ignore it, if right reward it!
12:37 December 17, 2010 by Kevin Harris
I want to make it clear I do not agree with the post above at #11, and no reasonable reading of my post at #10 has anything to do with rewarding "dogs" or other such filth.
15:41 December 17, 2010 by Syftfel
No. Sweden's tolerance is not "at risk". It's in fact already gone.
16:44 December 17, 2010 by Nemesis
Sweden has no tolerance.

Immigrants live in ghetto's and Swedes will move out of an entire street if one coloured person or muslim moves in.

Tolerance in Sweden is an illusion.
16:57 December 17, 2010 by Britt-Marie7
It was just a matter of time until this hit Stockholm too. Look at Malmo! The radicals are already here and many more than 200.

It is time for the Swedish people to wake up and stop the radicals, kick them out of the country. This behavior should not be tolerated, period.

It is positive that the muslim community is denouncing this, they are the ones who has to work hard to get rid of the radicals, or we will always be suspicious of all muslims.
18:01 December 17, 2010 by Roy E
Here's a good word for the day: 'taqiyya'.

Swedes would do themselves well to learn and understand the concept.

'Duplicity' would be a good, related follow up word for tomorrow.
18:08 December 17, 2010 by lux.veritas
Does it strike anyone strange that almost every modern terrorist attack seems to have the opposite to perceived desired effect by the perpetrators?

Does it also seem strange that so much is called into question about them and the perpetrators backgrounds and affiliations?

The victims nine times out of ten are the innocent, then military and or police. The outcome, more weapons and intelligence spending coupled with diminishing rights and incursions into liberties.

How come we never get news stories on state terror in country and around the world? There certainly is a lot more of it. This statement is backed by overwhelming documented evidence.

Furthermore it is recommended to look up the word in a dictionary, as well as many others; save we do not draw auto connotations as to the meaning and the intent of use, words and their use a very powerful tools.

Aside from recent attacks on politicians in Greece; there have been and will be demonstrations in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia and countries in between. The state drum to ban demonstrations, oppress and bring marshal law is being pounded.

No mention of the people being robbed blind in the Robin Hood in reverse free for all by the self-styled elite.

By all means be it noted, I do not condone violence or suggest it, however; what I postulate is that the targets are all wrong for a desired effect. I contest that they should be key members of the following organisations and companies: CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Gates, Buffet Foundations, Bilderberg, Bush, Blair, Clintons, Rumsfeld, Chenney and others, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Rand, Shell, BP, Dupont, Merck Sharpe and Dohme, Bayer. BIS, top international and central banks. Top people behind the biggest corps are putting toxins in our food, water, medicine, are destroying the education of the young, are self-styled eugenicists that are documented to want to kill off billions of human beings by any and all methods. Oh and let us not forget those Frankenstein scientists who profit also from death. These are no conspiracies they are documented and factual.

The biggest criminals against humanity walk the earth in modest tailored suits, are anonymous, extremely rich, have courts in their pocket and are insane. These need to be extirpated, as they are the real terror to all forms of life and resources on this planet.

I postulate that if the self-styled mentally ill elite were decapitated and their heads put on pikes for the public to see, all of society and the planet would be far better off.
18:17 December 17, 2010 by Njal
@Kevin Harris

Your ideas are laudable, but as has ever been the case, it's always the natural citizens who have had to give, re-assure and smile to make sure certain groups of people feel Welcome (many of whom had no right to feel welcome).

Why is the onus always on the West to make these people feel welcome? And how long must we be patient? Have we not already endured enough already? How long must we continually give over until muslim immigrants (mostly), feel welcome? You statements assume that many foreigners want to change to our ways, but what if they don't want to?

If you wish to go out and reassure muslims, then I guess that's your right, but if this is your response towards members of a group of a religion that hopes for the downfall of the West through explosive conversion, then your thoughts are strange to me.

You do not respond to an attack on your people with fika and a smile. But you do counsel those who have a right to such opinions, not to resort to such 'filth', (those opinions they hold are justified remember, or perhaps suicide bombers are not a justification). To respond to a group of people who hate you with 'timidity', is foolish and lethal. Rather than bestowing your misplaced sympathies on muslims, perhaps you could consider the Swedes and what they've had to edure in order to be compassionate.
19:25 December 17, 2010 by tin tin
No, there is no tolerance at all!

I went to Stureplan gallerian today to meet my husband! Boy was this an adventure!

Im Australian born and raised but have a middle eastern background so naturally i look arab! Wearing ordinary clothes nothing strange.

I have never in my life encountered so many people who stared at me in a dirty way, one guy stared at me for a while and then had the nerve to peer over in my Christmas shopping bags i had on the ground next to me where i was sitting. After 10 mins of waiting two police officers turned up stood right near me !

i mean for F#!¤´s sake! Its not a crime to look arab! I have been getting this treatment everyday since i have been out shopping for gifts for Christmas. I am seriously regretting every time i have to go out of the house!

So sad that people have this mindset ! Its crazy i cant wait to go home and be treated like a normal human being with respect. Thats all i ask for!
19:28 December 17, 2010 by jbat
Tax money tax money tax money... so you pay the tax.. then you can complain a lot whatever you want.. hahaa.. so you think the local Swedes people and their govt are so cheap so can buy them by your tax money...

such a monkey wish... lol
20:03 December 17, 2010 by Njal
@tin tin

"No, there is no tolerance at all!"

perhaps, but be fair to the Swedes and acknowledge how this came to be.

"i mean for F#!¤´s sake! Its not a crime to look arab!"

No of course it is not, but you happen to be the same race as many of those who hate Sweden (and the West), just because they are not the same as them.

(i.e. it's not a crime to NOT be a muslim in one's own land).

"So sad that people have this mindset ! Its crazy i cant wait to go home and be treated like a normal human being with respect"

The fact that you think this way and have such beliefs, is because you were born and raised in a land that was not predominately Arab, but a more enlightened people with a more advanced mindset.

I am sorry for what you've had to put up with, in an ideal world it would not be this way, but STOP blaming the Swedes, this situation did not arise in a vacuum remember?

All immigrant's behaviour ought to have been grateful for what Sweden has provided them with (safe home, free medical...etc), but too many have not, and yet you wonder why you get dirty stares?

The Swedish people are the ones being attacked.
22:02 December 17, 2010 by zooeden
Säpo, published a report Wednesday saying it knew of some 200 "violence-promoting Islamic extremists" living in Sweden, I mean what on earth are they doing those 200 fripping aholes in here??? Let´s keep em so they continue their plans and earn good money to send utomlands and finance war... There should be no tolerance no sir and let´s not be confused it´s not that it´s the immigrants or that that the Swedish Democrats are against of, no is the muslims who have, until now shown no respect, no integration and no will any time soon. Instead they have suicide bombings, host radicals, travel to join extremists and so on!!! Want integration from imigrants???? ask the chileans and latin americans, the balcans, the spanish, the french, the australians, the thai... IMMIGRANTS, what a disrespect, they should specify which immigrants, dont you all think so????
22:11 December 17, 2010 by Kevin Harris

If it is possible to feel anything at all in Hell, then Taymour Abdulwahab must be feeling pretty pleased about how much fear and prejudice he has instilled in you this week.

One point to him I suppose. What a shame. How does it feel to help further a terrorist's aims rather than defeat them?
22:40 December 17, 2010 by Njal
@Kevin Harris

"If it is possible to feel anything at all in Hell, then Taymour Abdulwahab must be feeling pretty pleased about how much fear and prejudice he has instilled in you this week."

- I would not be in the least bit surprised to learn this at all, I also suggest to you, that most of us fear what OUGHT to be feared. Glad to see you got Taymour's final destination correct tho' . With Allah in hell.

"One point to him I suppose. What a shame. How does it feel to help further a terrorist's aims rather than defeat them?"

- He's dead you fool! no points to him he wasted his life because he listened to fools! And your reverse psychology is is really boring, as i truly don't feel I've helped this man in any way.

Keep giving your mind a treat tho'
23:12 December 17, 2010 by Investor612
Nemesis, your claim that Sweden has no tolerance and that Swedes will move if a single person of "clour" moves in is complete BS.

Who do I believe, you or my own lying eyes? Both my sister in laws who live in Sweden are Asian-that's "people of colour" to you. Lots of, make that almost all, Swedes in their neighborhoods.

Some immigrant groups do seem to be insular and form their own areas.
00:43 December 18, 2010 by roger85
I find it interesting how an islamic extremist tried to murder people in Stockholm and yet many people are more worried about what the backlash could be than about islamic terrorists living in their midst. It is true that not all Muslims are terrorists..in fact probably very few are. However, unless you have been living under a rock the last few years you would have to agree that most terrorists are muslims. There is an estimated 200 dangerous muslim extremists living in sweden allegedly. This is a very small amount of the total muslim community in sweden. however, it is the muslim community from where these extremists are coming. So in light of this why aren't western countries, including sweden, managing their risk better and allowing so many muslims to move into their countries? If sweden brought non-muslim immigrants instead, from let's say latin america, they wouldn't have 200 extremists living in their country and they would still be able to meet their labour requirements.

ps- and as Roy E suggested 'taqiyya' is a term all westerners should familiarize themselves with.
00:57 December 18, 2010 by jbat
Why no one can think that this evil people like Taymour Abdulwahab mave has been paid by monster evil people to commit this crime and make it look like for the sake of muslims (there is no benefits at all for the muslims for what he has done... NONE.. in fact it will make the life of muslims be more difficult than before. especially here.. so what the point of this crazy people doing this for mulims? its just a piece of shiiit!)...

Look at here for example... see how many anti muslim posters here take advantages from this event to bark more loud about muslims people... they are not sad for this stupid event to happen here in this peaceful country but more interesting to blame muslims for the crime committed by this 1 stupid muslim.
08:25 December 18, 2010 by csence
this article is worried about polarization? and sapo says there are Only.. 200 radicals ....?? - it only took 19 to take out 3000 on 9/11.

and as much as i am thrilled to hear of any Muslims against the attack last week, it's more than you get in the States.... but how can you trust a people that read a book that espouses for all Muslims to kill all "non believers" ? The few Muslims i have met that were all in very respectable positions and jobs all held some pretty despicable and untrue opinions and believes about America and 9/11.

Any immigrant who do not respect their new country ought to leave and go back home. i have lived in 5 countries.
15:36 December 18, 2010 by tin tin

I dont blame the swedes i blame the extremists the arabs, i blame the muslims who know people with extreme views and dont say anything until after such a situation has happened, they are just as guilty.

I completely understand why, Im not naive thats for sure and good on the swedes for standing up to them because i am standing with them on this!

The only connection i have with that race is the way i look on the outside i dont feel anything other than Australian but thats what people dont understand. I am automatically categorised and have a stigma attached to me because of my appearance.

( Ex ...People automatically assume im muslim, im catholic, people assume i married my husband and came here through an arranged marriage i met my husband online ... thats just everyday stuff that i have to explain to people.) Its not fun after two years trust me.

There is no difference between me or another Australian with blonde hair and blue eyes but to many people here in Sweden it makes a whole world of difference. Thats what i disagree with! There is no tolerance from both sides of the cultures that i am associated and i have to deal with everyday .

lf people cant appreciate Sweden then go home! There is alot of us that do value countries like Sweden so dont put us all in the same boat thats all i am asking because we are not all the same. I dont judge and attach a stigma to every swede ,asian, indian, latin american, african or arab based on the way they look.

Get rid of the radical idiots so people can live their lives!
16:20 December 18, 2010 by charubun pananon
Sweden is nice and open soceity. When we open more there will be both good and bad things come inside. Security and safety organizations and all the Swedish and people who live here must be alert to protect our country to keep our society far from damage by any insecurity actions of any bad people or groups (not only the terrorists).Swedish should be aware not to using discriminaion as a way to solve this problem.
18:06 December 18, 2010 by Njal
@ tin tin

fair enough, well said.
18:22 December 18, 2010 by visitorfromnowhere
What is an insult to everyone is how The Local doesn't allow comments on the most important stories. What patronizing BS. In the future, I will not comment at all at The Local, I will not read The Local, nor will I recommend The Local. Any newspaper that treats its readers like children deserves derision and boycott.
23:02 December 18, 2010 by svenskamerikansk

People with unpopular agendas are seldom in favor of free speech.

They want the debate to move in only one direction - theirs.

It's a bit of a giveaway that they are up to no good.
10:58 December 19, 2010 by jackx123
as the crusaders said "kill'em all God will sort them out"

so fekin true
14:34 December 19, 2010 by Luuke
I don't believe this to be a suicide bombing for a minute....Anythin comin out of Sweden is mostly a lie and whats worse the Swedish public do not even know what a laughin stock they've become...I feel sad for couple of Swedes workin in my company ...They r the butt of all jokes lately.....
04:49 December 20, 2010 by No Haram Done
SOME OF US REMEMBER the GOTHENBURG, Sweden terrorist attack, 29OCT1998 (Hisingen Island)!

4 Iranian Shii'te & Kurdish immigrant teens set fire to a disco (a target of OPPORTUNITY - they couldn't afford the kr 40 fee to get in), killing 63 teens, injuring 213 (50 seriously - crippled lungs, etc.).

Imam Shakarchi was the father of two female victims.

The killers are: Housein Arsani, Shoresh Kaveh (the firestarter), Mohammad Mohammadamini and Meysam Mohammadyeh & were 17-19 years old!

REMEMBER, ALL Muslims are ONLY following the CLEAR ORDERS from the KORAN:

"Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them." KORAN 2:191.

"Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable." K 3:85.

"Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam." K 5:33.

"When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them." K 9:5.

"The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them." K 9:30.

"Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood." K 9:123.

And, NOW:

Explosives, US $20/Swedish Kronor 139

Nails, $5/kr 35

Containers for explosives, $25/kr 173

Killing yourself, but failing to kill Infidels, PRICELESS!
22:12 December 20, 2010 by GLO
Some things will never change. All the above.... Pick sides, they already have... Stop inviting everyone to Dinner, especially those who you know hate you . Seems kinda easy to me....
09:38 December 21, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
The Swedish Parliament should now call for an indept study on what actually is

wrong with some immigrants who despite all the love and helps given are still bend on destroying the very people and country that had help them and is still helping them.Don't try to hide or cover-up or the issue as the security of the

people and sweden as a free open country is at stake and the people have got a

right to know through their elected Representatives.
11:43 December 21, 2010 by fauna
Well, it's freaking easy, a muslim, in the name of his religion, has blown himself up in a clear attack to the Swedish society, widely hated by millions of muslims currently living in Sweden. So, what should swedish society do but stand up against these ideas???There is not such a thing as "swedish muslims", there is an invasion of muslims who would be pretty happy if Sweden became an islamic state while swedes are busy with their fikas, pappaledigts, semester, dagis and saving Dawit Isaak. It's about time Sweden wakes up too the fact that they are being invaded (Malmö, Södetälje, Lund.....) Swedes have been too friendly and they will pay the price. This is not racism, it's SURVIVAL
14:00 December 21, 2010 by flintis
@ericruinosiah:- I hope you mean an "in depth" study
14:17 December 24, 2010 by BYDAND
I would like to send Kevin Harris a big internet whisky,the only man who is talking any sense on this forum today,there seems to be a lot of hate out there and I think his alternative is the only solution.The other solutions are far too scary for us and our children to contemplate.Merry Xmas .
14:55 December 24, 2010 by powerofnowledge
its good to put the picture of "HITLERRSON" on the left
23:44 December 25, 2010 by TheOriginalBlackMan

Sweden is a racist (racism = white supremacist) society by structure. What can one expect from a people who do not know that they are part of the West Asian Peninsula? The typical "Ethnic" Swede's delusions of grandeur is laugable yet so is the current world filled with "white" propaganda.

The old saying still holds true: "Many do not know that they do not know and many think they know when they know nothing."

Isn't it funny that this guy place his car on a street that basically gets little to no foot traffic?

Isn't it interesting that he didn't blow him self up in a busy public place?

Sweden already has CCTV cameras every where, great time to increase racial profiling based on melanin content (color).
14:50 December 26, 2010 by qed16
@ TheOriginalBlackMan

There are plenty of planes heading back to Africa or wherever else you'd like if it's so terrible in Sweden...

Maybe you should get on one.

But of course those places that aren't run by delusional "white people" are complete hell holes for some strange reason.
19:19 December 28, 2010 by buckrogersday
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
20:19 December 28, 2010 by TwoToTango
I love how they can make muslims the victim in an attack by by a muslim on the Swedish population.
22:30 December 28, 2010 by Roy E
"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil" -- Thomas Mann
04:15 December 29, 2010 by qed16
@ Roy E.

Awesome quote. That sums up the entire paradoxical problem in Sweden.

The desire to be tolerant is good but what happens in the face of a hateful, intolerant ideology bent on the complete abolition of freedom and tolerance?

Tolerance of that sort is suicide.
07:37 December 29, 2010 by flintis
@theoriginalblackman:- wrote racism = white supremacist??

I think you need to be educated racism is a bias of a member one race against another, NOTHING to do with white supremacy.

When I was 19 I was interested in the beautiful daughter of a Jamaican man & his Afro_American wife, who were associates of my parents, when I asked if I could take out their daughter I was told in no uncertain terms by her father " I would never let a white b'stard go near my daughter"

Racism is more predominent among non-whites nowadays, maybe the blacks carry a grudge, wouldn't blame them for all the atrocities of the slave trade, but that was nearly 200 yrs ago. Time to put down the sword & get on with life.
12:58 December 29, 2010 by Paddo
Jimmie Åkesson! Shalalala! Jimmie Åkesson!
11:52 December 30, 2010 by donaswe
@Paddo : Jimmie Åkesson! Shalalala! Jimmie Åkesson!

@ all who are cross-cultural open minded and socialist (with the taxes of swedes) : the recreation is ended! If you want to stay in Sweden you MUST (obligation) respect swedish laws, learn swedish and integrate yourself in our society. Or you come back in your middle or far east "democratic" country.
07:51 December 31, 2010 by Just_Kidding
Whenever I listen to radio, someone is talking about "självmordsbombare i Stockholm"... while I don't hear much about the idiot who was shooting people randomly. Apperantly it is not "terrorism" if killing is committed with a gun and not a bomb.

An Atheist Iranian
11:33 December 31, 2010 by unkle strunkle
"No tolerance for the intolerant. No apologies for being free." Should be the mantra of every Democratic country in these days of rising Islamic Supremacism.
12:33 December 31, 2010 by tomas R
Terrible things happen in our land. These crazy Muslims terrorists can make the serious war in future. I think that Muslims need very serious psychological help. Or the other way is that Muslims must go back to Asia. There is no place for them in Europe. If they make such the things like terrorist acts. Nobody has a law to kill!!! I am for SAFETY and FREEDOM for EVERYONE!

Happy New Year!

14:49 December 31, 2010 by lgb
After the Wikileaks disaster Sweden is not tolerant, just a puppet state for the USA
17:33 December 31, 2010 by wenddiver
@Unkle strunkle-Sounds like a great idea.

@Tomas-You are of course right , a death cult like Islam has no business amongst civilized people trying to protect Women and children. For that matter anypolitical ideology or religion running around with weapons should be probably be banned.
19:40 December 31, 2010 by tomas R
Thanks to wenddiver for keeping my thoughts! The big thing is English language ang Internet in our days! All things must have limits in this world! There is no normal life without limits! I could say that limits must be in religion too! Religion without limits = terrorism! Terrorism means the pain and the death! It is very bad thing! All people have the law to SAFETY and FREEDOM! FREEDOM means to live without war and terrorism! Let's live in PEACE!


tomas (Lithuania)
22:33 December 31, 2010 by bira
@lux, I certainly wonder about the same things. Isn't it curious how quick our various governments are to exploit the fact that after every terrorist attach their populations are "ok" with giving up a few more individual rights in the name of protection? Where will this end? If we're not careful it will not end until there are no individual rights, once again, not unlike the European monarchies and dictatorships of old. Unless we want to be relegated to the surfs of old we better wake up and challenge what we are spoon fed by the media and government pundits.
12:35 January 1, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
@flintis said:

"think you need to be educated racism is a bias of a member one race against another, NOTHING to do with white supremacy"

Absolutely unequivocally wrong.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has said:

"Functional Definition Of Racism = White Supremacy = Apartheid: As a black behavioral scientist and practicing psychiatrist, my own functional definition of racism (white supremacy) is as follows: "Racism (white supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined; which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action, and emotional response, as conducted, simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth - a planet upon which the vast and overwhelming majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people."

Many Caucasians do not wish to pay for the sins of their forefathers; they proclaim," that was the past!", however those same Caucasians celebrate their historical record whenever it affirms who Caucasians are. Well Caucasians you have a legacy as the first and only people to enslave other Caucasians wholesale (as well as the Semite Arab) and then to conspire with agents on the African continent as well as use religious text to enslave millions of Africans.

The numbers for this Holocaust are unknown as many documents were falsified by smugglers and ship captains. The numbers however are well into the millions. The most moderate count places 24 million Africans being smuggled into the New World. Half of them would die en route. Others go as high as to claim 40 million Africans imported.

The enslavement of Africans by Europeans is a crime yet to be prosecuted, yet it will have to be; "Descendants must pay for the sins of their forefathers."

As for Islam I do not care for it however it is no more dangerous than those people who call themselves christians. Indeed, the Christians seems to be more dangerous. We may need to profile them more often for being trouble makers and sadist
07:28 January 2, 2011 by qed16
@ The Original Black Man

Islam is an ideology. Not a race.

As a matter of fact many non-white, non-Muslims who live in the Middle East have the lowest opinion of it after having lived with it as "infidels".

Save your off-topic sad slave reparation rhetoric for somewhere else. You live in the most tolerant place in the world.

You are not achieving in life because you are mediocre. Not because ancestors you didn't even know had it hard. But feel free to delude yourself with that excuse instead of taking responsibility for your life.
13:17 January 2, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan

You have the intellectual capacity of a mouse. Indeed, I may be insulting mice by making such a statemnt since you obviously have a hard time comprehending English. Where did I state in my previous comment that Muslims were a race?

Answer: No where

Nevertheless, you and many Europeans like yourself deny racism = "white supremacy" since it is absolves you of any responsibility, it the typical behavior of the worldwide European / "White" minority group:

The denial of racism = "white supremacy" is essential for its existence.

The primary problem in Sweden as well as all other areas Caucasians have colonized, war mongered and were greeted by Africans and their closer descendants is that Europeans foster an inborn fear, animosity, envy and jealous against people who have MELANIN (color)in high amounts. "Whites" disguise these feeling of inadequacy as a fear over a "religion" or some other arbitrary subject yet that is done so as to avoid the real issue of color inadequacy that ALL Europeans / "Whites" have around people who have high amounts of MELANIN.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has stated that there is only one human race and that is the Black African race (no evolution theory);

All other races are but diluted variations of the Black African race, fact!

The problem with most Caucasians no matter if they live in Sweden, America or South Africa is that they can not bear with the truth that that they are a worldwide minority going extinct.

They must derive ways to isolate marginalize, discriminate, monitor, homosexualize and kill people of color, especially Black African people, so as to to feel adequate (i.e "Whites").

Caucasians are born poor, they have not been given what all "huemans" have which is melanin in abundant amounts.

The charade that Sweden wishes to perform will only fool the uninformed since every one knows that's to be "white" is to be consciously or unconsciously racist.

10:10 January 3, 2011 by Uncle
What I love about muslims is that they are united. There are extremists who kill (predominantly women and children) and there are moderates who blame everyone else, but themselves.

"Suicide bombing in Sweden? It is surely because of US attacking Iraq. It is surely paid for. It is surely Bush. It is surely done by enemies of islam...

Besides the racist swedes should blame themselves because the peaceful, cute and fluffy muslim youth is brought to extremism by the evil swedes."

There are only 200 extreme muslims in Sweden? On half a mil? That is cool. Let's bring another half a mil and then have 400 extremists. On these, I would say only 20% are actual bombers. The rest are logistics and planning responsible. So we will have only 80 suicide bombers. If everyone is less an idiot that this one, each may kill up to 30 people. Say 20 on average...

Now tell me, isn't it worth losing 1,600 children, women and men in order to get that great kebab at the corner? And how about them wonderful belly dancing lessons? Not worth it? We could also lose a lot of potential satire Sean Banan style... Totally worth it, since the muslim society contributed so far in so many many things... Absolutely worth it to die in buses for this treasure.
13:37 January 5, 2011 by qed16
@ originalblackman

Ok. Black people can keep all of that superior melanin that the "white people" are so jealous of...

And the "white people" will continue to keep all the money.


This was a really interesting look into the use of delusions to overcompensate for a severe inferiority complex. Thanks for the entertainment.
18:17 January 11, 2011 by Njal
@ TheOriginalBlackMan

- still here blackman? You're hardly original. How's your Lovely Ugndan wife?

"The denial of racism = "white supremacy" is essential for its existence"

- statements such as this one, show a disordered mind, but do nothing to make your point.

" Europeans foster an inborn fear, animosity, envy and jealous against people who have MELANIN (color)in high amounts. "Whites" disguise these feeling of inadequacy as a fear over a "religion" or some other arbitrary subject yet that is done so as to avoid the real issue of color inadequacy that ALL Europeans / "Whites" have around people who have high amounts of MELANIN. "

- no, this is a bit of a fairy tale assumption on blackman's part. It suits his way of thinking. He claims that white people have a deep seated fear of inadequacy , when all his posts directed at white people scream inadequacy and insecurity. I wonder how his theory works when Africans rape/enslave Africans?

Do not doubt that 'blackman' is very consciously aware of his own shortcomings, whislt living in a white person's lands, and it burns him that this is so.

So he responds with imflammatory garbage in order to satisfy his own indignation, that perhaps his race (Africans), have not acheived as much as those whom he deems 'melanin poor'.

Still here blackman? Still 'enduring' the 'harsh' lands of the 'Umlungu? You must have a hard time living in such lands of the 'melanin deficient'. Remember you can leave anytime.
02:31 January 12, 2011 by somethingbrite
Good lord, not a great deal of tolerance going on in this thread....
20:19 January 22, 2011 by kcussmilsum
No risk factor here.

I have Zero, Nada, None, Noll, Tolerance for smilsuM...

Never have & Never will : )
19:06 January 28, 2011 by Sh8rk3y
To all my beautiful brothers and sisters! Peace and love must prevail in the face of these horrors. Fear breeds hate, in turn breeding extremism. Do not be scared!

I come from the UK, where many many bombs have gone off, with thousands dying over the years.

@Kevin Harris, maximum respect you are 100% correct in your views. I too am aware of the provo's horrendous tactics in Ireland and the UK, of course not limited to bombing London. I wonder whether the Swede's are aware how much worse the situation will get lest they allow this filth to perpetuate!? I shall invite an Muslim to fika next chance I get. And smile at the next hundred I see...

@ All other residents of this beautiful country. You are part of one of the most free, democratic and tolerant societies in this world. Try to avoid the terrorist's aims and keep it this way.

@TheOriginalBlackMan, we as modern human beings, are all descended from pre-historic Africans. Fact. Also, throughout history, people have been enslaving and killing each other. Fact. Does this mean we should all now "pay for the sins of our ancestors"??? Using that logic, as a British person, I should now be waging war against the Swedes for what their viking ancestors may or may not have done! Or hating on a German for WWII. Rubbish!!!!! Try to find some love in your heart then share it, because right now you are the biggest racist on this thread. And you're clearly not that much of an idiot.
15:29 February 2, 2011 by Juan Harry Bush
No problems here, I ZERO Tolerance for these insurgents !!!
05:36 February 14, 2011 by dunce
Suicide bombers must try to kill as many children as posible because the 72 virgins have come from somewhere.
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