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State funds fail to cut violence against women

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 22 Dec 2010, 14:22

Published: 22 Dec 2010 14:22 GMT+01:00

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The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebgganderådet - Brå) has been commissioned to evaluate the government's initiative launched in 2007 to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women, honour-related violence and violence within same sex relationships.

The council published its findings on Wednesday and concluded that the billion kronor spent has had little impact on the incidence of violence but declined to suggest the money had been wasted, arguing that knowledge and expertise had increased and should be maintained.

"It is important that, for example, education is not a one off investment - otherwise we risk that the plan of action will just fizzle out," said Stina Holmberg at Brå.

The council has noted that over 500 projects have been launched since the initiative began including new organisations to help victims and projects to increase coordination between actors working with women subjected to male violence.

Furthermore, some 10,000 police officers and a further 2,300 people working within the judicial system have received training over the course of the initiative.

"The government funds have thus enabled municipalities and voluntary groups the opportunity to try out new ways of working. The extent to which these projects will survive when the allocated funds run out, is however uncertain," Brå's report concluded.

While the level of violence metered out to women remains at the same level, there are more women reporting crimes, the report showed, suggesting that work to raise awareness of the problem could have been an explanatory factor.

Holmberg dwelled on the positive, arguing that more work is needed to make an impact on the actual incidence of violence.

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"More women choose to report and that is good. However it is not realistic to see the effects in the form of a clear decline in men's violence against women already now. For that more long-term and perhaps more underlying society initiatives are required," she said.

According to The Swedish Association of Women's Shelters and Young Women’s Empowerment Centres (SKR), 25,000 women are the victims of assault every year in Sweden, a figure which has increased dramatically over the past decade. Around 16 women per year are killed by a male relation or partner.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:40 December 22, 2010 by eZee.se
A billion kr and no results... someone should check to see if the people who got that billion are still in Sweden or the f'ing Bahamas.

While I don't totally agree on what this guy says... an interesting video none the less:


(replace the DOT above)
17:52 December 22, 2010 by digitalamish
is there actually a problem? in the feminist utopia... where it's a crime to even look at a woman...
18:01 December 22, 2010 by Kevin Harris
If the one billion kronor has resulted in more women seeking help by reporting the violence; even if that artificially inflates the statistic when it is compared with previous years, then the money was well spent.

But where did it all go? One billion kronor! Who got it all? This is a major industry.
18:42 December 22, 2010 by Ravioli
Feminist utopia?? Are you joking? Sweden is the rape capital of Europe. It wasn't always that way though. Just in the last 20 or so years.
18:56 December 22, 2010 by philster61
What ? Do these "rapists" actually approach women now? In Sweden even thinking about it is a crime....Why do you think there's so many gay men there? Feminist Utopia doesn't half describe it....
19:14 December 22, 2010 by americanska
Swedish guys are generally a little different....i know some good ones.......but I can see this being a big problem in Sweden.
19:26 December 22, 2010 by RobinHood

Sweden's status as the rape capital of Europe only occured after powerful political feminists within the then Social Democrat government extended the definition of "rape" to actions which in most other European nations, are not even crimes.

Suddenly, There were thousands of "rapes" in Sweden, each of which creates a false statistic that brings unjustified shame and embarassment to Sweden; and terrible injustice to many people convicted in Sweden of "rape".

The sexual offences law in Sweden is in disaray, and openly ridiculed by lawyers and judges from other countries. Perhaps the international humiliation Sweden has inflicted upon itself by way of the Assange prosecution will go some way to encourage the Swedish government to restore some sanity to the law.
20:11 December 22, 2010 by DaveN
We've all been raped - raped of a billion kronor.
20:39 December 22, 2010 by Swedesmith
Give me 1 billion kronor and I'll spread love and joy to every woman I see.
21:29 December 22, 2010 by DAVID T
what about violence towards men from these heffa's
21:54 December 22, 2010 by Callidus
Some numbers from Wikipedia. The recorded number of reported rape per capita in 2009 for:

Sweden: 53.2/100 000

Iceland: 21.6/100 000

Norway: 19.8/100 000

Finland: 17.2/100 000

Denmark: 7.3/100 000

Given the social and cultural proximity of these countries it is clear that more than half of the reported rapes in Sweden are not rapes at all. One billion tax-payer crowns down the drain... Congratulations.
23:12 December 22, 2010 by unseen


i bet you would ;)
02:00 December 23, 2010 by för30årseden
What was the theory of how spending one billion kr was intended to reduce violence against women?

If the only thing that they could think to do was to pay a lot of screaming feminists to self-righteously claim that all men are pigs -- and men had to listen under fear of legal sanctions -- it's not surprising that no one paid attention.
04:19 December 23, 2010 by Carol E. Olden
One thing that our counseling centers provide which seems to help is to hold classes for the victims and the perpetrators to learn to stand up for themselves, and to educate the perpetrators as to what domestic violence is and how they can change their behavior to not be violent. Some counseling systems also stress that the perpetrators must go to alcohol and drug abuse counseling to not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol which could make them be violent when they do not wish to be. Some people are raised around violence to the point where they have incorporated it into their everyday way of life to the point they do not realize that it is violence. whether it is economic or physical abuse, or emotional abuse or verbal abuse, so just going to classes to help identity the types of abuse there are and learn ways to not be abusive, or to stand up for oneself and not get attacked worse are helpful, as well as for the other half to learn to not be abusive and hit people to get them to do what they want.
04:33 December 23, 2010 by Smiling Canuk
All government wants to do is make more work for gov employees to justify more gov spending.

There is genuine abuse against women for sure, but unfortunately the feminists are making a joke out of what is genuine and what isn't.
05:01 December 23, 2010 by JoeSwede
@Smiling Canuk

Well put. Some believe in big governement, small economy and others in small government and large economy.
06:19 December 23, 2010 by eZee.se
One of the reasons I love the English language is we have so many words for the same thing, as an example:

Sh!t, turd, crap,excrement, lawyer and politician - same meaning

Which brings up:

Feminist - just another word for moron.
06:51 December 23, 2010 by rymagnusson
Feminism is about equality, not about misandry. Why do conservatives and the uneducated consistently fail to make this connection?
12:20 December 23, 2010 by Thebinary1
A woman being subjected to violence who only decices to report the matter to the police AFTER seeing an advertisement is beyond retarded! No amount of "education" will help!

I would have better luck in domesticating wild african lions!
18:52 December 23, 2010 by philster61
In Sweden equality means Feminism on steroids. Not actual equality.. When you have "woman wannabes" like Claes Borgstrom and Nazi Wannabes like Tomas Bodstrom what else could you expect.
01:47 December 24, 2010 by MikeSar
Well, my views are not about Sweden, maybe.

My view is that some problems can be dealt by recognizing the clear benefits that we would all share if the attitude that creates the problem changed.

But, we are all brought up differently, and some will remain unconvinced.

What to do?

Option I and a favorite: Punish those that ignore the law. This has been tried in all the world and in most families and often works, sometimes not.

Option II and a favorite of educators. Teach them to behave! This has been tried from the beginning to impose the views of Parents and Educators and often works, sometimes not.

Option III and a favorite of churches: Teach them to love a god and god's people and this often works, when all else fails.

The fundamental problem is that two options attempt to change, cut or modify some behavior by telling "Thou shalt not.... or a penalty is paid"

Only churches want to modify behavior by promoting not fear of punishment but love of something believed to be more important: The well being of the nation and its people, all its people. Seems wishy-washy, right? But, that is the best I have read about.

Fear is like cutting branches in a tree that grows in ways we disapprove.

Love is more like an attraction to put attention, care and efforts to make the dear nation, city, home, family or whatever heal NOT by cutting or destroying part of a personality, but trying to make people "feel good" from simply helping someone. Like the Good Samaritan in the Gospel story. You do know that, right?

I am convinced that attempts to change people by "cutting off" some habits only reduces the number of habits, it is a numerical change, not promising, it fails to answer "Why should I?" Psychological approaches claim to identify what must be cut or removed but cannot give a motivation that says "Why?" Failure to give an ideal leads nowhere, failure to pick a "good" ideal leads to destruction, like Hitler and Stalin showed the world.
02:33 December 24, 2010 by No Haram Done
The US media is covering up the fact that for the last 20 years, the increase in rape has jumped with the increase in Sverige's MUSLIM POPULATION!

It's the US CORPORATE, PRO-ISLAMIC/MUSLIM media at work, covering up Muslim SEX JIHAD!

Shameful how the US media won't talk about the TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM & how CRIMINAL & PARASITIC it is!

"He who dares not offend cannot be honest." - Thomas Paine, 1768

"Political correctness does not legislate tolerance, it only organizes hatred" - Jacques Martin Barzun (born 30Nov07), French-born American historian of ideas and culture

"Political correctness is tyranny with manners." - Charlton Heston

Perhaps if 40 years ago Europe had begun taking in minority CHRISTIAN immigrants from the M.E. (the Iraqi Assyrian Chaldeans, Egyptian Coptics, Syrian Melkites, Lebanese Greek Catholics, etc.) instead of taking Muslims (along with THEIR well-known inability to ASSIMILATE), we wouldn't have to be protesting the CURRENT wave of MASSACRES of CHRISTIAN minorities by MUSLIM governments!

We'd instead have APPRECIATIVE people who'd GRATEFULLY enjoy a REAL civilization (that would be EUROPE)!

THEN, the Islamic M.E., shed of its "inferior" Dhimmi population, could show The World how its new-found "purity" is leading it to achieve new & GREAT accomplishments for all of HUMANKIND!

Soon we'll have to launch another OPERATION OVERLORD (WWII) to free EUROPE (& darlin' Sverige!) of its MUSLIM HORDES!

"As the essential principle of his [Mohammed's] faith is the subjugation of others by the sword; it is only by force, that his false doctrines can be dispelled, and his power annihilated." - Pres. John Quincy Adams, 1829

Islamimus delenda est (Islam must be destroyed)!
03:46 December 24, 2010 by philster61
Option III and a favorite of churches: Teach them to love a god and god's people and this often works, when all else fails.

Mikesar: Peddle your religious myths somewhere else please. This is a discussion about what quantifies as rape in Swedish society. If you wish to troll about God etc I will have no hesitation to point out the evils of the bible. Religion is NOT the answer for societies ills. And if one reviews the pedophilia within the Catholic Church then its clearly obvious religion, church or God is the root of the problem....
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