Police wish motorists a fine Christmas

Police in Västra Götland in western Sweden have been writing more than just Christmas cards this festive period.

In fact, they have been so productive in issuing fines for traffic offences there is a risk of writer’s cramp.

In early December, Borås police were 2500 speeding fines short of their annual target of 18,000 tickets.

The local police rose to the challenge, drew their speed guns and pulled out all the stops to hit their target.

On the 8th December, the town’s newspaper, Borås Tidning, revealed that all available police had been assigned to traffic duty.

There has been strong criticism for the extra number of fines being doled out during the Christmas period, but today the police have revealed that they have reached their goal.

“I am so happy that the police worked so hard and were so focused,” deputy police chief Peter Karlsson told the newspaper.

Speed limits in Sweden range from 30km per hour to 120 km per hour depending on the type of road.

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