Leader of Sweden’s Pirate Party resigns

Rick Falkvinge, the leader of Sweden's Pirate Party, has resigned his post, feeling that he has stagnated after five years in the role.

Leader of Sweden's Pirate Party resigns

36-year-old Anna Troberg will now take over.

“When I founded the Pirate Party I said that you should not keep doing this longer than five years and now we have reached the five-year limit. I must keep my own promises,” Falkvinge said.

“I’m talking about the same thing all the time, it’s the same issues and I think too much of the Pirate Party to do a bad job.”

Troberg, the deputy party leader, takes over the post as party leader in accordance with party rules. She told the TT news agency that she has known about Falkvinge’s decision for a long time:

“I feel it is extremely exciting, but the board must have its say as well. I have known about it for a while and have prepared myself as much as I could.”

According to Troberg the party executive will hold a meeting on Monday when she will be formally appointed as the new party leader.

Troberg is a politician, writer and translator. Under the pseudonym Rosetta Stone she has written the book “Chefer från helvete” (literally: Bosses from Hell).

According to Rick Falkvinge, he and Anna Troberg have been working together for 18 months so that she could takeover eventually.

He has full confidence in the party’s new leader.

“I will remain among the leadership but my duties are going to be radically different,” he said.

“Anna comes from a humanities background, as a writer and publisher. One of the Pirate Party’s biggest problems has been that the party is so dominated by technical people. Anna has the ability to explain complex terms so that everyone understands.”

Falkvinge’s new duties will instead to travel around Europe and hold lectures to spread the party’s ideology. But his base will continue to be Stockholm, at least for the time being.

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