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Swede among terrorist suspects held in Uganda

TT/The Local/pvs · 2 Jan 2011, 12:16

Published: 02 Jan 2011 12:16 GMT+01:00

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The woman was among three people arrested last Wednesday aboard a bus from Nairobi in Kenya to Kamapal in Uganda">Uganda on suspicion of links to the Somali terrorist group Islamist Al-Shabaab, according to a report in the Ugandan Monitor newspaper.

According to the newspaper's sources the police had received information that the suspects were on their way to Kampala to deploy bombs. Al-Shabaab has previously threatened terror attacks in Uganda and Burundi as the countries have refused to withdraw their forces from Somalia.

One of the three arrested, a woman, had two passports, one of which was Swedish.

The three suspects were arrested and taken to Kampala to be interrogated further.

Teo Zetterman at the Foreign Ministry's press service said that the ministry is aware of the information in the media.

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"Staff from the Embassy in Kampala have spoken to a police officer, but have not been able to get this information confirmed. The embassy will seek new contact with the police tomorrow (Sunday)," said Teo Zetterman.

TT/The Local/pvs (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:13 January 2, 2011 by Rishonim
I see Sweden is becoming the beacon for home grown terrorist. Lest hope Uganda authorities will do the right thing and send her away for a very long time (hard labour included)
16:27 January 2, 2011 by star10
Another sad news.
16:39 January 2, 2011 by calebian22
Home grown means born in Sweden. Sweden is not breeding terrorists, it is importing them.
17:38 January 2, 2011 by Dave N
Usual lies. No Swedes were involved.
17:51 January 2, 2011 by wxman
For the 1,000th time. Swedish CITIZEN, not a SWEDE. Big difference.
17:52 January 2, 2011 by landofthesheeple
This reminds Me,

A week after the bombing in Stockholm, I took my kids to a Christian church in Vastras for a christmas dagis. There a was a scandinavian woman who was in charge of the event, and while she goofing around with a garment that she was immatating as a burka on her face, I let her know it was in bad taste considering the recent situation in Stockholm. It gave an uncomfortable feeling to the christmas cheer.

The was a "Swede" woman standing next to her, and she said she was a muslim, but a "good one". I told her apperently that's what the failed terrorist claimed to be, and also told her "I don't like their religion" and walked away back to my seat.

Momments later, the "Swede" woman walked directly over to Me and in an aggressive manor, told Me "Never say You don't like us!"

I then replied that I have a right to My opinion as the next person, and to "F___O__".

It brings great concern as to what is Muslim doing in a Christian chuch and telling it's members which religion to like or dislike?

Things that make You go, Hmmmm?
18:08 January 2, 2011 by Dave N
The "good" Muslims are the ones to be most wary of. Bad Muslims don't go to the mosque, can have non-Muslim friends and are capable of integrating.

"Good" Muslims soak up the hate-filled, violent teachings of their so-called prophet which are spewed out by Imams at their mosques - and subsequently they are a very real threat to everybody else.

Good Muslims are the extremists.
18:50 January 2, 2011 by wenddiver
It is past time for a review of who has been given Swedish passports and whether they are loyal to Sweden or are just foreign terrorist opperatives here to destroy Sweden.

The first duty of the government is to defend Swedish Freedom and the people, it will be forced to choose between defending these and showing tolerance to the death cult known as Islam.

Tolerance should be shown to people from the middle East, but there isno point in tolerating those who attack Freedom or your country.
19:30 January 2, 2011 by sebwojo
its bad that all countries which have acomodeted our brothers the somalies insited they have turned on them the same somalies bombed uganda during the finals of the world cup and more than 80 people died.can somalians prove the world that they are not all toririst.when some thing happens to them they go on streets and demonstrate why not now to condem there brothers acts??????????????????
20:21 January 2, 2011 by Ravioli
From other news sources that I've read it was not a "Swedish" woman involved but rather a "Swedish" man. Not that it makes a difference really. If Sweden really needs to take in refugee/asylum seekers, they should seriously consider finding another region of the world from which to take them. The Middle East and Somalia are not the only places in the world where people are suffering.

One more thing, could someone please explain to me why Muslim men are given asylum here? Aren't they the ones doing the oppressing in their home countries? Not a cheap shot at them, just a logical question.
20:43 January 2, 2011 by Auntie Sam
Those in control, those with the power have no logic.
22:51 January 2, 2011 by imatra
It may be to far gone, but these extremists need to be described in all media as: Somali-born Swedish resident, Lebanese-born Swedish resident, XYZ country-born Swedish resident ec., all depending of their country of birth.

These individuals are in NO way Swede's - it is as simple as that.
02:26 January 3, 2011 by JoeSwede
Another story...how does this compare with the story yesterday that all the papers in Sweden were rallying for an open society despite the terrorist threats.

At least lets have a puplicity campaign that reviews that bombing is not ok.
03:30 January 3, 2011 by here for the summer
It doesn't matter if they are born in Sweden or not what matters is that they are accused of planning terrorist crimes and they should not be bailed out and brought home to Sweden. This is what they did for the guy who is accused of planning the Danish attack. Enough is enough ..
03:30 January 3, 2011 by för30årseden
Remember the old Al Wilson song -- "The Snake?"

On her way to work one morning

Down the path along side the lake

A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake

His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew

"Oh well," she cried, "I'll take you in and I'll take care of you"

"Take me in oh tender woman

Take me in, for heaven's sake

Take me in oh tender woman," sighed the snake

She wrapped him up all cozy in a cuverture of silk

And then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk

Now she hurried home from work that night as soon as she arrived

She found that pretty snake she'd taking in had been revived

"Take me in, oh tender woman

Take me in, for heaven's sake

Take me in oh tender woman," sighed the snake

Now she clutched him to her bosom, "You're so beautiful," she cried

"But if I hadn't brought you in by now you might have died"

Now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight

But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite

"Take me in, oh tender woman

Take me in, for heaven's sake

Take me in oh tender woman," sighed the snake

"I saved you," cried that woman

"And you've bit me even, why?

You know your bite is poisonous and now I'm going to die"

"Oh shut up, silly woman," said the reptile with a grin

"You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in

"Take me in, oh tender woman

Take me in, for heaven's sake

Take me in oh tender woman," sighed the snake
10:09 January 3, 2011 by truthworthy
High time for bigots. Unfortunately your words on The Local doesnt matter.

I have a suggestion for SD, I think it will be great if you would acquire The Local it seems the place where your supporters gather.
10:14 January 3, 2011 by flintis
@truthworthy:- what about the bigots planning & carrying out bombings, don't they count?
10:30 January 3, 2011 by RobinHood
Sweden is now the world's leading exporter of international terrorism.

Swedes have a growing list of reasons to be ashamed. What are they going to do about it?
10:33 January 3, 2011 by truthworthy
@flintis, well you aren't talking about those here are you? you are talking about all Muslims as terrorists and such.

anyway I have a question, if you guys do not consider the people who have Swedish passports as Swedes, what about those blue eyed blondes who converted to Islam, are they still considered Swede?
11:19 January 3, 2011 by salalah
@truthworthy: LOL


This is just the attitude shared by man natives and which makes it impossible for immigrants to integrate (Catch 22)

In US, you are an "American" at the same moment you step off that plane.

70 % of Somalis in Utah have a job or business. 10% of Somalis in Sweden have the same.
12:05 January 3, 2011 by Dave N
The blue-eyed Swedes who have converted to Islam are Swedes, of course. But they are traitors to their nation just as Quisling was to Norway and just as those Swedes were who joined the Waffen-SS.

The US is a nation of immigrants - the only real, native Americans have had their country over-run and taken from them by immigrants. At least their leaders led them in battle in vain attempts to protect their territory and way of life before the end came. They are now a tiny minority living on the fringe of American society. Do you want what happened to the Apache, the Commanche and the Cheyenne to happen to the Swedes, the British, the French, etc. etc?

End the 3rd World colonisation of Europe now before it is too late!
12:59 January 3, 2011 by flintis
@truthworthy:- I never mentioned religion or faith, & if you read through the other posts I think you'll find 2 - 3 that mention religion, apart from yourself.

Little paranoia on your part
13:24 January 3, 2011 by truthworthy
@flintis apologies I didn't meant you as by yourself but to the bigots on this site.
13:30 January 3, 2011 by landofthesheeple
@ Dave N

I don't think You have anything to worry about them taking over, as the predictions say that even though scans are having less children, and the immigrants are having more, so it would make them the majority by let's say 2025, there still is this 2012 thing coming.

Somehow it wouldn't surprise Me the world experiences it's own version of immigrants from the stars, then Humanity will have to stop it's BS and deal with a far more serious issue. It certainly won't be about religion.

You are spot-on about the early US History and the Invasion of the Tax Evading English Settlers that Butchered The American Indian. In the US, Public Schools, (also known as "Thanksgiving") taught that Indians Scalped the Cowboys, when in fact, The Cowboys (Immigrants), Scalped Indians of their hair as trophies. Then took away their land and issued "Federal Indian Reservations" of small areas back to them.

I was ashamed to be an American, this and the government staged 911 and all the other BS they push on their citizens, they can keep it until the Chinese invade them.

It would seem the US has a colorful history of Invading foreign lands and "securing" the natural resources.

But, I degress here Dave.

It's a betrayal against Svensk Kultur (if there was one), to see a Scan woman wearing jabib/burkaI, it doesn't gel. And the Scan men take an immigrant, most likely because a Scan woman won't have anything to do with them.

I challenge any immigrant (from this planet or another ) to force their "religion of peace', or culture on Me, just try it : ) lol
13:31 January 3, 2011 by flintis
@truthworthy:- apology accepted
16:25 January 3, 2011 by salalah
Hmmm... I wonder why there are so many Nobel prize winners in the US?

- Maybe because smart people were allowed in - Like people escaping Holocaust. 99 percent of Immigrants are fleeing oppressing regimes; only the mentally ill become terrorists. They have a secret death wish or are sucidal and their brains have been fried by too much Ganja and Kat. The other 99 percent study at KTH or other Universities and later emigrate to UK or the US where they can be around smart people.
16:54 January 3, 2011 by Syftfel
What is this, Swedish citizen, woman's name?
10:32 January 4, 2011 by Uncle
What I love about Muslims like truthworthy is that they Never rest. Every bombing, every gay hanging, every women stoning, every minority machete execution by the peaceful good Muslims around the world, they will call for not being racist towards Muslims.

Let's assume that realization that every Muslim country is a bucket of ... in sense of quality of life, democracy and equality even if they are swimming in money has not ascended upon the good old defenders of Islam.

Let's also assume that the cheap slogans of racism are actually valid for religion.

In that case, there is no more racist, segregating, close minded and violent religion than Islam. Even the "moderate" imams reject the mere right of existence of any other religion or god.

There is practically no country with Muslim minority or majority that does not have religious clashes. Muslims cannot integrate by definition of the religion. Without constant suppression of the "other", Islam cannot reach it's basic goals.

In addition this religion does not condemn extreme violence and these somalians from Al shabaab are known of using extreme sorts of torture, while enjoying the "good" Muslims protection against the racist west.

STOP bringing them here for God's sake.
10:54 January 4, 2011 by prince T
t@uncle -Without constant suppression of the "other", Islam cannot reach it's basic goals.

I think you have a point that statement, though i did not agree with everytin u said and proposed. Wen u said we should not send them here what should we do with Helena Benaouda. she is a swede according to bigots on this forum and consistently defended her terrorist son in law from being brought to book. I am also afraid for the daughter that is safe with her too. For a lady to follow her boyfriend to al queda enclave. THAT IS MORE THAN LOVE FOR ME, IT IS A CONVICTION IN THE CAUSE
12:43 January 4, 2011 by Uncle
Prince t you are totally right. In a democratic CHRISTIAN state it is not allowed to kick out reps of minorities. It is however allowed to peaceful and good Muslims who kicked out million citizen Jews in the 50's and continue kicking out Christians from Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan and other places.

What can we do? Stop additional stream of this river. Like this we will stay with only 200 terrorists instead of 400 or 800.

Also, change the law accordingly, where citizens who got citizenship as a present from the evil and racist swedes, would be on probation for 10 years, within which any calling for or active connection to terrorist acts would mean deportation after serving a period here. The support for these animals will fall greatly among the "moderate" muslims.
18:26 January 4, 2011 by americanska

"It may be to far gone, but these extremists need to be described in all media as: Somali-born Swedish resident, Lebanese-born Swedish resident, XYZ country-born Swedish resident ec., all depending of their country of birth.

These individuals are in NO way Swede's - it is as simple as that"

except for the fact that this person is a swedish citizen. you can't pick and choose which citizens you want to call "Swedish". Sweden needs to take responsibility for the actions of it's citizens...by giving these poeple citizenship sweden is allowing them free reign of terror in europe. the UK does the same.
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