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Boys' 'anti-studying' culture hurts Swedish school equality: study

TT/The Local/vt · 10 Jan 2011, 17:17

Published: 10 Jan 2011 17:17 GMT+01:00

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International research shows that differences in aptitude between boys and girls are small or nonexistent. There are larger variations between individuals within the same gender than between boys and girls, according to research.

However, despite the findings, girls continue to perform better than boys in almost all subjects. According to the research, girls still put in more time, effort and commitment for school than boys.

According to Anna Ekström, the chairwoman of the government's delegation for equality in schools (delegation för jämställdhet i skolan, Deja), there have not been any major changes in gender equality in Swedish schools since the 1960s.

"A lot has happened in the field of equality in society, but in working for gender equality in the schools, far too little has taken place," Ekström told news agency TT on Monday.

"I can imagine that it is because equality is something that one becomes dedicated to in the worst case in the worst case through project work with a study day and a lecture or something similar," she added.

Traditional gender roles result in restricting boys and girls during their school years. In turn, this can also result in certain effects after they have left school.

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"School results become important in the future as we transition into a knowledge-based society. If the girls with their superior scores keep the boys out of the most attractive courses, then the boys' problems in school will become the men's problems in the future," warned Ekström.

TT/The Local/vt (news@thelocal.se)

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18:33 January 10, 2011 by procrustes
"...the boys' problems in school will become the men's problems in the future."

Nope. It will be Sweden's problem.

I bet the rebellion among boys is in direct response to the femininization of Swedish society. Kids get nuance. They respond to nuance and action, not words.

There is a war on males in Sweden, and there will be no winner--just Sweden as a big loser. I know lots of young Swedish guys heading outside Sweden to find their fortune. Why are so many Swedish men bringing home Thia women?
19:13 January 10, 2011 by joeyt
It is not only Sweden's problem, it's not a war on males, it's just a global trend caused by the changes in current economy:


It's up to men to keep up with the changes like women do it.
19:46 January 10, 2011 by GLO
Gender Equality is BS

, try to understand why terrorists want to kill you ...Same BS
20:03 January 10, 2011 by Tanskalainen
I just had a nice pee and I wasn't sitting down.
20:16 January 10, 2011 by lux.veritas
Do you really want to know about the educational systems? If you are a parent, student, prospective student or parent, this documentary is a must. It is a downloadable audio and text format book and is applicable to all current state educational and most private systems.

The Underground History of American Education. - By John Taylor Gatto, former educator, award winner and seminar speaker.

That which is being perpetrated against our children by these state/ educational systems is something every parent should know, without redress and unquestioned.

Hopefully this truth will not also fall under The Local censoring blind sheeple that believe themselves journalists, editors or bastions of others morality.
21:12 January 10, 2011 by Frobobbles
You have to read between the lines here: "problems relating to honour ". As ethnic swedes do not have an honour culture, you will understand what they talk about.
00:19 January 11, 2011 by Swedesmith
What age children were studied? I have read studies to this effect before where the girls score noticeably higher up until the age of 12 or so. Then it starts to even out.
00:52 January 11, 2011 by albert1974
I wonder who writes these articles on The Local.

If you read the original swedish one (http://www.svd.se/opinion/brannpunkt/konsroller-begransning-i-skolan_5854201.svd) you will get the full picture! And even Google Translate gives a better version of the article, ah ah!

For example The Local cites the "honour" issue just in the title, without further discussing it, while on the SvD article they explain this point.
04:26 January 11, 2011 by Tomexpat
Whoa! I was wondering when someone in the educational system would figure out it's not a "good thing" for boys to perform poorly in school!

The feminists have been in such a hurry to promote girls over boys, they forgot it is largely men that need to drive the economy and support families. Back to the drawing board radical school administrators.

albert1974: what is "SvD"
07:40 January 11, 2011 by isenhand
Perhaps ppl should realise there is a difference between genders and work with that? Rather than having "one size fits all"?
08:35 January 11, 2011 by Uncle
In an article "Feminism? That's rich!" in Sunday Times, Kate Spicer talks about aggression of feminism that eats up on women.

Statistics show that women actually do not mind sitting with kids at home, whereas guys actually do. Statistics show that 55% of British women would prefer to find a man that earns more than they do and 53% do not mind financial dependency.

All of this shows that it does not matter that the girls are sitting on their math and literature classes longer. They will WANT to sit at home when they get family and therefore will get inevitably stuck salary wise. Which they also do not mind.

"Men's problems in the future" are solved by the fact that the "dumb" men will get married with an unambitious, but still well educated women, whereas the feminist ideologists will be sitting at home at the age of 80 surrounded by their cats and hate men.
08:37 January 11, 2011 by locaxy
@Frobobbles: "As ethnic swedes do not have an honour culture"

Do you mean the Sami people? I'm pretty sure they have the concept of honour in their culture.
09:39 January 11, 2011 by procrustes
Just to be clear: It is an indisputable fact that countries having no gender equality have the lowest standards of living. Today, that translates into countries discriminating against their women.

Gender equality is essential for the future well being of humanity. My beef is not with the idea that anyone should be able to do whatever they want irrespective of gender, nor that certain roles should be reserved for men or women.

My beef is with wackkos who believe that women are superior and men are a blight on society. Sweden has advanced far in the necessary road to equality, now, left with little challenge, rather than declare victory and mop-up remaining issues, some feminists are opening up a general war against men.

Nature has programmed certain roles for men and for women. Civilization is fundamentally about opposition to nature. Nature would have women produce twelve to twenty children and die at the age of forty, with maybe half of the children surviving. Men are supposed to fight to the death for the right to breed and die off at the age of forty once most of his offspring are of age to repeat the cycle.

Citing Nature as a justification for classical male and female roles is really opposing the advancement of civilization--man's capacity to structure an environment best for humanity.

It is a demonstrated fact that gender equality is directly related to living standard. Radical feminists will send Sweden back down into lower living standards by debasing their male population.

And, by the way, there IS an honor code among males that has nothing to do with race, ethnicity or culture.
10:34 January 11, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
I have a lot of work to do so I will make this short.

For the most part most elementary, middle school and High school teachers are female. This lends the culture and the environment to be overtly feminized. Many of you have no problem with this because you are already homosexuals are lean towards being effeminate men yet as we have seen throughout history that the blurring of gender roles corrupts a society and in the end benefits no one.

As for why so many Swedish men have Thai or Asian women, simple, they like women who are economically dependent upon them as well as women who for the most part cater to a belief that men are the leaders of a family and relations ship between a man and a woman.

As for why Swedish women are with Black Americans, for the most part they want the epitome of manhood. Black men are more visually masculine than White men yet when you factor in the personalities of Swedish men (overtly feminine) you have a flock of women with well paying jobs either becoming lesbians or venturing to New York or Guinea for a Black male mate.

Note that I will not write that they are not homosexuals or feminine men in the African community, indeed, the effects of being and enslaved people for over 500 years by the hands of Europeans has been catastrophic, however, African across the globe for the most part repudiate gender blurring and homosexuality even at this rebuilding phase of African women and man.

Whites worldwide especially in Sweden have bought into "unisexism" as progress however, white Swedish male youth are showing that even they can not deal with this type of rhetoric and environment it fosters for learning and wish to pull away from it. The feminine skewed schools that reward female qualities for them to learn are being rejected.
11:26 January 11, 2011 by zircon
The Swedish male feminine? Do they all have Reinfeldt's feminine hip? Beautiful.
12:18 January 11, 2011 by procrustes

Geez, where to begin?

I guess, first--how or whom people love has nothing to do with male or female appearance. There are totally straight males (of all races) who wiggle when they walk and the guy bench-pressing 200Kg that is totally gay. How certain modes of physical stimulation feel is independent of the gender of the person doing the stimulating even though certain acts are deemed gay or straight.

Further, I personally believe that people being born gay or straight is real, but as with hermaphrodites it is rare. People live within a sexual spectrum that ranges from totally gay to totally straight, and throughout their life they move back and forth along that spectrum, depending on a huge number of social and physical circumstances.

Damage is done by discrimination based on gender/perceived sexuality. The sooner all the difference races become so inter-bred that they are moot, the better for humanity. The sooner how and whom people love becomes a non-issue the better for humanity.
12:22 January 11, 2011 by Uncle
In regards to the ability of girls to invest more into their studies. I would go with proscrutes and say that this is also genetically developed.

In "human geography 101" class they teach you that mental development of human being started from 2 things after our hands became idle: realisation of death concept and "cause and effect" concept (place a trap and come after 2 days, see what happens).

This development came as a break through from males, whereas, females were active in learning process, or simply said, sat in the cave and learned whatever men invented. Through thousands of years, men continued surviving by inventing and women - by learning.

Statistically, there are still way less female inventors than male ones and female grades in school are higher than male ones. Women capitalize on something that is ready and It will never undermine men or create market inequality. Actually, nothing will ever change, in spite of the feminist unnatural efforts.

@TheOriginalBlackMan wth are you banging on about? 17th century slave traders from Europe and ruthless colonists that according to every colonized nation, introduced mass murder and torture of thousands- encouraged homosexuality among africans? Get your stuff right - whether Medieval europe was violent and masculine when it overpowered millions of Africans, or it was gay and feminine when it did it...

Maybe you should look at some other benefits that blacks are enjoying when swedish women get attracted to them. Some physical advantages perhaps.
13:18 January 11, 2011 by Streja
So, as the article explains, this happens in every country in the western world. Girls outperform boys in schools.

What explanations do the sexist posters have for girls performing better in schools in the UK and the US? Maybe it's because of McDonald's or the sexist culture in those countries?

Maybe fathers need to actually make sure that they raise their kids and teach them to take school seriously. Because I find that there are loads of boys who are really doing well in school and from what I can see there is one answer: responsible parents who love their kids.
15:16 January 11, 2011 by Swedesmith
@ Original B.M.

Ha, ha ha, you crack me up! Tell the truth BM, you are really only about 5'2" (157 cm) tall and weigh 120lbs (54 kilos) soaking wet and look like Spike Lee with asthma. That's why you have this African Uber Alles chip on your shoulder.
17:44 January 11, 2011 by americanska
Oringinal black man.....classic. You ARE a racial stereotype.
23:23 January 11, 2011 by zircon
Enjoying your further penis- vagina envy.
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