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Wolf hunt set to proceed despite EU complaints

TT/AFP/The Local · 13 Jan 2011, 17:11

Published: 13 Jan 2011 17:11 GMT+01:00

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"We think that reproduction has been higher than expected and if we aren't allowed to shoot more wolves, the pack is going to end up being too large," Tomas Andersson, chair of the Swedish Hunters Association (Jägareförbundet) chapter in Örebro County in central Sweden, told The Local on Thursday.

Sweden's second annual wolf hunt is set to start on Saturday and before the hunt is over, Sweden may find itself the subject of a European Commission effort to put a stop to the hunt.

"We're probably going to have few other alternatives than to launch a formal process against Sweden and that can happen as early as the end of January," Joseph Hennon, spokesperson for EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik, told the TT news agency.

In December, Potocnik wrote a letter to Swedish Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren, saying, "Several aspects of the Swedish wolf policy raise serious questions."

Both the licensed hunting of wolves and the set limit of the number of wolves in the country, as well as plans for the transfer of wolves from other countries, include elements that seem incompatible with EU rules for the conservation of predatory animals, Potocnik stressed.

Last year, the Swedish parliament decided last year to limit the wolf population to 210 animals spread out in 20 packs with 20 new pups per year for a period of five years by issuing hunting permits in regions where wolves have recently reproduced.

During this year's hunt, which runs from January 15th to February 15th, licensed hunters will be permitted to shoot 20 wolves, down from the quota of 27 animals this year.

However, hunters in Örebro county in central Sweden claim that they ought to be able to shoot more than county's current quota of just two wolves.

Andersson explained that new information indicates that a record number of wolf pups, 25 to 27, were born in the county in the past year.

His organisation has launched an appeal with Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) to increase the county's wolf hunt quota from two to four animals.

"Like everyone else, we’re trying to reach the goal set by the Riksdag," Andersson said.

He admitted, however, that his organisation supports a lower quota of 150 wolves in Sweden and around 200 for the whole of Scandinavia.

"We want to limit the damages caused by wolves by reducing the pack's density," he said.

According to Andersson, attacks on hunting dogs are one of the biggest threats posed by wolves to Sweden's hunters.

"It's like playing Russian roulette. The more wolves there are, the greater risk there is that our hunting dogs will be killed," he said.

Andersson estimated that 300 to 350 hunters were registered to scour Örebro's 8,519 square kilometres in search of two wolves to kill.

While he doubts that the association's appeal to Swedish environmental authorities will be reviewed before the start of the hunt on Saturday, he is hopeful that authorities will allow for an increased quota before the hunt ends in February.

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Sweden's Green Party is also critical of the hunt, accusing the government of making a "grave mistake" in allowing the hunt to continue this year.

"Despite criticism from the European Commission and other quarters, the government has decided to follow through with a policy means confirming the wolf is fair game rather than working to increase acceptance," said Green Party MP Tina Ehn in a statement.

Speaking with the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper, Environmental Commissioner spokesperson Hennon explained that the wolf is protected and killing protected species is prohibited.

He also questioned the rationale given by Sweden that the wolves are being shot in order to remove individuals with bad genes from the population.

"Are wolves being shot because they have genes or because they are the first ones you happen to see? It's not especially scientific," he said.

TT/AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

18:51 January 13, 2011 by Thorfinna
What a disgrace!!!! I wish I could hunt hunters and stick bullets in their backsides so they'd know how it feels!!!! Shame on them and on Sweden for allowing this!
19:48 January 13, 2011 by Liquidmonkey
i hope the wolfs take a few hunters down with them.
20:22 January 13, 2011 by Gabin
Join the Wolf Army.
20:49 January 13, 2011 by superturbo
The EU should mind mind their own business. Happy hunting everyone :P
22:51 January 13, 2011 by flobalob
Sweden is entitled to decide on a quota. Sweden belongs to the Swedes, and the wolfs the Swedes re-introduced after after a long absence belong to them.

When the rest of the EU establish their own wolf re-introduction programmes, then they are qualified to voice an opinion.

Put your money where your mouth is Mrs EU Environment Commissioner or STFU.
00:06 January 14, 2011 by landofthesheeple

Who says You can't?

Ever hear of a thing called "Friendly Fire"?

Happens a lot during a field battle. I mean really, Who's gonna know who shot who, or what? And, how exactly is this 20 wolf limit going to be monitored with the 6,500 hunters?

Some day when I buy a large house in the forrest, I will raise a wolf pup as a pet, and I'd like to challenge some hunter to engage My pet, on My property...

Are You feeling lucky wolf hunter? Go ahead Punks... Make My Day : ) lol
00:27 January 14, 2011 by Nemesis
When I get my place in the country I intend to raise a pair of Irish Wolfhounds. They were used to hunt wolves. Also 2000 years ago the celts used them to hunt romans:)

My wolfhounds will be more than a match for a wolf by a long shot. So wolves will be free to live on my land in peace without causing me any problems and I will not allow wolf hunting on my land.

The bottom line is we should not be killing wolves. Lots of European countries like the UK and Ireland need them reintroduced. Same applies to boars and bears. Boars make good meat.
00:44 January 14, 2011 by muscle
Yes hunting as a sport should be stopped. this is not cool I agree. Anyway but problem with EU, and US is this, first they want to do everything themselves but once others start to follow they start setting up restrictions. Just like keep barking about global warming, but themselves keep on producing more and more dirt.

umm I guess I am way too much against US :D
03:39 January 14, 2011 by crofab
I am not anti-hunting, not at all. However in this case, this is a hunt not based on science, but based on anti-wolf sentiment in several areas. Swedes need to harness wolves for their tourism potential and get out of this medieval perspective of an "us vs. them" mentality. Wolves have been a part of Sweden longer than people have.
05:35 January 14, 2011 by waffen
A Nature Conservancy as is had in the United States is needed in Sweden.

Groups and individuals that want the hunting of wolves stopped can work with an agency like that by helping to buy land so that the wolves cannot be hunted on that land.

Writing about what a shame against Sweden that this hunt is, or other comments to that effect, are not effective in stopping the hunting of wolves.

The so-called "science" that is used here to justify this killing of the wolves is akin to the Japanese hunting whales for "scientific" purposes when everyone in the world knows that the real reason is to that they only intend to kill them for profit.

No one profits from killing the wolves in Sweden, and the nonsense about wolves killing hunting dogs is preposterous.
08:10 January 14, 2011 by Liquidmonkey
this is not so much about what the EU says but more about killing wolves, whom already have an extremely low population.

and what is the point with killing TWENTY WOLVES!? seriously, that does NOTHING so why bother?

furthermore, how on earth can we ensure that the 6500 hunters do not shoot more than 20 wolves? oh, thats right, we can't. even if 5% of hunters shoot a wolf at different locations, it is still WAAAAAY OVER the quota. not to mention those that will not be reported cause hunters are bunch of sick people who just like to go out a kill for the sake of killing something defenseless.

i'm all for natural selection, diseases wiping out species etc but what WE AS HUMANS DO is just plain wrong!

do the hunters make sure they kill a wolf that has no family? nope, they go out, kill mothers, fathers, little baby wolves.

its a shame that sweden is allowing this. it is clearly for political reasons than for something that is scientifically / practically justified.
12:54 January 14, 2011 by muscle

You know when you mentioned japs killing whales :P it reminded me of a SouthPark episode. wonder if anyone has seen that here.

But jokes apart, yes you are right. Groups should be formed to stop this and i am sure it will be quite effective.

My question is, why killing someone for SPORT? I am not a veg. I LOVE eating meat. But for SPORT? this is pathetic. even if the leather is being used for products fine! But in this case, there has to be replacement. Artificial breeding or something. Trees are cut and many are planted. Prevent the animals from extinction.

BUt even then, for SPORT? This shows merciless of humans!
14:55 January 14, 2011 by luxio
someone should start shooting hunters. shame on uncivilized sweden
16:24 January 14, 2011 by SJack
The human population has exploded so much that I do believe we need to weed out the over breeding. When hunting for humans is legalized we won't have to worry about wolf, elephant, tiger, whale, seal, dolphin, bear, hawk and other fowl, gorillas, and all the other animal population that will be extinct or 75% less by the year 2050 being killed off right now. Unfortunately, when we go to war because there are just way too many people that are crazy out there with their extreme belief system, we also kill the animal life. We kind of go after certain races right now and eliminating them in some form or fashion, but not to the extent of stopping the population explosion. Maybe we should just starve the overpopulated places around the world? Without food you definitely dwindle down any population of anything. Wild animals is a perfect example. Maybe all the fish and fowl kill off recently is an experiment to see how well it could work on humans. Something has to be done! :( Those that are killing off the wolves are really not the ones causing the most damage, it's the whole world population in general!
19:11 January 14, 2011 by Bruce Hemming
I have never seen so mnay lies and human haters all in one place in my life. I guess in the EU you teach your people to hate all humans. All going extinct LMAO you people really need to stop watching so much TV and believing in fairy tales like wolves are special. The lies you have been feed on the wolves is funny. Wolves have families will so do hunting dogs and yes it is documented fact wolves slaughter hunting dogs. Wolves also kill in the most cruel manner in the world. On moose they will hanstring them letting them bleed out for days on end as the packs stays with the moose.

a quote from the book, "Mountain Men" by Vardis Fisher. On Page 35.

"The Wild dogs family ate it victim alive, if the victims had the stoutness and pluck to keep breathing until the enemy's hunger was appeased. Many a buffalo still walked the prairies that had had a wolf meal taken out of it. Depending on the strength of his hunger , or his mood, the wolf would rip and tear with it's long sharp teeth, usually into the side or back, to get at the liver; and often it devoured all the tender flesh along the lower spine before it victim died. Or it might open a hole in the belly. If it had a taste for hams it might eat most the flesh off a hindquarter. Many a buffalo or elk calf or yearling survived the rendering of it flesh and the drinking of it blood , and lived as a cripple, hideously scared. "

Eco Nazi supports the wolves.

"The Reich Nature Protection Law was only one of the pinnacles of Nazi "ecological" and "green" legislation. There were laws and ordinances that protected forests and animals, laws against air pollution, and more. The Nazis banned slaughter without stunning the animal, restricted hunting and

experimentation on animals, and introduced wildlife study and conservation programs.
19:13 January 14, 2011 by Kevin from US
Anti Human wolfaboos sure are thick in here !!! If this is to "Control" over population, then way to go Sweeden. Wish we could control the overpopulation of the Canadian wolf illegally introduced into the Northern Rockies of US, but our Gov. has its head up wolfaboos arses. Stop the human hatred wolfaboos. Threatening hunters is a crime here i the US !!


19:48 January 14, 2011 by budpg
What would any debate be without at least one idiot making an "Enviro Nazi " reference. We are having similar debates in the US where "hunters who claim to be conservationists regard wolves as a threat to an easy kill. Hunters that use dogs, ATVs. or any other tool that gives them unfair advantage are not hunters they are killers. What's up with these arbitrary wolf numbers? Doing this only leads to disrupted pack structure and formation of wolf packs- as far as woolves killing dogs keep the dogs out of the woods and hunt by yourself!
02:22 January 21, 2011 by JTD
That guy is a lunatic from the US who is spreading all that Eco Nazi nonsense.

He really believes Nazis had something to do with the wolf re-introduction In The US.

You want to see how stupid this Nazi crap is? Only a complete idiot can come up with this stuff.

"Who wants a wildland project here in American the NAZI WOLF LOVING LUNATICS."

"the Nazi are still here in America supporting the wolves."

"That the Nazi wanted a wildland project no differences between the NAZI'S then and you wolf loving lunatics here in America"

"Just like the NAZI that study was buried and the public not allow to see it. Kind of sounds like NAZI propaganda doesn't it. Or should we talk about the NAZI way the anti American wolf lover so called expert that flew up 6 weeks after Kenton Carnegie was killed and said he saw a bear track in a picture. That sound like NAZI propaganda but then truth on the wolf issue is precious and hard to find I wonder why. Oh that right the NAZI propaganda hiding all the wolf attacks on people."

15:43 January 22, 2011 by budpg
Mainehuntingtoday-- Maine's hunting community is the eastern US version of the inbred hillbilly redneck commonly found in IDAHO, UTAH, MONTANA, WYOMING. This is the state where hunters can shoot a person in their own yard (humans look like deer don't they?) and the hunter is not even prosecuted! Their new governor was just quoted as telling a group to "kiss my butt". They deserve each other.
06:54 February 2, 2011 by JTD
This guy is so obsessed with Nazis, he posts a bunch of nonsense ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Type in his name + Nazis & you will see!!!

"Bruce, 11-25-10

What the problem with wolves is the immature, greedy, selfish, arrogant, evil, vile human hater that love it when women are ripped to shreds by blood thirsty killer wolves. A Wolf cult that is so uncaring so evil so anti American they cheer when ranchers go out of business. They make fun of children being stalked and chased by man killing wolves. These evil vile cult members hate America they hate freedom they hate people. Deep in their twisted perverted mind they hope for massive kill off of people. Like Hitler and Stalin before them they want to kill off not just millions but BILLIONS of people to save the earth. How can people be so gullible so narrow minded so easily taught to hate their fellow man? There are weak scare little children that want the wolves to be their champion because deep down they hate all humans. Keep supporting wolves and keep hating people so we can have un livable America with millions out of work. Great job sicko's keep spreading your cancer cult thinking"
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