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Swedish boar hunters safe after Tunisia attack

AFP/The Local · 17 Jan 2011, 12:53

Published: 17 Jan 2011 10:46 GMT+01:00
Updated: 17 Jan 2011 12:53 GMT+01:00

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Foreign ministry spokeswoman Camilla Åkesson Lindblom told AFP that the 12, who earlier said they had been beaten on suspicion of being "foreign terrorists", were all accounted for after the incident on Sunday.

"We have had contact with all of them, and the three who we hadn't heard from yesterday are also now at their hotel," she said.

The Swedes were not being held against their will, she emphasised, pointing out that "they are simply waiting at the hotel until they are able to go home."

The Swedes, who had arrived in Tunisia nearly two weeks ago to hunt wild boar, had been in three separate taxis traveling to the airport Sunday when they were stopped at a checkpoint, dragged out of the vehicles and beaten, one of them said.

"They searched the vehicles. They found our rifles and everything degenerated. They dragged us out of the cars, treated us like foreign terrorists. We were kicked and beaten," Ove Öberg told reporters at the Africa Hotel after the ordeal on Sunday.

The incident took place near the headquarters of the main opposition party, the PDP, where a gunfight">gunfight broke out around the time of the arrests.

"We arrived about 10 days ago in Tunisia to hunt boars. We boarded three taxis today to go to the airport and while we were on our way we were stopped at a checkpoint," Öberg told reporters in a hotel in central Tunis on Sunday.

According to Öberg, police arrested a group of nine Swedish boar hunters travelling in taxis toward a nearby hotel after their flight home was cancelled amid gun battles in the city. Öberg and the five others had a bloodied face and bruises.

"The police arrived. We showed our permits and we could explain to them. The police helped us get out of the situation. The only thing we want now is to go home," said the man, who was visibly still in shock.

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A senior police officer said on state television earlier that several people, including four German nationals, had been arrested after being found carrying weapons inside three taxis in the capital.

"We arrested four German nationals and others of different nationalities. I don't know the number or the nationalities of the other foreigners," the officer said, without giving further details.

Tunisia has been wracked by violence following the ouster of strongman leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali after a wave of popular unrest spread across the country.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:26 January 17, 2011 by RobinHood
As the world's leading per capita exporter of international terrorism, it's not really surprising people were suspicious of Swedes carrying rifles in the middle of a revolution and a gunfight.

Now that Swedes have acquired this reputation as terrorists, they really are going to have to change the way they behave when travelling abroad, or even consider if it safe for them to travel abroad at all.

Perhaps the best option might be for the government to identify why Sweden has become a breeding ground for terrorism and deal with that.
08:31 January 17, 2011 by StockholmSam
You really are clueless, RobinHood.
08:33 January 17, 2011 by Ravioli
I'm not sure why any Westerner would go to a Middle Eastern country for any reason. It's not worth the risk. These guys were lucky to get out alive.
08:34 January 17, 2011 by calebian22
Well, maybe if the media stopped referring to the "Swedes" committing the terrorism as Swedes, then law abiding Swedes would be safer to travel. Way to go, sacrifice your real citizens in the name of political correctness. I mean come on! Look at the picture. These "terrorists" are not from the same demographic. Of course I am a bigot for pointing this out though.
09:09 January 17, 2011 by Rishonim
Boar hunters is the name for mercenaries nowadays.
09:20 January 17, 2011 by Essjay
Send the Wolf Hunters there !
09:34 January 17, 2011 by Kevin Harris
Nine Swedes carrying with high powered weapons were caught outside the opposition party headquarters during a revolution in an Arabic country. I don't suppose the "We're only boar hunters" defence went down very well at all.

They were lucky they weren't hung from the lamp posts with "I am a terrorist" signs nailed to their chests.
10:30 January 17, 2011 by cowboykodp
Exactly right Kevin.

Wrong place at the wrong time. Simple as that.

There are many westerners who travel to the middle east, with no problems.

In fact, many top paid athletes have second residences in the gulf countries.

10:31 January 17, 2011 by UScitizen
Those people are probably used to Swedes coming over for terrorist traning, but they should know that the Swedes won't do anything there, they come back to Sweden to carry out their plans.
10:41 January 17, 2011 by AHA
I am not saying that what happened to the was alright but didn´t they know what was going on in the country and didn´t they listen to the warning the Swedish authorities issued about travelling to Tunisia? Anyway, hunting boars for fun is not smarter than hunting wolves.
10:55 January 17, 2011 by unseen
is Tunisia middle east?
11:09 January 17, 2011 by cowboykodp
No Unseen it is not. It is North Africa.

However, when one speaks to children, they must use the language they understand.
11:18 January 17, 2011 by othrex

I have family living in Tunisia, I lived there most of my life and I'm north african.

Those hunters were as u said at the very wrong place at the very wrong time.

Tunisia is living a revolution right now for freedom and dignity .. nothing that could be understood here in Sweden because you already have it. It is very exciting but very unstable right now.
11:19 January 17, 2011 by Streja

they were tourists who came to Tunisia BEFORE the troubles started and were trying to get home but had to go back to the hotel with a taxi as their flight was cancelled.
11:21 January 17, 2011 by unseen
so, when Americans do something stinks! its not western's fault! its the Americans'????

when an Arab or a Muslim does something wrong! all will be blamed on Arabs/Muslims??? and sure middle east comes first????????

11:22 January 17, 2011 by Roy E
@Ravioli - "I'm not sure why any Westerner would go to a Middle Eastern country for any reason."

What's far more baffling is why any Westerner would want to import any aspect of these dysfunctional societies into their own.
11:25 January 17, 2011 by unseen
@Roy E,

good question! why?
11:33 January 17, 2011 by Streja
Roy and unseen, stop blabbering about things that are not relevant to the topic.

This is about boar hunters in the wrong place at the wrong time as there is a revolution in Tunisia.

They want democracy.
11:42 January 17, 2011 by Roy E

If they beat foreigners because they want democracy, I'd say the odds for democracy are pretty slim.
11:43 January 17, 2011 by Tunisien girl
these Swedish people were in wrong place.Tunisia,is attaked by militia

of previous regim who shoot people in there head.Tourists should leave

the country until it'll be secure and it's not time for wild

boar hunting.We know that Swedish are peaceful and not terrorist.
12:01 January 17, 2011 by othrex
Espacially tourists with guns ..
12:16 January 17, 2011 by know
Hard luck to boar hunter !

The lion jump and kick them, I'm the king of the jungle. It's better to you to leave me the boar if you don't want to happen to you the same thing that happend to the boar.
13:12 January 17, 2011 by Swedesmith
At least their vacation wasn't boaring.
13:50 January 17, 2011 by Uncle
I am sure that as a good muslim country Tunisia will get a stable democratic government and the rule of law...

Or... It will establish a temporary government that will not be able to cope with the turmoil and will get kicked out by a secular military dictator or a radical cleric, who would blame foreign powers in failure of the country to reach the economical position of Norway (which otherwise would surely happen) and get back to the good ol' ways of hanging gays, stoning women, forbid women to study, wrap them in rags, deprive 80% of the population of basic needs and all the other highly moral and ethical perks that come with this religion.

And then all of this will be blamed on the west, as usual and good Muslims would have to retaliate by beheading some UN medics and exploding in Europe few times, while moderates would claim that the west had it coming and that it should be tolerant towards Muslims.

My only suggestion is DO NOT open th borders now to 300 thousand tunisians. It will come back as a boomerang.
15:18 January 17, 2011 by cowboykodp
Or we could just mind our own business and leave people alone and not support dictators. "It will come back as a boomerang".

And if the Swedish government, who are a bit more intelligent than our Local commentators; decides to stop immigration, then be it. No one has a problem with that.
15:56 January 17, 2011 by Elias06
when you are in a country in revolution phase you better throw away your guns no matter how much it costs, its not an excuse for what happened but...
16:31 January 17, 2011 by Uncle
"Or we could just mind our own business and leave people alone and not support dictators"

Oh, yeah, because NOT supporting dictators helps the immigration law decrease.

Look at the Somalian dictator being fully not supported... Sudanese dictator also... Syrian is very much not supported... Iranian dictator is not supported either. What a luck that we do not have thousands from these countries!

What a luck also that some extremely intelligent Local commentators are voting for blind following whatever government decides or does not decide (they are the GOVERNMENT after all, they MUST be smart) and trying to suppress any opinion that is not currently in line with the government actions...

Otherwise we would not know how people feel under dictatorship.
16:53 January 17, 2011 by cowboykodp
The problem being here is that all the above countries mentioned were not created in the last 20 or 30 years.

Each country named above have had their share of meddling by our governments in the west, in the name of stability and profits. Not much of a history buff?

However because of the internet, many more countries will start kicking out dictators and eventually will be stable and there will be mass immigration back to their own countries, if THEY choose to do so.

Then the ever intelligent SD will have to come up with a new "ISM" to fool the gullible.
17:33 January 17, 2011 by bas
serves them right
18:24 January 17, 2011 by technoviking
"I am sure that as a good muslim country Tunisia will get a stable democratic government and the rule of law... "

Haha... Yeah right. Name one example.

Hopefully they get a real democracy and peace, but there isn't a good track record for "good muslim" countries creating stable democratic governments.
19:00 January 17, 2011 by Uncle
Oh, really? Sudan was really impacted by the west. Somalia was also hundreds of years under the western influence... and Iran is under western influence since 1979.... right....

As a matter of fact, each of these countries did not have 5% of the foreign influence on countries like Poland, Argentina, Lithuania, Brazil, Namibia, the 4 tigers and many more, however the above mentioned countries do not produce 1% of the muslim dictatorship refugees - whether the west was or was not involved in their politics. The problem is the west only for gullible propaganda targets, who actually believe that without the west, muslim countries would be thriving paradise.

@tachnoviking - mate.... read the entire post.
19:58 January 17, 2011 by Icarusty
Nice to know that a non-white country who doesn't like whites actually takes physical action against them - I thought it was exclusively a white thing.
20:33 January 17, 2011 by Snoopy!
Seeing as two posters are well off the geographic chart as to where Tunisia is to be located ? and on what Continent ? ...I´m going to go out on a limb , & suggest these two numpties are clueless yanks , living up to their woeful nonexistent geographical skills.
21:07 January 17, 2011 by Redbee
Not content to slaughter animals in their own country they have to go abroad to kill and maim .Perhaps these swedish rednecks have had a taste of terror and fear which the poor animals feel ,no sympathy .
23:53 January 17, 2011 by technoviking
@ Uncle

Woops. Saw that first line and just started laughing.
05:26 January 18, 2011 by Ravioli
@ Snoopy-

Can you find Pakistan on the map? Guess what? It doesn't matter because England is going to look no different than Pakistan in about 20 years.....and you call the Yanks clueless...lol.
08:56 January 18, 2011 by wenddiver
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi,Texas and Florida are over run with Wild Boar right now and they are setting records for weight, the hunting is ecellent. The government is slightly more stable too. You can also hunt them with Viking Spears in Florida or a semi-auto M-4 Carbine, if you like to use the same rifle for hunting swine our military uses. My friend's son shot a 225 Pounder three days ago with a Springfield Civil War rifle.
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