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Foreign applications to Swedish unis collapse

Vivian Tse · 18 Jan 2011, 16:47

Published: 18 Jan 2011 16:47 GMT+01:00

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Monday marked the last day that foreign students could apply to study at Swedish higher education institutions for the autumn 2011 term, the first for which non-EEA and non-Swiss students will be required to pay tuition fees.

According to the Swedish Agency for Higher Education Services (Verket för högskoleservice, VHS), which coordinates the admissions process for colleges and universities, the number of applicants for master's programmes fell sharply by 73 percent compared with 2010.

Separately, the number of people who applied for international courses dropped by 86 percent compared with last year.

"It is more or less what we had expected. We had expected a large drop because of the tuition fees in the autumn," Tuula Kuosmanen, VHS' director for admissions operation, told The Local on Tuesday.

The number of applicants for master's programmes in the 2011 autumn semester was 25,094 compared with 91,788 candidates for the fall of 2010.

The total number of applicants for international courses, which will be offered at some of the country's universities and colleges starting in the autumn, was 5,772. The number of applicants to the international courses in the autumn of 2010 was 40,429.

"Right now, our statistics show that we have about 23,000 candidates who will pay the fees and about 6,000 who are classified as exempted. We will only know the number of those who complete their applications by paying the registration fee by the last payment date on January 28th," added Kuosmanen.

When the admissions round for autumn 2011 admission to international courses and master's programmes at Swedish colleges and universities opened on December 1st, 2010, it marked the first time that students from outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland would be charged tuition fees.

Kuosmanen noted that it took Denmark about three to four years to before international student application numbers recovered to previous levels after it introduced tuition fees in 2006.

She also noted that Danish universities and colleges now have more students from other EU countries than before.

She cited the Netherlands as undergoing a similar experience and said that whether Sweden experiences a similar rebound depends on how the universities will roll out scholarship programmes in the future and what strategies, countries, and areas they decide to focus on.

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"In general, we see a decrease in the number of international applicants, as was expected, given that this will be the first year that Sweden charges fees," said Kuosmanen.

She added that she was unsure how the drop in applicants would affect staffing levels at Swedish universities and colleges, especially for teachers of Swedish as a second language courses.

The countries with the greatest number of applicants for master's programmes in 2011 were Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Germany, China, India, the UK, Nigeria and the US.

For international courses, the countries with the largest number of applicants were Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Iran, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya and the UK.

Vivian Tse (vivian.tse@thelocal.se)

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17:51 January 18, 2011 by accomodation wanted in halmstad
Well Well Well,provide any sort of jobs as other EU countries like Denamrk, Uk etc with out any concern of language.Further more, provide,Some sort of 2-3 work permit or Green card, As other EU countries do.Then this system will work and average will increase as compared to last year.
17:59 January 18, 2011 by crofab
Surprise, surprise.
18:08 January 18, 2011 by Chickybee
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
18:16 January 18, 2011 by crofab
I agree that currently there are a lot of students from the "third world" that are not qualified for the programs they are in. But instead of introducing fees, why not just raise the standard for students who apply to make sure only qualified students are accepted. Those are the kinds of immigrants Sweden could use! Instead they are throwing out the baby with the bathwater!
18:29 January 18, 2011 by south
No surprise at all, but we don't have to consider Germany and UK.

I just see a correlation between the international courses applicants and The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships.

Of course, you will always have some applications from China and India due to a large population. About Iranians -it's understandable- they prefer to live close to a relative or friend and they do not have so many options due visa restrictions.

Happily, I finished my studies in Sweden -without paying tuition fees- and now I am working in Denmark.

I would not have chosen Sweden if I have to pay those 150.000sek despite the education was very good. There better options with more job opportunities during and after the education.
18:30 January 18, 2011 by jbat
Chickybee... Yes this is GOOOOD.... as it will stop many moaner immigrants from outside third world country like you from coming to here too... because I don´t think many of these moaners can afford to study here if not because of free student fee...

and thats why crofab another moaner here still want free education here...

Another things :.

"I agree that currently there are a lot of students from the "third world" that are not qualified for the programs they are in"

LOLOLLLOLLL... what kind of qualification you have to put statement like this.. just because you are from outside third world country? from UScrapA?
18:30 January 18, 2011 by canuk
chickybee has the right idea!
18:48 January 18, 2011 by emmy11
when you say student from third world countries are not qualified what do you mean? It is very expedient that you back up your claim with with facts and not just to come up here and post something in ignorance. is the Swedish system better than the well established system in UK ,Canada or the United state? if theses countries deemed it fit for student from the so called third world countries to come and study, would you say they ( in this case united state, Canada or the UK) are morons ? are you telling me that Sweden knows best even though She is copying from them? like i said, back your statements with facts. thank God for the internet. i guess you know how to use Google right? Go there and find out how students from what you called third world countries are dominating the system with good and excellent grades. some of these students later turn out to be professors in their universities. go and check out the university of Regina in Canada or the university of lethbridge also in Canada. Always back your statement with fact and dont just write because you want to write. Not everything that pop up in your head you write down for the public to read
18:51 January 18, 2011 by benomax
Hey guys, why the criticism about third world and fourth world etc, what if you were born there and found your self in their shoes, or did you do any thing to be born where ever you are now? You guys are just insulting your creator, shut up and do better things with your lives and count your selves lucky, be thankful that you are born here instead of making arrogant statements. I wished one of you were born in Haiti or somewhere else where there is poverty then you will understand what it means to have a heart of compassion for the poor.
19:05 January 18, 2011 by dammen
This is now toooooo interesting and bloody frustrating

This will NOT STOP winging outsiders but will DISCRIMINATE against HOME students.

The application deadline was 17th and the registration fees must be paid by 28th YET you are NOT INFORMED till MAY if you are accepted or not.

This means that paying students ie international students will be given priority over home students, who borrow money to study (like me), because they can pay
19:18 January 18, 2011 by Takai
Ladies and gentlemen,

We all know about that has nothing straight related to "third world" - which is, by the way, an old term, now is "developing country" - nor with foreigners in Sweden, since most of them who were accepted before the tuition fees were introduced, had to prove they had a lot of money to be able to apply for a university, financing their food and living costs without relying on finding jobs and such.

It is more about housing in Sweden. Who did not know about the students who had to sleep in tents because there were no rooms available for renting ? They needed to decrease the number of students fast. They also knew a great part of them were from outside EU. Combine both, and you have their decision.

For those saying that this would be good to decrease "developing countries´s citizens to live in Sweden afterwords, no fear. Most students graduate in Sweden, and leave the country. It was not a preference to start with. If they want to decrease immigration, there are better ways.

I´m open to discuss opinions. No trolls. Anything you agree or not, ask, let´s exchange knowledge, wisely.

Thank you.
19:23 January 18, 2011 by justiceforall
I Danish case, after introducing the TuitionFee, more than 75% of the out of EU country students admitted did not attended the courses, and they just been Lost, because they came here only to enter Europe. Normally in thirdworld countries 95% of the good/ brilliant students do not have ability to spend more than 2000 SEK in a year, and they come from very lowincome family. When a student come here paying more than 50,000 SEK in a year, of course we have to assume that 95% of them coming to Enter to the EU, NOT for studies. Even when there was no tuition fees the students had to show that they have Bank Balance of 73000 SEk in a year, which is 1000000000% ridiculous. Only for these reason 75% students who came here to Sweden for studies became 20 kronor arbetare, and they first enrolled to the universities otherwise never, and then started working somewhere and never went to school. Because they were not really STUDENTS.
19:31 January 18, 2011 by dammen
Now I am on my band wagon I may as well continue

I have nothing against international students - I spent 20 yrs of my life working with them and i never understood why they should come to the westernized world for education. In many developing countries the education system is far superior. Maybe this is another reason for subjugation of lesser developed regions. Take for example the level of maths that school leavers have to have in China - it is way beyond any doctorate student here in Sweden or the UK.

the housing situation is a problem for students however, many Swedes are used to a high standard of living and cannot face the possibility of having to hand wash their clothes or putting on an extra jumper if it is cold - they are used to dishwashers and washing machines and housing that is at least 26 degrees inside (totally unhealthy given the temperature diff between inside and outside in the winter).Student accommodation is available if people are prepared to live as a student (as we did 30 yrs ago) not as a person who is in full employment. Students here in Sweden expect life to be as it is at home - everything on silver plate - not having to pay for anything or even find their own food etc. I am lucky I have both, but there again I am older and have gone back to study - hit yet another problem of being here in Sweden - highly educated foreigner who could not get a job so I joined the system - but I have not just left home to fend for myself and experience the reality of not having mamma and pappa provide everything for me
19:33 January 18, 2011 by Takai

Interesting opinion. Why the university then do not keep an eye on students who miss the lessons excessively ? As far as I know, in some courses, if you miss lessons too much, you are expelled. What you are saying does make sense, and puts in the university a responsibility to track their students - not only the foreigners, I must say.

You said 95% of them come to enter EU ? Could you explain more?

I think if they want to enter EU there are plenty of ways. Vatican city, for example, gives visas almost "for free", and is also easier to get a job in there. If they want to join EU, there are easier ways, in which you would need to prove much less money in the bank, less bureaucracy and with a more positive future, don´t you think?
19:38 January 18, 2011 by Zala Russe
Sweden seems to be following a furrow ploughed in the UK. The difference being that home-based students here are facing a 300% hike in tuition fees from 2012; from around 3,000 GBP to 9000 GBP. Student 'grants' were replaced with 'loans' under the previous Labour administration. All of this being done in a declining graduate market. Although there are more university places, there are actually less 'working-class' students in college now than during the 1930's. For even a modest 'middle-class' parent now, to be forking out that kind of money plus living expenses for their offspring, is a bridge too far. Will Sweden go down that route?

The UK welcomed overseas students originally as a form of development assistance. The idea being that graduates would take back knowledge, skills, and experience to their home countries. Yeh. That's why we now have so many upskilled mainland Chinese students (who can afford the fees) going back to China to help their home industries undercut the UK economy. Five years from now, the UK will be BEGGING overseas graduates NOT to return home as shortages in: I.T., business, medical, nursing, engineering, design, etc begin to bite.

Far from decrying 'Third World' students, perhaps Sweden will be forced into re-consideration of this tactical move. In the international strategic market of recruitment of the brightest and best, for someone to ask 'Sweden? Where's that at?' is not a good start.
19:41 January 18, 2011 by Takai
@Zala Russe

Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I have never thought that way around.
19:49 January 18, 2011 by kshatriya
@ takai, many students had to sleep on tents last year because of a sudden increase in the number of students last year as that was the last chance to get free education and not the other way round as you say.

students had to sleep in tent this year after they announced that there will be fees.

@ justiceforall, what nonsense?? Its true that there are many very intelligent students who cant spend more than 200se/ yr but that doesnt mean every one who can spend it is here to simply disappear. I am from a well to do back ground and so are some of my class mates (from the third world) and we have been attending classes regularly. 95% where did you get that figure from you moron.

@crofan, I agree with you but the truth is there are many students from developed countries who are not qualified too, it seems they give admission to almost everybody who apply.
20:13 January 18, 2011 by pedrex
It will be interesting to see how many of the 25000 masters applicants are (1) academically qualified, (2) financially qualified and (3) end up coming to Sweden. I suspect that there will be a sizable proportion of applicants who will only accept the masters offer if they are also successful in gaining a scholarship.

I think that the social sciences and humanities will be hit hardest as students look for "value for money" and a "return on their investment". Lund and Upsalla at least have a high world ranking to add value to their degrees. I hope that those who do end up coming and paying their fees don't expect a job in Sweden or PhD position afterwards. Just take a look at the surnames of PhD students in the social sciences and humanities in Swedish universities, not many Iranian, Pakistani, Ethiopian or even Anglo sounding names I bet.

I think a major point lost in the VHS debate. Sweden has rapidly increased its number of master courses in English and I expect much investment of time and resources have gone into developing the curriculum. If they close some courses due to low student numbers, much of this investment will be lost as staff currently teaching the courses will have to move on . If they keep courses open which have very few students they will be very expensive courses (on a per student basis) which defeats the whole financial purpose of tuition fees.
20:17 January 18, 2011 by JLondon
@Zala Russe

Incorrect. The UK does not lack in any skill. Plenty of nurses are unemployed - 80% of 2009 graduate nurses are not in fulltime nursing jobs.

Oxbridge will still dominate europe league, its all about endowment and curruption.
20:37 January 18, 2011 by dammen

I agree with the Oxbridge sentiment - I studies at Oxford many years ago and it is all about living on reputation.


Lund and Uppsala are the not the best examples for world ranking - they both offer very sub standard education as far as international students are concerned. Most international students have a far higher knowledge of the subject concerned than the lecturers but lack the language to communicate this.

It is a pity the development of international masters courses at various universities does not include a review of the language used in the course material which is often incomprehensible to a native English speaker

PhD level in Sweden is very low compared with other countries - most students are better off going to the UK or USA if they still want quality - except that they are in paid employment here in Sweden while they do the PhD
20:49 January 18, 2011 by pedrex
@ dammen:

World rankings are a proxy for quality and prestige for those who know nothing about Swedish universities and are too lazy to look closely. I agree with the point that Lund and Upsalla probably have some poor teachers and poor courses (the same can be said for any country and within even the best universities), but if Sweden are charging for the piece of paper with a university's name on it, the world ranking of the university add value to the diploma, regardless of the quality of student or program.

Look at the Danish work permit "green card" scheme, it gives more points to universities in the top 100 of the THES rankings. Only Lund and Karolinska are there, so you have a better chance of a Danish work permit afterwards if you graduated from these universities.
21:10 January 18, 2011 by mir81
I think Sweden only deserves illiterate Immigrants from under developed countries who entered in Sweden through illegal ways and apply for asylum .
21:14 January 18, 2011 by superturbo
Hurhur, I suppose there won't be any problem with student housing in the future to come :)
21:34 January 18, 2011 by trackmeifyoucan
aha! this nonsense makes no sense !!
21:37 January 18, 2011 by Iraniboy
25000 applications?! That's way more than what I expected!!

By the way, the universities are the only ones that are hit by this new measures. They probably have to fire some teachers and staff to compensate for this loss of money. Well, it is the government decision to cut their expenses and it always mean that some people have to lose their jobs.


Look into Department of Signals and Systems in Chalmers. In one of the divisions more than 50% of PhD students are Iranian. In other divisions it is not below than 20%.
21:42 January 18, 2011 by kaze
Its a good thing.

Cuts out those who just want a easy route to immigration.

Cuts out those who can't afford to live in Sweden- if you balk at the tuition fees then there's no way you can afford to live over here.
21:45 January 18, 2011 by pedrex
@ Iraniboy

That is not in the social sciences or humanities. My point was that there are no shortages of PhD candidates in the social sciences and humanities, so very few opportunities for foreigners in these fields after they complete their fee-paying master.
21:49 January 18, 2011 by dammen
@ pedrex

i agree with you about *its where you study* not how good you are and it adds new light onto its who you know not what you know syndrome.

I have been an educator for over 30 yrs and now I am so disillusioned about the the state of affairs I want out (hence the studies, which actually have only compounded how I feel)

However at the end of the day it means that education under these circumstances is actually a waste of time as nothing is really gained from being fed garbage - just bigotry, which reinforces the lack of competence in certain areas, which in turn creates an opportunity for reeducation/further courses to become competent through being taught by incompetence

In my day blah blah blah - it is a sad sign of the times these days
22:48 January 18, 2011 by conboy
I think the Swedes are right the number of unemployed bar men and building workers who are denied qualified work in Sweden despite possessing degrees both from Sweden and abroad is a bit of an embarrassment for even the most blue eyed advocates of the Swedish political system .... except for Jimmy Åkesson of course but then the Swedish chattering classes don't vote for him and his mates - a right circus methinks! LEVA SVEA!
22:54 January 18, 2011 by locaxy
@Dammen: "PhD level in Sweden is very low compared with other countries - most students are better off going to the UK or USA if they still want quality - except that they are in paid employment here in Sweden while they do the PhD"

How did you figure? A PhD in Sweden holds more water than one from the UK or the US for reasons a layman such as yourself may ignore. Indeed, the doctorate requirements are higher in Swedish standards than in other countries. The doctoral student needs to publish more. If one looks at the median value of a fresh PhD, Sweden wins in quality hands down!

Of course, Swedish universities can't compete with Ivy league schools or OxBridge in quality of education. The latter wins by the sheer size of its research staff. But it does not in any way imply that Sweden has a lower level in doctoral studies. If anything, it's the other way around!


I don't know if you're serious or just trolling, but I'll bite anyway.

There's a difference between an immigrant and a student. As far as I know, it's quasi-impossible for international student to secure permanent residency in Sweden. All figures from migrationsverket points to the fact that a negligible proportion of international students ends up staying in the country. So much so that even xenophobic political parties such as sverigedemokraterna complain about the lack of a residency fast-track for foreign qualified people (whom the state invests in and kicks them out).

I understand where your prejudice is coming from. It's painfully obvious to anyone. But I urge you to at least nuance your hate-mongering fallacious position. In fact, I'd rather live next to and befriend a person born in a third-world country than have any real life interaction with bigots such as yourself.
22:57 January 18, 2011 by justiceforall

regarding the question of authority, you said why Univ, do not keep an eye?

1, Sweden overall is u know tollerant culture they want to show, they do not want to take ur freedom.

2, The officer who admitted them is not experienced about the papers and cultures of the third world countries. They should employ me!!

Regarding the 95% and the Vatican.......

1, Please send this message to them today, tomorrow you will se Vatican is full of all 1st class university students frm abroad.

2, ..........a) when a student from TW can show 73000 SEK in his bank balance, and now for example even will pay this same amount as tuition fee, Do u think he is a Student? No, he is just a so called student may be, and who had no other option but move to west, and think why they will not go to UK, USA, Australia before coming to Sweden?

............b) you saw in the article, in both masters and in international courses the countries are common from TW, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran........ and if you see the history of data of the students mostly coming or applying frm TW, you will see the same countries. It means that it has been a culture and a network of organizations, agents, brokers, or may be embassy officials who are continuously engaged in this travel, and they earn millions just sitting there and doing this agency or processing job.
23:00 January 18, 2011 by ngecenk
well what doyou expect? its a non english speaker country.
23:10 January 18, 2011 by TheImmigrant
This is no surprise to anyone familiar with the Swedish higher education system. The universities have been successful largely because of the high quality of the entering students, and they succeed in spite of the poor quality of the instruction, especially in the elite institutions. In fact it could be argued that the senior faculty take pride in their poor performance, and their casual regard for their eduational commitments. These universities have, nonetheless, been successful in attracting foreign students for two primary reasons: first the programs are taught in English, and second they have been essentially free. These together offset the high cost of living in Sweden and the general dissatisfaction with the casual (even irresponsible) manner with which foreign students (and in fact all students) find themselves treated here. Now suddenly all that has changed. If not education is not free, now quality matters. And the foreign students are proving themselves to be quite well-informed. Incidentally the argument that lack of housing is a problem is obviously false. Remarkably, in spite of all the homeless students in late August, all the students find themselves housed within days, at least once the Swedes return from vacation and start answering their phones .
23:17 January 18, 2011 by Zala Russe
Comment: @J London

There is a BIG difference between being a qualified nurse WITHOUT a job, and a recognised nurse WITH a job. The UK brings in nurses from Bulgaria etc on two thirds normal pay on two year contracts, after which they qualify for qualified rates. Mssg? simple. Don't argue, don't question your shifts, hours or duties, put up with any sh*t you are given. Jump through the hoops. Bingo! you have a job. After that battering, are we surprised that home-grown nurses can't get the jobs?

Wrong on that account of UK recruitment of serf-nurses plus deprives East Europe etc of competent staff. UK, Germany and other states (Sweden?) are party to this exploitation?
00:03 January 19, 2011 by mba0021
Comments and Readers of The Local will also drop sharply :)
00:11 January 19, 2011 by hongii
To Chickybee

Yes, "Third World Immigrants" can "stay-on" as long as it is not illegal. If they are more skilled, better educated, then they will be employeed and "stay-on". Are you scared to compete with them? They are not coming here to get everything for free, they have been working for it while many of you was having party every second day, and they will work harder than many of you, will make good contributions to the system and the country.
00:28 January 19, 2011 by JoeSwede
Maybe Sweden should just open a university in Iran, Nigeria and Bangladesh.
00:59 January 19, 2011 by Takai
@justice for all

1- If Sweden wants to keep things that way, then complaining about what might happen later is kind of playing the innocent roll, don't you think? Would not be better for the students´ freedom to take care of that matter, instead of cutting them like they are doing now?

2- I really wish someone - it could be you, of course - with experience on that to be working with the papers from other countries. If they are not qualified to do so, then it is not students´fault, and of course other countries will take advantage on that. Again, the university and the government should take more responsibility to avoid it.

3- About Vatican, it is true. There are other countries besides Sweden, and I do think they receive much more students in anywhere else, which part of them decide to live in the country. Using that as an excuse for charging tuition fees is not strong enough. (and I am not saying Sweden does not have the right to charge it)

a) I think you are putting all, or at least most of all, students at the same category. Do you have any information about how many of them act the way you stated?

b) If they are so many, then Sweden should have learned how to deal with their documents, at least. If they are so sure about this corruption you stated - and if the swedish part is out of that as well - they should take measurements against it.

I do not consider Sweden as a fragile, cute, virgin little girl. It is a country, has a brain, has plans and strategies. Far away from being perfect in their decisions, like every other country, though.

Nice discussion, by the way.

01:01 January 19, 2011 by Droida
I hope the criteria selection when it comes to choose the final students would not be related to the money they will earn, I mean, I hope they do not give priority to citizens outside the UE just cause they wanna get some more money...
02:03 January 19, 2011 by peace voice
can any one tell me about new tution fee system? How much is it in total? shall students pay the whole amount in advance? plese write all details. thanks
05:32 January 19, 2011 by Roy E
Let's see, If it's not free, interest falls off dramatically.

This result seems to imply that Swedish education is considered a good value only if it's free.

07:46 January 19, 2011 by RobinHood
But we were told Swedish education was so extraordinarily popular because it was so good.

Has it suddenly become really really bad? Or is there some other reason why students from Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Nigeria don't want to study in Sweden any more?
07:58 January 19, 2011 by hammad674
It's quite embarrassing when reading some comments of so called Swedes and other EU people who doubted the quality of International student (more precisely third world country student) as incompetent. But guess what incompetent student found every where and in every society. Even I have seen many incompetent Swedes in Swedish universities who are enrolled in university just for the sake of CSN (Student fund and Loan) but are far from quality. When it come to technical education, rarely found Swedes student because according to most (I know), its hard study and Swedes don't like hard and technical subjects. Even in social science, mostly Swedes fail when exam when is bit tactical though 60-70% international still pass in first attempt inspite of all the worries and tensions which Swedes don't have. I have seen such example not once but many time. And next time they offered a paper its like abcd and got VG. Most of the well written publications which university attaches with their name tag, are from internationals not Swedes.

When it comes to speaking English they stuck at many common English words, sometime can not pronounce properly, consult with each other (Vad heter ?? Vad heter). Even in presentation at master level, mostly they bring papers to read from (this kind of presentation style) is a sort of fun in so called third world countries. If Swedes judge the quality by surname, and appearance, then sorry to say, all international are unqualified. But these unqualified are honored in many US, Canada, Australia as qualified and offered lectureships, white jobs, phd's and most important respect after study.

There are many inequalities and discriminative behavior which I have observed in Sweden while studying but if I discuss all, it will ended up as a book.

But anyway, I am thankful to Swedish government who gave me the chance to study in Europe. I almost completed studies in 1st all first attempt as being a third world country student. Finally, I would like to say one thing, that I am not really satisfied with the way international students are treated by Swedes people. They treat international as stranger and it is a fact that 90% of Swedes don't want a third world country student to sit beside them in School or Parties. Even the Swedes system doesn't respect the international student. All communication letters (even confidential e.g. banks) are in Svenska (Swedish Language) even though they know almost 90% international students don't know more than Hej, Hejdå, Tack &Vi ses. But they don't care.

As for Denmark is concern, I guess Denmark didn't recover from International student fallout, but they recover just because of Green card scheme.

And I am sorry if I annoyed someone. I personaly have no complain with Sweden but their system. I owe Sweden for much for providing me free Europan Education. Thx.
08:42 January 19, 2011 by kcussmilsum
Good, this will also weed out some of the undesirables that stay here by having kids and getting married to secure citizenship. Then, later become a burden on the tax system by helping to deplete the welfare system.
09:25 January 19, 2011 by Sheba
Thank God my parents paid for my education in U.K...since i graduated have been working throughout...malaysia,zurich and last year got transfered to sweden...so still your best bet for a world calss education..U.K is still your best bet....
09:39 January 19, 2011 by bob3000
It is interesting reading through the comments.

There are a lot of opinions being presented as fact. For example;

@Zala Russe - The UK Tory Govt were the first to implement Student Loans (1989-ish). We knew at that point, full fees would be introduced eventually - it has taken 20 years and under a Tory Govt. again...

This main point has been made in the comments of most of the education related articles.

"Sweden offered free education to all, on the basis of political ideology - not from any economic or strategic motivations.

The Socialists believed that education brings democracy and freedom - which would therefore improve the world."

Sweden just cannot afford to offer this anymore.

This is just an economic question - any speculation about immigration is a smoke screen.

There seems to bea 2 constant lines of argument here;

1. Swedish Education is not good enough and is only popular because it is free.

For non-EU students looking for free education, this is worst for them. Now you can go anywhere - you don't have to reluctantly choose Sweden, just because it's free.

For Swedish citizens and EU, the fees are not an issue.

Does Sweden really need people who think so little of it, but are willing to sponge from us?

2. Sweden will now suffer a "skill-deficiency," because of reduced foreign applicants. @south proves the point to the contrary very well, Sweden educated him and he left.

I'm sure the Swedish Govt. have access to the figures that should non-EU graduates going into the Swedish workforce - it is obviously not an issue. So all the anecdotes are just that, anecdotes, not fact.

The applications are far greater than the actual places available - a drop in applications, does not necessarily mean empty courses, just less non-EU students.

Everyone likes something for free, but it is a strain for the country and the tax payers to educate non-EU, non-Swedes.

Rather than be angry with Sweden - channel that anger into getting your own governments to offer free education to their citizens.
10:24 January 19, 2011 by Elias06
its just crazy to read all the raccist comments after this article, but its not surprising in the same time it confirms the toughts i have about the majority of people here.

rising the fees so foreign students dont come to sweden and go instead to another country ( US, Canada...) is the best gift sweden can do for this young people...
10:50 January 19, 2011 by justiceforall
Hello Again!!

The Europeans from their very starting they have started to cultivate other's lands and take those fruits/ golds home. By any way, they need to come out some output from the journey. Whatever you see, tuition fees or free education, and labour migration or humanitic assistance ---all these they are doing have some reasons ofcourse. THEY ARE NOT FOOLs..!!!

Many students educated and PhDs from sweden did not get any way here but still doing very good in UK or USA or sometimes in DK, and on the other side a criminal, warcriminal, terror, or anyone from afghanistan or iraq or somalia coming here getting PR here and doing nothing, working black, taking social benefits, building 5 stored buildings back home. Sweden even pays their families for new apartments, taxi, hotel expenses, food, clothings, even sometimes travel tickets to come here when they newly move here to someone of their family.

I am a student, PhD, businessman or civil worker, --- working hard everyday, paying high taxes, getting Kronofodgen only for a due of some 100 kronors, getting NO benefits, and we have no way to get PR so easily. A foreign student continues studies, work hard for daily expenses, sometimes has to work in low salaries, has to help back home, paying bills, taxes, NO CSN or NO Benefits, and at last no way to settle here (very newly there is one way- arbetstillstånd). On the other hand, a refugee or assylum seeker ( there are really very few people who needs truly assylum, basically the people who needs they never make to come over here in europe), they come here, marry someone or get the PR anyhow, get govt,'s assistance, CSN, social benefits + black job's money, money for all other expenses, for example when they want to bring their families here, the newmovers get everything ready here, they just dream and ALADIN bring them.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::NICE JUSTICE:::::::::::::::::::::O____MY GOD:::::::::: ! ! !::::::::
10:51 January 19, 2011 by tes85
least it'll help the student housing shortage :P
11:03 January 19, 2011 by south
@ Bob3000: Of course, I left 'cause despite I applied for vacants in Sweden over 200 times I did not get a single interview. I just applied around 30 times in Denmark and I got an engineering position. Anyway, I go to Sweden every month to vitit my girlfriend.
11:14 January 19, 2011 by JoshArnold
only if the ignorant commentators knew that how much these "THIRD WORLD" student have contributed to Sweden... they might have reconsidered keeping their pie holes SHUT!!
11:28 January 19, 2011 by friendonlyyours
I am totally agree with "Hammad" and "justiceforall", both are showing real picture of Sweden. So called third world countries have big role in Sweden's economy. Many people are talking about stop immigrants, why don't you check the ratio of student immigrants there are only 5% or less. There is no policy for non EU students after degree. If they have why all students go to Denmark. Sweden is adding more and more asylum seekers and for the educated elite force they even don't have place to live. I got room on SSSB which is biggest student accommodation of Stockholm after 1 and half year when my degree is almost finish which is really crazy.

In coming years Sweden will suffer with pain soon because they spend so much investment on non EU student and did not give chance to serve to their system. They must devise some policy for non EU student so that they can pay back to them like Denmark did, EU student already study free, they study, do parties, enjoy and go back to their countries nobody want to stay here due to tough weather conditions where as Asians study do part time jobs in all weather and finish their degrees and when they don't have chance here they move to other countries like Denmark, UK and USA thanks to Sweden's best education level.

Many other things to discuss but due to favor of this country to provide me free education I can not say anymore, I only mentioned the real problem of the country.
12:21 January 19, 2011 by kenny8076
whats funny is that they did this to take the "load" off tax payers..... well know you have 101,351 people who are not coming here to take programs or get a masters...... so 101,000 people are not paying taxes on bought products, rent, utilities, school trips, materials, leisure..... its a joke. The local already reported a few months ago that WITH the students here they pay more to the country than fees would, in fact Sweden is losing money by introducing fees.
12:29 January 19, 2011 by Roy E

Just what are all these 'contributions' of which you speak?
12:36 January 19, 2011 by himmel_80


I strongly agree with emmy11 at #8

And suggest you all to read it once "If you want to be aware of facts"

Google and see the figures.....

In my opinion "Third World" or "Developing" countries students are not well qualified....If Yes .....then ........what about the qualification of those Swedes (probably) ...........................who have been giving them admission to Universities till now and still......
12:46 January 19, 2011 by muscle
Its a good thing actually. Previously, as sweden has jobs that demand swedish language, students used to study here in sweden and then move to denmark. SOME OF them did stay here and some set up businesses here, however, most of the talent went to denmark. Now, the students will not bother to come and study here. They will move directly to other places. So actually its a good thing, it will save those students from spending time here.

And those of you who think, the DEVELOPING COUNTRIES should stay in their own countries, well think again it is because of the developing countries people, that the businesses of the world are running. Organizations worldwide are filled with people coming from developing countries.

Grow up guys! Yes I understand, problems arise when more and more immigrants and students from other countries start pouring in, but then again the benefits always outweigh . The USA, UK, Austrailia are not dumb to have a high percentage of immigrants and foreign students. Right now they rule the world.

Think of it like this, right now you have someone to put the blame on. When they are no outsiders, you will be blaming yourself!
13:16 January 19, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Wow!! I just glanced over the first 30 comments on this forum and the broken incomprehensible English is deplorable. This of course comming from supposedly educated and smarter than thou "Europeans". Please ignorant and inadequate Europeans , take English grammar classes it would allow one to read your comment without getting a headache.

As for the fees excluding Melanated (the reason you hate them) students due to their income I would tell those same students that they are not missing out on much if anything.

Work towards your goal and it will be accomplished.

Not comming to Sweden is Sweden's loss, trust me.
13:21 January 19, 2011 by prince T
as it suddenly become really really bad? Or is there some other reason why students from Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Nigeria don't want to study in Sweden any more?

Swedish education is good but it is not profitable for people from African or Asian countries. They used to come here because the eduation is free. I dont see any other reason y they come here instead of canada and other countries.

If i were a foreign student, i will rather study with my money in UK or US than come to Sweden
13:22 January 19, 2011 by Smartone
Well, it is really a big debate on the issue of International students. All I can say that undoubtedly it was a very good perspective of Sweden that they allowed international students to study tuition free. As far as the tuition fee is concerned one never knows what future brings? Future is uncertain but lets wait and see..........

The surprising fact is that, if someone completes his or her Master's and start teaching at Swedish Hogskolan right after finishing his or her Masters to Master's student, do you guys think is that the merit and symbols of high standard quality education????? Maybe, one of the reason is that universities or university college can not afford to hire experienced teachers then they fill the gap with fresh graduates.

Being a student in Sweden, I don't think that such standard could produce brilliant student who can participate in progress of any country in the world in any profession.
13:31 January 19, 2011 by Roy E
@muscle - "The USA, UK, Austrailia are not dumb to have a high percentage of immigrants and foreign students. Right now they rule the world."

Yes, the Anglosphere has 'ruled the world' but it's been at a declining rate paralleling the imposition of the multicultural religion that has divided people once united around common cause and values and giving rise to destructive identity group politics within their own increasingly dysfunctional societies.
13:49 January 19, 2011 by KBIS26
come on guys don't be so rude those students run your research program in Skåne at least are from those countries you name them 3rd word or whatever.

look at your research centers almost 60-70% of the students are foreigners and Sweden is one of the leading country in science but there is question why we don't see a lot of foreign supervisors?! big question because they go to some where else to work! ....:(

you might say so what, let them go or why we should give them opportunity to study here in Sweden they are not talented but i don't agree with you i say almost all the students they found their ways to go out from their country and wants to study i.e. study they should be talented by them self other wise how they can do that?!!!!!

I'm a PhD student came from some where which is not on the map yet! but very rich region, i decided to go back home work or work some where else in case i decided to stay abroad as soon as i finish . and if some body needs my advice to find master program after this tuition fee issue I would prefer USA, Australia or UK, the last country i think about Sweden why I would come to Sweden and study in English as English is second language and it is not as good as USA, Australia or UK and pay for it ?!!!! ha
13:51 January 19, 2011 by pedrex
@ TheOriginalBlackMan

Very ironic. Check your own English spelling ("comming"?) and learn how to use commas. Perhaps you could also take a lesson in basic English grammar?
13:55 January 19, 2011 by Roy E

*sigh* More of your tedious, insipid racist BS.

That cherished chip that you carry on your shoulder must be a very, very heavy burden, but it's your problem and nobody else's.
13:58 January 19, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan

Actually, my syntax is corrrest, it os you that needs to take a grammar course. As for mis-spelling coming that is such a small matter. However, that can not be said for most of the comments on this forum as well as your's, since your lack of cohesiveness and logic is astonishing.

14:09 January 19, 2011 by blondelover
Sweden is the most racist country in the planet earth; I have experience in living various parts of world and culture. Even here people do not sit next to you when u travel in train if ur black or asian. Y the hell u compare post graduate students with immigrants asylum seeker..!!

Sweden is only attractive to the other countries all because of free education not your blondes: P

Screw you guys, first don't give admission to the international students, so that they can go to other place and live peacefully rather seeing your hatred towards international student.

Entire world has a wrong image of Sweden coming here it's a good platform for education then miserably realize their regrettable act. Sweden is not a place for studies its place for illiterates immigrants.
14:18 January 19, 2011 by babzil
To everyone here please what do you think sweden can really do to attract international students here. The step back to this are based on the following MAJOR reasons:

1. International students are not offered opportunity to remain in Sweden after their studies, to become a permanent resident in Sweden like in for instance canada after studies. Assylum seekers are more needed here than foreign students!

2. International students finds it VERY difficult to get a job even a black job to do here in sweden. This is based on language barrier, some sort of xenophobia and lack of adequate jobs. It is even much harder to find a job after graduating!

3. It is very hard to SAVE while studying in Sweden because it is very expensive and without a way of getting ANY souce of income from jobs while studying.

PLEASE!! kindly me let me know your view and solutions to the following step back. tack tack!
14:22 January 19, 2011 by Naveed
---- To whom it may concern----

Modernisation, knowledge and wisedom don't belong to one particular group, land or continent. These are the common assest of everyone (who was/are) on this planet. You cannot hold or stop it. Anyone can learn and earn it from wherever he/she want. We should learn to consider who share this world with us equal not inferior . Some of us who think themselves better just because they are born in east, west, south or north should realize that we were nothing before we born and we will not be more than a grave-stone standing with our name. No body would care if you were easter or western and if you were from north or south. so better stop fooling ourself with such things and start thinking above from this level with open minds. Let's come to the "international student" issue now. In my class we were 7 guys from the same country ("3rd world") having MSc degrees and got admitted to MSc programmes in Sweden. Since we were so "incompetent" but we finised our engineering within 2 years and 4 of us are working in Ericsson, 1 in Panasonic, 1 is doing Ph.D and myself work for state. We worked hard, learned the culture and language and got our jobs in open competition.We got our PR in Sweden on the basis of competence. (Any one have doubts can check what I have said). If any one who is better please come ahead and compete in the real world on the basis of skills and knowledge not on the basis of color or passport. I came abroad to get knowledge, exposure and education. I ended up in Sweden because I thought it was most safe & suitable for me & I made the right choice. Sweden provided us 2 years free education (we are very grateful) and we spend our own money during that time and right after that continously paying taxes during our jobs. Is this the loss for Sweden in anyway? Educated people are not loss in anyway and in any country if the policy makers know how to use them. Regards
14:38 January 19, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan

I suspect you are not really an Asian and actually a European trying to build up their self confidence.

I have never been on the "tunnelbana" and not have a fake blonde or any other genetically unqualified human not wish to sit next to me, indeed it's more of a problem not having these silly women with penises (both man and women) not to sit next to you or invade yor space.

Mind you I a 6'5, dark [like space], confident, conscious hetrosexual African male so maybe I don't let European mind tricks affect /effect me.

Back to the subject. As I have stated in prior post (and the last one I mistakenly posted with out completing it)Sweden is okay, noting to miss here.

If I did not live here with my beautiful Black Ugnadan wife, (citizen) I would not have come.

Indeed foreign students, you are better of receiving an education in the U.S.A., where they actually speak modern contemporary English (not that which is spoken in "little britian" (annoying and high pitch) or Australia).

Furthermore, If you are of African descent and decide to come to Sweden for what ever reason, I warn you that the only Africans that relocate to Sweden for the most part are not conscious.

I and my beautiful Black wife will be moving back to the Southern portion of African in 2 years. Sweden will miss my presence. Since Sweden has nothing on Africa; the women, the weather, and the warmness of the people. Sweden leads in propraganda but lacks in substance.
14:57 January 19, 2011 by saraswed
i pay all my taxes every single time and never complained of anything.all i have to say is give every single person the oppurtunity to have a good education here.i have always seen colourful and selfish comments as usual.what are we turning to.is this the reason why we cant talk to people in the street,its that part of our culture hell NO.why do we have to put these fees on almost same people we should give it for free.this is digusting.and they are proud to say they expected it.how do we feel about this ?

Let's pretend we're just two people and

You're not better than me.

I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly.

What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street?

Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep?

What do you feel when you look in the mirror?

Are you proud?

this is just a song by PINK

15:21 January 19, 2011 by thegreat
It is not smart idea becuase that will stop alot of people

from out of EU, whom are beter then european to share the

experience here in Sweden. There are not alot of people whom stay in Sweden after the ending of study. any way Sweden has

to fellow the European friends
15:54 January 19, 2011 by TomasBrolin
Great news for all of us who are applying from within the European Union though.
01:01 January 20, 2011 by hammad674
Just be fair to both the side. I guess it will be good news for both Swedes and Non EU 3rd world students.

Swedes nationals money will be spent at their own people and that will defiantly not bother them. Sweden is just for Swedish människor (People) and it is quite clear as well, because they have social benefits, jobs and entertaining life for them. And they have an equal right to say what they want. In my study career in Sweden, i just found one Swede who was against fee for international student but 99% want this to be implemented. So in democratic sense Govt are force to do that because their people want this. 3rd world country students are not nationals here, to say anything in decision making. So arguing is useless.

2nd for Internationals, now they can directly decide where they want to invest, In Europe or Other places (US, Canada, Australia etc) . Because education is now treated as a commercial thing rather than a Social right. So free concept in nearly out of the world. Not every one is talented or lucky enough to get a scholarship in prestigious Institutes. that would be 10-15% who got such chance, others have to face the reality.

Now positivity and negativity of both: (My observation (Sweden), and under the light of my brothers guide who are in Australia and UK. American in Sweden)

¤¤¤ Negative side in EU is,

1)Language Barrier, Extreme Weather conditions, Hard job conditions

2)Mobility factor (As every European country have their own language so

mobility from one EU country to other EU is hard).

¤¤¤ positive side ...

1)More secure in term of Safety, Life threats, Robbery.

2)Crime rate is Low, and you can come alone at night 3 or 4 am from university or anywhere to home (Less risk of being robbed).

3)If lucky enough to find a job, then mostly no hours limit. Can work as much you want.

4) 1 Visa for all Europe, Can visit all Europe and can stay any other European country till 3 months as a visitor then you have to comeback to primary location.

Now Other place: (US, Aus, Canada etc)

¤¤¤Positives are

1) High rank Universities, Quality unmatched.

1) Almost No language barrier, every student can speak English today,

2) Job opportunities for students, Part time along studies.

3) Opportunities for long term settlement (PR e.g Aus) where when you complete a 2 year degree in list and show some work and you are eligible to apply for PR.

¤¤¤Negatives are ... (based on opinion of an american in Sweden)

1) Personal Safety problem (In US you can't go out at night alone, you probably you will be robbed and can even be killed if found nothing when robber demands :( also there are Ganges, which most people are aware of how dangerous they are,

2)Job hours limit (20 hours limits) at most of the place for students.

3)Strict rules and regulation.

Other people may have other point of view but this is my point of view.So always make a wise decision by looking all factors.

10:29 January 20, 2011 by bob3000
Amazing, given thelocal is a website mainly for ex-pats and foreigners - where most of the posters are foreign.

The amount of xenophobia and petty racist comments on here is staggering. Simply staggering.

I have witnessed bigotry and racism all over the world. In different parts of Africa Middle-East and Asia, because people came from the wrong ethnic group, the wrong tribe, the wrong part of a country.

Calling Swedes the "most "racist is just unbelievable.

I'm an ex-pat, living in Sweden. I took loans for my degrees in the UK. I got postgrad education here for free - the quality was good, the classes smaller than in the UK, the rooms and facilities better equipped.

I understand the outrage that something is no longer free, but Sweden is a small country, the quality of life and all the social support is paid for by tax.

We are in the 21st Century - the world's economics have changed. Sweden has battled against that reality longer than any other country.

I checked and cannot find - where in the world is University Education free for non-citizens?

But I guess, the old saying, "no good deed goes unpunished" - is true.

Sweden offers free Uni education to all, even make the courses in a 2nd language for others convenience - and are criticised and damned for it.

Try and show a little gratitude and perhaps even acknowledge this.
10:35 January 20, 2011 by justiceforall
The overall view is Tuition fees will be of course profitable for Sweden directly, but i guess the real students will not come to study here. The HumanBody will just come here to move in, at least first 5 years.

It will be better after 5 years.

On the otherhand it is not possible for Sweden to arrange free education every year.
14:53 January 20, 2011 by amkpe
They say that they wanna compete on the basis of quality, but I think this was not the right solution. They could have put some harder requirements for the international students to enter, thus letting in only the brightest ones.

You should be aware that ur talking about master degree students, They are not seeking asylum or anything like that and you should also note that the Sweden is not the only country in the world with good quality education. many universities in the world will pay them even their living costs so that they can continue their higher education.
16:03 January 20, 2011 by JoshArnold

Just look at the number of research articles published by sweden (particularly software engineering)... and see for your self how many of them were an effort by "Third WORLD" outsiders... Majority of the PHD students who are producing world class research work are from "THIRD WORLD".... all that research work is credited to Sweden...

most of the IT projects from which corporate gaints like Ericsson , Sony Ericsson are making profit are actually worked on by THIRD WORLD outsiders... do you have any idea about how effectively these THIRD WORLD creatures are actually fulfilling the labor shortage in the field of engineering in sweden ... the employers who actually employ these third world creatures dont do that because they love them ... they just do it because they cant find people with the right skill set

... i dont really want to be rude here but we rarely see any local swedes interested in studying these "difficult" subjects....and the ones who actually do seldom complain about having THIRD WORLD outsiders in their country ... because they realise how important it is for Sweden.

so if mr / miss ROY E you keep thinking without knowing any facts then all you would gather is hate for every one who looks different. How many of these OUTSIDER students do you know personally that you have just started judging them?!?!?
23:04 January 20, 2011 by technoviking
There's absolutely no reason Sweden should automatically be paying for foreigners to go to school for free unless they are exceptional and warrant an academic scholarship.

That said, as @Josh mentioned, are there really enough Swedes even trying to go into demanding technical fields anymore?

It seems like Sweden is becoming a nation of self indulgent "media" students.

Sweden could certainly use more engineers and less underground video "artists". I'd be interested to see the numbers.
01:18 January 21, 2011 by Nilspet
@ Chickybee

Your comments are very backward. We need 3rd world people especially if they got educated in Sweden. Look at top researchers in US, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK.. most of them are from outside EU!!! Letting foreign graduates stay on is better than taking in refugees/immigrants on family ties who cannot even read and write. You should PAY RESPECT to foreigners who (have) come to study here. They help our universities go up the ranking. University ranking is judged by a number of international students and how many graduate. I do not think you are well educated to have made such a brainless comment. It also sounds a bit racist.

Again .. Sweden (my country) NEED 3rd people to be workers, researchers and so on. Do not be afraid of them! We should ALLOW them to stay on to look for jobs, create their own jobs. Did you know that many TOP IT companies in the US were started by foreign students from poorer countries!
06:45 January 21, 2011 by hammad674

Nice to read your comment. You are right. 3rd World country students are not a waste for any country. I am from a developing country PAKISTAN, and if the world values talent then 3rd world country students are full of talent inspite of limited resources. they have proven themselves in the World. Even many of my 3rd world country students have made world record in education especially in IT field. Following are few links (these are Pakistan's students).

So i cant post the direct link here becaue its assumed as spam, anyone can searh the youtube by title

1) Pakistani Boy, Ali Moeen Nawazish secured 21 A Grades in A Levels

2) Babar Iqbal Cyber kid of Pakistan

3) Pakistani Girl - World's Youngest ARCast Programmer from Pakistan - Arfa Karim - Pakistani Gem


1) World record: Pakistani boy got 21A out of 23 A-level Exams Cambridge University.

2) The Worlds Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) at 9-year

The Worlds Youngest Certified Internet Web Professional Associate. at 9y

The Worlds Youngest Certified Wireless Network Administrator at 10y

The Worlds Youngest MSP at 11y

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Dot Net 3.5 - 12y

3) The World youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (Dot Net Developer at 10 year)

And there are millions of examples of such talent in 3rd world countries found in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh any many more. The world is now aknowledging talent from 3rd world countries and approching such talents by scholarship schemes. So no one can say that 3rd world countries have no talent. I accept that all may not be bright and have no resources as EU and other students have (e.g funds, lones, Jobs). In Sweden mostly attend universities and clear their subjects and also forced to do black jobs in order for survival because 90% do not have support from home and also unable to find any part-time white job in Sweden so they do 40-80h black jobs (where most of the places, the rate is 25Kr per hour) to earn 1000-2000 Kr for survival. This is quite unfortunate that some of the Swedes companies like SDR (Svenska Direkt Reklam - Paper Advertisement distribution company) have start exploiting international 3rd world country students. I know its out of discussion right now but it is also one of the cause for killing the brilliance.

As a 3rd world country student, I am not against fee, Swedish government have full right to impose whatever they wish, and its quite good that the government cares for their nationals. But such a heavy fee at initial step will defiantly kill the talent from 3rd countries to come Sweden for HQ education. I guess it might be better that Sweden implement the Germany model (500-600 Euro per Sem). And for quality check the the admission unit should work on strictness of the admission process.
14:09 January 21, 2011 by fm
This sounds like good news to me.......Now I have big chance of being accepted in the Msc Programs, I applied for, which are very competitive
16:16 January 21, 2011 by Swassie
Hmmm so maybe this will mean that the oncoming students will actually be bale to find accommodation! Considering that Sweden's universities have been letting to many students come, and have let students be homeless, I think a sharp drop in numbers would be a good time to fix that problem. Uppsala and Lund I'm looking at you!
23:09 January 21, 2011 by Nilspet

Yes we know that Pakistan and many other countries in the world do have talented people. There is even a Nobel laureate in physics from your country. In fact Sweden and the EU need you and your educated fellows to help us keep pace with the rest of the world. China is rising very fast and very need engineers, scientists, researchers, ... etc to fill the holes.

It is no doubt that Sweden can benefit a lot from "non-EU" students whether they come from Nigeria, Canada, Panama, Singapore, Australia, US, India, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand, .... In fact there have been discussions that people like you should be automatically given a 6-month permit to look for jobs after you have completed your studies. Some even think you should have a 2-year permit to look for a job. UNFORTUNATELY Sweden is not giving you any such opportunities. As a result many who have Master degree in engineering have to run to McDonalds for simple jobs in order to get a work permit other they risk being sent back home.

In many countries e.g. NZ once you have received at least a Master degree if you state that you want to look for jobs then your visa would be automatically renewed for quite sometime. I heard that some foreign students got 3-year permits directly just to look for jobs. My advice is that you keep working hard to show that you are good and try even to show that you are better than EU students.

Again Sweden NEED educated foreigners especially those who have received their education here. You have learned the Swedish ways and it would be wasteful to not give you any chance to work here after your studies.
03:57 January 22, 2011 by hammad674
@ Nilspet:

Thanks again Nilspet for a nice comment and advice. I recognise that Sweden needs talented people from all over the WORLD regardless of nationality. I like Sweden especially becuase of good education, peace and purity in people. I do have an option of Australia, UK and Finland where my brothers and relatives are already established and advised me many time to make a move. But the fact is that, I have spent almost 1.5 years here, complete the degree almost, learn the language, make some friends. It will all be wasted if i have to move from here now. I wish to stay here and want to contribute to the society as i owes Sweden for providing me such a quality education. When a student from Pakistan comes here at HEC (Higher Education Commision in Pakistan) Scholarship where government provides the living and other monthly expenses along the free education of Sweden, the applicants are bound to go back and serve the Country after completion of education in Sweden. Sweden is providing quality education but unfortunately never giving chance to serve back which in return also a lose for the Sweden as they are investing on international students and when time comes for the return in term of serving back the country, they ends up everything. So investment is actually lose.

Anyways Government have full right to impliment policies for the better future of their own people. Some of my fellows had done a research (academic project) at this fee issue for international students and found that almost 95% of Swedes students are in favour of fee for international. And Sweden is a democratic government and they must act as their people wants. Anyway I am still happy that some people like you think outside the box. ¨

Thank you :)
06:06 January 24, 2011 by MutedTempest
I would hope that eventually, some sort of middle ground might be found in regards to the fees.

I'm from the US, and applied to Uppsala for the autumn term. However, with my program costing 90,000kr per year on top of the 73,000kr per year in living expenses, the absolute minimum cost for my education in Sweden will come to 326,000kr.

I do not disagree with tuition fees. I do, however, think that they can be lowered substantially...a master's degree in Denmark will cost much less, as will one in many other countries in Europe. Actually, tuition at Aalborg University will be about half what Uppsala is charging, and once a student pays their tuition there they are not required to present a huge sum of money for living expenses. I'll be taking out student loans regardless of where I end up going to school, but I'm not sure the loans will even cover the minimum expenses in Sweden. I guess I'm one of those poor white trash Americans who won't be able to study in Sweden without a scholarship, and I think that's a shame.

Again, I am perfectly okay with paying tuition in Sweden, but it needs to be reasonable and not twice as much for the same program in a neighboring country, especially when job prospects are virtually nonexistent. I realize that Sweden is an expensive country to live in (lived in Piteå for about a year recently), but I simply don't see the justification for the tuition fees needing to be as high as they are. For the record, the program I'm applying to (in the humanities) is the cheapest at the masters level.
11:08 January 24, 2011 by Nilspet

I fully agree with you. Yes the introduced tuition fees are way too high and this goes against Sweden's principle of providing education to all types of people. It is as if we only support rich kids to come and study (and then get thrown out after their studies). I am not sure how they came up with this kind of tuition fees but they did a bad job. I do hope that 0 non-EU students will come study here for 2 years and then we will surely see amendment of this stupid thing. Universities will then put pressure on the government to change it. In fact universities gain when there are international students because their rankings are based on students from abroad (not just EU students).
10:18 January 25, 2011 by Descartes
Comment: I graduated from JIBS (Jonkoping International Business School) and applying for Ivy league MBA next year so I can argue about B-schools. We should agree that the ranking matters. Especially the ranking of well known institutions (for example: FT, Economics etc).

If one is applying for the top ranked B-schools one knows that:

1) One should know English, not just communicate in English (Which is the case with students in Sweden), for English proficiency one should pass the TOEFL. On the other hand I met quite a lot of students without TOEFL (though TOEFL is required in Swedish B-schools) who were studying on Master level. Sometimes we were together in groups and not surprisingly they were getting on my nerves with their ignorance.

2) One should pass Gmat/GRE and get at least 680-700, which is not the case in Swedish B-schools (That's why the majority of students or/and professors have meager analytical skills)

3) US top schools don't care much about "internationalism" like Swedish ones do. Who cares about "internationalism" anyways? I personally don't care who was/is/will be sitting next to me or how many Indians, Chinese, Russians etc. was/is/will be drinking with me beer. What I care about is position I will get, salary and future prospects!

4) Important point ! so read this one: When one gets admission from top schools in US, though one might not be the U.S. citizen, one will (leave alone scholarship) get CREDIT from the US bank, financing fully one's education and one's living in US!

When one graduates from Harvard, DUKE, Stanford, Wharton, Ross or any of the ivy league B-schools, one knows that:

1) There is a 95% probability of getting a job within a first 3 months after graduation

2) Average salary would reach 110,000-140,000 USD per year and without a headache can repay the loan to the US bank.

3) US cares about brainy emigrants much more and gives them possibility to thrive. When one is a graduate of above mentioned B-schools, it means that the one is BRAINY.

Final remark: If one's got enough neurons in one's brain, if one has to pay for education in Sweden, one WILL NOT APPLY FOR SWEDISH BUSINESS SCHOOLS for above mentioned reasons. Thought I got decent, FREE education from JIBS, still I'm not satisfied and I will try my best to get admission from one of the top B-schools in U.S.
04:56 February 19, 2011 by Icarusty
Just to correct Zala Russe - it was never because of "developmental assistance" - we're not a charity case. It's because, quite frankly, we need their money. £12,000 a year up front, compared to the British student paying £3,000 a year - and that's in a loan, paid back over decades. Only now is it going up to £9,000, still less than what foreigners pay, and still delayed in paying back. WE NEED FOREIGNERS. Too ashamed to say that?

Look here:


"The government said talented overseas students were vital to the economy."
20:07 April 12, 2011 by Elina Smith
Here I tried to explain some of the Sweden's efforts to compensate high tuition fees and arrange scholarships for the students:


Hopefully scholarships be helpful to convince students to study in Sweden.
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