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Bedbugs found on Swedish passenger train

TT/The Local/dl · 21 Jan 2011, 11:49

Published: 21 Jan 2011 11:49 GMT+01:00

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"When I turned off the light to sleep, I felt it starting to itch after a few minutes. I turned on the light and saw a bunch of bedbugs on my pillow," passenger Muhammad Arsalan told the local Norrländska Socialdemokraten newspaper.

Arsalan found his unwelcome bunkmates on Wednesday night while traveling from Älvsbyn in northern Sweden to Gothenburg in the west.

News of the apparent bedbug infestation caused concern for Sweden's national rail operator SJ.

"We obviously have to look into this and clean the train car immediately if the information proves to be true," SJ spokesperson Telma Henriksson told the TT news agency.

However, Jan Jungerstam, a biologist with extermination company Anticimex, explained that the incident wasn't the first time that bedbugs have taken a trip as non-paying passengers on Swedish trains.

"Bedbugs are parasites that live on people. When they are full and satisfied, the crawl back into the places where they live during the day," he told TT.

The bugs happily hitch rides in passenger luggage, which is a common way for the bedbugs to spread.

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Jungerstam added that finding bedbugs on a train has nothing to do with a failure to properly clean the train car or poor hygiene. Rather, it's more likely due to an unfortunate coincidence.

"Anyone can end up with bedbugs and have the bad luck of bringing them home. There's absolutely nothing strange about it happening and considering bedbugs are very common insects, it's a big problem for society," he said.

TT/The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:34 January 21, 2011 by Yuretz
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
12:59 January 21, 2011 by johnny1939
This is hardly a laughing matter since those little buggers are so difficult to get rid of once you get them in your house. You have to practically boil everything. If travelling to the us try www.bedbugregistry.com and you can check on your hotel. Of course it is not full proof.

a friend of mine keeps her luggage in the bath tub when not using same and also hangs her clothes on the rail. Oh well....
13:47 January 21, 2011 by RedEagle
speaking about bugs @ Yuretz

You are sick, not funny, impolite and if you are older than 14 years you should consider seeking therapy.
14:06 January 21, 2011 by Syftfel
That bedbugs were found should surprise no one. Our open borders policy - without health controls - has led to the importation of various, previously unknown ailments in Sweden. Other examples are, tuberculosis, yellow fever, dengue fever, and an assortment of other tropical ailments that were never before known in Sweden. Cock roaches, silverfish and other vermin are likely also direct results of too lax border controls. I'm sure there is more to come, so get ready!
15:01 January 21, 2011 by rba
These little guys can survive for more than a year without eating (i.e. drinking human blood, their favorite meal). They're really hard to get rid of.
15:21 January 21, 2011 by kcussmilsum
Well, That's makes 3 things smilsuM are good a making...

Bombs, Bugs & Babies. Not in any particular order though : )
15:45 January 21, 2011 by underskyofsweden
@ Yuretz

You should be sick in mind without doubt!
16:19 January 21, 2011 by anticommie
Bed bugs are not hard to get rid of with DDT but then again we let the eco-nazis get rid of a good product using bad information. But hey the eco-nazis like killing kids with malaria in africa so why not bed bugs.
16:40 January 21, 2011 by mewatchingyou
@ Syftfel

Dude are you for real????? You are the perfect example of what stupid and ignorant people are! You know what? As a matter of fact, stay in our country, stay in your house and do not go to ANYBODY'S other country cuz if you do, these same pests and illnesses that ONLY reside in ''those other countries'' may come come get you! Im sick and tired of you sad people make irresponsible comments as you just did....Dude, these bugs reside in every nook and cranny in the world! What nonsense do you speak dude?? So Swedes can invade other countries (as we sooo love to do) and get infected by these ''same other countries'' you speak about. W e are NOT immune to these things. What about the opening of borders have to do with anything??? Sounds kinda sad and borders a sense of racism there. Thats so sad because folks like you LOVE to go in ''other folks'' country, strike a silly pose to the camera then in the same breathe, criticize them as ''not good enough''....To the general public who is reading this idiot and idiotic people alike, Im sorry! One thing I have grown to realize all my life living here is that many Swedish people are dis-illusioned that they live on the BEST, MOST SAFE, NON-CORRUPTED, HIGHLY EDUCATED place on earth. How disgusting!
19:05 January 21, 2011 by Syftfel
@#9: One good rule of thumb when you comment in a forum like this is to critize ideas, not people. In your breathtaiking display of gobble-di-gook you called me an "idiot", and "stupid" and "ignorant" and "racism", all in a few short lines. Other than that I see no particular reason to respond to our adolecent verbal romp, and stand by my earlier comment. For whatever reason, I must have hit a sore point with you. Dude.
19:25 January 21, 2011 by Acroyear
@ Syftfel and anticommie

Nobody should be allowed into Sweden - not even Swedes returning from foreign trips.

Meanwhile, Sweden should be liberally sprayed with DDT.

That'll sort out the problem or those darn 'roaches.
20:42 January 21, 2011 by spidernik84

I guess you don't know the effects a toxic substance like DDT can provoke to the nervous system, smarties!

Even if you claim that DDT is perfectly safe, I guess you ignore a little thing called "natural selection". If you just spray DDT everywhere you'll kill weak bedbugs / mosquitoes, filtering out the majority but letting stronger elements of the species alive and reproduce themselves.

Therefore, if you start spreading DDT you'll need greater and greater amount of the substance every time, with more collateral effects such as water poisoning, breath problems and, most importantly, a major slaughter of other useful elements of the alimentary-chain.

Learn from past mistakes, and study more, before speaking. With all these "fast, effective remedies" we're just digging our own grave, and Nature couldn't care less for us, since there's no way we can blow up this planet, but only ourselves.
21:38 January 21, 2011 by espionage1079
sometimes swedes really act like retards.whats the point of bringing religion here!!
21:49 January 21, 2011 by Southerner Up North

You made me laugh out loud - thank you
21:55 January 21, 2011 by Swedesmith
I will personally inspect all worried (and attractive) females for bedbugs free of charge. I'm here to help.
22:04 January 21, 2011 by mewatchingyou
@ Syftfel

Let me make something clear to you, I as MANY Swedes living here DO NOT tolerate ignorant people as yourself. Yes you are ignorant and you know that quite well. You commented about criticizing ideas not people but its exactly what you did in your previous post! What does opening borders have to do with the bedbugs?? This is a report about bed bugs and you have strayed onto another topic which was ABSOLUTELY uncalled for. It has however exposed your type of ignorant thinking that I am pretty sure MANY would agree! My question is where do you go from here? With that type of shallow thinking take you nowhere in life and it seems that you can only live here with that attitude. I must apologize for my rants to the other bloggers here but people like Syftfel hide behind false pretense. Its really ridiculous and irresponsible to make such comments like that without understanding anything really. You need to understand that the world is a multicultural village including our home we call Sweden and stop the silly and irresponsible thinking.

So please dude, do people a favor and comment on the bugs (that resides EVERYWHERE in the world) and it has NOTHING to do with open borders. Thanks though for exposing that people like yourself still exist. What will be sad is if you are young and speak this way as you have learnt nothing from the past! Regards!
23:59 January 21, 2011 by kcussmilsum



This has to be said here, as by Your comments, You have given more proof that most Swedes are slow in the head, or as another recent poster said... "retards".

How does scrutinizing the borders for a heathy screening process have to do with racism, as You accused the poster Syftfel in their comment? Which by the way, has just as much right as anyone here to express free opinions.

Before tripping on Your shoe laces of ignorance, here's a reminder on Swedish history... Swedes allowed the Nazi trains of Jews to pass through to concentration camps, as well as make the bullets for the Nazi's.

Try and sweep that bug under the rug

Just a little bit of irony if You like that sort of thing, Huh!

The Swedes have a way of screwing themselves out of a great many things, up to and including, their Scandinavian Culture by blindly accepting these immigrants religionofpeacemuslims that claim to be good ones... Sure.

So, along with the terrorist being imported here, but there are also contagions and bugs, which all need to be Stamped Out!

Also, Black Widow spiders have been introduced to Sweden by way of American shipments via cargo containers. Yes, these spiders can survive the cold climate, and are extremely dangerous, just like some of the immigrants here... Did everyone forget about the recent bombing in stockholm, or is this just another thing Swedes do well also?

Geesch : )
00:44 January 22, 2011 by jackx123
nazi trains huh? well the option would have been to have german as the official language today haha.

AND sweden did sell to everyone not only the german war machine.

personally i think we should use the russian tactics and burn everything down leaving nothing to fester on including welfare
00:46 January 22, 2011 by mewatchingyou
@ kcussmilsum Just by your name I can tell the ignorance of you also. Wow, you guys are on a roll here! I still want to know what all of these things have to do with bed bugs...Do your research fools and see where these bugs reside and where it came from...It has absolutely NOTHING to do with opening borders, screening or whatnot! There is something called hair lice...Ever heard of it?? Caucassions and asians suffer from hair lice and it resides everywhere including Sweden but then again I guess immigrants brought that too. There are MANY people who have this hair lice that has been here ever since, before immigrants ever stepped foot. So do your research first before you come here and make silly comments that can be perceived as ignorant/racist/dumb. By the tone of the stupid message made by Syftfel wreaks of racism because who are they talking about when you mention ''opening borders without health control''?? It does not take a 3 year old to see that especially with all the very vocal SD's out here. So guys/gals, save yourself the sillyness and write with common sense. You kcussmilsum or ''muslimssuck'' are a prime example of what Sweden dont need! Just by your name says it all. You need to respect people and their religion or backgrounds. Everyone is free to think whatever they want to think hence the reason why people like you have no respect for others because you dont know any better. Its such a shame that you guys dont see the bigger picture but then again, you live amongst the same type of people so I dont fully blame you. Anyway, instead of taking this blog wall hostage with not concentrating on the real issues about the bedbug, I will leave it here.I must end by saying that I am sometimes ashamed of how some are in this country with their shallow, narrow and irresponsible thinking by making silly remarks and of course, having silly names (as MUSLIMSSUCK) as their profile name. I am a human being like ALL others here without bias, malice and with FULL respect for EVERYBODY as it should be! Some may disagree but hey, what can I say...shame on you guys! Seriously!
00:47 January 22, 2011 by koolwind
i think most of the readers in this forum are mentally sick.draging and critising the religion in every matter. by showing this attitude how can you expect the good behaviour from other side. be huamne please on the forum.
01:22 January 22, 2011 by mewatchingyou
Well said koolwind! I fully respect and endorse what you are saying. There is a saying that goes ''A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation.'' I believe that but sometimes you run out of that patience with people like this. I have been reading the Local for close to 2 years now and most of the time disappointed by some silly and irresponsible remarks made by some people here and its no wonder they are not respected. People need to understand that respect is earned not given away freely. There are seriously A LOT of shallow and narrow thinkers here...sigh!
01:57 January 22, 2011 by kcussmilsum
@ mewatchinyou

Your avatar name reads like a perverted statement!

Tell ya what dipsh*t, when they respect the country, and it's Scandinavian Culture, then well see. Until then, the insurgents can take it up their posterior with a large smoking pork sausage : )

Like I said before folks, as an example set by the jagof above, Swedes are morons and they reap what they sew.

I Fully Support The Swedish Democratic Party : )

If This makes it a racist choice, So Be It, Jedi...
02:32 January 22, 2011 by Bille
A great deal of comments made on the local are insalubrious, nauseating and doltish.

@mewatchingyou, I know you mean well, but don't waste your time replying to such uninformed comments. Been reading the local since time in memorial, I rarely read comments simply because they are mortifying.

"Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance."
07:14 January 22, 2011 by how_bizarre
STOP PRESS........ i can see how this can be a headline in Sweden. Wondering how this news would be treated in India.
12:59 January 22, 2011 by johnny1939
Wow, wow what a controversy a bed bug can cause. I am totally cobsmacked. so many of you seem to be fans of Jimmy.
21:21 January 22, 2011 by bira
kcussmilsum, what's your nationality? Just asking to know who keeps calling all Swedes "morons". As far as your comment in #22 in regards to respecting Scandinavian culture, when that culture is full of racism and white supremacy feelings, why should it be respected?
01:52 January 23, 2011 by BobWas
How many of you were lulled to sleep with:

Night night, sleep tight

Don't let the bugs bite

But if they bite, squeeeeeeeze them tight

And they won't come back 'til tomorrow night

15:15 January 23, 2011 by dizzy09
@ Syftfel

don't blame an open border for the spread of diseases and vermin in Sweden.Blame your health officials for failing to do their job at the borders, especially regarding with containers coming into Sweden. I don't know why i'm even commenting to what you said; truly your post is really myopic and beside, swedes travel abroad too.
18:57 January 23, 2011 by kcussmilsum
@ bira

Well, I'm an Earthling, I come from the 3rd planet closest to the sun.

Sweden, Racist? Nonsense. If this were true then all of them would be white with blond hair and blue eyes, right?

Where are those Vikings when you need them?
21:36 January 23, 2011 by mikewhite
How long have all these "all Swedish people are morons" folk actually spent in the country ?

Even a day would serve to convince you that you are misguided.
08:08 January 24, 2011 by Zhorka
Sweden is notorious for lice, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches and other types of pests. Swedes should improve their personal hygiene instead of blaming people from other countries for ills of their own society. Poor Muhammud! I can only imagine what a shock it must have been for him.
02:53 January 30, 2011 by dan_sparrow
sweden, no more vacations in asia, no more travelling abroad,@ Syftfel got the truth!
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