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Assange sex crimes file leaked online

AFP/The Local · 5 Feb 2011, 09:37

Published: 05 Feb 2011 09:37 GMT+01:00

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The files, viewed by AFP Friday, were faxed in November from Assange's Stockholm-based lawyer Bjoern Hurtig to Jennifer Robinson, one of his British lawyers.

Although a cover page says the documents are legally privileged information "for Mr Julian Assange and nobody else" a link to a PDF file of the 97-page fax was posted online this week.

The documents include statements made to police by the two Swedish women behind the sexual molestation and rape accusations, the police questioning of Assange and the results of forensic examinations of a ripped condom.

Assange is currently out on bail in Britain awaiting a February 7-8 hearing at a London court on his extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over the allegations.

He has denied the accusations, arguing they are part of a smear campaign to discredit his whistleblowing website.

The steady stream of US diplomatic cables being released by WikiLeaks has infuriated the United States and other governments.

The police documents posted Friday contain the statement of the alleged rape victim describing how Assange forced himself on her, without wearing a condom, while she was asleep.

The woman, identified only as Miss W. in a British court hearing, said she had had consensual sex with Assange earlier in the evening, said the police report.

She had then fallen asleep with him, only "to wake up because he has forced himself inside of her," the report said. “She asked immediately: are you wearing anything?' and he answered 'you'," it added.

"She told him 'You better not have HIV,' and he answered 'Of course not.'"

After that, Miss W. allowed the intercourse to continue.

"She felt it was too late. He was already inside her and let him continue...She didn't have the energy to say something one more time. She had nagged him all night about wearing a condom," said the police report.

The faxed documents also include a report on the condom used during a sexual encounter with Assange's other alleged victim, Miss A, carried out by the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science.

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Miss A. has accused the Australian former hacker of having deliberately broken the condom after she made it clear she would only have sex with him if he wore protection.

The report says the condom had not been cut with scissors or a knife. Tests showed "the condom was torn apart."

Assange denied the allegation, telling police, according to the files, he had no recollection of a broken condom, adding, "I wasn't looking for a broken condom either."

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:54 February 5, 2011 by big5
Why no link to the documents?
10:59 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
Wonder how the old boy feels now about leaking documents? Fair is fair, I say.
11:47 February 5, 2011 by hogar2010
12:04 February 5, 2011 by bocale1
Accusation of rape for what described in these documents is a joke. If US wants Assange, they should invent something a little more credible.
12:22 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
I don't know why the US would want this guy. He's a joke. All the things said in those leaked documents.... who cares? Not me. But governments, including my own, have to do this to cover their embarassment. This will all blow over someday.
12:23 February 5, 2011 by foxpur

The accusation rules in Sweden are different than the and favor the female. Regardless of the US wants the case is very basic for Sweden no matter how much Assange does like being here. Mr. Assange's issue isn't really the rape charges, it's what happen AFTER the rape charges is finished.
13:10 February 5, 2011 by johnny 2011
Why do you need to force yourself on someone that is asleep??? So she did not put up a fight or tell him to get himself off her? What a joke. My country is so stupid make a big deal of this and let a child molester run a school because the do not do background checks. My God what is going on?
13:48 February 5, 2011 by Frobobbles
There is an error in the article. I have read these files. The local writes: ""to wake up because he has forced himself inside of her".

That is not the wording of the interrogation at all. There is no talk about 'forcing'.

This is the exact wording of the part of the interrogation. Please take note that this is after breakfast, one morning after Julian and the woman have had intercourse at least 3 times during the night.

"De satt i sängen och pratade och han tog av henne kläderna igen. De hade sex igen och hon upptäckte plötsligt att han hade trätt kondomen endast Över ollonet men hon lät det bero. De somnade och hon vaknade till av hon kände honom tränga in i henne. Hon frågade genast: "Are you wearing anything?" och han svarade: "You"."
14:20 February 5, 2011 by Nemesis
@ hogar2010

How do I download it without a facebook account?
15:01 February 5, 2011 by Swedishlife123
I think he is a victim of what I call " Swedish feminism Obsession (sickness)", and sad that this is used to put pressure on a great man like him. It is s shame for the sick feminism going on in this country.
16:15 February 5, 2011 by Twiceshy2
UScitizen don't be retarded. Assange is not against personal privacy, he is against government secrecy. If you can't tell the different you need to get your head checked.
16:32 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen

Hey fool, you need to get someone who can read, to read my post to you. And then get someone to explain it to you. I said nothing about personal privacy VS government secrecy. And if you had been reading and understanding this story from the beginning, Assange HIMSELF was complaining about the details of his case being printed in the media. Wake up! twiceshy. You're missing the point on everything.
16:41 February 5, 2011 by Twiceshy2
> I said nothing about personal privacy VS government secrecy.

So you don't even know what you said? You made an analogy between the leaking of documents concerning personal matters and the leaking of government secrets.
16:52 February 5, 2011 by BarCode
If the US wanted Assange they would have him. They are bored with him, and Sweden is welcome to him if his presence spices up their life.
16:54 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
You're wrong again, as usual. Read it again. I said I didn't care about the leaked documents. I said governments care, when they get embarassed. I said Assange didn't like having his details leaked. I NEVER compaired the two. You STILL can't get it through your head can you? R-e-a-d i-t s-l-o-w-l-y. Maybe you'll understand it then.
16:55 February 5, 2011 by big5
The file is here:

17:12 February 5, 2011 by zoroastrina
This is the most unbelievable crap I have ever read. ´The fact that a convicted paedophile ran Swedish schools with his criminal partners makes the absolute trivia for which Assange is being hounded by Swedish "justice " more ludicrous than ever. I wonder if the Swedish system of "justice" knows what "justice" means philosophically and sociologically. The concept is impossible of saturation and disambiguation. It is a signifier that generates an endless series of signifieds, ultimately deliquescing into meaninglessness. Justitia was not represented a blind in the Roman era., but as balancing the scales of truth and fairness. In the Assange case Swedish justitia is a cross-eyed and near-sighted perverter of justice.
17:23 February 5, 2011 by Twiceshy2
So you're saying that your sarcastic tone towards Assange and his feelings about leaked documents was just meaningless, and you didn't mean at all to make a comparison between the two situations?
17:31 February 5, 2011 by Zala Russe
According to 'The Times' newspaper today, a Professor of Law has viewed this file and said that no way the allegations and 'evidence' would be pursued to prosecution under English law. The European Arrest warrant issued by Sweden is part of the vendetta. The EAW is there to be issued in cases of an 'arrest' for criminal prosecution, not because someone is wanted for questioning about unsupported 'allegations'. The leaking of this document is in no way comparable to the Wikileaks venture. This is not about unveiling the truth. It is about obstructing justice and attempting to discredit Assange, and thereby Wikileaks.
17:39 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
Hey twicewrong 2

get a life! What an attitude you have. Did all your friends "leak" what you do on the weekends? You're still taking everything I said out of context. Yoy must not be a natural English speaker since you can't understand simple statements. Maybe you should take a few English classes.

And my "sarcastic tone" as you call it, was just a question. I wonder how he feels now? You take all this too seriously. Maybe you're a personal friend of Assange and feel you have to defend him. Well, go back him up in the courtroom. You're wasting eeryone's time trying to defend him here. As I said.... Get a life! is that too hard to understand? Have a nice day. ;O))
17:43 February 5, 2011 by Puge Henis
Convicted pedo walks out of jail... and is immediately able to run a kindergarden with other convicted criminals.

Two cheap ass bimbos get bonked and then after talking about it feel "cheated" as he was bonking both of them and they cry rape.

Sweden puts bimbos on a pedestal and for some time has no interest in the person who bonked them.

Sweden completely ignores the danger the toddlers are in with the convicted pedo and his criminal buddies running the kindergarden.

USA b!tch slaps Sweden and tells them to do something about Julian, Sweden moves its butt and goes after the "broken condom incident".

The US tries to make up some charges for a person who has never set foot in their country, now is a citizen of the US nor has any businesses there.

Sweden is desperately trying to satisfy its masters just like in thepiratebay case.

Meanwhile nobody knows if the convicted pedophile is up to his tricks again.
17:52 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
@Puge henis

I agree with you about Swedish laws being a joke but I honestly don't believe that Sweden is a puppet of the US or trying to please the US.

Oh, and a PS to twiceshy2: I'm going to take a break now.... have dinner with the wife and do a few personal things so I won't be checking back for a couple hours. That will give you time to think and hopefully come up with some intelligent, witty remarks.
17:53 February 5, 2011 by big5
@Zaka Russe, I can see why it may look that way to you but if you understand Sweden you'll realize it's probably not about punishing Assange for wikileaks. It's about the militant feminist wing of the Swedish justice system pushing for stricter laws about sex-cases. They want a high profile case to keep pushing the envelope in the direction of a law requiring prior verbal consent for all sexual contact. Assange just got unlucky.

However from what's in the files, he does seem like quite a lout with the ladies.
18:33 February 5, 2011 by soultraveler3
It's sad that what happened with those two women is being called rape. It's not rape if you screw multiple times during the night and one partner starts fooling around again and the other partner allows it to continue. It's also not rape if a condom broke, bad luck, yes, rape no.

Accusations like this can really hurt true rape cases.
19:34 February 5, 2011 by mikewhite
I believe there was a case in the UK a few years ago, a girl had oral sex with a boy, who later had genital sex with her to which she did not object due to being drunk; she claimed the second episode was rape - the jury did not convict.
20:43 February 5, 2011 by Twiceshy2
> And my "sarcastic tone" as you call it, was just a question. I wonder how he feels now?

I will spell it out for you, since you apparently were unable to understand post #11:

He doesn't have a reason to feel any differently than before about leaked documents, since he was never in favor of releasing information which breaks the privacy of an individual.

There you go. Now don't answer again until you have clearly understood the difference between leaking government data and data which only pertains to individuals.
20:55 February 5, 2011 by Hedley
-Does "våldtäkt" means rape?

-I had no motivation to learn Swedish (tomorrow I´ll be reading my grammar book), however this document make me change my mind!

-I will translate it (to myself) all this week...
21:01 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen

Don't answer again? Do you think you're the boss of me? You're a joke! Since YOU can't seem to understand the simplest things in life, I'll spell it out for you: each and EVERY document his website releases breaks the privacy of the person who wrote the email or letter. How dumb must you be to fail to see that? My two year old grandson could understant THAT!

You feel bad because you're posts are so poorly thought out and written, that you have to try to belittle others. That's the only reason I'm saying you're dumb and thoughtless.... because I feel like I have to try to communicate with you on YOUR level and you STILL can't understand. My oh My! Thanks for giving me all the laughs tonight.

Try to control your anger before you answer. You only say things dumber when you're mad, so calm down, take your time, and try to be an adult. When you stop acting like a child, I'll stop treating you like one.
21:13 February 5, 2011 by Puge Henis
"each and EVERY document his website releases breaks the privacy of the person who wrote the email or letter."

[Citation needed... or douche alert.]
21:29 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
@Puge Henis

Thanks for the comment dude. This is a great thread twiceshy and I have going. Feel free to join in. Every one of us poor saps sitting home on Saturday night, posting to the Local, need to have our heads examined.
21:39 February 5, 2011 by Zala Russe

That is interesting. I have no doubt for a minute that he is 'a lout with the ladies' :DD He's a guy and being punished for being one. He's an Australian guy and being punished for not being a Swedish guy.

All the publicity about this is a true 'own-goal' for the feminazis. Like soultraveler3 points out. All the attendant publicity makes it that much more difficult for TRUE rape victims to come forward in the future.

I think that his so-called 'accusers' are being truly emotionally raped by the media/ political/ industrial-military complex circus that will chew them up and spit them out, for their own ends.

Everyone, who is sexually active (including married couples), female AND male has physical relations from time-to-time that they feel less than happy about.

In the UK male-male rape has only been recognised as an offence in the last few years.

In the UK female-female rape is still not recognised as an offence, yet I know of some who claim this as their experience.

Surely rape (male or female) has to be defined as non-consensual activity for the sole gratification of one party. It transcends the physical experience, no matter how unpleasant. To be raped is a 'state of mind'; to be used without consent, for the sole gratification of another, with all the attendant feelings of self-worthlessness.

'The Law' is, and always has been a BAD way of resolving hurt and conflict. Even lawyers recognise that. 'The Law' is by its very nature confrontational and non-consensual. No win-win, only win-lose. 'The Law' is institutionalised rape.

Assanges co-accusers are subjecting REAL complainants to being 'doubly raped' by suffering in silence and fear. I hope they have that on their consciences.
21:41 February 5, 2011 by Twiceshy2
> each and EVERY document his website releases breaks the privacy of the person who wrote the email or letter.

Since when does personal privacy include the right to not have your work (which belongs to your employer, in this case the government) revealed?
21:50 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
Since always. Don't you know ANYthing about proper protocol? Guess not. Why don't tell us everything about yu and your employer, if you have a job. We'd all like to hear since you think it should be in the public domain.
21:55 February 5, 2011 by Twiceshy2
I'm not saying it should be in the public domain. I'm saying that it's not about my personal privacy.

Personal privacy is for personal correspondence, life and actions, not for the work you produce.

Do you have any example of a whisteblower who was proved guilty of breaking personal privacy due to leaking documents which didn't contain personal data?
22:04 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
Have you been reading the documents that have been released? I don't think they would be considered "work" for an employer. Try again. "work" for your employer is totally different from those emails that comment on other persons and governments.
22:24 February 5, 2011 by Rebel
Interesting that recent Wikileaks released show that Obama gave information to the Russians when they asked for it in regards to Britain's nuclear weapons and Trident Subs. Maybe the Brits will be even less likely to turn Assange over to the Swedes so the little bald dude can score points with Obama by shipping him to the US.

Oh, and what if Britain had given secret info to lets say the Chinese about American weapons? What would the likes of Obama and Mike Huckabee be saying about that?
22:28 February 5, 2011 by UScitizen
Maybe Obama(nation) would get Sweden to extradite the entire united kingdom!
23:18 February 5, 2011 by Puge Henis
I got the mother ****ing "#%"#¤" flu which is why I am home and on TL at this time...

your excuse?
23:44 February 5, 2011 by Abbot
@Zala Russe

Who cares what the UK would do if the crime happened there? Maybe you should quote a lawyer from Zimbabwe while your at it too. All that matters here is Swedish law and no other.
01:58 February 6, 2011 by Smiling Canuk
This is turning into a bit of an international embarrassment for the Swedish legal system. The case against Assange seems a bit thin.
04:13 February 6, 2011 by swak
i only registered to say that UScitizen is far more embarrassing to the usa than anything wikileaks has exposed. he/she is the stereotypical dumber than mud american. plz, UScitizen, seal your leakage. you claerly have no idea how dumb you sound.
05:15 February 6, 2011 by UScitizen
@Puge Henis.

How awful! The mother ****ing "#%"#¤" flu? Is that some heriditary disease ? I feel for you bro. Take two asprin and post me in the morning. Oh... it is morning! 5:15 I need to ge started on my day.

Sorry i didn't get back to you and console you last night. I hope you get better and I hope your mother is ok too!
08:36 February 6, 2011 by scandinavian leather

""work" for your employer is totally different from those emails that comment on other persons and governments." "I don't think they would be considered "work" for an employer"

Only if your employer is 7-11 and you're making Slurpees and hot dogs.

Let's take an article in thelocal as an example, dated 2 January 2011:

"The deputy US Ambassador to Sweden Robert Silverman, was tasked with finding out if there is something that should be added to America's secret list over core infrastructure, worthy of protection"

Tasked. You think he did it for free or just had the idea out of the blue one day? I'm sure you know little about how diplomacy works but someone in DC told him to do this. His boss, perhaps?

Thanks for the laughs this morning. I have never seen someone take such pride in his own ignorance.
10:17 February 6, 2011 by UScitizen
@scandinavian leather

Boy, I sure know how to push the buttons of you simple-minded people who read these articles. You guys are so easy you don't even know you're being played for suckers. And thanks for telling us that you're not satisfied with your job at 7-11. I'm sure you've fixed me a slurpee or two. Thanks for the laughs you give me when I see you in that uniform, thinking your the big dog on the block. LOL
11:56 February 6, 2011 by sliver
Hey everyone....especially those engaged in this heated debate and personal attacks. We can understand why an idiot who suddenly discovers that he has the whole gang against him would turn around and claim he was playing them for suckers. Ooops...spoke too soon.....OK now lets see him rack up his brain to post more crap.
12:00 February 6, 2011 by johnny 2011
The whole world is screwed up but at least we are able to vent our frustrations on this site. Thank you guys!!
13:06 February 6, 2011 by UScitizen
Hi Yo silver! Away! I don't have to rack my brain like you do, simpleton. This comes natural for me. I got to you, didn't I? Made you mad, got you to post something trying to demean me. Like I said.... you guys are easy. Yeah, I played you and you didn't even realize it, but now you do.

You'll probably be quiet now. Ooops.... spoke too soon.... I can almost see the smoke coming out of your ears now while the wheels are turning... trying to come up with a comeback. and when you do, I'll know I got you EVEN AGAIN!!! :O)) go for it!
18:05 February 6, 2011 by mysticbumwipe
Resorting to ad hominem is almost always a sign of having lost the argument (this is to you, US citizen).

It is not a crime to expose documents of national and international interest which detail active implementation of, cover-ups of and complicity in war crimes. In fact it is highly worthy behaviour.

It is not a crime to be a whistleblower when democratic Governments lie and deceive their own electorate. It often takes great courage and sacrifice and should be highly esteemed.

Whereas, in contrast, it IS a crime to release private legal documents of no 'national' relevance which divulge unproven preliminary allegations and which seem to be intended to pervert the course of justice and spread smears.

Thus I think Twiceshy2 is quite correct : there is no 'fair' comparison between

a.) what the group called Wikileaks (not just Assange) released, regarding corrupt and criminal government behaviour


b.) this leak of private legal allegations against a private individual.
02:11 February 8, 2011 by Farhan020328
I would request all the guys outside from Sweden, think 10 times before banging a Swedish girl. In d middle of d intercourse, if she thinks she is not interested anymore and tell you stop it... think what will happen ;)
10:51 February 8, 2011 by big5
@Farhan020328 Even better, if you're having consensual sex with a Swedish leftie/feminist, just before she comes, pull out and say you got the impression she might not be into it any more and you didn't want to risk raping her.
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