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Sweden Democrat criticises 'race mixing'

TT/The Local/vt · 13 Feb 2011, 08:55

Published: 13 Feb 2011 08:55 GMT+01:00

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"It would be good for the child if the parents are similar in appearance," Isak Nygren told Expo magazine on Saturday.

Nygren, who turned 21 on January 17th, had recently stepped in for a departed Sweden Democrat municipal councillor in Katrineholm. He claimed that he often "spiced up" his posts to provoke reactions, but continued to stand behind his views, Expo reported on Saturday.

According to Nygren, "miscegenation" leads to rootlessness, Expressen reported on Saturday.

"When the Sweden Democrats were against [overseas] adoption, it was for the same reasons. There will be identity problems and can result in mental health issues," he said, according to Expressen.

Sweden Democrat press secretary Eric Myrin said on Saturday that Nygren's views are contrary to the party's and can be grounds for expulsion.

Nygren described himself as an "active anti-racist" and Sweden Democrat member "for many years" during the same time on his Twitter feed late on Saturday.

In an October blog post, he described Islam as "a violent pedophile cult." He also praised the departure of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, but warned of worse to come.

However, Sveriges Radio P4 Sörmland reported in the summer of 2010 that Nygren, then running for the Sweden Democrats in both the municipal and county elections, had been active in a neo-Nazi network, according to Expo.

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In 2008, Nygren applied for membership in the neo-Nazi Nordic Alliance (Nordiska förbundet) and started a now-dormant neo-Nazi network, SVT reported on Saturday.

According to Expo, Nygren was also very active in the Nordic Alliance's online forum until 2008, writing about his extreme right-wing ideologies, denouncing mass immigration and criticising Islam.

When confronted by Expo, Nygren did not deny the postings, but claimed that they had nothing to do with neo-Nazism.

TT/The Local/vt (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:13 February 13, 2011 by truthworthy
"... can result in mental health issues," well he already has mental problems is that the fault of your two white parents?

This SD thing is getting out of hand, is there any week without scandal why are they trying to hide their racism and just declare that they are racist pary (as we already know it).
09:17 February 13, 2011 by procrustes
The best thing that could happen for the human population would be for same-race dating to become out of fashion. As soon as all of the races are blended away the better. Also, the overall genetic code would be strengthened.
09:26 February 13, 2011 by Noxtion
Though I'm pro-choice with choosing your partner, in a way he has a point. (Not that I'm supporting his bigottry)

I grew up around tons of inter-racial couples/children and it does cause one problem, which race do they identify with? I'm not sure how it would work in other societies, but in American it becomes a tough choice for them to try and figure themselves out. I've had friends and they litererally have seemed confused internally. Unless their parents are really there with a very close family on both sides this CAN cause serious issues.

Especially if for example, one side of the family has an issue with the racial mixing, then that is a horrible place for the child to be.

In an ideal society this isn't a problem, but really. Where is this society, until it evolves past such pettiness, they won't be able to be totally comfortable.
09:28 February 13, 2011 by Zala Russe
No matter how the SD attempt to 'media-massage' the image, these views are more representative of their true activists. All of them have history, and for many of their supporters that extends back into the murkiness of Sweden's Nazi networks.
09:32 February 13, 2011 by UScitizen
Seems to me that being in the Sweden Democrat party "can result in mental health issues."
10:01 February 13, 2011 by Rick Methven
So this SD councillor was a replacement for one that 'left' the party. Now this one is going to have to 'leave' the party in order that SD continues the charade that it is not the Neo-Nazi racist organisation that it really is. SD is haemorrhaging members who are unable to express their true ideas in the name of the party.

Keep it up boys soon you will vanish in a puff of smoke when everybody is expelled
10:07 February 13, 2011 by Iraniboy
Oh yeah and whenever someone criticize SD, they argue that anti-immigration is no racism!!!! Well no it's not but this along with Africans are genetically programmed to rape and suggesting to shoot protester immigrants between their eyes and posting their body back to their country and.... is RACISM. If you won't find it racist, you should have a weird definition for racism!
10:41 February 13, 2011 by Rishonim
The Local, why aren't we allowed to comment on this "Stockholm bomb victim estimate 'well below 30' ????
10:56 February 13, 2011 by unt9
I remember one tv show about Africa, one guy said: Its boring, we have nothing to do, so we go to war. Same here. If there will be one race left, people will kill each other for religion, clothes, hair lenght, political views, body smell, eye size.... Nothing new here, look at WW2, Bosnia, Rwanda. We are like that.
12:55 February 13, 2011 by mewatchingyou
Wonder when some of the highly transparent and irresponsible Swedes on here gonna comment and blame the immigrants for this one as well :)

I tell you, these are the same people who always blame immigrants for everything in their sick lives...such a shame because sooner or later, they are gonna realize that the world is now a global village that you MUST adapt to in order to survive. RACISM makes NO SENSE PEOPLE!!!
13:03 February 13, 2011 by zooeden
So Nygren is 21, he has been an active member for SD, what since he was 10??? wooow; im amazed.... and then he goes that in 2008 (when he was19) he joined a neo nazi network.... The dude has serious issues Im afraid, and Im not sure if they are a clear example of secuels or counter effects of being himself adopted since he has all this identity problems and has obiously resulted in mental health conditions... Im not afraid for this kind of idiots but let´s trace his family, what do they do, who are they, what groups of pressure are they from???? In psycology lessons this cases were most dominant in sexual abused childs, go get them parents now!!!!
13:24 February 13, 2011 by PaulTheOctopus
Type in youtube 'paideia sweden' and you will see what it's all about in europe, it's maybe just a conspiracy theory ,but travelling around europe for a bit, i think it's becoming true..
13:49 February 13, 2011 by Swedesmith
When you mix breeds in animals you get what is called "hybrid vigor'. Procrustes is right, blend all the races together. Maybe then we could all quit fighting about it.

Note to all attractive, ethnic females: I am available for sperm donations between the hours of 15 and 21 Wednesday through Friday or by special appoinment.
13:51 February 13, 2011 by PaulTheOctopus
lol :D :D :D
14:01 February 13, 2011 by Rick Methven

Of course in such situations, the female of the species always chooses the best male specimen she can to breed with and rejects those she considers inferior.

Are you confident that your kind offer will not be rejected ?
14:01 February 13, 2011 by eton75
This idiot seems to forget that the most powerful man in the world Obama is mixed race . He seems to be doing alright as far as the world can see . The sooner these bigots are voted out the better , they are giving Sweden a really bad name !
14:09 February 13, 2011 by AHA
Mr Nygren is lucky that he is not born a Neanderthal, the sub human creatures, short and muscular but no brain inspite of a big skull. The Homo sapiens of today are the result of the mixing of Neanderthals and other races. Maybe that´s news for the poor fellow.
14:54 February 13, 2011 by PaulTheOctopus
Obama is the most powerful man?
15:08 February 13, 2011 by SarahPalin
Total idiot.

But he proves one point, you can be a total whacko and still get one thing right:

"a violent pedophile cult."
15:33 February 13, 2011 by truthworthy

Total idiot.

But he proves one point, you can be a total whacko and still get one thing right:

"a violent pedophile cult.""" @SarahPalin

You can be a total whacko and get one thing right..

Become SD MEMBER or Support SARAH PALIN.
15:37 February 13, 2011 by To The Point
Well said NAZI boy!!
15:37 February 13, 2011 by Ansgard
He didn't use the word "nigger" but "neger". The later is inappropriate but not a pejorative in the same way as "nigger". Not even in the Swedish language.

Regarding the subject matter I couldn't care less.
15:46 February 13, 2011 by zircon
Pain management is a strange thing. But spot on. There is no other way but to take your own (sort) and have your own. That alone is the beauty of the race. Otherwise looking for beauty will lead your way and perhaps end up somewhere bad like cockroaches having babies with your women. Stay out of my turf.
16:30 February 13, 2011 by Just_Kidding
I think he has a point, for example, Burak Hussein Obama is a mixed child (his mother was white).. and he had a terrible carrier. The white lads with pure parents are obviously more successful.
17:57 February 13, 2011 by Commoner
In next 200 to 300 years...There will be no such pure race left. So, what difference does it makes if it gonna happen earlier.

Nygren needs to come out from the small bubble world he is living in and look at the bigger picture. Whether he likes it or not, it gonna happen.
19:06 February 13, 2011 by farnoxo
sort of sounds line a cocktail...oh I woke up this morning with such a headache...I must have mixed my races last night :-)
19:24 February 13, 2011 by wxman
There actually is no such thing as a racist. We are all one race, the human race. We are only people from one tribe being critical of the behavior of another tribe. This is due solely to cultural and moral differences between peoples. No one is right or wrong. We simply identify the differences between us that we view as negative.
20:52 February 13, 2011 by Babe Soderbom
Racism is not a disease its a SICKNESS created by humans
21:49 February 13, 2011 by Smiling Canuk
"which race do they identify with?"

It can be confusing at times, since I'm half Mohawk Indian and half white, but we all learn to deal with it (some better than others however).

"one side of the family has an issue with the racial mixing, then that is a horrible place for the child to be."

Yup, that to. But its even worse when both sides have an issue with it. :-)
22:20 February 13, 2011 by seaneoin
so would this lad knock back rihanna or halle berry because of his beliefs? i think not
23:11 February 13, 2011 by Boyfriend
The Sverige democrat councilor is attacking Islam and says I am against racism this is very funny and we Pray to God to help them learn love other race.

The Muslims became victim of super powers because their lands have oil,golds you name it and victim of terrorists networks who kill every day Muslims and yet some people instead of supporting us in this situation making ugly comments .

Lets get back to racism issue and see how Islam deal with it.

The Islam and prophet Mohammad pbuh has solved the racism and tribalism issues 1400 years ago. He made the Blacks as rulers and married his cousin with black. In practice, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) had among his closest Companions Salman the Persian, Suhaib the Roman, and Bilal the Ethiopian. Two of the three Companions were ex-slaves who were liberated after embracing Islam, namely Salman and Bilal. Despite this, and in spite of the black complexion of Bilal, he was chosen by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as the first muezzin to prayer, a position coveted by many. As a matter of fact, senior Companions like Abu Bakr and `Umar used to call Bilal 'our master', and the Prophet himself used to say: 'Salman is a member of our family.'

Quran speaks about it

Allah says in Quran:: 'O mankind! We have created you from a single male and female and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know each other. The most honorable of you in the sight of Allah are surety the righteous." (Al-Hujurat: 13)

I hope they SD could learn something from Islam.

23:24 February 13, 2011 by Swedesmith
Islam is not a race.
23:26 February 13, 2011 by ooh456
@Boyfriend thanks for that great post. and to think I thought the only good use for the quran was to to wipe my own ass.
23:35 February 13, 2011 by koolwind

u r 101% right. super powers are killing muslims and don't let them to voice. they have captured the muslim world in all respect. media here is failed to portray true picture. people just believe what there governments and media want to show. afganistan and iraq did not attack the US and EU, they invaded to capture natural resources by showing lame excuses to the world. How many suicide attacks were there before 9/11 and after that? compare and think who made the world more hell and the hate now we see in the eyes of every non-muslim for the muslims.
23:55 February 13, 2011 by laura ka baal

do you have an ass.
00:50 February 14, 2011 by koolwind

what the hell that is? u r disgracing some ones faith. i think people like u should have some separate mental hospitals.
01:25 February 14, 2011 by marcelj
The usa is a melting pot of garbage people, and is a country without identity or culture. Political correctness is the total demise of the usa. And will be of any country with this mental disorder. Islam is a system of murder and terrorism and only a foolish country will allow this type of thing in. Eventually my country will no longer have beautiful blond blue eyed educated people, we will be replaced with short black brown and ugly featured smelly people. And, we will have to pray 5 time per day and wear that creepy thing to hide our uglyness. Good luck to us all.
01:55 February 14, 2011 by dt804a
Lost in the foregoing comments is the fact that Nygren was forced out of the SD party. Doesn't that tell you something about the Party? In fact, EUrabia as a whole is awakening to the dangers of the Jihadists, from Britain through Holland to Sweden. And for good reason! To see a sober North American assessment of the Swedish Democrats, see http://www.jihadwatch.org/images/Presentation%20of%20the%20Sweden%20Democrats-3.pdf
02:51 February 14, 2011 by zircon
Swedes are half devil and Swedes. There is your mixed race origin for you. Hahaha...!
07:31 February 14, 2011 by wabasha
21 year old politician..... he's not qualified to shine my shoes
08:23 February 14, 2011 by jackx123

The so called prophet mo'd was a pedophile. He married a 7 or 8 year old girl and consummated the marriage a year later. Is this what we should learn from Islam.

Should we learn that killing innocent people too is a good thing? I can give you some damning quotes from the quran where it says to kill everyone who is not a mussie.

Even on the cover of children's school books in Saudi it said "kill the infidels". However, 9/11 brought that to a stop.

Get real
08:31 February 14, 2011 by loudasthunder

Spot-on, it does make for a great toilet paper : )


I will Never allow My Kids to play or be around M/u/s/l/i/m/s, let alone a/r/a/b/s.

This means that no gene pool splicing will be seen in My family.

My kids will also learn martial arts, and firearms training, this will ensure that they will never be a victim of these types of animals who disrespect women, or transgress upon them.

Call it what You want, It only matters how I feel about it, No one can change My feelings on that matter.
09:14 February 14, 2011 by Uncle

Dutch Jews leave Netherlands. Apparently they cannot use public transport without "peaceful" muslims throwing their hands in the air and screaming "zig-heil" and "Jews to the ovens!" . The head rabi of Netherlands was stopped by such a young gentelman just the other day. There is a cute picture as well:


Ex-leader of the liberal party in Netherlands proposed for Jews to leave Holland to Israel or US, because the Dutch government cannot protect the Jewish community from raging muslims.

By punching some words in Google, one could see that the same tendencies are spreading all over Europe. Jews are escaping Malmö as physical attacks are becoming more and more common, whereas the mayor of Malmö informs Jews that the city cannot protect them.

Given these facts, muslims have NO RIGHT blaming someone in nazism.

Muslim countries are the least tolerant to any other religion and are in constant fight with others wherever they come (from Philippines and China to Chad and Somalia). Many muslims are educated from childhood that there is no better pleasure to Allah than a dead Jew. Muslims support Goebbels ideas in the official school programme in their countries.

Islam by BASIS and DEFINITION differs between muslims and kafirs and create fundamental incompatibility between them. In Islam, combat against civilians is encouraged, because of a simple definition of the word "civilian" or "innocent", which cannot be applied to kafir. Islam defines muslims as a "better kind of people", whereas Jews are defined lower than animals (entire arian view in couple Quran pages).

Your one billion is raised from the womb with racist, intolerant, violent and uncompromizing ideas. What is most annoying, is while driving off them 20 thousand Jews from Sweden, yall' have the nerve to open you mouths against those who want to stop this stream of Nazis into this land.
09:43 February 14, 2011 by Ravioli
Uncle, I made a post which said the same thing but it was removed. Hopefully, your's doesn't suffer the same PC fate. Totally agreed. For 'certain groups of people' here in Sweden, it is a complete hypocrisy that they complain about bigotry.
10:44 February 14, 2011 by Uncle
Precisely Ravioli. Media does not want to open any discussion of the muslim fundamental beliefs. Also it tries to separate moderate from extreme islam, whereas it is clear to any self respecting muslim that there is only one islam and one word of God in Quran.

They actually tried to SUE Wilders for antimuslim views, however the prosecutors decided to drop the case already in the first hearings because Wilders managed to bring famous muslims, who declared publicly that Islam and nazi views are similar in many ways. The trial just brought attention to the bigotry of these "victims".

In any half-intelligent argument, the strongest argument of muslims is to try and remove posts, because it is extremely difficult to argue for their side.

One cannot deny that opposing Jews or Hindus publicly has the same risks as opposing muslims publicly... Even newspapers filter their articles because of the risks to journalists and sometimes to citizens of the country.

I am not even starting on their apartheid states.

But no, let's cry to the Lord about some old nazi in SD. HE is the problem of Europe.
11:19 February 14, 2011 by helveeta
Wish all you idealists with dreadlocks who keep posting would grow up already. I do not condone racism but I will say it's a natural human quality whether or not you are willing to accept that. Humans will always segregate and stay close to their kind, it's a survival instinct. You don't believe me? Do a little research on how immigrants settle and live in the US or anywhere that has a lot of them.

AND all of you Swedes who say you love immigrants so much and want to help them, when was the last time you had an immigrant over for coffee or even said hello to one on the street? I have noticed a lot of talk and no action when it comes to foreigner lovin'.
15:31 February 14, 2011 by dt804a
Note to "uncle" and "ravioli":

I totally agree with you. I would suggest that we underscore the need to acquire info about the Jihadist threat. Some sources include JihadWatch.com; thereligionofpeace.com; and Tarek Fatah's book, "The Jew is not my enemy". All three make material contribution to exposing the violent nature of Islamists, their racist approaches and their danger to our western civilization. Tarek Fatah is a Canadian of Pakistani descent; when the Islamists in Ontario (Canada) tried to sneak sharia into our judicial system, Fatah's organization was at the forefront of the anti-Sharia forces, and they won the war.
18:55 February 14, 2011 by laura ka baal

who disrespected muslim womans in Bosnia,/ followed by ongoing rape in afghanistan/iraq,...... killing of innocent muslim children, who all r doing this be ashamed of yourself the breed from which u come from you pig.
19:56 February 14, 2011 by Toonie
"It would be good for the child if the parents are similar in appearance," Isak Nygren told Expo magazine on Saturday.

I quite agree. And if Isak's wife/spouse/mother of his children doesn't look similar to Isak (mouth shape, eye colour, nose length, hair colour and texture, strength of beard, etc) then we should all get in touch and make him aware of any shortcomings. But do it with love, in the best interests of his children.
20:06 February 14, 2011 by Uncle
interesting question. What the hell are muslims doing in Bosnia?? Mmmm. Aaaa they invaded! I forgot that they stayed there from their INVASION of Europe...

The ones that rape and kill children are those who killed 400 thousand in Darfur. Or around half a mil in Somalia. There are some raped women in Yemen.

Religion of peace members killed around 1 million in Iran-Iraq war. Rape was not the last thing on the schedule there, oh no...

In Europe out of every 4 rapes, 3 are committed by the proud reps of religion of peace.

Oh and mental note - I do not recall that there were rapes in Afghanistan and Iraq by westerners. As for Afghanistan, if the muslims would not attack at 9/11, you could still enjoy the raping habits of the lovely Taliban.
20:12 February 14, 2011 by mcwin1
Blame the British and French. Their colonial comquests carved up North Africa and Asia minor. Syria,Lebanon,Iraq etc are countries carved out indiscriminately by the European colonial powers. I reget neo-cons under Bush invading Iraq and Afghanistan...oil revenues,ha! My taxes are going to the war machine while here at home we are going bankrupt. By the way,this country of "half breeds" ,still has an economic engine greater than China and Europe combined even during a massive recession. Tyrants are running the middle east..Islam is the opiate of the masses so they remain subjugated to these bastards..
21:22 February 14, 2011 by Syftfel
Fair is fair. And while there may be some truths in what Nygren is saying, I beleive he crossed the line with this one. His language is clearly too coarse, assuming the story is true. He not doing anyone any favors. And for me to admit to this is news in itself. I'm probably the foremost critisizer of Swedish immigration policies, and the most vicious hater of the social dems this column have ever seen. I hate social dems more than any of you ever hated George Bush! I absolutely detest liberals and social dems for what they have done to Sweden. I could mention a slew of Swedish politicians that I think should be dragged into court for treason, beginning with a certain, marxist, O Palme(post-humusly). But then again my partner is a Honduran of 3/4 mestizo indian, and 1/4 black race, so a racist I am not. Although I will probably vote for SD next time around, I think they should observe common decency and behavioral norms in any statemements or discussions. This kind of publicity does not bring them any supporters.
21:35 February 14, 2011 by vectorvictor
and a dog born in a stable is still a dog.
22:37 February 14, 2011 by Uncle

Actually the French and the British had the Middle east for about 30 years. They even got the territory not as colonists, but as victors in the WWI.

The ones who "carved" it were the muslim Turks, who were there for 600 years. But we, the left wing-dread-lock-flower-boys have such a short memory and we never should blame muslims for anything...

Plus let me remind you that it was the muslims who attacked and killed some 3000 people in some buildings. But I am sure the conspiracy theories claim different and there is no chance that they are wrong, eh?

And let me also remind that Iraq attacked Iran and Kuwait for the same oil long before someone attacked Iraq for your tax money (if there is such from such a prominent peace lover). But we may never assume that poor little iraqis wanted oil of someone else, aint it the truth?
01:14 February 15, 2011 by jimmy1988
Race mixing! Can be a real problem. Just think what can be.
02:27 February 15, 2011 by zircon
But Mr Tiger Woods' children are quite beautiful. Hm... Maybe I should change my mind on the pure race of my ethnic background...
10:08 February 15, 2011 by helveeta
"zircon," you're an idiot. Truly an idiot.
12:19 February 15, 2011 by zircon
An idiot? Hmm... And what advice do you helveeta give to an idiot? I'll get my pen and paper.
19:03 February 15, 2011 by matona1
when a man that has no money marry a swedish woman with a kid it is a problem but if the man happen to be a rich man and come from US sweden magazine will celebrate it,

as a swedish have being to many countries in the world ,the fact is that the world is changing,the guy nygren or managrin he is just a kid
21:08 February 19, 2011 by loudasthunder
@ luara ka baal (ka boom!)

If I'm pig, then You be the Insurgent Muslim Terrorist...

Vilks Lars had it right... Muhammad is a Dog : )
00:12 February 20, 2011 by technoviking
Idiots like this taint the entire legitimate immigration debate with stupidity...

There is no scientific definition of race. You can't define one from another by specific criteria.

Though to hear Muslim's talk about how tolerant we should be is always entertaining. Does this mean I don't have to pay my jizya non-Muslim slave tax to you?
01:22 February 21, 2011 by alecLoTh
I am mixed race. I do not have any confusion about my roots, similarly I do not confuse the languages I speak.

I have no identity issues, I'm proud of myself and have the benefit of an added insight in that Iam exposed to different cultures.

I have no mental issues, if anything I'm as mentally astute as any random person can hope to be.

In the 21 years this guy has lived, what does he know about what is good for a child, when he misspent his youth in NeoNazi circles?

I am a lot older than he and know what is good for me. These people are just this way because they choose to be, it does not make any sense, especially when respectable studies have shown that racists live stressful lives...who is nearer to mental issues then??
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