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Libyans in Sweden in Qaddafi mercenary claim

AFP/The Local · 22 Feb 2011, 18:03

Published: 22 Feb 2011 14:33 GMT+01:00
Updated: 22 Feb 2011 18:03 GMT+01:00

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"They are African mercenaries bought by Qaddafi. They come from Chad and Nigeria among other places," Shaban Egale, 50, told AFP, pointing out that "many Libyan soldiers have taken the side of the demonstrators."

"Those who are shooting are elite soldiers and mercenaries," insisted Egale, one of around 50 people braving a snowstorm in central Stockholm to protest the violence in Libya during the past week of demonstrations against Colonel Muammar Qaddafi's four-decade rule.

Following a day of cut communications on Monday, several other Libyan exiles in Sweden said they had received word from their family and friends in Libya this morning that mercenaries were involved in the brutal crackdown on demonstrators.

"I spoke for a few minutes on the phone with my cousin Yacine in Tripoli this morning. He told me that if people went outside, mercenaries shot at them," says Joe Twaeih, a 37-year-old Libyan refugee who has been living in Stockholm for nine years.

"They are not Libyans. He knows that because he heard the soldiers speaking French together," he told AFP as the demonstrators shouted "Down with the dictator!" and "Qaddafi, murderer!" at Sergels Torg square in the heart of Stockholm.

Five young Libyans spent the night in the square as the mercury dropped as low as -20 degrees Celsius to protest the ongoing violence in their home country.

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"We will stay here until Qaddafi's leaves, Insha'Allah!" said Esameddan Ayad, a 26-year-old Libyan student who recently arrived in Sweden, wrapped in a thick blanket.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

15:09 February 22, 2011 by UScitizen
" demonstrators braved the falling snow to gather outside the embassy."

But they won't go home and brave the bullets.

"We will stay here until Qaddafi's leaves, Insha'Allah!"

Yeah, they'll stay right here in Sweden! They sure won't go home and fight for what they claim they believe in.
15:33 February 22, 2011 by riose
@UScitizen My demagogy-meter just exploded reading your comment.

I am assuming you don't care about anything, because otherwise you would be there fighting for what you claim you believe in, not posting comments on the Internet.
15:38 February 22, 2011 by HeilNizar
Less than 1% are legitimate asylum seekers, the rest are economy seekers. Just close your immigration gates. Many European countries are losing their identity, just look at England, its not easy to find a good looking English anymore.

Hopefully Arab countries will start use more condoms.
15:46 February 22, 2011 by UScitizen
@ riose

Libya is not my country. Believe me, if this were happening in America, I would be on the first plane back. I wouldn't be a coward, hiding in some safe place while my friends and family members were being killed. I'd rather die with them than go through life having to deal with my cowardice.

Tell me, what country are you from and what would you do, if anything, to defend that country? I'm willing to fight for my homeland and what I believe in. And I know more about caring and things worth caring about that you apparently do.

So, where are you from and where are you right now? I'm waiting for your answer.
15:55 February 22, 2011 by voiceofreason
Talking of mercenaries, Nigerians don't speak French and we have no battle-hardened people willing to sell their lives for money so please look for your mercenaries elsewhere.
16:02 February 22, 2011 by UScitizen
@ HeilNizar

About England:

a recent survey in the United Kingdom asked the following question:

Are there too many foreigners in this country?


18 % said: yes

82 % said: بالطبع لا. هناك ما يكفي أبدا.
16:10 February 22, 2011 by HeilNizar

-You didn't provide me with a link.

-Are you sure those who were asked are English? lol

-I don't care, English people look too ugly to be Europeans.

-watch this h t t p : / /forums.mvgroup.org/index.php?showtopic=38555&st=0&p=271679&#entry271679.
16:15 February 22, 2011 by UScitizen
Sorry, the end was in Arabic!

The writing wouldn't come across. I guess this has to be in English characters only.

The answer in Arabic was "Oh no, we need more!"
16:51 February 22, 2011 by Rick Methven
@ UScitizen

If it was about the UK then you should have written in in Urdu not Arabic
17:45 February 22, 2011 by UScitizen
Thanks for the advice. I'll try harder next time.
17:53 February 22, 2011 by Ugly Indian
@ usCitizen carry on your anti muslims arguements i realy enjoyed reading them
17:55 February 22, 2011 by Uncle

The reason is that the smart reporter of the local confused Nigeria with Niger, that actually provided the mercenaries.
22:01 February 22, 2011 by broomrevolution
Nigerian Mercenaries working for Gadhafi,are you kidding? they will rather kidnap the old idiot (Gadhafi) for ransome,kill him or making him walk naked painted black for all the atrocities he's committed against Nigerians in Libya.

Point of correction;The Mercernaries are from Niger Republic NOT NIGERIA.
22:46 February 22, 2011 by Syftfel
Why are we even talking about this? Te solution is easy. Cut all communications with Libya now! Expel anyone with Libyan citizenship back to this sordid, useless hell hole, no exceptions. Resume communications with Libya once they have learned to behave civilly.
01:41 February 23, 2011 by Israeli Jew

Cut all communications.... that is ridiculous, and shows your level of inellect.

The West (Especially Europe) loves Libya and Qaddafi for the oil and his effort to protect Europe from illegal immigrants.

I think TheLocal Admin should block you till you behave like human beings and learn some good manners.
04:23 February 23, 2011 by ghaziusman
@ Syftfel

Your solution is pathetic and meaningless like your name... by doing this you will help the dictator, that is what he really want..

the solution is UN led intervention and it needed RIGHT NOW, it is not a time to make sarcastic comments and laugh the old-hog off because there are more then a thousand humans have lost their lives, yesterday that S.O.B appeared on tv and order mass murder of Libyans,

its now nearly 10 that western forces are in Afghanistan doing nothing but fishing in the desert, they dint find OBL, but another criminal is right their in Tripoli, they should go and get that B-st-rd,

05:57 February 23, 2011 by UScitizen
@ Ugly Indian

I am not anti muslim. I am anti anyone who preaches and practices death and destruction to others in the name of their religion. If their were a group of extremist christians out there who were suicide bombers and calling for the death of all muslims and jews, I'd be anti them also.
06:25 February 23, 2011 by loudasthunder
These Muslim Insurgents need to head back home, they're no longer welcome here in Sweden since the Scandinavians have awoken to all their BS...
08:45 February 23, 2011 by hilt_m
big words UScitizen, served your country have you? You talk about bravery like some child running around his back yard pointing his finger and shouting bang bang. Lets see you talk about how brave you are when the bloke next to you has just had his head blown off and you are standing there covered in brain and blood, shitting in your pants. You think it's brave to rush into a combat situation like some kind of hero? No, all you are is a danger to yourself and a danger to those around you. You think those who are fighting back in Libya want to be, no they would much rather be safe in a country like sweden but they do what they must. I have friends living in Libya who I've lost contact with, going to Libya and getting my head blown off is not going to help them.

We do what we can.. if that means standing in the snow to bring more media attention, then that's what we do.
09:41 February 23, 2011 by zooeden
Can´t they kill Qaddafi???
09:44 February 23, 2011 by Prat
"UScitizen" can surely find ample home-grown corn-fed zealotry in the USA? Why look to Libya or Sweden or Islam for your deadly hypocrites?

Every season America dresses up tens of thousands of poor, badly educated young people and sends them abroad as soldiers for democracy. The old, the criminal and the mentally ill are warehoused till expiry. Or they wander to live under bridges, cursing and spitting at the fortunate.

But perhaps more worrisome are the not-yet-homeless proles: livestock assumed deadly by the US controlling class. They're whipped into daily frenzy by Fox News to believe their poor prospects & sad lack of dignity are due to foreigners, or Communists, or other teeming heretics.
10:21 February 23, 2011 by bentzibox
Ghaddafis days in power are numbered. Hope for Libyans here and everywhere he step down without much more bloodshed.
10:51 February 23, 2011 by Morenikeji
It is sad that these opportunistic Libyans in Sweden, most probably Ghaddafi's henchmen and spies, have started pushing the blame of their government's barbaric crackdown on the demonstrators on other nationalities. Are they trying to absolve their military from their heinous crime? In preparation ...for what? The genuine Libyan dissidents seldom parade themselves in public. And everybody knows why. We should be wary of fake revolutionaries!
10:57 February 23, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
I don't believe anything I hear fron the Western media ("white" media).

The whole wave of Arab unrest is a clue into the cluelessness of many "Arab" people.

They are being influenced like an American Idol audience as to when to revolt with no benefit for themselves.

Egypt was understandable, but no real change will occur unless it's becomes an Islamic regime ala Iran.

The same goes for Tunisa, Yemen and now Libya,

Gaddafi made me laugh when he asked the protesters……

"When there were five US bases here, did you fire a single bullet? Where have you been?"


Man, ain't that the truth, these cowards are fuleled by Western govermental media apparatchiks.
11:22 February 23, 2011 by riose

I am not going to tell you where I am from for 3 reasons:

1.- Nobody asked you. It is not polite to start asking others.

2.- It is already posted on this site.

3.- You are an Internet troll. And a bad one. Always the first comment, always trolling.

"Indian Reservation". More info, on SAS webpage.
13:05 February 23, 2011 by flintis
##Those who are shooting are elite soldiers and mercenaries," insisted Egale, one of around 50 people braving a snowstorm in central Stockholm##

1) it was snowing, not a snow storm

2) If this person was in Stockholm how did he hear the french voices

3) majority of North Africans speak french

4) did Egales source & cousin Yacine go and ask if these people were mercenaries or was it stamped on their uniforms?

When will the West wake up? all the unrest in the Arab world is an Islamic plot
20:46 February 23, 2011 by GLO
What a mess. Hope things turn out for the population.
00:52 February 24, 2011 by technoviking
Libya, either the new Somalia...

Or radical Islamists will be the only people crazy and ruthless enough to be able to clean this place up.

Either way it doesn't end well.

Secular dictatorships are going to be looked back upon fondly in 10 years most likely.
05:42 February 24, 2011 by volvoman9
@Uscitizen if you fear religious zealots or fundamentalists you need look no further than your own country. In case your time abroad has blinded you there is a frightening surge of religious fundamentalism gripping the US today. These people are no different than any other garden variety fundamentalist. They are convinced they are divinely inspired and therefore their actions and beliefs must not be questioned or resisted. All must conform or be killed. These idiots are the pawns of the corporate/political machine, of course, but are too addled to think for themselves. They have the collective intellect of the point and shoot variety.

@ Prat Though I agree in general with most of your rant I must submit that you oversimplify the issue as do most ranters. The individuals I speak of above are the sort to which you so correctly refer.

However I have lived in Libya as a child ( father posted there) and I can attest to the backwardness of this barbaric culture as I can (having lived there) to the blindness of the American culture to there own hypocrisy. No doubt things have changed over time in Libya; but not enough I fear. I don't say this to denigrate these people; it is difficult to affect social reform under oppression of this magnitude. Yet the real issue in the Arab world now is what style of leadership will fill the vacuum created by revolution. If it is the type we have seen in many Islamist nations then it will be a step toward the dark ages again. There can be no democracy without human dignity and equal rights for all citizens.
09:57 February 24, 2011 by Rick Methven

If you look at the makeup of those leading the protests in Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya, you see that they are you and mainly secular. They want to be able to express themselves freely without the threat of imprisonment or torture. Libya has an 80% literacy rate so most are educated and they are not as poor as some other countries with an average income of $12,000 per year. The movement is towards a more democratic society with less corruption and more opportunity for those who are not part of the ruling clique.

A move towards an Islamic state would only be a move from one type of dictatorship to another (as in Iran) so that will be resisted.

Those posters who are so against Muslims and immigration should welcome and support the movements in the middle east right now as more freedom and better chances to get on will mean more people will stay in their own countries and help build it up rather than seek a better life in Europe
12:44 February 24, 2011 by wenddiver
I'm lucky to be an American , I could shoot back with one of my own Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles or Pistols. Hell, I could even supply unarmed neighbors with weapons and go hunt mercenarys. I could also stay home and defend my family. The options are limitless in a Free Country. Have guns, no assylum is necessary!
21:04 February 24, 2011 by volvoman9
@Rick Methven. You make some vary salient observations and your last paragraph is right on. I hope you faith in the Arab culture is well founded. There is no doubt that the results of upheaval will effect all of us. However Iran has a high rate of literacy and is still an oppressive theocratic country.

Until the middle east is able to balance it's religious fundamentalism ( which is, I believe, a thinly disguised cover for patriarchal control of a populace) with humanity and dignity it will never enjoy the progress that the west has had. Too much of anything is bad for the human animal and too much religion is always crippling. We have seen this throughout history. If the human species is ever going to progress we must shake off the mantle of this fairytale. It had it's origins in ancient culture as a means to explain the unexplainable and to permit it's leaders to wield power over an ignorant populace. It has no place or purpose in a progressive culture.

@wenddiver That one counts ones self fortunate to be permitted the luxury of owning weapons to use with impunity is precisely the reason that America is in the state it is in today. The answer to problem solving is imagined to be to act out the "b" movie fantasies against any who would annoy you. It is an irrefutable fact that more gun owners are killed or maimed by criminals than are the unarmed citizenry in your country often with their own weapon. I'll take your gun and shove it up your ass is a reality in America. You Yankees need to get help for your television addictions and face the truth. An armed populace is one thing;( Switzerland) A stupid armed populace is another.
23:42 February 28, 2011 by wenddiver
@Volvomans- When was the last time you saw a good Doctor?? Did anybody say anything about Street Crime???? Enjoyed your rant, but your not even in the right subject guy. Adults to have any legitimacy in an argument need to first recognize what the argument is. We are discussing a violent totalitarian government (a subject that people in Europe should be interested in, because prior to the Allied Occupation they produced some of the most dangerous in the World. Your whole argument is baseless even if it was on subject. Nobody has any way of tracking how many crimes are prevented, because a criminal thinks the victim might have a gun. Where do you get such info little voices in your head? The most violent citys in the US all have extreme tough gun laws with no effect. New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago all make it very difficult to own a gun. I live in a Republic, I have no nobles or betters to tell me what to do, no socialists I would listen to, to make me think a certain way, so nothing is done in life with impunity. I make my decisions based on I feed, clothe and protect my family, I don't ask any of my fellow citizens to do those things. By the way if you did try to take that gun, you would be killed. Read your history in 1776 the worlds most powerful Empire thought it was capable of picking up some firearms in Lexington and Concord, it didn't go as planned.
02:45 March 2, 2011 by volvoman9
@wenddiver Well.... You pretty much make my argument for me. Thanks. In reading your original posting I must have missed the reference to the middle east.

In reality I was responding to your comments and not the original subject. This is because I find this Hollywood gun culture so absurd. The notion that an armed populace is capable of protecting itself in combat whether urban or military is truly the stuff of infantile imaginations.

Let me ask you this Scooter. Ever been in combat? Thought not. I can assure you that marksmanship and composure are the second things to go right after the control of bodily functions. We're talking about trained soldiers here not some arm chair hero lounging in front of the TV stroking his substitute for manhood.

That you so quickly threaten to kill me speaks volumes about you son.
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