Woman charged for ‘Dexter’-killing in Sweden

Woman charged for 'Dexter'-killing in Sweden
A 21-year-old woman charged with killing her father told investigators in Sweden that some of the evidence against her can be attributed to her love of the US television series 'Dexter', which portrays a closeted serial killer.

The woman and her 49-year-old father were last seen on surveillance footage when they left a Stockholm hotel together last autumn, the Metro newspaper reports.

Investigators believe the father-daughter night out finished with the 21-year-old plunging a dagger through her father’s heart and slitting his throat.

“He wanted it,” she said during an interrogation.

According to the 21-year-old’s account, she and her father came to an agreement over drinks that she should kill him.

In the course of their investigation, police uncovered evidence that the woman had carried out numerous internet queries in search of tips for how to dispose of evidence.

She had also combed the internet looking for information on the structure and functioning of the human heart.

Writing in her diary before the killing, the 21-year-old spoke of her desire to take another person’s life.

When confronted with the evidence, however, the woman told investigators that she merely has a passion for serial killers and is an avid watcher of the television series “Dexter”.

The programme, produced in the United States by Showtime, depicts the life of Miami police forensic investigator Dexter Morgan, who also happens to be a serial killer.

Prosecutors have now charged the 21-year-old woman with murder. According to prosecutor Carl Mellberg, the case lacks any obvious motive.

“But considering the thoughts she had at the time and the fact that she had a knife with her, one could argue there was some element of premeditation,” he told Metro.

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