Drunk gunman held two kids hostage

A drunken gunman held two children hostage on Friday night in a flat in Timrå, northern Sweden. After a long police negotiation the gunman gave himself up.

A 40 year old man armed with a hunting rifle barricaded himself in a flat in Timrå on Friday night. Initially he held a woman and three children, all aged under 15, hostage. During the night, the woman managed to escape with the youngest child and

Tomas Åslund, from Timrå police force and head of the operation, confirmed that that the man was the father of the children and that he had taken out his hunting weapon following a family argument.

Police began trying to talk the man down with specially trained negotiators, but knew that the process would take a long time as the man was so drunk.

“Alcohol and firearms are not a good combination” Åslund told reporters from TT.

Negotiations finally paid off at around 2am when the man gave himself up. According to the local paper, Sundsvalls Tidning, the weapon has been seized and the man has been taken to the police station where he is being held on suspicion of aggravated assault.

According to the police, nobody has been physically injured.