Swedish museum head in prison for bribes

A former museum director from Skövde in central Sweden has been sent to prison for accepting bribes.

In June 2010, the head of Skövde’s Garrison museum (Garnisonsmuseet) accepted a bribe of 100,000 kronor ($15,500) to approve the loan of part of the museum’s collection. The museum chief, an ex-officer in the Swedish armed forces, rubber stamped the loan of a Tiger II tank used by the German army during the Second World War.

The Garrison Museum in Skövde is the former home of the Skaraborg Regiment and among other things was the training centre for the army’s armoured vehicles.

When the tank was returned the motor had been changed and the gearbox was missing vital parts. A 46 year old man from Trelleborg was suspected of having sold them for 350,000 kronor ($55,000)

The parts were later recovered by British police at the home of a collector in England.

On Friday, the former director was sentenced to eight months in prison and has been ordered to pay 350,000 kronor ($55,000) in compensation to the museum, according to Skaraborgs Allehanda newspaper in Skövde.

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