Wolf spotted in Stockholm back garden

A wild wolf walked within metres of a house in Rimbo on the Roslagen area of Stockholm County, just 20 minutes north as the crow flies, from the capital.

Wolf spotted in Stockholm back garden

Anna-Lena Holmberg nearly choked on her morning coffee early this morning as she saw a wolf walk past the corner of her house.

Anna-Lena couldn’t believe her eyes. “It was completely empty and silent when he appeared. I have also heard howling during the night and seen large footprints” she told a reporter at TT.

Sweden’s wolf population is officially numbered at 210. A controversial cull took place earlier this year to keep the numbers down and to diversify the gene pool, with new wolves being imported from Russia and Finland.

Last year a number of wolf cubs were born in Rialareviret which is close to the village of Rimbo. These were the first wolf cubs to be born out of captivity in the county of Stockholm for 170 years.

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