Malmö seductress snagged after using victim’s mobile

Malmö seductress snagged after using victim's mobile
The pursuit for a south Sweden woman accused of drugging a man and clearing his apartment of all valuables, including his car, ended due to a call she made from his mobile

On Saturday, Malmö police arrested five suspects, including the 18-year-old woman and four men aged 19-23 years, on suspicion of aggravated robbery.

It was discovered that the woman, working together with five or six accomplices, made one big mistake before purging the victim’s home of all valuables.

She used his phone.

According to reports the “female bait” called her comrades from the 25-year-old victim’s mobile after he blacked out, giving Malmö police a solid trail to follow.

Two of the suspects have since admitted to the robbery.

The sixth suspect in the group, a 25-year-old, was detained until late Friday and has now been arrested.

“The police are doing their best to interrogate him,” said prosecutor Bo Albrektsson in connection with a remand hearing.

The woman, who turned 18-years-old as recent as this month, flirted with the victim at a nightclub and later accompanied him to his flat in Malmö’s trendy Västra Hamnen.

Once there she offered the man a packed cocktail composed of the sedative drug Theralen mixed with liquor in a bottle from her purse.

After waking ten hours later, the man discovered everything of value in the house was gone including the car that had been parked in a garage.

During Saturday’s arrest negotiations the young woman, curled up in a too large hooded sweatshirt, admitted to the robbery and went voluntarily with the police.

According to the prosecutor, she pointed out the rest of the gang during the hearing.

“She understands that this is a difficult crime,” said her lawyer Anders Elison.

The youngest among the men, a 19-year-old, also admitted to the crime itself, but opposed his arrest.

The other three men, two 20-year-olds and a 23-year-old, denied their involvement and wanted to be set free.

As of now the group members are only formally suspected for the robbery of the 25-year-old on January 23.

However, the police investigation includes two similar events that occurred in Malmö during the same week. In both cases, it was victims who were robbed after being drugged.

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