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Swedish 'cannibal' convicted of murder

TT/The Local/dl · 9 Mar 2011, 09:12

Published: 09 Mar 2011 09:12 GMT+01:00

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The Skövde District Court sentenced Isakin Jonsson, referred to in the press as "The Skara Cannibal", to time in a institutional psychiatric care.

Jonsson was arrested last November after calling police from his apartment in Skara in central Sweden and explaining that he had killed his 40-year-old girlfriend.

He had also cut off her head and other parts of her body, some of which he then ate.

"I remember how I slit her throat. Then I went to the kitchen and started cooking," Jonsson told the court, according to the Expressen newspaper.

The call Jonsson made to emergency services in which he confessed to the crime was also replayed during the trial.

"When you come here, you don't have to go after me. I'm as calm as can be," he said in the call.

The day of the murder, Jonsson and his girlfriend had gone shopping before returning to the apartment they shared together.

In the evening, Jonsson's girlfriend laid down on a mattress to rest, at which point he came over with a knife and sliced up the mattress before sitting on the woman's shoulders and cutting her throat.

"With a knife, saw, and scissors, he removed the head from the body," prosecutor Lars Johansson told the court.

Jonsson, who has been found to suffer from severe mental illness from a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation, showed no remorse in court.

"I stand for what I've said and I stand for what I did," he said.

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He was also unable to explain the gruesome killing when asked by prosecutors why he did it.

"That's something I also wonder about. I trust the doctors. There was no motive whatsoever. We were a couple with a future together. I've never felt this way with a girl before," he said, according to Expressen.

In addition to psychiatric care, Jonsson was also ordered to 75,000 kronor ($11,700) in compensation to his girlfriend's parents, as well as to all five of her children.

TT/The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:34 March 9, 2011 by JulieLou40
Jesus. Absolutely gruesome. Wonder if for once, the Swedish courts will hand down a decent sentence? Let's not hold our breath waiting, eh?
10:09 March 9, 2011 by Rishonim
@JulieLou40, the sentence will be severe for Swedish standard. Three years and four months but that will be reduced to 26 months. The defense will claim he got indigestion and severe mental distress from eating human flesh. The judge will buy the argument and throw in unsupervised Sunday's release.

In addition to psychiatric care, Jonsson was also ordered to 75,000 kronor ($11,700) in compensation to his girlfriend's parents, as well as to all five of her children.

I remember seeing a western movie where the judge handled down similar sentence; instead of money, the killer had to compensate each of his victims relatives with a horse.
10:20 March 9, 2011 by Lavaux
Looks like in Sweden, a human life is worth SEK 75,000 and 26 months in the poky. That's not much. But then all crime is really society's fault, which means that criminals are society's victims. I suppose it follows that society should be punished for crime, beginning with letting cannibals roam free.
10:34 March 9, 2011 by johnny1939
I suppose he will not go to jail at all because he is insane and not responsible..a very sick man. They will put him in a place for the mentally confused and after a few years of pampering he will be let out (cured) to do something again. Do you remember the Domer guy in the US? He was murdered in prison. SEK75,000.oo is a great big laugh. Do you really think this is compensation for the children and he probably cannot come up w/ that sum anyway.
11:14 March 9, 2011 by akhokhay

aha 26 month to digest 1 and then go to other one?
11:16 March 9, 2011 by glamshek
Let us revert back to what Islam said. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Its sick judicial system and it is giving such wrong sentences in the hatred of religious systems. Face it when he is set free after 26 months and kills another girlfriend.
12:11 March 9, 2011 by thesevensky
If he were a muslim then certainly Islam would have been blamed for his inhuman act.
12:49 March 9, 2011 by eppie
Of course putting this persons somewhere where he can't be a danger to society anymore is the most important thing.

For the rest I notice that most people that react are reacting from the 'revenge-perspective' which is a very natural reaction. However don't forget that the 'insanity claim' is not just something to lower jail sentences, it is there to clearly specify the real cause of this terrible murder with as goal to be able to work on legislation in order to try and prevent such cases from happening again.

Because I know many readers here are from the US I will use the US as example. Punishments are high in the US, but you see it doesn't help reducing crime. The social way of dealing with these things that has been used in a few of the northwest european countries looks weak, but probably prevented a lot more crimes from happening at all.

The US way is best for the gut feeling of the public (it is a good feeling to see a criminal gets a high jail sentence), but the social way prevents more crime and so is better for the general safety.

Again as I wrote in the first sentence, I fully agree with the fact that this person should be kept away from society as long as possible because he is clearly dangerous, and I wouldn't trust a psychologist telling me he is cured after 5 years.
13:39 March 9, 2011 by StockholmSam
Did that 75000 kr get divided among 7 people?? Or did each person get 75000 kr.
15:10 March 9, 2011 by calebian22

Punishments are about justice more than rehabilitation. Having someone murder one of your loved ones and then sit in jail for 1-5 years is not justice. Justice does not exist in Sweden at least not for the vicitim. Who gives a rip if a murderer ever sees the light of day again and gets a chance to be good citizen? They forfeited that chance when they took a life the first time around. The dead victim doesn't get another chance why should the perpetrator?
15:17 March 9, 2011 by Swedesmith
We'll see him in a future episode of Hell's Kitchen, no doubt.
16:31 March 9, 2011 by HeilNizar
I wouldn't want to live in a country where killing and then eating people gets such a sentence.
18:20 March 9, 2011 by eppie

you are partly right. (especially about the feeling of relatives after a short jail sentence for example) But more important is to create a society in which these things happen as little as possible.

Having less victims is more important than high punishments.

Most of the time the countries that punish the hardest spend almost no time in trying to prevent things from happening in the first place.
19:17 March 9, 2011 by calebian22
I am not a socialist. The feelings of injustice felt by the victim or the victim's surviving relatives are more important than the rehabilitation of a scumbag. If one wants to implement early intervention programs to fend off crime, fine and dandy. When crime happens it needs to be dealt with in a reasonable fashion. Sweden's tendency to sentence murderers to such short sentences is not reasonable. What is surprising to me, is why the family members are not waiting for the dirtbags on release to implement justice, since the Swedish penal system drops the ball in virtually every instance.

However, no system is perfect. I will grant you that. In this instance Sweden's namby pamby kombayah sentencing is a huge mark against it.
19:36 March 9, 2011 by Rick Methven
So Johnsson is yet to be sentenced but already, the hawks are already decrying it before anybody knows what it is.

But then I suppose any thing short of being hung drawn a quartered would never satisfy their blood lust.

what do you think Calebian how gruesome do you want his demise to be?

Maybe you should stick to your Xbox where you can create your own senario or grow up
21:58 March 9, 2011 by Arturio
that's just horrible.
23:25 March 9, 2011 by dan_sparrow
where is the electric chair in sweden, this psycho must get fried
00:05 March 10, 2011 by Authentica
Lavaux, nicely put!
03:21 March 10, 2011 by volvoman9
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Comment: @eppie Though you make a plausible argument for sympathy toward the diseased brain the issue becomes one of when to release this individual into society. Who makes the determination of sanity and safety and what is their agenda? I will argue that certain dementia is irreversible and therefore these sad individuals can not be returned to society. If not then why should society feed and support them for the rest of their lives? Has society created them? This, of course raises the larger issue of the right of society to cull the defective ones. Certainly if there is a genetic marker for this behavior it would seem prudent to excise it from the gene pool. However if the reason for this behavior is found to be societal in nature then one could argue that society IS responsible. This thinking would, of course, support your theory of societal change created by compassion and understanding. Of course this provides little or no solace for the victims and survivors. In the case of a pedophile certainly all but the most extreme measures( chemical castration for men) seem to have little effect where re-offending is concerned and therefore the argument for capital punishment is, I feel, a strong one. In this case one must question the reality of rehabilitation when confronted by the total ambivalence of the perpetrator. In all likely hood the propensity to re-offend is great. Consider this: In my community recently a 23 year old man lost control of his vehicle while traveling at speeds in excess of 160KPH. His car became airborne and crashed into a vehicle containing four teenage girls who were waiting to exit a parking area. One girl was killed and the other three seriously injured. The young man's B.A.C. was .009, one point over the limit for illegal operation of a car. Should the young man be executed? Too late... He also died at the scene. No one to punish. Doesn't bring anyone back. Some in the community have targeted his family. What good does this serve? In this case I would agree with you that capital punishment is too harsh but an innocent life is still lost. There are logical solutions to these issues but accepting one argument then must logically give credence to the other.
06:38 March 10, 2011 by wenddiver
In Spanish Fort, Alabama there is a small State Park with a small abandoned pioneer village where the tree still exists where they conducted people's trials and then hung them, using the shade of the Oak for the Court and the Limbs of the Oak for the hanging. That is a very natural way to dispose of murderers and it has zeroe carbon emmissions, teaches the surrounding community the importance of leading a law abiding life, is 100% effective against recidivisim, saves tax payers money, provides public satisfaction for the victim's family and housing for Squirrels and birds. It was just about perfect.
08:10 March 10, 2011 by calebian22

The punishment needs to fit the crime. That does not happen in Sweden. The focus is always on the perpetrator and rehabilitation. Justice for the victim or the victim's family is forgotten. When I say justice, you can fill that in any way you like. This man killed and ate a mother of 5. Is therapy and 5 or 10 years in prison justice? If this was your mother or your daughter, would you be satisfied? Not in my book. And yes, books, I abhor video games. ;-)
07:01 March 12, 2011 by Minnesota NyViking
Good thing he wasn't an American and didn't use a gun....because then the news would be reported around the world about those VIOLENT Americans who have guns.

Do you think she is less dead because he used a knife????

Face it! Nutty people will use anything to commit their crimes....knives, guns, rocks, hands, etc.

The problem with Sweden is this guy will go to prison, be so called "rehabilitated" and ththen put on social welfare for the rest of his life. And the poor working slugs of the Swedish welfare system will have to support him.

I think the Swedes need to get back to their roots...and just have a few Vikings take him back out to the woods and run him through with a sword and chop his head off and feed it to the hogs. Or post his head to a spike as a warning to other loonies or they are next.

Progress sucks..I think I like regression to the past better.
08:43 March 12, 2011 by Rick Methven
@Minnesota NyViking

"Progress sucks..I think I like regression to the past better. "

Well you certainly have regressed pretty far, with your bloodthirsty violent fantasies.

12:57 December 15, 2011 by janeway
Where do you get the 26 months???

It says in the article: "The Skövde District Court sentenced Isakin Jonsson, referred to in the press as "The Skara Cannibal", to time in a institutional psychiatric care."

This means he can either be release in six months for being a good boy and declared healthy or he can spend the rest of his worthless life locked up in a psychiatric ward.
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