Dead foetus found at Stockholm metro station

Dead foetus found at Stockholm metro station
A dead foetus was found on the platform of a metro station in southern Stockholm on Friday, according to police.

“It appears to be a foetus,” Krister Sehlstedt, duty officer with Stockholm’s southern district police, told the TT news agency.

“It was a miscarriage and we haven’t been able to contact the woman yet; we don’t know who she is.”

The call came at 12.42pm and police have no plans to classify the matter as a crime.

“Someone called in and said that there was a dead infant on the platform of the Blåsut metro station. A patrol car went there and it turned out that the information was correct,” detective Lennart Löfgren of the Stockholm police told TT.

According to public transit operator SL, there are surveillance cameras on the platform where the foetus was found which cover most of the area.

“It’s up to police to investigate the footage but we’ll make sure that the material is secured,” SL security manager Jeanette Hegedüs told TT.

It was a passenger who called police about the dead foetus.

“A section of the platform is still blocked off and police are still working on the scene,” Löfgren told TT at 2.30pm.

Police are also speaking with people who may have seen when the baby was left on the platform.

It’s not the first time that a dead baby has been found abandoned in the Stockholm area.

In December 2002, a dead newborn girl was found wrapped in a piece of cloth in a pedestrian tunnel in Kungsängen north of Stockholm.

Just two years later, in November 2004, another dead little girl was found near a paved pedestrian path in Bro, a few kilometres north of Kungsängen.