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Swede's unicorn email prompts gay porn piracy probe

The Local/dl · 12 Mar 2011, 14:01

Published: 12 Mar 2011 14:01 GMT+01:00

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The Swede's email came as a mocking response to a promise by the parent company of Corbin Fisher, a US-based producer of gay pornographic films, to provide suspected file-sharers amnesty from copyright infringement lawsuits if they paid the studio $1,000, the tech news website TorrentFreak.com reports.

"I have been sharing a whole load of your files… on every torrent site like PureTna, Kickasstorrents etc. I am very sorry for doing so and would like to pay you the $1000 for amnesty…," began the Swede's email.

"…this is of course from the pot of gold I got from the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow," it continued.

Further on in the email, the Swede mentions he has a pet unicorn which has a rather pointed message for the movie studio.

"…excuse me a minute but my unicorn is again shouting something about how you can shove it up your backdoor," wrote the Swede.

Speaking with TorrentFreak, the Swede - referred to in the report as Ryan - explained that he wrote the email so he could "get a few laughs".

"I have never downloaded their ‘product’ but had I known what scum they are I would have just to seed it. I have no problem about anyone finding out I view porn and would admit it if I downloaded their product – but they produce stuff that just does not interest me in the slightest,” he told the website.

But the Swede's email was no laughing matter to the lawyers at Corbin Fisher, who subpoenaed his Google account information, including IP-addresses associated with the account.

When the Swede contacted lawyers with Corbin Fisher they explained that the film studio had taken his fairytale confession seriously and were considering legal action.

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While Corbin Fisher has received the Swede's Google account information, it remains unclear exactly what the studio plans to do next, TorrentFreak reports.

In addition to producing gay pornographic films, San Diego-based Corbin Fisher also operates a number of websites, including AmateurCollegeMen.com and AmateurCollegeSex.com.

The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:48 March 12, 2011 by Atlas
I guess they want to shove up Ryan's backdoor that unicorn :)
14:57 March 12, 2011 by SarahPalin
Corbin Fisher produces 3rd rate videos that are hard to sell (pun intended).

This new fishing expedition is just a new way to generate some money.

Subpoenaing his IP address is nothing more than wishful thinking (if he lied about his location and is in the US hence can be sued) and a scare tactic.

There's also a global problem that not all Americans know that America is not the world and Sweden is not a State of the US - although given how Sweden has bent over for TPB and Assange that might be forgiven.

Reading TorrentFreak, Slashdot, TechDirt, TechEye (just a few places this story has turned up) it's clear if Ryan _is_ in Sweden there is very little Corbin Fisher can do - anyone with half a brain reading Ryan's email on torrentfreak will see it was designed to get a rise out of them and has very much succeeded.

No judge in his right mind (in Europe) would all a subscribers address to be given out based on his email which has advise from Unicorns and Leprechauns.
16:22 March 12, 2011 by mieoux

Even if he used a proxy IP, his session can be traced to his real IP and actual location, it's trivial matter, and they can get this information it's a legal matter. Google already served him up:

"Corbin Fisher has received the Swede's Google account information" but they haven't decided what to do. Remember Sweden has signed and ratified ALL international copyright treaties and has anti-piracy laws of it's own. Companies might go after someone in Sweden because of you know that website and that party whose name you know that's in Sweden.

although I agree it's likely just a scare.

This brings new meaning to "suing your pants off" hahahaha
17:46 March 12, 2011 by SarahPalin

He has already said he is in Sweden.

So Google gives them his IP, they trace it to Sweden but from there it gets tricky:

They have to get a judge to sign off on a warrant to get his real name and address *based on that email of unicorns and leprechauns*.

Unlikely to say the least.

In the US you can be fined up to 150,000USD for an infringement (according to Sladhdot) in Sweden a guy was ordered to pay 7 times the value of a song he uploaded (valued at $1 per song x7, he upped 42 songs) so even IF they decide to come after this guy it does not make financial sense.

As you said, Sweden has it's own laws so US laws don't apply.

Sweden also has a rule that the loser pays, unlike the US.

He seems like a corky bast@rd though, check out his replies on Slashdot, TorrentFreak, TechDirt etc

I would like to see them pursue him / it as it looks like they will get a fight... and we get some entertainment ;))
18:32 March 12, 2011 by wenddiver
Believe it or not distribution of Pornagraphy via the US Mail or Internet is still illegal under Federal Law in the US. It was on the news yesterday, that some old pervert was sent to Federal Prison, because somebody complained to the Office of the US Attorney General. I would go to the Department of Justice web site and look into a criminal complaint (DOJ.GOV) if ANY pornagrapher harrased me in the US.
20:03 March 12, 2011 by SarahPalin

That was pretty interesting what you wrote.

I take it its because of the different laws (by State) in the US because doing a search on Google or Torrent freak gave me many results of pornographers suing for little to no reason. It seems to be their new business model now that there is so much "free porn" online.
20:14 March 12, 2011 by eZee.se
Confessions without proof are not valid in Sweden (you cannot for example do plea-bargains in the Swedish court system). It is well known that people make up confessions; for example the Swedish police has received the confessions of over a 100 people, who all confessed murdering the former prime minister Olof Palme (including one of thePirateBay boys when he was taken into custody after the raid in (2007? or 2008?)). Confessions are only counted (but only marginally so) if there is also technical evidence and / or witnesses.

For example:

You can tell a cop you committed a murder, but if you refuse to tell them who you have killed and there is no proof against you they cannot arrest you.

The point is, if they trace the guys IP, it is doubtful that the Swedish court would grant a request to reveal the identity behind the IP address, you need to have at-least some bit of concrete technical evidence (e.g. logs identifying him in a bit-torrent swarm) to do that.

An email is not good enough.

Now if they have logs of his IP (which they got from Google) in a swarm it's a different matter.

Right now it looks like a scare tactic and one that failed - judging from the b!tch slapping he is giving them on every major site that has run this article.
03:20 March 13, 2011 by wenddiver
@Sarah Pallin- Individual States write their own laws, like little soveriegn countries. However the Constitution is the Supreme law of the land and it through the Commerce Clause gives the power to regulate interstate commerce to the Federal Government. Under Federal Law interstate trafficing in pornagraphy is illegal.

A good example is California selling so called Medical Marijuana, which is against Federal Law as a schedule three narcotic. This Attorney General has choosen not to act on this violation of the law, but if the next election changes the President and the Attoney General he appoints, the sellers of so called Medical Marijuana might want to flee the country, because the amounts they have distributed would probably land them in Federal Prison for the rest of their natural life.

That said US juries are very unsympathetic to pornagraphers, I would tell them to go to hell and even if they won just appeal. They would lose eventually.
03:39 March 13, 2011 by eZee.se

I too find your post interesting, and informative.

I am not arguing with you (in any way or form) but looking to educate myself:

If porn is illegal according to your post how come most of the sites are based in the US (California, (I think) is the porn capital of the world) and such a profitable business with arrests only for the "abuse pornographers" (from what I have read) like a character called "max hardcore" (changed his name to that)?

Plus paying for porn via your credit card is extremely common in the States no matter which state you are in (again, not personal experience but from what I have read).

- That said US juries are very unsympathetic to pornagraphers

I don't think any jury would not be.
08:46 March 13, 2011 by mikewhite
It does seem very paradoxical, when you consider that operators of online gambling are seen as criminals in the US. Not that I am a fan of gambling as it can wreck the lives of susceptible people and is sometimes a front for money laundering etc.

A breastfeeding mother there runs the risk of offending public decency, and yet those offended are from the so-called libertarians ! But porn sites are legal.

Work that one out, as we (used to) say in the UK.
08:54 March 13, 2011 by mikewhite
That artist doesn't seem to have a very good knowledge of horse anatomy ... but then who said that a unicorn was like a horse ?
19:13 March 13, 2011 by eZee.se
I think US law started with the best of intentions but then got lost/abused/b@stardized/raped/g@ngbanged along the way - especially copyright law, with the help of ignorant or corrupt politicians and ever greedy/sleazy lawyers (like the ones mentioned in this article).

When it's almost impossible for a lay person to understand the laws or defend himself without the help of a lawyer - you have a broken system. But to fix the system you need... guess who... more lawyers! And they are not really interested in fixing the system as it works perfectly for them.

In most "Class Action Lawsuits" even when then victims are awarded tens of millions, the law firm takes most of the pie and very little trickles down to the people actually affected, crumbs mostly.

Two examples would be the Sony rootkit and Comcast throttling in the US.

Shakespeare said it best: First kill the lawyers...

(Not meant as a thread to any sleezebag lawyer who may read this-please don't send me to Gitmo!)
18:04 March 14, 2011 by SarahPalin

I always thought of a unicorn like a horse myself, just with a magical horn - blame popular media?

This case is very interesting, I have been reading the comments on slashdot and torrentfreak (and a few other sites that a simple google search of "corbinfisher unicorn" provides - this story is all over the net) and I bet the lawyers regret this one.

This guy purposely goaded them and seems a bit of a an attention wh0re. Once they responded he really blasts into them and... surprise surprise, he is a member of the swedish Pirate party.

Since the pirate party is losing memberships faster than (the real) Sarah Palin is losing brain cells I think this was just a play to get them (and his views) back in the news - which he has succeeded in doing.

CorbinFisher already comes off looking like a douche, if they respond to him he gets more publicity, gets more attention to his "agenda", and they (as someone has already said) get b!tchslapped more.

Genius actually, except if he is not in Sweden and in the US then he is screwed on soooo many levels it boggles the mind.
03:28 March 15, 2011 by eZee.se
@SP, I agree.

If his intention was to stir up these sleezies in the US and bring more attention to the Swedish pirate party then this kid is a bloody evil genius!

Being a pornographer in itself is bad PR, going after someone because of a prank email is worse PR, the way he has been responding on every site that has run this story (but strangely not this one, I'm guessing because of the 3 day wait period after creating your account) is nothing but a PR nightmare.

Even if they intended to punish him for being a smartass I bet they are having more than second thoughts now because whatever they do is sure to be carried on via a dozen sites ... along with his response!

Our own site (ezee) is in limbo / shuttered for a while but we were very tempted to write our own twist on this story, and if this turns out to be a popcorn munching funfest, we will definitely cover it!

In Slashdot its covered under the "please-make-this-into-a-movie dept.", LOL!


If that does happen, this guy is going to be laughing all the way to the (Swedish) bank :)) (I just hope it's not Handelsbanken!)

Like you mentioned, if he is not a Swedish citizen and / or is based in the US this will be very interesting, but based on the silence I would make an educated guess that the information Google turned over puts him on this side of the pond.
16:35 March 18, 2011 by tadchem
In the old days, this would have been called a 'shake-down'. Later, it would be called 'extortion.' On the Net it is simply spear-phishing.

Whatever you call it, the fact is that it is simply an effort to intimidate someone into handing over a large sum of money.

"Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute."- US Rep. Robert Goodloe Harper, 1798
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