Pallbearers fear for the dead on busy Swedish road

Pallbearers transporting coffins to Maria church in Båstad in southern Sweden have complained that they risk life and limb when crossing the road as car drivers show an apparent disregard for the dead.

Pallbearers fear for the dead on busy Swedish road

“Car drivers show no respect, despite the fact that we sometimes come with coffins and whole procession of mourners,” local pastor Per Thelander told the Laholms Tidning daily.

The problem lies in that the church and the porters office lie on opposite sides of road 115 running from Norrviken past the tennis museum in the outskirts of the Swedish coastal town.

Church verger Ingemar Eriksson complained that he doesn’t feel safe when crossing the road and feared that an accident, possibly involving a coffin, was only a matter of time away.

Per Thelander has taken the precarious traffic situation up with the local municipality in a bid for ensure safer passage for the parish’s deceased.

The church has proposed that a passage be set up with the help of a blinking yellow light to warn car drivers that a funeral procession was on its way and to proceed with caution.

“I am counting on action being taken within a couple of weeks,” Per Thelander said.

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