Caravan-crazy Swedish pensioner convicted after high speed chase

Caravan-crazy Swedish pensioner convicted after high speed chase
A 70-year-old Swedish man has been fined after being caught driving 170 kilometres/hour and overtaking several police cars in a desperate attempt to reach a caravan shop before it closed.

The man, who didn’t hold a valid driving licence at the time, was clocked at speeds approaching double the 90 kilometres/hour limit in October while travelling south on road 41 near Borås in western Sweden.

By the time he was apprehended he had managed to fly past a minibus full of off-duty police officers as well as another police car which had made an unsuccessful attempt to pass the speeding Swede in order to set up a road block.

After having overtaken several cars into incoming traffic and around blind corners, a further police car managed to finally stop the man and put an end to his joy ride.

Police at this point noted that the 70-year-old man’s driving licence had been revoked on account of his poor health.

The man has now been convicted of aggravated reckless driving and driving without a licence and fined the equivalent of 100 days pay.

During his trial at Borås district court, the pensioner explained his moment of madness in that he was desperate to get to the caravan showroom in Fritsla before it closed for the day.

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